Commentary: Hands play a very important role in the physical and spiritual world. With our hands, we give and receive. Hands are a symbol of power, abundance. Here are some practices that defile them: masturbation, murder, theft, engaging in mystical works of darkness. If you have practiced any of these things, this ritual concerns you.

Ritual time: This ritual is performed after sunset in your locality.

Frequency: For the first ritual, do it for 3 consecutive days, then once a month.

Biblical references: Psalms 51 / Isaiah 43:25

Elements: Salt, Red wine, Hyssop oil.

Instructions and prayers: First of all, acknowledge your wrongdoings, confess your sins to God, and claim the blood of Jesus that cleanses you from all sins. Then,

  • In a container, add:

o Sufficient water to wash your hands

o 5 pinches of salt

o Half a glass of wine

  • Upon the mixture, say this prayer: I erase my footprints from all defiled and satanic places. I cleanse my hands from shed blood and all spiritual debris in the name of Jesus, Amen.
  • First wash your right hand up to the elbow (using the left hand), seven times in a row, making sure the water passes between your fingers.
  • Then wash your left hand up to the elbow (using the right hand), seven times in a row, making sure the water passes between your fingers.
  • Let your hands dry and apply 5 drops of hyssop oil to your right palm and rub it on your hands up to the elbows, not forgetting the spaces between your fingers.
  • At the end of the process, say this three times: Blessed be the Holy One of Israel, my creator who blots out my transgressions and remembers my sins no more. Amen.

This text is an excerpt from the book “GPS: Guide to Secret Prayers Vol 2” written by Rev. Miézan KACOU.

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