We approach our sub-theme on living in gratitude by reminding ourselves that throughout the year, we have asked God to continue working in our lives. However, there are moments when we often forget to say thank you to God.

It is within this same perspective that we want to delve deeper into ingratitude as a poison in our destiny. God has made us a project of peace and happiness. We are born for a noble purpose and objective in our destiny. God has a well-designed plan that calls us to a specific mission somewhere. We will focus more on ingratitude and examine how it can paralyze our life projects and destinies, which are in God’s hands.

Indeed, ingratitude can cause us to miss seasons and lead to ruin by making us lose many things. It can also cause us to miss several steps and manifestations of God’s glory. It can even lead to death.

Understanding the term “ingratitude”

Ingratitude is the act of not expressing gratitude towards someone who is legitimately entitled to receive that recognition. This applies to both God and humans. One who lacks gratitude is referred to as ungrateful. Such a person always forgets the kindness of both humans and God, meaning they are never appreciative and never say thank you.

This action can halt a destiny and cause one to miss out on the good things that God has planned. It can also cool hearts and lead a person to live below their potential. All of this prompts us to ask ourselves if we are ungrateful. Do we have the habit of acknowledging what God has done? God asks for something he is legitimately entitled to because he has granted us everything.

This text is an excerpt from the book “MATONDO: Living through Thanksgiving” written by Authors Arlette ManegabeAthom’s MbumaDavid KajisuFifi Bilolo TunasiGrâce TshiashalaMichael TetteyPasteur Lévi Kongolo KazadiSissi BogoliTracien Boma.


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