Slave to work: When the love of work takes such a great place in us to the point of harming us, then it is important to question whether we are still the masters of our work or if work is our master.

Slave to fear: Constantly being afraid makes us prisoners: afraid of speaking in public to avoid judgment, of starting a business, of talking to a stranger, of defending an opinion, of being rejected, of making mistakes, of suffering, of loving… Fear is a harmful feeling that cruelly prevents us from discovering who we are.

Slave to social media: Some people spend so much time in this virtual world that they forget about real human relationships. Some feel important when they are popular on social media and devalued when they are not. Some are insecure compared to other people’s lives or present a certain image to the public. Why am I envious of another person’s life? Can I go without social media for a while, or is it impossible?

Slave to fashion: At the school I attended, young people judged you based on the clothes and shoes you wore. Your appearance gave a certain indication of your social status and determined the level of respect you should be given at school. What are my real interests? What makes me such a unique person?

Slave to drugs: I lived in neighborhoods where unfortunately, the chances of being exposed to drugs at school or elsewhere were high. Many people tried out of fear of being accepted by the group. Do you absolutely have to consume drugs or alcohol to feel good, or are you the master of your own life?

Slave to sex: Many people suffer from toxic relationships or emotional dependency. They are “willing to do anything” to stay in a relationship or to please the other person. In doing so, they forget their values and who they are. There was a time when virginity before marriage was a highly valued virtue and taken seriously. Instant pleasure has taken a very predominant place. Decisions are no longer made thoughtfully but based on our momentary desires, which cause us a lot of harm. Going from partner to partner and from sexual relationship to sexual relationship clearly indicates a certain inner discomfort that subconsciously, we desire to fill through sex. Unfortunately, most people who give their bodies so easily have a lack of understanding of their identity.

Slave to one’s past: Our present self is essentially the result of our childhood, our education, and what has marked us in our past. Unfortunately, many people have a very painful history. Some have been able to heal from it, but for the majority of people, past pains turn into wounds in adulthood. If there are negative behaviors in you that persist, inappropriate and incomprehensible reactions, you are better off delving into your past and understanding what may have triggered such a reaction in order to heal.

Slave to money: There are people who prevent themselves from living out of fear of lacking money. They are afraid to share or give. Some people have millions but are never satisfied, they always want more. Others define themselves only by the value of their bank account and are willing to set aside their ethics for money. There is also a category of people who wish for someone’s death in order to inherit their assets; people who are willing to accumulate multiple jobs at the expense of their family and health. If I am rich and lose all my fortune, will I still be full of confidence? If I am poor and win the lottery, will I still be humble?

Slave to anger: When our actions are guided by anger, it is a sign that we are dependent or slaves to it. A person’s true strength is measured not by their physical abilities, but by their self-control. I could go on for a long time (slave to others’ opinions, slave to television, slave to lies, slave to laziness and sleep, slave to technology, etc.). What are you a slave to? The battle is with yourself.

Being FREE is the ultimate condition for transcending the narrative of one’s life…

This text is an excerpt from the book “What Is Your Story?” written by JESSY MAMBOU.

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