• Women Need Affection

Men sometimes think that women are capricious, which can lead them to neglect and not pay attention to this need. Affection is expressed in various ways, and a woman interprets the love you have for her based on the degree of affection you show towards her. Men often don’t understand why women constantly want to be complimented and appreciated.

A woman might remark that it’s been a long time since her husband told her he loved her, while her husband might say he told her he loved her just the day before. One cannot complain about this because the reason is simple; it’s a need for her.

  • Women Need Communication

Women want to share the details of their day, while men tend to be brief. Communicating is an essential need for women. This need is certainly related to the fact that women are emotional beings and men are logical beings. In any case, the success of a relationship relies on individuals’ ability to communicate effectively.

Unfortunately, we have a misconception about communication, including women themselves. An anonymous author once said, “We speak not to communicate but to respond,” and someone else said, “The most important things in a conversation are the things left unsaid.” We need to learn to communicate because women need it, and the survival of our relationships is at stake.

  • Women Need Honesty

Nothing makes a woman happier than when a man is honest. Regardless of the relationship, whether it’s a friendship or a marital relationship, all women need honesty from men. I’m not referring to those sometimes immature women who are swayed by flattery. Unfortunately, we often interpret events and what happens to us differently.

Some men think everything should be confessed or disclosed, while others argue the opposite. In any case, if you ask women, they will tell you they prefer honest men. This question or your viewpoint also reveals your values and what you believe in. If you’ve lied once, what proves you haven’t done it multiple times?

  • Women Need Financial Support

This need does not mean that women should not work, but by analyzing how they are created, it’s clear that they enjoy receiving. Unfortunately, not all men understand this need and label women as materialistic. Even if you’ve been or are in a relationship where the woman has more financial means than you, it doesn’t prevent her from asking for a gift, a restaurant invitation, or sharing expenses. She was created to receive, including financially.

Some statistics in the United States are alarming: children living in households where the father is absent are nearly four times more likely to be in poverty. In 2011, 12% of children from married couples lived in poverty, compared to 44% of children from single-parent families led by their mother. Children living in households led by a single woman without a spouse had a poverty rate of 47.6%, more than four times the rate of married couple families.

In our increasingly sophisticated world with a rising cost of living, no one should bear the financial burden of their family alone. However, one of the roles of a man is to provide financial support to his wife.

  • Women Need Commitment

Men think that giving women everything they desire materially will make them happy. This notion is incorrect. You can be committed, sincere, you can communicate, give her gold, but if she doesn’t feel loved, everything you do is in vain. What she needs first and foremost is love, which is expressed through affection. It’s important for all of us to distinguish between desire, wish, and need.

All drivers know that their cars need fuel to operate, which is why they go to gas stations. Does the car wish to have fuel? No, it needs it, and it’s thanks to fuel that the car can fulfill its mission, that of getting you to your destination. Underestimating this crucial point will increase the destruction of your relationships.

This text is an excerpt from the book “THE BEAUTY AND DANGERS OF RELATIONSHIPS” written by Clet N. MICKOLO.

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