Normal Life, Abnormal Life, Living in the Supernatural of God.

We have come to understand that He who is the essence of our faith operates in the realm of the supernatural. He acts with power, just as He did with the prophet Elijah, and has no equal in the entire universe. With this realization, we understand that we too must operate in the same dimension; our faith in God should lead us to live in a supernatural dimension.

Even though we exist in a physical and natural world, we are destined to experience the supernatural of God amid all that is natural. If we truly have the DNA of children of God, we should know that His desire is for us to be like Him. In other words, He wants us, by referring to the life of Jesus Christ, to be in touch with Him, who is in the heavens, experiencing and living the supernatural among men on Earth. Therefore, I would like us to ponder the following existential question:

“On what standard do I live my life on Earth? On the natural or supernatural standard?”

This question, individually posed to all, will truly reveal whether we have the seed of “faith that never fails” or the one of “faith that always fails.”

Normal or abnormal life?

It seems obvious to desire a normal life. No one here would want an abnormal life, as, for many, anything abnormal carries a negative connotation. This is why we often calmly tell people, “Everything is fine, my life is normal,” while flashing a big smile. If something strange or disruptive happens and it eventually gets resolved, we say, “Yes, something abnormal happened in my life recently, but now everything is back to normal.

Upon hearing this type of response, something perplexes me; I am so puzzled and wonder, as children of God, destined to operate in the supernatural, belonging to the God who sends fire down to Earth, the God who resurrects the dead, the God who splits the sea in two, the God who, by some principles and means unknown to us, created the heavens, the Earth, and all it contains, the God who, in His name, makes the blind see and the lepers clean, the God who has done so many extraordinary things beyond human logic—how can my life be normal? How can it be possible to have a God who does abnormal things and live a normal life on Earth? How is that possible?

I cannot understand how a child of God can take pleasure in living in the ordinary, knowing that God is extraordinary. How can I say I have faith in God and produce works similar to those who do not know God? You would agree with me that we are in a total paradox.

In addressing chapter 2, we delved extensively into the tripartite nature of man and understood that the divine nature is transmitted from the spirit, and it is in the human spirit that the Spirit of God dwells. At that moment, the supernatural of God becomes a reality for man; the miracles and wonders of God become a reality for man. We become capable of producing everything that God has produced. Let us not forget that we are a temple where, in its very midst (the Most Holy Place = human spirit), the ark of the covenant symbolizing the presence of God is found.

A child of God cannot be ordinary; they cannot be like everyone else. The nature of God produces the supernatural, and everything supernatural is not normal. Faith that never fails communicates with the supernatural. If we have this kind of faith, God’s supernatural becomes our everyday natural. If the world walks and operates in one direction, we must walk in the opposite direction. If a man devoid of the Spirit of God lives according to the norm, we must walk and live outside the norm.

The Bible speaks of David the shepherd, the youngest of Jesse’s sons, upon whom the Lord had set His gaze to become the future King of Israel. This young man, fair-skinned with beautiful eyes and a handsome figure, was anointed as King among his brothers (1 Samuel 16:12-13).

I won’t recount the entire story of David, as we all know it, and we are aware of the great things he accomplished during his reign. However, I would like us to consider two questions about David:

Q1) Is it normal for a shepherd to become a king?

Q2) Is it normal for the youngest to be chosen among the greatest?

You would agree with me that it is not normal; no, it is not normal for a shepherd to become a king, and it is unthinkable for the youngest to be chosen among the great. Because we know the norm; the norm tells us that royalty is reserved for a privileged class, only aristocrats and the rich can have this right. But how can a shepherd become a king? How can this happen? It is not normal.

When living in faith that never fails, things happen that people will never understand. In faith that never fails, a shepherd becomes a king, and the least becomes chosen among the greatest. We must not delight in living a normal life, a life devoid of the supernatural; we must get used to extraordinary things. We are not made to live according to the world’s norm; no, we must live according to the kingdom of God’s norm.

Why do we often think that we are entitled to only a small part of God’s supernatural?

Living in this dimension is accessible to all; it is not just for a minority of people; it is accessible to everyone. The same Holy Spirit with whom Peter performed wonders in the Acts of the Apostles is the same Holy Spirit within us today. We have received the “All-inclusive Christ,” as Witness Lee says, meaning we have His same nature, can have the same supernatural experiences, and can perform the same miracles as He did. Like Him, we can live in a natural world while experiencing the supernatural of God.

We are spiritual beings; let us get used to spiritual things. Remove from your mind the idea that the supernatural is only for others. No, it is also for you; it is meant for you; it is your dimension, one that should be your daily life, one that you should live every day without interruption.

The supernatural works in collaboration with the natural; in other words, God imparts something extra to man (the supernatural), showing that man is at the center of God’s purposes on Earth. We, ordinary people with no divine attributes, can aspire to divine standards; we can live in limitless divine extraordinariness.

Let us start to realize the vastness of the almighty God, the One who is above all (YAHWEH), and give Him room for a complete expression of His character within us and live in faith that never fails.

This text is an excerpt from the book “The Faith that Never Fails: Living Palpable Faith” written by King Emmanuel MENIE.

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