The moment you desire answered prayers may not always be the appropriate time. God always has a time to answer, and that time is the right one; it is the best time. Before God’s time arrives, you must continue to pray and persevere until the Almighty answers you at the opportune moment.

Your spiritual level may not be sufficient for you to receive from God what you are asking for. He knows that granting your request with your current spiritual level might lead to your downfall. There are many examples where people have been blessed materially and financially or elevated to positions of honor but have stopped attending church, no longer supporting the work of God, and are now leading worldly lives.

For some, merely having a car or a job can lead them to abandon the church. These individuals can be found among the regular worshipers and among the men of God. That is why God expects you to have reached a significant spiritual level before granting your request. Therefore, you must persevere in prayer until God deems you mature enough to be answered.

This text is an excerpt from the book “The 40 Different Kinds of Prayers ” written by Prophet Emmanuel SAWADOGO.

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