Commentary: Say this prayer regardless of the time you wake up, following a bad dream. Bad dreams are either a divine warning or a thought that the devil wants to impose on you. Beloved, reject what does not serve you. In the powerful name of Jesus, you have the power to tread on the lion and the adder!

Ritual Time: See commentary

Frequency: See commentary

Biblical References: Daniel 4:19 / Isaiah 8:10

Instructions and Prayers: Let this dream be for my enemies, and its interpretation for my adversaries. Make plans and they will be thwarted, give orders and they will be ineffective, for God is with me. Amen.


Commentary: This prayer is said on the exact day of your birthday. It can be said at any time during your birthday. It is highly recommended to do it at the exact hour of birth if known.

Ritual Time: You have the choice of the hour.

Frequency: Once a year

Biblical References: Daniel 3:3-8

Items: A white candle (Fire)

Instructions and Prayers: Face East, light the candle, and say: Blessed be the day I was born, and the night that said a child is conceived. On this day, let darkness dissipate, let God be concerned in heaven, and let light shine upon him! May the brilliance and shadow of life take hold of it, may the cloud of glory establish its dwelling upon it, and may there be happy events. May the divine fire illuminate this night, may the divine fire drive away those who awaken the leviathan. May this day announce it to the following day, and may this night speak of it to the one that follows. Amen.

Blow out the candle and bless your life. Offer a meal this day, if possible.

This text is an excerpt from the book “GPS: Guide to Secret Prayers Vol 1″ written by Rev. Miézan KACOU.

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