Here is another reason why every Christian should speak in tongues: It is a means of preserving ourselves from the contamination of the world, the ungodly, the profane, and all the vulgar talk that surrounds us, whether at work or in various public places.

How can praying in tongues spiritually preserve us from the contamination of the world?

Let’s first go back to what Paul said about the proper use of speaking in tongues in the public assembly. Here is what the Bible says to believers: “If there is no interpreter, let them keep silent in the church, and speak to themselves and to God” (1 Cor. 14:28).

The same principle can apply to any public place. When you speak in tongues, you are addressing yourself and God. Thus, just as you can speak to yourself and God during a religious service, you can also do so in other public places because you are not speaking aloud.

You can pray in this manner at work. You can pray in the Spirit on the subway, bus, or plane. You won’t disturb anyone because you are quietly speaking to yourself and to God, building yourself up and at the same time protecting yourself from the contamination of the world.

Years ago, when I was a young pastor, I had to go to the barber to get my hair cut, and sometimes I had to sit and wait my turn. During that time, the barbershop was filled with men engaged in all sorts of conversations, many of which included vulgar jokes and foul language. But I sat there and spoke in tongues to myself and to God while waiting, and I continued speaking in tongues even when I was in the barber’s chair. As a result, all the carnal and vulgar words surrounding me never reached my mind. I remained shielded from the contamination of the world by praying in tongues.

You can do the same. Throughout the day, wherever you go, you can quietly speak in tongues to yourself and to God. In doing so, you will be strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit in your spiritual man to keep you free from any worldly contamination!

This text is an excerpt from the book “The Power of Speaking in Tongues: Everything you want to know about Speaking in Tongues” written by Kenneth Erwin Hagin.

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