If we do not give thanks to God, we will never be able to preserve what we have received from Him and multiply it.

Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed them to those who were seated; he did the same with the fish, as much as they wanted.” John 11:41-44

Through this Bible verse, Jesus himself teaches us when faced with a problem. Firstly, he gave thanks for what was presented to him, even though it was very insignificant compared to the number of people in the crowd.

In such a situation, Jesus did not complain about what he did not have; instead, he gave thanks for what he had received. He took the five loaves, looked up to the heavens, and blessed the Heavenly Father. This grateful connection with God his Father unlocked the situation.

“I want to illustrate a real-life experience during my ten years of infertility. I had resolved to live like a fool giving thanks to God for children who didn’t even exist; I knew I had a womb that would one day give birth to a child.

Despite some condemnations that said nothing good would come out of my womb, I continued to give thanks to God for my virtual pregnancy. God manifested himself ten years later, while my husband and I were arguing about the gender of the child—him wanting a boy and me wanting a girl; God not only preserved my miraculous pregnancy but multiplied it by giving twins, a boy and a girl.”

Every time we thank God for something, he never remains indifferent. Let us give thanks even for the little we have so that it may be preserved and multiplied thereafter.

Nothing should merit our worry; being anxious is pointless. If, instead of lamenting what we do not have, we give thanks to God for what he has given us, in many circumstances, our situation would be changed, transformed, and we could, with God’s generous grace, do wonderful things.

This text is an excerpt from the book “MATONDO: Living through Thanksgiving” written by Pasteur Lévi Kongolo, Arlette ManegabeAthom’s MbumaDavid KajisuFifi Bilolo TunasiGrâce TshiashalaMichael TetteySissi BogoliTracien Boma.

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