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  • Amplify Your Ministry: With Miracles & Manifestations of the Holy Spirit

    Does the Supernatural exist today? Can I operate in the Supernatural? Does God still heal people? If he does why doesn’t He heal everyone? How can I receive the healing anointing?

    Discover the answers to these and many more questions on the manifestations of the Holy Spirit through the pages of this exciting book by Dag Heward-Mills.

    Dag Heward-Mills

    8.000 CFA

    Do you know that every believer in Christ has a call? Yes! As a believer, God has called you to be an anointed vessel to do the work of the ministry. Unfortunately, several Christians are not aware of this. Many are available for ministry, but few are useable. How can you discover your call, make yourself useable, and access the anointing to fulfill it?
    In this classic book, you will find answers to these questions and much more. God wants you to do your work as a ministry unto Him – whether preaching, a secular job, or volunteering. Read this book to learn more.
    This book contains more than 500 anointed prayer bullets for revival, restoration, and all-around breakthrough.

    Godson T. Nembo

    8.800 CFA
  • Anointing For Breakthrough

    This book will change you! It has a dynamic supernatural force behing it. I will teach you how to use tested spiritual principles to combat failure, poverty and lack. It will open you up to a brand new world of achievement, fulfilment and abundance. It will translate you into the glorious realm of sweatless triumph. Dr. David Oyedepo, with the skill of a master, makes the subject of anoiting appealing to all who desire a breakthrough in every dimensio of life. If you’re tired of struggling and desire a change, this book will do juste that!


    8.000 CFA
  • Anointing For Exploits

    Many have limited the mission of the anointing only to spiritual and physical manifestations. However, the anoiting holds the answer to all questions of life. Sadly, many have also assumed thad the anointing is only for preacher, pastors, evangelist, etc. This is far from the thruth, the anointing is relevant to the day-to-day triumph of every child of God. In addition, it is the divine platform that empowers bilievers for exploits.

    Dr David Oyedepo unveils the personality of the Holy Spirit. We need this understanding because the Holy Spirit at work in a man is what produces extraordinary results. Thus, it is impossible to understand what the anointing is without first knowing who the Holy Spirit is. When we understand his personality, it becomes easy to know how he empowers people to accomplish supernatural feats.


    8.000 CFA
  • Bibliothèque Makarios : Pack de 100 livres

    Le Makarios offre une compilation de 100 ouvrages essentiels couvrant une vaste gamme de sujets, allant des fondements de la vie chrétienne à l’art d’être un leader efficace dans l’œuvre divine. Cette collection comprend :

    • Une série complète d’ouvrages dédiés au ministère pastoral,
    • Plusieurs livres explorant l’évangélisation et son importance cruciale,
    • Des publications approfondies sur la loyauté et la déloyauté, particulièrement pertinentes pour les dirigeants ecclésiastiques et les fidèles,
    • Des écrits éclairants sur la vie chrétienne, offrant des conseils pratiques et spirituels,
    • Des guides sur le mariage exemplaire et le service ministériel conjugal,
    • Une série dédiée à l’onction divine et son rôle dans la vie du croyant,
    • Des ouvrages détaillant les stratégies d’implantation et de croissance des églises.

    Dag heward-mills

    140.000 CFA
  • Catch the Anointing

    This exceptional book by Dag Heward-Mills will teach you what it means to catch the anointing and how you can be anointed for ministry. Learn how to catch the anointing for the work of the ministry. This book is a must for every minister.

    Dag Heward-Mills

    8.000 CFA
  • Flow in the Anointing

    The Holy Spirit is described in many ways; as a river, water, a wind, oil, a blanket, a dove and so on. To flow in the anointing is to flow with the Holy Spirit in these diverse ways in which He manifests Himself.

    May you experience the Holy Spirit in you, with you and upon you! May you allow the mighty hand of God to guide you as you just flow with Him!

    Dag heward-mills

    8.000 CFA
  • Heavenly Helpers: Activating Angelic Assistance

    Have you ever wondered about the unseen guardians watching over you? The Psalmist reveals, “God shall give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways.” Yet, how many of us truly understand these celestial protectors? How many know how to summon their assistance? When did you last experience an angelic encounter?

    In “Heavenly Helpers: Activating Angelic Assistance,” Dr. Agyinasare offers a profound and scriptural exploration of angels. Delve into the mysteries of their nature, origins, hierarchies, and roles. Learn practical steps to invoke their aid and transform your spiritual journey.

    Prepare to unlock the divine support waiting to uplift and guide you. Your heavenly helpers are ready—are you? Dive into this enlightening book and discover the power of angelic assistance today!

    Bishop Charles Agyinasare


    10.000 CFA
  • How To Be Anointed By God

    How To Be Anointed By God” is an insightful and practical guide that unlocks the keys to experiencing the anointing of God in your life. Drawing from biblical principles, personal anecdotes, and deep spiritual insights, this book takes you on a transformative journey to understand and receive the anointing that comes directly from God.

    In this compelling read, the author explores the meaning and significance of God’s anointing, revealing how it empowers believers to fulfill their divine purpose and walk in supernatural power. Through the pages of this book, you will discover the steps and principles necessary to position yourself to receive the anointing and experience a profound spiritual transformation.

    From cultivating a deep intimacy with God to embracing humility and surrender, each chapter offers practical wisdom and actionable steps to help you develop a lifestyle that attracts the anointing of God. You will learn how to align your heart, mind, and actions with God’s will, creating an environment where His anointing can flow freely and abundantly.

    Moreover, “How To Be Anointed By God” addresses common misconceptions about the anointing and provides biblical clarity on how to discern true anointing from counterfeit manifestations. The book emphasizes the importance of spiritual maturity, integrity, and a genuine hunger for God’s presence as foundational elements in receiving and stewarding the anointing.

    Whether you are a seasoned believer desiring a deeper experience of God’s anointing or a new believer seeking to understand its significance, this book offers practical guidance, inspiring stories, and scriptural principles to empower you on your journey.

    As you read “How To Be Anointed By God,” you will be encouraged to cultivate a life of prayer, worship, and obedience, positioning yourself for encounters with the Holy Spirit and His anointing. Through personal reflection questions, practical exercises, and powerful insights, you will be equipped to pursue a greater level of spiritual anointing and experience the transformative power of God in your life.

    Get ready to unlock the secrets of the anointing and step into a new level of spiritual empowerment. This book will inspire, challenge, and guide you as you embark on a journey to be anointed by God and fulfill your God-given destiny.


    8.900 CFA


    Marriages are under serious attack and divorce rates in our nations are increasing at an alarming rate. I strongly believe that one of the main reasons for this surge is that many married couples do not understand God’s concept and purpose for marriage. They have not sought God’s guidance on the question of “How does God see my marriage?” Instead, many enter into marriage for selfish reasons and with wrong motivations, seeking personal satisfaction such as security, sexual pleasure, companionship, children, and happiness. However, they fail to realize God’s purpose for a man and woman to be united in marriage.

    To build a thriving marriage, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of God’s concept and purpose, as well as recognizing and appreciating the differences between male and female genders. The functionality, peculiarities, reasoning, and reactions of the male and female genders are quite different, and a lack of understanding can create an atmosphere of conflicts in the home.

    After publishing “How to protect your wife,” many men requested a similar version for women, which led to the writing of this book. Your husband needs protection for him to be the man that God has designed him to be. It takes wisdom and purpose to build an effective marriage, and a wise woman builds her house, while a foolish woman destroys it with her own hands.

    There are two kinds of married women: the wise and the foolish. To protect and maintain your husband, you need wisdom, which is the application of knowledge. It may require changing negative attitudes, such as ways of talking, reactions, actions, feelings, and accepting the headship of your man.

    8.000 CFA
  • In His Presence: The Secret of Prayer

    In His Presence by E. W. Kenyon is not about who others were and what they did in prayer, but about who we are and what we can do in prayer. It lifts the curtain to the Holy of Holies and reveals our ability to enter in and stand before the presence of God.

    In this book, you will discover that God’s ability is available to every one of His children. You will be challenged to climb the heights and sound the depths of tremendous spiritual realities, including the authority of the name of Jesus and how to use it.

    In His Presence has been a challenge and blessing to countless multitudes all over the world. It removes the mist surrounding the prayer life, leading us out of spiritual mysticism into the true light of life.

    This is your invitation to open the door…enter…and stand in the Father’s presence!

    17.000 CFA
  • Initiation Of The Holy Spirit

    The Dynamics of Divine Calling: Unveiling the Multi-Faceted Anointing”

    When God calls someone into ministry, it’s crucial to recognize that the anointing is not the sole blessing bestowed upon them. Every ministry encompasses various spiritual attributes. As an individual responds to God’s call, they receive an anointing derived from their knowledge, personal pursuit of God, and their specific spiritual office. Furthermore, there is an anointing connected to discernment and participation in the ongoing move of God. These anointings are distinct from one another. Additionally, there is an anointing that accompanies the revelation of truth and propels individuals into new dimensions as per God’s intended direction for His people.

    Moreover, depending on the calling and office, there are covenants—divine vows that God has made with individuals regarding their specific destiny assignments on earth. These covenants are independent of the person’s individuality. Furthermore, angelic manifestations and presence play a significant role. Some angels work alongside believers and are assigned to them, providing support and protection. Other angels are assigned to anointings or specific offices, not necessarily tied to an individual’s identity. They are part of the equipping of the kingdom, similar to providing someone with an office and its accompanying resources.

    The presence of angels signifies divine revelation, as it is not solely dependent on the anointing. The book also explores the revelation of Jesus Christ, which was imparted to John, His servant.

    Immerse yourself in this enlightening book and experience the blessings that come from understanding the intricacies of divine calling and the multifaceted nature of the anointing. Gain insights into the role of angels, the power of covenants, and the depths of revelation. Read this book and be blessed as you embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment and divine empowerment.

    7.789 CFA
  • Its Your Time

    Reclaim Your Territory for the Kingdom.

    Have you ever felt a longing deep within your soul? A sense that something precious has been lost, and it’s time to reclaim it? “It’s Your Time” is a powerful book that draws inspiration from the timeless wisdom of the Bible, guiding you on a transformative journey towards regaining what God intended for you.

    Join Eddie Long as he ignites the flame within you, urging you to rise up and take authority over your life. This book will embolden you to assert your power as a believer, leading to victories in every area of your existence – from your personal life to your health and finances.

    Discover the keys to redefine your life’s purpose and vision, aligning them with God’s divine plan for you. As you delve into the pages of “It’s Your Time,” you will be empowered to bring positive change not only to your own life but also to the world around you.

    It’s time to address the discrepancies between man-made laws and God’s laws. This book challenges you to stand firm in your faith and boldly advocate for righteousness. Eddie Long emphasizes the importance of raising the next generation as godly leaders, ensuring that our children grow up with unwavering principles and values.

    In the face of roadblocks that hinder your blessings, “It’s Your Time” equips you with the tools to overcome them. It unravels the secrets to finding answers to your prayers and unleashing the power of your faith. It’s time to speak up, Christians! Together, we can make our unified voice resonate and be heard.

    As believers, we must reclaim what has been lost. The world may have attempted to silence us, but no more. Through “It’s Your Time,” you will be inspired to reclaim your rights and restore the freedom of speech that is rightfully yours. Let us stand against laws that diminish the sanctity of marriage and devalue the Ten Commandments.

    Now is the moment to take a stand together and rise above the challenges we face. Eddie Long beckons you to seize the opportunity, reminding you that it’s our time. With faith as our compass and unity as our strength, we can shape a world that reflects God’s will.

    Don’t let this moment pass you by. Join us in unlocking the power within. Embrace “It’s Your Time” and step into a future filled with blessings, purpose, and unwavering faith. It’s time to reclaim what is rightfully ours.


    Eddie Long

    15.999 CFA
  • Paul : A man of Grace and Grit

    Experience the transformative power of Paul’s story with Great Lives: Paul by Charles Swindoll. This best-selling book explores the remarkable life of the apostle Paul, from his early days as a violent persecutor of Christians to his ultimate conversion and unwavering determination to spread the message of Christ.

    Through Swindoll’s expert storytelling, you will witness Paul’s incredible journey of self-discovery, as he learns to let go of his pride and embrace his divine mission. You will see how God used Paul’s tenacity and passion to turn the world upside down for Christ, and how his legacy continues to inspire and encourage believers today.

    Great Lives: Paul is a powerful reminder that no matter how flawed or broken we may feel, God can use us for his glory. As you delve into this fascinating biography, you will be encouraged to follow Paul’s example of unwavering faith and dedication to Christ, and to trust in God’s plan for your own life.

    Join Charles Swindoll on a journey through time and space, and discover the true greatness of Paul’s life and legacy. With Great Lives: Paul, you will be inspired, challenged, and transformed by the power of God’s grace and the life-changing story of one of history’s most remarkable figures.

    19.900 CFA
  • Steps to God’s Presence

    Many Christians do not know the significance of the Tabernacle in their daily walk with God. Many of us do not understand the different aspects of the Tabernacle. Indeed, many of us are amazed at the specific details given by God for the construction of the Tabernacle.

    The Tabernacle was a carefully constructed, mysterious environment for the presence of God. In this in-depth study, we take a walk through the Tabernacle of God. The seals are broken to enable us understand the Tabernacle of God and the presence of God amongst men.


    Dag heward-mills

    8.000 CFA
  • Steps to the Anointing

    Do you desire to be anointed? In this historic book, Dr. Heward-Mills shares several steps to receiving the anointing. This book will most certainly be a blessing to you and your ministry. Discover the steps you need to take to become anointed!

    Dag heward-mills

    8.000 CFA
  • Supernatural BREAKTHROUGH

    Unlock the doors to spiritual, ministerial, marital, career, and financial breakthroughs with the powerful insights shared in this life-transforming book! Every breakthrough has a secret, and every closed door requires a specific key—discover the divine laws and principles that serve as the keys to supernatural breakthroughs.

    Life operates on well-defined principles, not just miracles. Those who understand and apply these principles are positioned for breakthroughs. This book unveils the keys that will empower you to experience breakthroughs in every area of your life.

    God has designed a life of flourishing for His children, and you play a crucial role in manifesting it. Learn how to navigate life’s challenges, overcome obstacles, and unlock the doors to your breakthroughs with the wisdom shared in this insightful book.

    With over 500 breakthrough prayer bullets, this book will revolutionize your prayer life and propel you to new heights. Dare to apply these principles, and let breakthrough become your constant companion on the journey to a life of abundance and fulfillment!

    Godson T. Nembo

    6.300 CFA
  • Sweet Influences of The Anointing

    As a Christian, the greatest and sweetest influence in your life should be the Holy Spirit. This book enables you to understand how your character, your conscience, your creativity and even your ability to be holy can be influenced bt the Holy Spirit.
    Through this phenomenal book by Dag Heward-Mills, you must allow the Holy Spirit to influence, inspire, affect and change your life forever.

    8.000 CFA
  • The Anointed and His Anointing

    The treasure of the anointing is in the anointed. The anointing is in the man of God! The anointing is with the man of God! The anointing is upon the man of God.

    This new and exciting book by Dag Heward-Mills will thrill the hearts of those who seek the anointing.

    Dag heward-mills


    9.000 CFA
  • The Anointing and the Presence

    The presence of God is precious! The presence of God is important! the presence of God is essential to our lives and we must desire it with all our hearts.We cannot in any way limit how essential the presence of God is to our walk with Him. We ought to be in pursuit of the presence of God always.

    To have an anointed presence with you is to have the Holy Presence of God in your life. May your heart be stirred up to yearn for the precious presence of God as you read this phenomenal volume by Dag Heward-Mills.

    8.000 CFA