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  • 1 & 2 Timothy For You

    Discover the timeless wisdom of the apostle Paul in “Phillip Jensen’s Guide to 1 & 2 Timothy”. This insightful guide brings Paul’s teachings to life, showing how they are relevant and transformative for today’s believers. With decades of ministry experience, author Phillip Jensen leads readers on a journey through the pastoral letters of 1 and 2 Timothy, urging us to follow in Timothy’s footsteps by loving Christ and teaching the truth to future generations.

    This engaging and accessible guide is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the gospel. Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned pastor, “Phillip Jensen’s Guide to 1 & 2 Timothy” will help you grow in your faith and deepen your relationship with Christ. With its insightful commentary and thought-provoking discussions, this guide is perfect for personal devotion, small group studies, and sermon preparation.

    In this guide, you’ll explore themes such as the importance of love, the role of the church, the duties of elders and deacons, the mystery of godliness, and the great gain of godliness. With its biblical insights and practical application, “Phillip Jensen’s Guide to 1 & 2 Timothy” is an essential resource for all Christians looking to live out the gospel in their daily lives. So, take up the challenge and guard the good deposit, and become a faithful teacher of the truth in your generation!

    JENSEN Phillip

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  • 1 Corinthians For You

    Discover the power of grace in 1 Corinthians with Andrew Wilson’s groundbreaking exhibition guide. Explore how grace manifests in every Christian and transforms the imperfections of the local church. This guide offers a fresh, thought-provoking perspective, filled with practical applications for daily life. Perfect for personal devotions, small group studies, sermon preparation, and more. Learn how the cross changes everything, the role of the Spirit in the building of the church, the complexities of sex and status, and much more. Embrace the wisdom of 1 Corinthians and see how grace can shape your faith and community. Get your copy today and be transformed.


    WILSON Andrew

    10.200 CFA
  • 100 Best Bible stories

    Discover the 100 Best Bible Stories in this beautifully illustrated collection by renowned international illustrator, Gustavo Mazali. With millions of copies of his illustrated Bibles sold around the world, you can trust that these stories are faithful to the Bible text and full of warmth and joy. From Noah’s Ark to David and Goliath and Daniel in the Lion’s Den, this exciting collection includes all the well-known stories that contain great life lessons and Bible references. Choose from two stunning cover designs and get ready for a fast overview of the Bible’s most beloved stories. Don’t miss out on this essential collection!


    Gustavo Mazali

    10.000 CFA
  • 2 Corinthians For You

    Discover the power of true love in 2 Corinthians with the latest addition to the “For You” series by Gary Millar. This in-depth exposition guide will take you on a journey through Paul’s personal letter and the hard truths he exposes. It will challenge you to reflect on your own heart for the lost “children” of Christ and the love you show them.

    Filled with biblical insights and practical applications, 2 Corinthians for You is a must-have resource for preachers, teachers, and anyone looking to deepen their understanding of this powerful epistle. With its attention to the text and its meaning, this guide is both nourishing for your spiritual growth and a vital tool for preparing sermons and leading small group studies.

    Join Gary Millar as he explores the depths of Paul’s message and the love of Christ that flows through every word. Read it as a devotional or use it to challenge and inspire your community. Whatever your path, 2 Corinthians for You will deepen your connection with Christ and his message of love.


    MILLAR Gary

    10.200 CFA
  • 2 Peter & Jude For You

    Do you struggle with keeping your faith strong in the face of challenges and temptations? Do you want to be better equipped to recognize false teachings and avoid stumbling in your faith journey? Then, this is the perfect resource for you!

    Pastor Miguel Núñez has carefully studied the letters of Peter and Jude and has distilled their teachings into this insightful guide, “How to Keep from Stumbling.” This guide is not just a theoretical treatise, but is filled with practical applications to help you live out your faith with confidence.

    Discover the dangers and judgments facing those who compromise their faith and learn how to recognize false teachers. Find encouragement and hope as you wait for the Lord’s return and learn how to contend for the faith. This guide will empower you to stand firm in your faith and avoid stumbling along the way.

    So don’t wait any longer, get your copy of “How to Keep from Stumbling” today and be equipped to live out your faith with confidence!

    NÚÑEZ Miguel

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  • Acts 1-12 For You

    Unlock the power and excitement of the book of Acts with this essential guide by Albert Mohler. This first volume is the perfect companion for your journey through the birth of the Church, the ascension of Jesus, the coming of the Spirit, and more. Experience the transformative impact of the gospel as it spreads through the world and learn how you can play a role in this mission. With a focus on accessibility and application, this commentary will deepen your understanding of the text and help you live out your faith in practical ways. Whether you’re looking to use this book for personal devotions, small group studies, sermon preparation or simply for your own growth, you won’t want to miss this incredible resource. Get your copy of ‘The Promised Spirit and the Church’s Mission’ today and experience the power of the book of Acts like never before!


    MOHLER Albert

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  • All The 3s of The Bible

    Unlock the rich tapestry of scriptural wisdom with “All The 3s of The Bible,” a remarkable book that explores the depths of the number three and its profound significance throughout the pages of Scripture. Authored by renowned Bible teacher Dr. Herbert Lockyer, this exhaustive study is a valuable resource for pastors, Bible study and youth group leaders, Sunday school instructors, and any believer seeking to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Word.

    Discover the awe-inspiring power of the number three, as it unveils a wealth of symbolism and truth within the pages of the Bible. Dr. Lockyer’s meticulous research uncovers a multitude of remarkable insights, including:

    The three-in-one nature of the Trinity, representing the eternal relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Delve into the depths of this divine mystery and uncover the beauty of God’s triune nature.

    Explore the three features of the priesthood, providing a deeper understanding of the priestly roles and responsibilities throughout biblical history. Gain insights that will enhance your appreciation of the spiritual leadership within your own faith community.

    Witness the three harvest fruits, revealing the abundance of God’s provision and the cycles of spiritual growth. Gain a fresh perspective on the bountiful blessings that await those who align their lives with divine principles.

    Journey through the three glorious appearances, shedding light on pivotal moments when God’s glory manifested in extraordinary ways. Experience the transformative impact of encountering the divine presence.

    Unwrap the profound significance of the three gifts of the Magi, symbolizing the homage paid to the newborn King. Allow these gifts to deepen your understanding of Christ’s identity and purpose.

    Explore the three tenses of salvation – past, present, and future – revealing the comprehensive nature of God’s redemptive plan. Gain a greater appreciation for the transformative work of grace in your life.

    Contemplate the three crosses, representing the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ on Calvary. Dive into the depths of God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness as you grasp the significance of this pivotal moment in human history.

    Witness the three phases of the risen Christ, revealing His victory over sin, death, and the grave. Experience the transformative power of the resurrected Savior and the hope it brings to all who believe.

    Unveil the significance of the three witnesses in Revelation, providing a deeper understanding of the prophetic messages and divine truths contained within this apocalyptic book.

    Prepare to be amazed as you uncover countless more spiritual truths within the biblical meanings of this simple number. “All The 3s of The Bible” is a must-have companion for anyone seeking to enrich their spiritual journey and deepen their understanding of God’s Word.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this profound exploration of biblical symbolism and truth. Order your copy of “All The 3s of The Bible” today and embark on a transformative journey through the pages of Scripture. Let Dr. Herbert Lockyer be your guide as you unlock the hidden treasures of the number three and encounter the depths of God’s revelation like never before.

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  • Amplified Holy Bible

    Discover a deeper understanding of God’s Word with The Amplified Bible ®. No working knowledge of Greek or Hebrew is required to explore the rich nuances and shades of meaning found in the original biblical languages. Our unique system of punctuation, italics, references, and synonyms unlocks subtle meanings that can be easily missed. This updated edition features even more Old and New Testament amplification, and the text has been refined for easy reading with or without amplifications. Take it with you wherever you go, with the compact size perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. Whether you’re heading to class, church, or traveling the world, the Amplified Holy Bible, Compact is your perfect companion.



    18.000 CFA
  • Amplified Holy Bible Compact, Hardcover: Captures the Full Meaning Behind the Original Greek and Hebrew

    Unlock the true richness of the Bible languages with the Amplified Bible! Designed for those who want to dive deeper into God’s Word, this Bible is perfect for anyone who desires a greater understanding of the message of Scripture. You don’t need any prior knowledge of Greek or Hebrew to benefit from the unique system of brackets, parentheses, and italics that defines and expands key words and phrases right in the text.

    This updated edition of the Amplified Bible is the best yet, with more amplification in the Old Testament and refined amplification in the New Testament. The Bible text has been improved to read smoothly with or without amplifications, making it easier than ever to read and understand. You’ll love the same feel and style of study material that you’ve come to expect from the Amplified Bible, now with even clearer wording for deeper understanding.

    Whether you’re a scholar, a student, or just someone who wants to deepen your understanding of God’s Word, the Amplified Bible is the perfect choice for you. So why wait? Order your copy today and experience the true richness of the Bible languages like never before!

    30.850 CFA
  • Battle for ELOHIM

    Are you looking to gain a deeper understanding of biblical history and the forces that have influenced it? Look no further than this riveting book, which delves into the fascinating history of the “Elohim,” the titans or giants birthed through the union of fallen angels with human women.

    Using both the Bible and many other ancient writings, the author carefully outlines evidence that these beings existed and explains the agenda behind their cruel reign upon the earth. Through their corruption of Adam’s race, the Savior’s promised lineage was threatened, and alternative “heroes” were offered to humanity.

    This book offers a unique and insightful perspective on how this agenda and the gods associated with it have affected biblical history. With a look at present and end-times implications, you won’t want to miss out on the wisdom and knowledge contained within these pages.

    Are you ready to gain a deeper understanding of divine history and the forces at play? Get your copy of this compelling book today.

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  • Best News Ever.

    When was the last time you heard some really amazing news that you couldn’t wait to share? The Gospel of Mark is that kind of good news! This is a life-changing announcement of Jesus and what he has done.

    Best News Ever is a devotional book that takes tweens ages 9-12 on a 100-day journey through Marc’s fast-paced, action-packed story – helping them make sense of confusing passages, showing them how she is linked to their lives, and bringing them face to face with Jesus: the one who changes everything.

    Daily devotion includes

    A passage to read – to go through the entire Gospel of Mark in small pieces.
    A brief explanation – to guide you through the confusing passages and show you what it means to you.
    A question to think about – so you can slow down and think about what you’ve read.
    A prayer to pray – to help you respond to what God has said.
    Written in a concise and engaging style, Best News Ever will help young people from all walks of life read the Bible for themselves, whether they already know a little or a lot about Jesus. It is also ideal for use as a family devotional book.

    8.500 CFA
  • BIBELI MIMỌ : Alákọlé, Yoruba language Holy Bible with Words of Christ in RED

    Looking for a Bible that will help you understand the Bible better and connect the texts of similar themes together? Look no further than Bibeli Mimo Alakole – a KJV Bible in Yoruba language.

    This Bible stands out with its topical headings, making it easier to navigate through the Bible and find texts that are related to each other. Not only that, but Bibeli Mimo Alakole comes with other useful features such as words of Christ in red, a 3-year Bible reading planner, devotional help, word list, all-year-round Bible quotations, and a word index.

    But that’s not all – Bibeli Mimo Alakole is also incredibly durable with a beautiful hardcover that comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Its font size of 9 is perfect for both the young and old.

    Whether you’re a seasoned Bible reader or just starting out, Bibeli Mimo Alakole is the perfect Bible for you. So why wait? Get your copy today and experience the divine wisdom within!

    9.850 CFA
  • Bíbélì MÍMỌ Atọ́ka

    Introducing the “Bíbélì MÍMỌ Atọ́ka” Bible, the perfect tool for a comprehensive and enriching Bible study experience. Designed with divine wisdom, this Bible is packed with exciting features that will help you gain deeper insights into the Word of God.

    With its full Yorùbá Bible text, you can immerse yourself in the Scriptures like never before. Its introduction to each book of the Bible provides valuable context and background information, while the outline of contents of each book helps you to easily locate passages within the book.

    You’ll also love the words of Christ in red, which provide a clear distinction between the words of Jesus and those of other speakers in the Bible. And with its 10-point type, reading the Bible has never been more comfortable or enjoyable.

    But that’s not all! The “Bíbélì MÍMỌ Atọ́ka” Bible also features a 3-year Bible reading planner, devotional help, word list, all-year-round Bible quotations, and a word index. These features are specifically designed to help you grow in your spiritual walk and deepen your understanding of the Bible.

    Plus, with its hardcover design and variety of colors, the “Bíbélì MÍMỌ Atọ́ka” Bible makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves the Word of God.

    Get your copy today and experience the joy of a deeper, more fulfilling Bible study!

    21.850 CFA
  • Bible Acrostic :101 All New Challenging Puzzles

    For the very first time, Barbour Publishing presents a remarkable compilation of 101 brand-new Bible acrostics! Unleash your intellectual prowess as you embark on a journey through the pages of the King James Version, encountering an array of engaging puzzles. Each puzzle presents coded scriptures, waiting to be unraveled after unscrambling key words.

    “Bible Acrostics” draws inspiration from the breadth and depth of the King James Version, offering a delightful blend of entertainment and education. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of these puzzles, as they cover the remarkable people, places, things, and great ideas found within the scriptures. With every puzzle you solve, you’ll uncover important Bible truths, making this puzzle collection a valuable resource for spiritual growth.

    These puzzles are meticulously crafted, ensuring a delightful challenge for puzzle enthusiasts of all levels. Sharpen your problem-solving skills while deepening your knowledge of the scriptures. Each puzzle becomes an opportunity to engage with the Word of God in a unique and interactive way.

    Let the joy of solving these Bible acrostics fill your leisure time with both fun and spiritual enrichment. It’s an exceptional puzzle package that will captivate your mind and inspire your heart.

    Don’t miss the chance to expand your puzzle-solving abilities while delving into the profound wisdom of the Bible. Order your copy of “Bible Acrostic: 101 All New Challenging Puzzles” today and embark on an intellectually stimulating and spiritually rewarding journey. Prepare to be entertained, educated, and enlightened as you decipher the coded scriptures and uncover the hidden treasures of the Word of God.


    Lisa Harris

    6.999 CFA
  • Bible Cryptograms

    404 All New Challenging Puzzles.

    Discover the hidden treasures of the Bible with “Bible Cryptograms” – a captivating puzzle book infused with divine wisdom! Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of cryptograms, where the profound teachings of the King James Version come to life through 404 brand-new puzzles meticulously crafted by Barbour Publishing.

    Each thought-provoking challenge in “Bible Cryptograms” presents a pair of related scriptures, encompassing the vast expanse of biblical knowledge. Engage your mind as you decipher the concealed messages, navigating through cunningly substituted letters to unlock the profound verse that awaits you. With topics ranging from the remarkable individuals, sacred locations, and sacred objects to the monumental concepts encapsulated in Scripture, every puzzle is an enlightening journey that blends entertainment and education.

    Indulge in the unique pleasure of decoding these divine riddles, and unveil the profound truths of the Bible. “Bible Cryptograms” is more than just an ordinary cryptogram puzzle book; it is a captivating revelation of important Bible truths, elegantly presented within an enjoyable puzzle package. As you embark on this captivating adventure, you will not only find delight in the unraveling of each puzzle but also gain a deeper understanding of the timeless wisdom contained within the sacred scriptures.

    Unlock the mysteries of the Bible, one cryptogram at a time. Experience the thrill of discovery as you decode the sacred verses and witness the profound teachings come to light. Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? Step into the world of “Bible Cryptograms” and prepare to be entertained, educated, and enlightened.


    Lisa Harris

    9.999 CFA
  • Bible Healing Study Course

    Discover the secrets to a life of victory and abundance with the classic Bible Study Courses by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin. These teachings on faith, prayer, the Holy Spirit and His gifts, and healing have been reedited to include chapter review questions, making them even more effective for your study of God’s Word.

    If you’ve ever wondered if healing is for you today, the Bible Healing Study Course provides scriptural proof that it is God’s will to heal you. This invaluable resource shows how you can make the promise of healing a reality in your life, and includes chapter titles such as “Healing: God’s Will for You,” “The Laying On of Hands,” and “Faith and Power – Two Ingredients for Receiving Healing.”

    Don’t let fear, doubt, or unbelief hold you back any longer. Jesus went about doing good and healing, and it’s His desire for you to live a life of wholeness and well-being. With the Bible Healing Study Course, you can receive the healing anointing and learn how to overcome roadblocks to healing, so you can walk in divine health and experience the abundant life that God has promised.

    Order your copy of the Bible Healing Study Course now and unlock the power of healing in your life. Let Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin guide you through the vital subjects of faith, prayer, the Holy Spirit and His gifts, and healing, and show you how to live a life of victory and abundance.

    16.850 CFA
  • Bible King James, gros caractères couverture souple .

    Bible in large print, without references, with hard vinyl cover. Clear, distinctive text with good leading for clarity and readability.

    Additional content

    Gift presentation page;
    The Dedicatory Epistle;
    Pronunciation list of words and proper names;
    List of Bible Words;
    Daily Bible Reading Plan.

    28.000 CFA
  • Can I really trust the Bible?

    The Bible makes great claims about him. But do these claims hold water?

    Aren’t the stories just legends? Has the information not been corrupted over time? Isn’t the Bible full of errors? And isn’t it culturally outdated?

    In this captivating little book, Barry Cooper explores these questions – and many more – with warmth, wit and integrity.

    It is part of the Questions Christians Ask series: a series of short, simple books designed to help Christians understand what God has said about these questions and many more in the Bible.

    5.500 CFA
  • Chosen by God

    Are you ready to discover the plan that God has designed especially for you? Do you want to experience the adventure of a lifetime as you launch out to do what He has put in your heart to do? Look no further! Our book, written by Rick Renner, will guide you towards fulfilling the plan of God for your life.

    With biblical teaching and amazing experiences, Renner shows you that life doesn’t have to be boring. He encourages, strengthens, and ignites your spirit to take your place among the ranks of others who have been awakened to God’s plan. You will discover that your life will take on new meaning as you step out to do what you were born to do.

    God has chosen you for a divine purpose, and you will never find true fulfillment until you’re walking in that purpose. Whether you have discovered the will of God or are still in the process of discovery, this book will give you the guidance you need to pursue, protect, and possess your purpose.

    Don’t miss out on the amazing adventure that God has planned for your life. Order our book today and start fulfilling the plan of God for your life!


    Rick Renner

    8.880 CFA
  • Colossians & Philemon For You

    Discover the quintessence of the biblical book Colosians and the depth of the message it abounds. Peace, disposition, forgiveness are basic human needs. But who can you really trust to satisfy them? In his letter to the Colossians, Paul shows that these needs can never be met by political, philosophical, mystical or religious systems. They can only come through Jesus Christ, who is the visible image of the invisible God.
    Mark Meynell breaks down Colossians and Philemon, verse by verse, in this exposition guide that can be used as a daily devotional tool or to aid in the study of this letter in your church, in your everyday life. It will energize and edify ordinary Christians in their faith, equip teachers and preachers in their work, and help us all to root our confidence in the right place.

    MEYNELL Mark

    10.200 CFA