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  • E.W. Kenyon and His Message of Faith: The True Story

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  • Enoch Adeboye : Father of Nations

    The world’s 49th most influential person- Newsweek magazine

    The secret of great men in their stories

    In ENOCH ADEBOYE, Rebecca Bible-Davids captures in vivd portait the life and ministry of one outsanding figures of 21 st century chistianity. She traces his life from birth in the tiny village of ifewara to the struggles of his early life with the monster caled poverty.

    Enoch Adeboye has been noted as the world’s 49th most influenctial peron by the prestigious American Magazine, Newsweek. In the mindst of all these accolades, it is amazing how Enoch Adeboye has remained wrapped up in the cloak of humility, refusing to accord the glory to himself. This masterpiece also uncovers intersting details such as his life outside the pulpit, his role as a husband and a father, his likes and dislike and what he does to unwind. It is a soul gripping testimony that will challenge you to dream, to dare and to do.

    Rebecca Bible-Davids

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  • The Book God’s General: God the lifter of men

    We embark on a deeply personal and profound exploration of the Holy Spirit—a subject close to my heart. Throughout history, select individuals have developed an intimate relationship with this mysterious ancient Spirit, regardless of their societal background. These chosen vessels have experienced remarkable levels of impact, leaving a void when they depart and leading to a decline in understanding the Holy Spirit’s true nature. Yet, time and again, the Spirit identifies new individuals to showcase His identity and demonstrate His boundless capabilities to the world.

    As I delve into teaching about the Holy Spirit, I urge you to approach this topic with sensitivity. Prepare to encounter spiritual realms and dimensions that will astonish you. The Holy Spirit, also known as the Spirit of the Living God, holds infinite revelations waiting to be discovered.

    My personal journey with God began without seeking fame, power, or a ministry. It was a sincere pursuit, even though blind at first. I sensed that there was more to God, and perhaps my life could be a revelation to my generation. As I attended church, I witnessed powerful sermons addressing the love and healing power of God. Yet, amidst the eloquence, I observed sick, confused, and oppressed individuals in need. This led me to hear the voice of the Lord, declaring, ‘I am drawing you closer, beckoning you to deeper levels of intimacy with Me.’

    Join me on this transformative journey as we uncover the depths of the Holy Spirit’s presence and experience His divine influence like never before.

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