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  • 100 Great Leadership Ideas

    From Successful Leaders and Managers Around the World (100 Great Ideas) .

    Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a truly exceptional leader? Imagine possessing the charisma of a hero, the wisdom of a philosopher, and the vision of a seer. Picture yourself effortlessly navigating complex interpersonal dynamics with the finesse of a diplomat. Envision having the memory of an elephant, the stamina of an athlete, and the integrity of a judge. Now, envision having the presentation skills of an actor, the humility of a saint, and the confidence of a seasoned politician.

    With “100 Great Leadership Ideas,” you can uncover the secrets that lie at the core of successful leadership. This groundbreaking book delves into the profound wisdom of over 130 renowned leaders, including luminaries such as Jack Welch, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and many more. By analyzing their writings, interviews, and published statements, we have distilled the most crucial aspects of their leadership into 100 transformative ideas.

    Each idea in this compendium is presented in a simple yet compelling manner, ensuring that you can easily grasp its essence. Moreover, every concept is accompanied by a concise summation of how it can be effectively applied in practice. This book serves as your personal guide, revealing the invaluable insights that today’s great leaders believe to be the most crucial for achieving exceptional leadership.

    At its core, “100 Great Leadership Ideas” encapsulates the contemporary experiences of influential leaders. It provides you with a unique opportunity to tap into the collective intelligence and learn from the very best in the field. Through the pages of this book, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles that underpin exceptional leadership and unlock your own potential for success.

    Every successful leader needs a wealth of great ideas. Discover what today’s esteemed leaders consider to be the most important 100 leadership ideas. Begin your journey towards greatness today and make an indelible mark on the world as an extraordinary leader.

    Order your copy of “100 Great Leadership Ideas” now and embark on a path to unparalleled leadership excellence!


    Jonathan Gifford

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  • 21 Leadership Issues In The Bible : Life-Changing Lessons from Leaders in Scripture

    Looking to become a more effective leader? Whether you’re leading a team at work, in your community, or even just trying to influence those around you, the challenges you face can be daunting. But what if you had access to a source of divine wisdom that could guide you through the most common leadership issues?

    That’s exactly what Dr. John C. Maxwell offers in his new study, 21 Leadership Issues in the Bible. Drawing on his decades of experience as a leadership expert and his deep understanding of the Scriptures, John guides you through twenty-one of the most pressing issues facing leaders today, from internal struggles like identity and pride to external challenges like diversity and teamwork.

    Each lesson in this study includes detailed case studies of leaders in the Bible who faced these same issues and either succeeded or failed in their leadership. You’ll gain powerful insights into how these leaders approached their challenges, and you’ll be equipped with practical tools and strategies to apply to your own leadership role.

    But this study isn’t just for individual leaders. Whether you’re looking to improve your own leadership skills or to train your team in effective leadership development, 21 Leadership Issues in the Bible is the perfect resource. With group discussion questions and practical takeaways, you can use this study as a course in problem solving, or as a tool to help your team grow together in their leadership abilities.

    And perhaps most importantly, this study is grounded in the wisdom of the Bible. John C. Maxwell asserts that the Scriptures are the greatest leadership book ever written, and in this study, he shows you how to apply that wisdom to your own life and leadership. So if you’re ready to face your leadership challenges with boldness and clarity, join us for 21 Leadership Issues in the Bible and start your journey to becoming a better leader today!

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  • 31 Reasons People Don’t Receive Their Financial Harvest

    31 Reasons People Don’t Receive Their Financial Harvest” – The Most Effective Financial Handbook You Will Ever Own!

    Do You Long To See The Rewards of Seeds Planted In Your Past? Are you tired of the same old life… the same old routine… and ready for a change? If you desire to break free from financial limitations and unlock the abundant blessings that await you, then this book is your key to a prosperous future!

    In “31 Reasons People Don’t Receive Their Financial Harvest,” you will embark on a transformative journey, guided by ancient wisdom found within the pages of the Bible. Discover the profound insights that will empower you to recognize the Enemies of Prosperity that have been hindering your financial breakthrough.

    Unveil the secrets of sowing a seed that yields amazing results. Gain the knowledge and understanding of how to strategically plant your seeds to unlock a bountiful harvest in your life. Learn the principles that have stood the test of time, proven to transform lack into abundance and scarcity into overflow.

    This book is not just an ordinary read; it is an investment into your future. Every page is infused with practical wisdom and actionable steps that will help you escape the depression of Egypt and step into the Canaan of financial blessings that you have been promised.

    Why wait any longer to experience the financial freedom and prosperity that you deserve? Order “31 Reasons People Don’t Receive Their Financial Harvest” today and embark on a journey that will forever change your financial trajectory. With this invaluable handbook in your possession, you will possess the tools and knowledge to unlock a lifetime of abundance and prosperity.

    Don’t let another day pass you by without taking control of your financial destiny. Order your copy now and witness the transformation that awaits you. The time for change is now!


    Mike Murdock

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  • Be the Best Rising Beyond Mediocrity

    In life, we are all invited to partake in the abundance of blessings that surround us, but oftentimes we lack the keys to unlock the door to that treasure house. In “Be the Best: Rising Beyond Mediocrity”, you will find the keys that will enable you to unlock your full potential and discover the greatness within you.

    Author Matthew Ashimolowo presents nine important keys that will help you tap into your untapped abilities and rise beyond mediocrity. By managing your time effectively, defining your destination, finding your financial freedom, discovering the power of a transformed mind, strategizing for success, and knowing that no guts, no glory, you will have the tools necessary to overcome any obstacle and achieve the success you desire.

    Based on biblical wisdom, this book offers a practical guide to unlocking your full potential and living a life of abundance. You will learn how to apply the principles of success to every area of your life and discover the greatness within you that has been waiting to be unleashed.

    Don’t settle for a life of mediocrity. Order your copy of “Be the Best: Rising Beyond Mediocrity” today and discover the keys to unlocking your full potential and living a life of success and abundance. With these keys, you will have the power to unlock the door to the treasure house of life and take as much as you want.

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  • Blink :The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

    Discover the world within and revolutionize your decision-making process with Blink, the latest book by bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell. In this landmark work, Gladwell delves into the intricate workings of our brains, and reveals the secrets behind the choices we make in the blink of an eye.

    Have you ever wondered why some people are naturally gifted decision-makers, while others seem to consistently make mistakes? Gladwell has the answers, and he shares them with you in Blink. Through fascinating case studies and insightful analysis, Gladwell reveals the power of “thin-slicing” – the ability to filter out the essential factors that matter from a sea of information.

    In Blink, you’ll meet a psychologist who can predict the longevity of a marriage with just a few minutes of observation, a tennis coach who can predict a player’s next move before they even hit the ball, and antiquities experts who can spot a fake artifact at a glance. But Blink isn’t just about success stories – Gladwell also explores the failures of “blink”, from the election of Warren Harding to the disastrous launch of “New Coke”.

    So whether you’re a business leader, a student, or just someone looking to improve your decision-making skills, Blink is a must-read. This book will change the way you think about thinking, and provide you with the tools you need to make better decisions, faster. Get your copy of Blink today and discover the power of “thin-slicing” for yourself.

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  • Blue Ocean Shift Beyond Competing

    Blue Ocean Shift is the essential follow up to Blue Ocean Strategy, the classic and over 4 million copy global bestseller by world-renowned professors W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.

    Drawing on more than a decade of new work, Kim and Mauborgne show you how to move beyond competing, inspire your people’s confidence, and seize new growth, guiding you step-by-step through how to take your organization from a red ocean crowded with competition to a blue ocean of uncontested market space. By combining the insights of human psychology with practical market-creating tools and real-world guidance, Kim and Mauborgne deliver the definitive guide to shift yourself, your team, or your organization to new heights of confidence, market creation, and growth. They show why nondisruptive creation is as important as disruption in seizing new growth.

    Blue Ocean Shift is packed with all-new research and examples of how leaders in diverse industries and organizations made the shift and created new markets by applying the process and tools outlined in the book. Whether you are a cash-strapped startup or a large, established company, nonprofit or national government, you will learn how to move from red to blue oceans in a way that builds your people’s confidence so that they own and drive the process.

    With battle-tested lessons learned from successes and failures in the field, Blue Ocean Shift is critical reading for leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs alike. You’ll learn what works, what doesn’t, and how to avoid the pitfalls along the way. This book will empower you to succeed as you embark on your own blue ocean journey. Blue Ocean Shift is indispensable for anyone committed to building a compelling future.


    Blue Ocean Shift claims to be “THE definitive guide to moving you, your team and your organization to new heights of trust, market creation and growth”. That’s a pretty big claim, but authors Kim and Mauborgne are professors of strategy at INSEAD and co-directors of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute and have an excellent pedigree. In 2005 they wrote Blue Ocean Strategy (it has sold over 3.5 million copies and has become a classic in strategic management). He introduced the concept of red oceans (highly competitive and shrinking profit pools) and blue oceans (uncontested market space, ripe for explosive growth). The key question they asked themselves was “how to get out of this red ocean of bloody competition and generate strong and profitable growth?” What does it take to go beyond the best,

    This book, Blue Ocean Shift is a direct response to organizations (B2C, B2B, public, non-profit and government) who have found the transition from the red ocean to the blue ocean more difficult than they think. originally thought. Many organizations that got stuck in red oceans blamed bureaucracy, traditional thinking and a lack of creativity.

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  • Can China Lead?: Reaching the Limits of Power and Growth

    As we enter this new era, it’s important to rethink how we approach China and its economic growth. That’s where “Can China Lead?” comes in – a thought-provoking book written by leading Chinese experts from Harvard Business School and the Wharton School.

    China’s remarkable economic growth over the past three decades is undeniable, but it now faces major challenges that could alter its political and economic trajectory. With a lack of accountability, transparency, and ease of operation, domestic and foreign businesspeople are becoming increasingly suspicious of the “China model.” These issues have deep roots in Chinese history and the country’s political system, and it’s time for a fresh perspective.

    Regina M. Abrami, William C. Kirby, and F. Warren McFarlan argue that China’s vibrant private sector could be a source of sustainable growth, but it’s limited by corporate political patronage public. The book draws on over thirty Harvard Business School case studies of Chinese and foreign companies doing business in the region, providing a comprehensive understanding of the forces shaping the business landscape in China.

    “Can China Lead?” asserts that China is at an inflection point that cannot be ignored. As we navigate this new landscape, an understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by China’s political and economic trajectory is essential to establishing and sustaining a successful business in China. Don’t miss out on this invaluable resource – order your copy of “Can China Lead?” today.

  • Change Agent

    Are you looking for a way to make a difference in the world? Do you want to be a change agent who influences the culture around you for God’s purpose? Whether you are a CEO, housewife, student, manager, or church leader, you have the ability to shape your circle of influence and make an impact.

    In “Change Agent,” Os Hillman shares divine wisdom on how God raises up change agents in culture, just like biblical leaders such as David, Daniel, Esther, and Moses. Drawing from his own experiences and modern-day profiles, Hillman shows how you too can have greater influence, no matter your age or status in life.

    Our culture is shaped by seven mountains of influence: business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family, and the church. Each chapter of “Change Agent” focuses on one of these strategic areas, describing where we are, what we must do to influence them, and what success will ultimately look like.

    If you’re ready to engage your passion and make a difference, “Change Agent” is the perfect guide to help you become a change agent in your own right. Let Os Hillman’s divine wisdom and insights inspire you to take action and shape your culture for God’s purpose. Don’t wait – start your journey to becoming a change agent today!

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  • Courageous Leaders : Transforming Their World

    Greetings and blessings to you, dear reader! Are you seeking to make a positive impact on the world around you but find yourself struggling to stay on track and follow through with your vision? Look no further than Courageous Leaders, a guidebook for those who seek to take action with divine inspiration and guidance.

    As our world faces an increasing need for compassionate, driven leaders who are motivated by God’s love and wisdom, it is important to have the tools and guidance necessary to bring our visions to life. With Courageous Leaders, you will be equipped with a practical, hands-on approach to strategic planning that will help you remain steadfast in your pursuit of God’s plan for your life and the world around you.

    Whether your goal is local or global, simple or complex, Courageous Leaders will provide you with the insights and strategies necessary to succeed. This powerful guidebook is ideal for those seeking to make positive changes in their homes, businesses, ministries, or communities, and will help you stay on course even in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

    So if you are ready to step up as a leader and make a difference in the world, let Courageous Leaders be your guide. With its practical wisdom and divine inspiration, you will be empowered to achieve the vision that God has placed in your heart. Order your copy today and begin your journey towards courageous leadership!

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  • Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.

    Prepare to take notes on the sidelines of Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Difficult conversations.

    Immerse yourself in this book about how bold leadership requires courage because it asks us to be vulnerable. As Brown explains, having difficult conversations such as giving or receiving feedback, collaborating with a team, and solving problems together to meet deadlines can be dramatically changed if approached from a bold leadership perspective. If we choose to approach these situations with curiosity, courage, and clarity rather than pride, self-protection, and information withholding (or “armor” as Brown refers to it in his book), a whole new level of understanding and meaning can be taken out of context.

    Our group clung to a real life example of what she called the “ham tuck debacle” that illustrates how, during times of stress, even the smallest issues like not having enough meat for lunch can create stories in our minds that dramatize and distort reality. Pausing and clarifying a problem can help avoid small grievances that undermine our relationships. Brown recommends using storytelling tactics such as using the phrase “The story I’m telling myself” to acknowledge and verbalize our feelings to address them before we get carried away. In the accounting profession, where tight deadlines are the norm and collaboration is essential, communication with our colleagues is non-negotiable. However, the level of genuine and helpful feedback can sometimes vary.

    Brown explains how conversations that involve feedback – especially negative feedback – are often avoided or cut short because they tend to sound more like criticism and involve less desirable emotions such as “fear, shame, grief, disappointment and sadness”. While these can be uncomfortable at times, she argues that difficult conversations – just like the ones we have in our Kruggel Lawton office (i.e. the emotions and feelings we crave. It’s the birthplace of love, belonging and joy… [and] the cornerstone of building courage.

    In other words, if we don’t participate thoughtfully in these conversations, we may gloss over real-time issues, but we also miss the long-term building blocks of a meaningful relationship. Empathizing with the people around us, listening carefully, becoming curious – these are all tools we should use to become bold leaders. Brown puts it so succinctly: “Clear is kind. Not clear is mean.

    Brown’s call for courage is loud and clear: we need more courageous leaders. Inside and outside our workplaces, from our homes to our governments, we must be adaptable to change, willing to have difficult conversations, and strive to be resilient in times of challenge and adversity. . Ultimately, our amount of “courage is the strongest predictor of [our] ability to succeed…Choosing to live and love with all our heart is an act of defiance.” Ultimately, “Courage is rebellion.”

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  • Developing the Leaders Around You

    As a divine being, I can tell you that success is not just about personal achievement, but about empowering those around you to reach their full potential. And no one understands this better than John C. Maxwell, a renowned expert in leadership and personal development.

    In his book, Developing the Leaders Around You, Maxwell reveals the greatest leadership principle he has ever learned: the success level of a leader is determined by those closest to them. It’s not enough to have vision and drive. To truly achieve your goals, you must learn how to develop and empower the leaders around you.

    Whether you’re leading a non-profit organization, small business, or Fortune 500 company, Developing the Leaders Around You can help you take your organization to a whole new level. You’ll learn practical strategies for identifying and nurturing potential leaders, and discover how to create a culture of growth and development within your team.

    Don’t let your dreams remain unrealized. Take the first step towards success by investing in the development of your team. Order Developing the Leaders Around You today and start building a brighter future for yourself and those around you.

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  • Doing Business with God

    Unleash the Power of Results: Transforming Your Life through Strategic Engagement. Discover the key to manifesting God’s ordained purpose for your life. It’s time to take charge and stop allowing the enemy to play games with your destiny. Engage with understanding and claim what is rightfully yours. Experience the truth of Matthew 11:12, as you tap into the violence that seizes the Kingdom of God by force. This result-driven ministry is dedicated to producing tangible outcomes, leaving no room for empty words or mere theatrics. Align with a teaching that delivers real, undeniable results. Let your fruitful life bring glory to the Father and prove your discipleship. Embrace the mentorship of the Holy Spirit and witness dimensions of success that defy expectations and naysayers. Contend for the breakthroughs you seek, as you partner with heaven to establish realities on earth. Join us as we tie every loose end and fortify ourselves with transformative truths. Experience predictable and consistent results that surpass human desires. Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity. Read this book and step into a blessed future.

     Apostle Joshua Selman

    8.500 CFA
  • Earn it ! : Your Value and Grow Your Career, in Your 20s and Beyond

    Welcome to the world of work, where success is earned through hard work and determination. Are you a newcomer to the workforce, eager to make your mark but unsure where to begin? Look no further than “Earn It!” – the ultimate guide to navigating the new world of work.

    This book is packed with road-tested advice on everything from landing a job to building your personal brand and getting the recognition (and money) you deserve. Written by New York Times bestselling author Mika Brzezinski and producer Daniela Pierre-Bravo, “Earn It!” is an essential manual for those crucial next steps in your career.

    Whether you’re just starting out or feeling stuck in what you thought would be your dream profession, “Earn It!” has got you covered. This practical career guidebook not only helps you get your foot in the door, but also shows you how to negotiate a raise, advocate for more responsibility, and figure out whether you’re in the career that’s right for you.

    Don’t let the whirlwind of job applications, interviews, follow-up, resume building, and networking overwhelm you – “Earn It!” provides straight-talking guidance to help you navigate every step of the way. With this book by your side, you’ll be well on your way to success in the world of work.

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  • Ethics 101: What Every Leader Need To Know

    Introducing ETHICS 101 by John C Maxwell, the ultimate guide to living a life of integrity and ethical behavior! Have you ever found yourself struggling to determine what is right and wrong in a particular situation? Look no further than Maxwell’s insight on how to live a life of honesty and morality.

    In this groundbreaking book, Maxwell reveals that there’s no such thing as “business ethics” or “personal ethics” – only ethics! He shows that there is a universal ethical standard that can be applied to all situations, regardless of your background, culture, or religion. And what is that standard? It’s the Golden Rule, a principle that has been passed down in every major religion throughout history.

    ETHICS 101 will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, as you learn about the desires of the human heart and what motivates us to act in certain ways. You’ll also discover the five most common causes that get people off track ethically and learn how to develop the Midas touch when it comes to integrity.

    Whether you’re a business leader, a student, or just someone looking to live a more ethical life, ETHICS 101 is the perfect guide for you. With practical insights and inspiring examples, Maxwell will show you how to live with integrity and use the Golden Rule as your standard in all situations.

    Don’t miss out on this life-changing book – get your copy of ETHICS 101 today and start living a life of honesty and morality!

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  • Execution: the Discipline of Getting Things Done

    York Times When Execution was first published, it changed the way we do our jobs by emphasizing the critical importance of ” execution discipline: the ability to take the final leap to success by actually getting things done. Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan now reframe their empowering message for a world in which old rules have been broken, radical change becomes routine, and the ability to execute is more important than ever. Now and for the foreseeable future:

    • Growth will be slower. But the business that performs well will have the confidence, speed, and resources to act quickly as new opportunities arise.
    • Competition will be fiercer, with companies seeking every possible advantage in everything from products and technologies to location and management.
    • Governments will take on new roles in their national economies, some as partners to business, others imposing constraints. Businesses that perform well will be more attractive to government entities as partners and suppliers and better prepared to adapt to a new wave of regulation.
    • Risk management will become a top priority for every leader. Execution gives you an edge in detecting new internal and external threats and in managing crises that can never be fully predicted.

    Execution shows how to connect people, strategy and operations, the three fundamental processes of every business. Leading these processes is the real job of running a business, not formulating a “vision” and leaving the job of realizing it to others. Bossidy and Charan show the importance of being deeply and passionately engaged in an organization and why solid dialogues about people, strategy and operations result in a business based on intellectual honesty and realism.

    With paradigmatic real-world case histories – including examples like the divergent paths taken by Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan Chase and Charles Prince at Citigroup – Execution provides the realistic, uncompromising approach to business success that can only come from authors as accomplished and insightful as Bossidy and Charan.

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  • Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team

    Introducing “Now Find Your Why” – the ultimate guide to unlocking your full potential and achieving fulfillment in your personal and professional life. If you’ve read Simon Sinek’s bestselling book “Start With Why,” you know how powerful the concept of understanding your WHY can be. Now, with this hands-on guide, you can take the next step and learn how to apply it to your career, team, company, or nonprofit.

    We believe that everyone deserves to wake up every day feeling inspired and fulfilled by the work they do. That’s why we’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you discover your WHY and unleash your full potential. With detailed exercises, illustrations, and action steps for every stage of the process, “Now Find Your Why” can help you overcome common challenges and concerns, such as:

    • What if my WHY sounds just like my competitor’s?
    • Can I have more than one WHY?
    • If my work doesn’t match my WHY, what should I do?
    • What if my team can’t agree on our WHY?

    Whether you’re just starting your career, leading a team, or running your own business, the insights and exercises in this book will help you discover your WHY and inspire those around you. By understanding your WHY, you’ll be able to make better decisions, build stronger relationships, and achieve greater success and fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

    Join us in our mission to build a world in which more people start with WHY. Get your copy of “Now Find Your Why” today and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential.

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  • Finishing Well

    What  People Who Really Live Do Differently!

    It’s never too late (or too early) to begin finishing well! In a world where success often fades with time, wouldn’t you like to embark on a path that leads to lasting significance? Imagine a life where every moment counts, where your work carries eternal purpose and meaning until the day you take your final breath. Author Bob Buford, driven by the wisdom found in the depths of biblical teachings, presents to you “Finishing Well,” a groundbreaking book that illuminates the way to a rich and purposeful future.

    Buford, a visionary leader, has dined with “some of the smartest people on the planet” who have successfully transitioned from mere success to profound significance. Join the likes of Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, Dr. Kenneth Cooper, George Gallup, Howard Hendricks, Roger Staubach, and Bill Pollard as they divulge their secrets to a life that goes beyond the ordinary. Through their inspiring words, you will discover how you too can achieve remarkable feats, leaving a legacy that transcends time.

    Drawing from the pearls of wisdom shared by these accomplished individuals, Buford reminds us that the key to finishing well lies in embracing a forward-focused mindset. As he wisely asserts, “If people see their best years behind them, they’re probably not going to finish very well, because you can’t finish well when you’re going backwards.” It’s a call to action, urging you to leave behind the shackles of the past and step into a future brimming with possibilities.

    Retirement may mark the end of our professional careers, but it should never signal the end of our calling. Buford reminds us that our purpose transcends the confines of a job or a title. “We can retire from our jobs but we can never retire from our calling.” With “Finishing Well” as your guide, you will uncover the true meaning of work and its role in sustaining a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

    The book delves into the profound truth that our earthly existence often falls short of its potential due to our limited understanding of the grandeur that awaits us. Buford echoes the sentiment, “We live pale and empty lives here on earth because we’re ignorant about what lies ahead, and we need to see that the dimensions of life are so much greater than what we can see, hear, and touch today.” Prepare to transcend the ordinary, as “Finishing Well” broadens your perspective and unveils the vast dimensions of life that await your exploration.

    Unlocking your potential for a meaningful existence demands a commitment to achievement and sustained growth. Buford highlights the habit of achievement as a defining characteristic of those who reach great heights. He shares, “People who achieve have a habit of achievement that begs for sustaining.” With “Finishing Well” as your ally, you will cultivate the tenacity and determination needed to surpass expectations, time and time again.

    Why settle for a life devoid of purpose when there’s an abundance of meaningful endeavors awaiting your attention? Buford challenges us to break free from stagnant routines and embrace a life of continued purpose. He asks, “As long as you’re able to do something meaningful, why would you want to go into some kind of holding pattern?” “Finishing Well” arms you with practical strategies and invaluable perspectives from “second season trailblazers” to ensure your journey remains purposeful and inspiring, regardless of your age or stage in life.

    Whether you’re in your twenties or your eighties, “Finishing Well” is a timeless guide that propels you toward a future marked by significance. Don’t let another moment slip away without embracing the transformative power of a life lived with eternal purpose and meaning.

    Bob Buford
    16.999 CFA
  • Gigged : The Gig Econonomy, The End of the Job and the Future Work

    Are you ready for the future of work? Gigged, the critically acclaimed book shortlisted for the FT/McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award, takes you inside the emerging “gig economy” of Silicon Valley companies. Author Sarah Kessler tells the stories of workers, from computer programmers to online comment moderators, who navigate a new wave of precarious, short-term jobs.

    This timely book explores the personal, corporate and societal stories behind a massive tech-driven shift away from permanent office employment. Gigged highlights a big divide: for people with desirable skills, the gig economy often enables a more engaging and entrepreneurial lifestyle, while for the unskilled who turn to this job out of necessity, it’s simply “the best of the bad options.”

    Kessler’s well-researched and beautifully written book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the future of our economy and society. It is filled with a multitude of anecdotes supported by detailed data and reports, making it a must-read for those who want to stay ahead of the curve.

    If you want to know how work is changing and how you can adapt to keep up, you must read Gigged. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain wisdom on the future of work for all of us. Order your copy today and be prepared for the economy of tomorrow, where the wealthy get to work when they want, how they want, while the rest live lives of extraordinary hardship.

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  • Go Borrow Vessels

    The wisdom of the Bible teaches us that even when we are faced with difficult situations or seemingly insurmountable obstacles, we have the power to transform these circumstances into opportunities for growth and prosperity. In the book “Go Borrow Vessels: Turning Your Liabilities Into Assets,” Dr. Mensa Otabil illustrates principles to radically improve any situation, whether you want to transform your business, your family, or your life.

    A turnaround is possible, and “Go Borrow Vessels” will show you how. Discover your unique path to growth and transformation – you hold the keys to your own success. With this book, you will learn how to turn your liabilities into assets and develop essential skills for success.

    Dr. Otabil shares powerful insights on how to apply biblical wisdom towards money management and financial freedom. You will also learn how to distinguish between help that advances and hinders growth, and break free from cycles of dependency to assume a self-reliant life.

    Remember, a turnaround is possible, and you hold the keys to your own success. “Go Borrow Vessels” is a must-read for anyone looking to transform their challenges into opportunities. Order your copy today and start turning your liabilities into assets!


    Mensa Otabil


    5.380 CFA
  • Good to Great

    Unlock the secrets of greatness and take your company to the next level with the groundbreaking insights from Jim Collins’ Good to Great study. Built to Last defined the management landscape of the nineties, but what about companies that aren’t born with great DNA? Through years of rigorous analysis, Collins and his research team identified a set of elite companies that made the leap to great results and sustained those results for at least fifteen years.

    Discover the universal distinguishing characteristics that cause a company to go from good to great, including the shocking truth about the type of leadership required to achieve greatness. With the Hedgehog Concept, a culture of discipline, and an ethic of entrepreneurship, you’ll achieve the magical alchemy of great results. And with a fresh perspective on the role of technology and an understanding of the Flywheel and the Doom Loop, you’ll be able to launch radical change programs and avoid the pitfalls that have trapped so many other companies.

    The findings of the Good to Great study will shed light on virtually every area of management strategy and practice. If you’re ready to transcend the curse of competence and take your company to the next level, this book is a must-read. Don’t ignore these groundbreaking insights – unlock the secrets of greatness and achieve enduring success for your company today.

    24.200 CFA