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  • How the West Came to Rule

    Discover the untold story of the origins of capitalism in the groundbreaking book How the West Came to Rule. In contrast to traditional historical accounts that confine the development of capitalism to Europe, this book offers a unique interdisciplinary and international perspective on the global processes that led to the rise of capitalism.

    Authors Alex Anievas and Kerem Nisancioglu challenge the Eurocentric bias that has dominated the debate on the origins of capitalism and provide a convincing argument for the agency of non-European societies in this process. From Mongol expansion to New World discoveries, Ottoman-Habsburg rivalry, colonial development, and bourgeois revolutions, this book uncovers the intricate and uneven histories that contributed to the rise of capitalism.

    This book provides a provocative and incisive explanation of how capitalism emerged in England and Europe through a dialectical intersocietal and geopolitical process. It questions oft-cited assumptions and offers a fundamental overhaul of the way we think about the origins of capitalism.

    If you’re a historian, economist, or political thinker, this book will change the way you view the development of capitalism. With its in-depth analysis and new insights, How the West Came to Rule is a must-read for anyone interested in the history of capitalism and the global processes that shaped our modern economy. Get your copy today and discover the untold story of the rise of capitalism!

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