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  • Create Your Own Future: How to Master the 12 Critical Factors of Unlimited Success

    Now in paperback, Create Your Own Future is a powerful book on self-empowerment that offers a wealth of ideas readers can apply immediately to take complete control of their personal and work lives. Intended for anyone who wants to make more money and get more satisfaction from life, the book offers twelve principles for success and real-world action plans that help you reach your goals. Author Brian Tracy is one of the most renowned and successful self-help authors and speakers in the world; Create Your Own Future presents all his accumulated experience in making success happen for others. Now, it can make success happen for you.

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    In life, one very important thing is discipline. Habits are things to be managed with complete perseverance.

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  • Following God’s Plan For Your Life

    Are you feeling lost or uncertain about your purpose in life? Do you feel like you could be doing more to serve God and follow His plan for your life? Well, it’s time to shape up and get serious about your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

    Never before has it been so crucial for us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading. We are living in uncertain times, where the world is facing unprecedented challenges. But through it all, we can rely on the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit to lead us towards God’s plan for our lives.

    It’s time to break down the barriers that separate us and to be everything God wants us to be. We need to be united in our mission to serve God, regardless of our national, political, racial, social, or economic backgrounds. The Holy Spirit does not discriminate, and neither should we.

    So, let’s get serious about serving God and fulfilling our purpose in life. Let’s be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and follow God’s plan for our lives. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world and bring glory to His name.

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  • I Forgive You [Livre

    Are you struggling to move on from a broken relationship? Are you dealing with the pain of loss and feeling hopeless? Look to the story of Joseph and his brothers in the Bible for guidance on how to find peace, freedom, and fruitfulness in difficult circumstances. In her book ‘Joseph Wept: The Pain of Loss, Our Greatest Need: God’s Plan for Reconciliation’, author Wendy Alsup explores themes of repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation. With real-life examples and accounts of lives transformed by the power of forgiveness, including the author’s own struggles, this book will encourage you to see the potential for healing and restoration in your own life. Don’t let the messiness of life keep you from experiencing the beauty of God’s plan for reconciliation. Order your copy of ‘Joseph Wept’ today.


    ALSUP Wendy

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  • Social skills for effective learning

    Develop self-directed and resilient learners with ‘Social Skills for Effective Learning’! This practical manual is the perfect companion for teachers and parents who want to promote emotional intelligence, empathy, conflict resolution and diversity in children. Written by former teacher and training consultant Annie Greef, the book features six units with an overview, guidelines and photocopiable activity sheets. Suitable for a variety of ages and abilities, this resource book includes a glossary of terms and an appendix linking the units to the National Curriculum. Inspire personal development and become a role model for your students with ‘Social Skills for Effective Learning’!

    Both books are excellent. They are very relevant to what we teach in relation to ”social, personal and health education”. For undergraduate students, the theory/context of each area is properly presented. The range and selection of activities is excellent and extremely applicable to experiential learning methodology. Both books have a wide range of activities that deal with emotional and social intelligence and excellent introductory reading material to the field of SPHE. I will recommend them as a basic text for our first and second year students.

    Mairead Barry, Department of Health, Sport and Exercise Sciences, School of Health Sciences


     Annie Greeff

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