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  • Going Solo

    Discover the power of choice in the midst of brokenness with our latest must-read book, written by a former Christian music industry executive. As a single father for seven years, he shares his personal journey and offers valuable insights on being an effective, empathetic, and empowered single parent.

    This book is a powerful reminder that parents don’t have to become defined by their circumstances. Instead, they can choose to define this season of their lives with God’s help. Through his own experiences, the author provides practical healing principles and helpful habits that can be immediately applied to daily life.

    Are you struggling to find peace in the midst of chaos? Are you exhausted from meeting the needs of your children with seemingly nothing left to give? Our book offers the keys to gaining strength and courage for each day. By sharing how he found his “solo” relationship with God through his “solo” parenting season, readers will learn to discover a deeper understanding of His true nature, power, and intimate care.

    Don’t let the fears and exhaustion of single parenting overwhelm you. Take the first step towards healing and restoration today with our powerful book.

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  • The Normal Christian Life

    In this timeless Christian classic, “The Normal Christian Life,” Watchman Nee unveils the central theme of “Christ our Life.” Prepare to embark on a transformative journey as Nee reveals the secret to experiencing spiritual strength and vitality, a life that should be the norm for every believer.

    Drawing from key passages in the book of Romans, Nee provides a clear and vibrant understanding of the essential steps in personal faith and the walk of a true Christian. His profound emphasis on the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ brings forth fresh spiritual insights that have blessed countless individuals.

    This exceptional work unravels the path of faith, illuminating the eternal purpose of God in simple yet profound terms. As you delve into its pages, you will gain a deeper understanding of the power and life-transforming potential that resides within you as a follower of Christ.

    “The Normal Christian Life” offers practical guidance and spiritual truths that have stood the test of time. It equips you to navigate the challenges of daily living, empowering you to embrace the abundant life promised by Jesus Christ Himself.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your walk with God and experience the extraordinary in the ordinary. Order your copy of “The Normal Christian Life” today and unlock the secrets to a vibrant, victorious, and purpose-filled Christian journey.

    Let Watchman Nee’s profound insights inspire and empower you as you embrace the fullness of “Christ our Life.” Prepare to embark on a transformative adventure that will deepen your faith, strengthen your relationship with God, and align your life with His eternal purpose.



    Watchman Nee

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