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  • Authority and Submission

    Our God is a God of divine order and arrangement, and He desires that all things be gathered under one head in Christ (Eph. 1:10). In opposition to God’s will, there is rebellion and chaos in God’s creation because of the fall of mankind. According to the divine plan, the restoration of order in the universe is centered on the relationship between Christ, the Head, and the church, His Body. Christ has been made Head over all things to the church (Eph 1:22), and the living exercise of authority and submission within the Body of Christ is central to the fulfillment of God’s will. In Authority and Submission Watchman Nee presents many helpful principles and examples from Scripture that relate to the proper exercise of authority and submission, an exercise that is according to the divine life in the Body of Christ.


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  • Christian Philosophy

    Everyone views life through a filter. The Bible calls that your philosophy. It’s the way you think and it controls the outcome of your life.

    Ask yourself, do you believe the bible is the infallible and inspired word of God? Do you believe there is only one way to God? Is God good or judgmental? Does He control your destiny or is that up to you?

    The answers to these questions and many more will determine your philosophy. That philosophy then, will affect the way you see many social issues like creations and evolution, abortion and homosexuality.

    Christian Philosophy addresses the way we think, or should think according to the word of God, and applies that in a practical way to the issues we are facing in our culture. It will change the way your view the world forever.

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  • Grace Revolution

    The grace revolution is all about bringing Jesus back to the forefront. When Jesus is preached and lifted high, lives are touched and transformed. It’s a revolution of relationship and it’s a revolution of restoration. The grace revolution begins in the innermost sanctum of your heart when you meet the person of Jesus. It is not an outward revolution but something that begins from the inside out. Today, you can experience deep, personal, and lasting transformation that is anchored on the unshakable, rock-solid foundation of Christ and His finished work.

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  • New Creation Realities: A Revelation of Redemption

    Christianity has revealed the secret that psychologists have long sought—the “inward soul,” the re-created spirit, the focus of God’s great redemptive work on earth.
    The four Gospels give us a wonderful picture of the lonely man of Galilee, the humble Messiah who ends His earthly walk on Calvary. But Paul’s Epistles give us the risen triumphant One, the conqueror of death, sin, and Satan. He provides the revelation of what happened on the cross and in the tomb, and how that affects who and what we are in Christ today.
    Legendary Bible teacher E. W. Kenyon delves deeply into Paul’s teaching to give us a living picture of the entire substitutionary work of Christ, which made possible the new creation, a new race of men and women who can stand in God’s presence without a sense of guilt, condemnation, or inferiority.

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  • Nurturing the incorruptible seed

    The word of God is the inconvertible seed from which all things came into existence. As important as the word is to the welfare of the believer, not many know how to make it produce the desired results in their lives.

    In this book, Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo discusses the dynamics of the word. Through deep spiritual insight, she reveals reasons why the word does not work for some people. Also, she throws more light on how to productively put the word to work.

    • Keep away stubborn ” birds ” of life from your seed
    • Handle the storms of life and a lot more
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  • Provision Promises

    Are you ready to walk in the abundant life that Jesus came to give you as promised in John 10:10?

    Let your heart be encouraged and refreshed as you delve into the pages of Provision Promises.  Packed with bite-sized practical wisdom and faith-filled inspirations from the Word of God, this book will enlarge your revelation of Jesus’ grace and the abundant life you have through His finished work. Meditate on His promises for you today and increase your capacity to receive from your heavenly Father!

    Your provision is wrapped up in JESUS!

    This book will inspire you to experience God’s provision for your life. You will learn to rest in His love and favor toward you and your family.

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  • The Believer’s Authority

    The Believer’s Authority is based on a power greater than the enemy’s. This bestseller is based on the epistle to the Ephesians, which tells us about this power: it will revolutionize your life. Authority is the good of every believer-not just a chosen few. When Christians know the truth, the enemy will no longer be able to dominate them. It will be impossible for Satan to dominate God’s people if Christians discover the authority that belongs to them in Christ Jesus. The devil will then understand that the faithful know that he is defeated. Walk in the light of this truth and do not allow Satan to rule another day. Act on the authority that Jesus has given you and you will not fail to win.

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  • The Bible in the Light of Our Redemption Basic Bible Course

    Written by beloved Bible teacher E. W. Kenyon, this challenging study course covers the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, highlighting the long view of God’s unfolding plan of redemption. Appropriate for groups or individuals, both the new believer and the mature Christian, it lays out the legal claim for who and what we are in Christ. Among the topics covered in regard to redemption are man’s creation and fall, the Abrahamic Covenant, the Law and the Tabernacle, the Incarnation, the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Second Coming of Christ, and Kenyon’s classic discussion on the two kinds of knowledge. This course will build your faith and challenge you to a deeper walk with our Redeemer.

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  • The essence of Christianity

    We live in generation where many bpeople profess to be Christian do not really know what it means to be real Christian. The do not know the essence of Christianity. The think that church attendance, miracles, healings, breakthroughs, signs and wonder are the essences of Christianity. They failed to realise that one can have a miracle, healing, breakthrough still end up in hell. So, to have a miracle or breakthrough is not the essence of being a Christian.

    This book presents the sole essence of being a Christian which without, no one can make heaven or see God. It also reveals the areas of life that change is expected in order to be known as a genuine Christian.

    Are serious about becoming a real Christian? Do you desire to live like Christ? Do you want to life where people see you and know that you belong to God by your character? Are you tired of unfulfilled Christian life? Do you want to miss the terrible torment hell on the last day?

    Then this book for you! God shall change your life as you read this book.

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  • The hidden covenants of blessings

    You may have been wondering why things are not the way they should be with you. Well, it might well be that you’re been despising some hidden covenants. In his usual dynamic, matter-of-fact style, Dr David Oyedepo, in tis very revealing book, brings you have to face with some hard  truths: ” God is never at fault or to blame when things are not working in our lives… we have a responsibility to locate what is wrong in our lives and put them right. Then things will become right.”

    ” The hidden covenants of blessings- are the minutest details that…you cannot neglect.” This book will definitely bring about remarkable changes in your life.

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  • The Kingdom of Power: How to Demonstrate It Here and Now

    The kingdom of God is…

    • A supernatural kingdom
    • A kingdom of power, not just words.
    • A kingdom whose reality can be experienced here and now.

    Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21). God’s kingdom is His will exercised on earth as it is in heaven. It expands its influence in this world through the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers—like you and me. When Jesus returned to heaven, He activated the church to continue expanding His kingdom in each succeeding generation of believers. We are the vessels through which God extends His kingdom to our communities and nations!

    Wherever God’s kingdom rules on earth, it is visibly demonstrated.

    Jesus manifested the power of the kingdom with tangible miracles, signs, healings, and deliverances. Each time He announced the good news of the kingdom, sin, sickness, demons, poverty, and death could not remain.

    The kingdom is a reality today—not just in the future—and it may be applied to each circumstance we encounter in life.

    The kingdom has everything we need: righteousness, healing, wholeness, prosperity, and joy. In The Kingdom of Power: How to Demonstrate It Here and Now, you will discover how to enter God’s kingdom, receive its benefits, and expand its dominion throughout the earth.

    The kingdom of God is within you. The only thing you need to do is to demonstrate it here and now!

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  • The Normal Christian Church Life

    The Normal Christian Church Life is a record of messages given during conferences held in Shanghai and Hankow. Watchman Nee spoke to his fellow workers on the principles in the New Testament concerning the practical arrangement of the churches, the ministry, and the work.

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    This book is a compilation of all Dr David Oyedepo’s books on THE WORD in one volume. The purpose is to preserve his works for future referencing and make them spiritual treasure to the body of Christ, both in the now and to the generations yet unborn.

    These library volumes are classified under the 12 Pillars of the commission and are spread across her 3-core mandate.

    Books in this edition

    • Keys to divine protection
    • Overcoming the forces of wickedness
    • The force of freedom
    • Breaking the curses of life
    • Understanding your covenant rights
    • Exploring the riches of redemption
    • All you need to have all your needs met
    • Walking in domination
    • Possessing your possession
    • The turnaround power of the word
    • The exceeding riches of his grace
    • Wonders of kingdom stewardship
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  • Today Matters: 12 Daily Practices to Guarantee Tomorrow’s Success

    Most of us look at our days in the wrong way: We exaggerate yesterday. We overestimate tomorrow. We underestimate today. The truth is that the most important day you will ever experience is today. Today is the key to your success. Maxwell offers 12 decisions and disciplines-he calls it his daily dozen-that can be learned and mastered by any person to achieve success.

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  • Visions of the Harvest – Updated and Expanded

    When I first shared each of these vision, I was inundated with requests to copy and translate them, and they quickly went around the world. Now, almost two decades later they are being rediscovered, and this book is the result of the growing demand for them again. Much that was prophesied in these visions has come to pass, and the rest seems to be upon us. They now seem more relevant than ever.

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  • Welcome to God’s Family

    Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin explains what it means to be born again and how to partake of the biblical benefits that God has provided for His children.

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  • What Shall This Man Do?: A Fresh Approach to the Study of Christian Service

    Are you called to serve, but wondering if you “fit the mold”? Watchman Nee presents an encouraging word: God calls leaders from diverse backgrounds and equips them in a variety of ways for distinctive tasks. Though each of us is called to a unique place of service, our ministries are not in conflict, but complementary. These studies, compiled from Nee’s speaking ministry, draw from the lives of the apostles Peter, Paul and John to illustrate three essential elements of Christian ministry: -Peter, the “fisher of men” — leading others in the Way -Paul, the teacher of the Word — understanding the Life -John, the elder in the church — knowing and walking in the Truth These three elements, Nee declares, underlie the work of all those who are called to serve. Learn the secrets of Christian leadership from a brother who set an example of steadfast faith under the pressure of a totalitarian government.

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  • Words That Move Mountains

    The promise of faith can be yours! Authors E. W. Kenyon and Don Gossett reveal the secret of seeing the fulfillment of God’s promises in your own life. Far too many Christians continue to live sickly, poor, and powerless lives, unaware of their rights, spelled out in Scripture, and available to all believers. By speaking Words That Move Mountains, you will discover how you can personally receive God’s healing touch and how God can use you to bring healing to others. A new life of faith is available today. Experience the power and victory that is available in Jesus’ name!

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  • You are Welcome to God’s Family

    Being born again and a child of God is one thing; knowing your rights, privileges and responsibilities is quite another. When you have a good understanding of your new status after salvation, and what obtains in God’s family to which you now belong, you will be eternally taken from the miry clay and set upon the rock to rule and reign on the earth. In this new and exciting book, Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo reveals the understanding you require, now that you have the new birth experience and have become a member of God’s family. This book shows you, among other things, how to: . Soar to greater heights as a member of God’s family! . Grow spiritually! . Maximize the power of prayer! . Be empowered for exploits in the Kingdom, and a lot more!

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