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    This book is a compilation of all Dr David Oyedepo’s books on CONSECRATION in one volume. The purpose is to preserve his works for future referencing and make them spiritual treasure to the body of Christ, both in the now and to the generations yet unborn.

    These library volumes are classified under the 12 Pillars of the commission and are spread across her 3-core mandate.

    Books in this volume

    • The blood triumph
    • Emergence of the glorious church
    • Conquering controlling powers
    • Shower of blessing
    • Dynamics of holiness
    • Walking in the newness of life
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  • Creating A New Beginning

    Obviously, nobody likes to fail. Yet, at one stage or the other in life, we all have experienced failure. Bishop David Abioye sets in this book to drive home the fact that failure is not stranger, it is common to all, but what you do with failure is what determines your outcome. He says, “You aare not a failure just because you failed, you can always create a new beginning for yourself”

    If you have failed so many times that you have resigned to fate, this book is what you need to process your failure into sucess.

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  • Exploring The Riches Of Redemption

    Understanding your redemptive rights and privileges is the master key to freedoom and life of fulfillment, says Dr. David Oyedepo.

    This book is therefore written to make you see the benefits loaded in your redemption. According to Dr.. David Oyedepo, your salvation is not just an escape route to heaven. On the contrary, an in depth understanding of your new status in Christ is required to reflect the heavenly life here one earth.

    In this book, you will discover that:
    – You are not born again to suffer again; you are born again to reign again.
    – Redemption is comprehensive insurance for a life of dignity.
    – Through Christ you can once again live supernaturally on the earth.

    The world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God that is, those who through an understanding of their divine heritage in Christ can operate like God on earth. That’s you! So, grab this book and enjoy your riches in redemption!

    8.500 CFA
  • Holy Spirit Your Helper

    Life without the Holy Spirit is an adventure in futility and will only result in unending frustration. Have you encountered the Comforter sent to make life on earth comfortable for you? You have undoubtedly met Him in your Christian journey; you must have witnessed His glorious manifestations on various platforms. But, Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo introduces you to the Holy Spirit you may not know. In an all-embracing analysis, she presents to the believer, Life’s Safest Partner, whose job is to give real value to redemption and rescue the Christian faith from being a mere religious frustration, by giving the believer more to life for. This book is written to position you for an encounter with the Helper; gifted to Christians to make living an enjoyable adventure, give you power to live in this embattled world, equip you for victory in the battles of life, guide you into profitable living and ultimately get you into life fulfilment. Holy Spirit: Your Helper is not just another story of the possible after-effects of the Pentecost; it is a vivid exposition of the abundant provision in the Holy Spirit designed to help you make the most of your destiny, while also impacting your world.

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  • Maximise Destiny

    Predestination is an act of God but the actualization of it is the responsibility of man. God paid a great price to make something uniquely outstanding out of your life.

    As the salt of the earth, you are by destiny designed to give taste to the earth and preserve the world system from decadence.

    In this masterpiece, you will discover that:
    – The prophetic agenda for the end time guarantees that you make a mark in your field of endeavour.
    – We live in a dreamer’s world and only those with dreams will ever make a mark.
    – It is your covenant birthright to leave footprints in the sands of time.
    This book unfolds the vital keys that will help you maximize your glorious destiny in life.

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  • The Lifestyle of Faith

    Faith is primarily a lifestyle. It is not just a weapon to engage when a fight ensues neither is it a tool you pick up when you have an issue to fix.

    A soldier is basically enlisted for a life of selfless service. He is first trained and then equipped with weapons which he uses only as and when need arises. No matter how well a soldier uses his weapon, he stands the risk of losing is enlistment if he does not live well to please his Commander.

    If you do not live well, you cannot fight well. In the School of Faith, it is the “walking” that lends strength and efficacy to the “workings” of faith.

    This book is an insightful herald on the lifestyle of faith. It analyses the concept of faith and gives you a handle on its dynamic operations. Topics such as characteristics of faith, the product of faith, the womb of faith, the fountain of faith, the eye of faith, the arrows of faith, the motive of faith and lots more are clearly analyzed in this volume.

    The lifestyle of faith is your passport into the glory and virtue of your calling in Christ.

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  • The Power of the Communion Table

    The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of mysteries. A vivid understanding of these mysteries gives you command in the affairs of life. When you have a firm grip of these mysteries, you gain command and disarm every opposition.

    Pastor Faith Oyedepo, in this re-packaged book considers one of the mysteries of the kingdom – The Holy Communion.

    She gives you in a depth analysis of the constituents of the Communion and its efficacy.
    Do you know that the Holy Communion:
    – Heals all manner of sickness and diseases?
    – Gives you strength and energy?
    – Neutralizes body poisons?
    – Grants you longevity and a lot more
    The author punctuates the various chapters with numerous testimonies that authenticate the potency of the Holy Communion. Check out this book; apply the contents, and everything anti-covenant will be checked out of your life and destiny!

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  • Turnaround Power Of The Word

    The word is our covenant turnaround too,and the degree of turnaround testimonies we command is a function of our spiritual insight, depth and understanding. God’s agenda for us is to experience supernatural turnaround at every point in time, in our journey through life. Remember that there is nothing small, that cannot become big, and there is nothing big that canot get bigger. There is nothing great that cannot turn greater. Howewer, without engaging the word, breakthroughs are not in wiew.

    In this book, Dr. David Oyedepo unveils scritural fact on haw to get  your own word for a turnaround experience, which will make your life better, richer and happier.

    8.500 CFA
  • Understanding the Anointing

    Many in the body of Christ do not know or understand what the anointing is. But what really is the anointing?

    This is what this book is all about.

    Dr. Oyedepo in it clearly explains what the anointing is so that you can instantly begin to crave for it. According to him, the anointing is simply the Holy Ghost at work in a believer, producing extra-ordinary results.

    This book teaches you how to grow in it and how to sustain it. Since, according to Dr. Oyedepo, there is no substitute for the anointing for the believer, then this book is a must for you if you desire to live a life of exploits on the earth

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  • Walking in the Newness of Life

    Walking in The Newness of Life is a pungent epoch-making presentation of Holiness aimed at tracing and trapping sin, so as to establish a trail of Holiness in our Christian walk. By prophecy, the end-time Church is programmed to enjoy inexplanable and unbearable beauty, honour and glory as the arrival of the Bridegroom approaches.

    Dr. David Oyedepo, in this book, shows how a believer can step out of shame, reproach and affliction (created by sin) into a super highway of holiness, purity and righteousness. It will also show you how to leave the wilderness and step into Canaan.
    The cheapest, do-it-yourself answer to the issue of freedom from satanic oppressions and demonic innfluences is contained in Walking In The Newness of Life.

    This book announces that there is a wave of holiness that is coming upon the body of Christ, to prepare her for the final onslaught against Satan’s doinion; which will cause believers to take their place in destiny and bring God’s people to their heritage.
    Many are stranded, many are strangulated, life is becoming terribly unbearable for many all because of sin! It is time to take your place in true holiness unto God.

    You will encounter the holiness of God in this book that will make you walk in newness of life. Sin can be stopped. Holiness is possible!

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