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  • Ablaze for God

    In a world yearning for true spiritual leadership, “Ablaze for God” answers the urgent call. This remarkable book addresses the scarcity of individuals prepared to minister in Christ’s name, highlighting the desperate need for empowered leaders in the church.

    You don’t have to be a theologian to recognize the importance of spiritual leadership today. It requires a divine enduement that can only come through the enabling grace of the Holy Spirit. We may attempt to fulfill this role with our own strength, but without the indwelling mastery of the Spirit, we become nothing more than noisy brass and tinkling cymbals.

    Just as Jesus instructed His disciples before ascending to heaven, we too are called to tarry and seek the enduement of power from on high. The task of witnessing for Christ and discipling nations demands nothing less than a baptism of consuming fire.

    What are the spiritual dynamics that underpin effective leadership? How can you become a person truly aflame for God, anointed and empowered by His divine presence? “Ablaze for God” holds the answers that you will revisit time and time again.

    Within its pages, you will discover the secrets to becoming a Spirit-filled leader. It explores the profound spiritual truths that ignite the fire within, propelling you towards a life of purpose and divine influence. As you delve into these transformative teachings, you will gain insights and practical guidance to develop as a person of God, radiating His light and love to those around you.

    This book is not a mere manual; it is a spiritual journey. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and equipped to embrace the mantle of leadership with renewed fervor. The wisdom contained within “Ablaze for God” will empower you to lead with authenticity, integrity, and an unwavering passion for the Kingdom.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to be captivated by the timeless wisdom of “Ablaze for God.” Order your copy today and embark on a transformative adventure, discovering the path to becoming a Spirit-filled leader who impacts lives and fulfills their divine calling. Get ready to ignite your spirit and set the world ablaze with the fire of God’s love.

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  • All The 3s of The Bible

    Unlock the rich tapestry of scriptural wisdom with “All The 3s of The Bible,” a remarkable book that explores the depths of the number three and its profound significance throughout the pages of Scripture. Authored by renowned Bible teacher Dr. Herbert Lockyer, this exhaustive study is a valuable resource for pastors, Bible study and youth group leaders, Sunday school instructors, and any believer seeking to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Word.

    Discover the awe-inspiring power of the number three, as it unveils a wealth of symbolism and truth within the pages of the Bible. Dr. Lockyer’s meticulous research uncovers a multitude of remarkable insights, including:

    The three-in-one nature of the Trinity, representing the eternal relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Delve into the depths of this divine mystery and uncover the beauty of God’s triune nature.

    Explore the three features of the priesthood, providing a deeper understanding of the priestly roles and responsibilities throughout biblical history. Gain insights that will enhance your appreciation of the spiritual leadership within your own faith community.

    Witness the three harvest fruits, revealing the abundance of God’s provision and the cycles of spiritual growth. Gain a fresh perspective on the bountiful blessings that await those who align their lives with divine principles.

    Journey through the three glorious appearances, shedding light on pivotal moments when God’s glory manifested in extraordinary ways. Experience the transformative impact of encountering the divine presence.

    Unwrap the profound significance of the three gifts of the Magi, symbolizing the homage paid to the newborn King. Allow these gifts to deepen your understanding of Christ’s identity and purpose.

    Explore the three tenses of salvation – past, present, and future – revealing the comprehensive nature of God’s redemptive plan. Gain a greater appreciation for the transformative work of grace in your life.

    Contemplate the three crosses, representing the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ on Calvary. Dive into the depths of God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness as you grasp the significance of this pivotal moment in human history.

    Witness the three phases of the risen Christ, revealing His victory over sin, death, and the grave. Experience the transformative power of the resurrected Savior and the hope it brings to all who believe.

    Unveil the significance of the three witnesses in Revelation, providing a deeper understanding of the prophetic messages and divine truths contained within this apocalyptic book.

    Prepare to be amazed as you uncover countless more spiritual truths within the biblical meanings of this simple number. “All The 3s of The Bible” is a must-have companion for anyone seeking to enrich their spiritual journey and deepen their understanding of God’s Word.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this profound exploration of biblical symbolism and truth. Order your copy of “All The 3s of The Bible” today and embark on a transformative journey through the pages of Scripture. Let Dr. Herbert Lockyer be your guide as you unlock the hidden treasures of the number three and encounter the depths of God’s revelation like never before.

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  • Always There

    Reflections for Monts on God’s Presence

    Motherhood is a journey like no other, filled with joy, challenges, and moments that can make a mom feel alone. But deep down, every mom knows that there is no such thing as being truly “alone.” However, there are times when she may feel lonely, overwhelmed, or even abandoned.

    In those moments, “Always There” comes as a beacon of hope. This heartfelt devotional, written by moms for moms, brings assurance to readers that God’s abiding presence remains constant, regardless of the circumstances they face.

    From the first smile of their precious child to the everyday feedings and even the middle-of-the-night wake-up calls, God is there, every step of the way. Through the pages of this devotional, moms will find solace and strength, knowing that they are never alone in their journey of motherhood.

    “Always There” offers a collection of short, poignant devotions that speak directly to a mom’s heart. From lighthearted and humorous moments to more profound and reflective insights, each devotion captures the essence of motherhood and reminds moms of their ever-present and unwavering God.

    Immerse yourself in the wisdom and encouragement of “Always There.” Allow these beautifully crafted devotionals to bring comfort, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose to your motherhood journey.

    Let the words within these pages remind you that God’s love and support are always within reach, offering guidance, strength, and peace in every season of motherhood.

    Order your copy of “Always There” today and embrace the divine presence that accompanies you on your extraordinary adventure as a mother. You are never alone, for God is always there.


    Susan Besze Wallace

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  • An Inspirational Treasury of D.L. Moody

    Discover the remarkable journey of D.L. Moody, a name renowned throughout the evangelical world for his profound impact on religious life in Great Britain and the United States of America.

    Within the pages of this extraordinary book, we unveil a new treasury that encapsulates the essence of Moody’s life and ministry. Prepare to be captivated as we delve into his background, unearthing the transformative incidents that unfolded during his dynamic tenure. Moreover, be inspired by a collection of Moody’s favorite sayings, which are in themselves powerful “sentence sermons.”

    Immerse yourself in the wisdom contained within four of Moody’s awe-inspiring sermons: “The New Birth,” “Weighed in the Balance,” “Excuses,” and “Heaven and Who Are There.” These timeless messages will leave an indelible imprint on your heart and soul.

    To provide a deeper understanding of why D.L. Moody became a vessel for God’s work, we are privileged to include the final chapter, “Why God Used D.L. Moody,” written by his esteemed confidante and associate, Dr. R.A. Torrey. The invaluable lessons Torrey draws from Moody’s life continue to resonate and hold significance in our lives even today.

    This treasury is a gateway for those seeking an enlightening introduction to D.L. Moody, both the man and his profound message. Whether you desire to enrich your devotional life or embark on a transformative spiritual journey, this book will serve as an invaluable resource. Furthermore, church workers, teachers, and pastors will find practical guidance within these pages, empowering them to minister with renewed fervor and purpose.

    Prepare to embark on an unforgettable voyage through the life and teachings of D.L. Moody. Let his words ignite a flame of inspiration within you, leading to a deeper connection with your faith and a profound impact on the lives of those around you.

    Order your copy of “An Inspirational Treasury of D.L. Moody” today and let the timeless wisdom of this extraordinary man illuminate your path to spiritual enlightenment!

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  • Angel On Assignment

    As told by Roland Buck

    Embark on a Journey with Angels on Assignment: A Captivating Exploration of God’s Messengers!

    In the pages of “Angels on Assignment,” Roland Buck shares his extraordinary firsthand encounters with angels, unveiling their profound significance in our lives. This intriguing book delves into the biblical insights surrounding these heavenly messengers and reveals how they impact our daily existence. Discover how God, in His divine wisdom, employs angels to play a pivotal role in the end-times harvest of souls before the glorious return of Jesus.

    Prepare to be inspired as you witness the remarkable ways in which these angelic beings are actively working to usher in God’s kingdom. With each revelation, your faith will soar, and your confidence in God’s divine plan for your life and the ministry of believers will be fortified. Open your heart to the incredible love and power of God as you explore the ministry of angels and their vital contribution to the salvation of countless souls.

    What an extraordinary time to be alive! Amidst the darkness and wickedness that surrounds us, we are privileged to witness God’s supernatural renewal sweeping across our world. During times of spiritual awakening, miracles of healing abound, countless lives are transformed, and God’s presence is tangibly felt.

    As part of this special work of God, He is granting a deeper revelation of Himself through angelic visitations. Imagine the profound impact your family and church can have as you become vessels of God’s love, carrying His divine messages to those in need. It’s an awe-inspiring privilege that surpasses human comprehension.

    People often ask me if I have personally encountered an angel, and why God specifically chose my husband for these divine encounters. While I haven’t experienced an angelic visitation myself, I have been blessed abundantly as my husband faithfully shares the truths God has revealed to him. Our love is intertwined with our shared ministry, and I find great peace knowing that God orchestrates everything perfectly. He has uniquely anointed my husband as a leader and a minister, and I humbly embrace that role.

    Regarding why God chose him, I must admit that my understanding is limited as a mere human. However, I can attest to the unwavering faith and unyielding trust my husband possesses. Over our 29 years of pastoral service in Boise, Idaho, I have witnessed his steadfastness and his resolute commitment to God. He remains unswayed by passing trends and religious fads, meticulously discerning the authenticity of questionable doctrines.

    In the grand tapestry of God’s plan, angels play a profound role in revealing His love and purpose. “Angels on Assignment” is a divine invitation to witness the supernatural realm intersecting with our earthly existence. Embrace this opportunity to deepen your faith, expand your understanding, and embrace the awe-inspiring presence of God’s messengers.

    Order your copy of “Angels on Assignment” today and embark on a transformative journey where your spirit will be refreshed, your faith ignited, and your perception of the heavenly realm forever changed.


    Charles & Frances Hunter

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  • Becoming Like Christ Or The Mystery Of Passover

    Are you longing for sermons that ignite a fire within, stirring your spirit and inspiring a deeper connection with God? Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that will reshape your relationship with the divine. Introducing the remarkable book, “Becoming Like Christ: The Mystery of Passover,” where timeless wisdom meets the profound teachings of Pastor Mohammed SANOGO.

    This extraordinary sermon has the power to shake your core, urging you to reevaluate every facet of your bond with God and propelling you towards your ultimate destiny. If your heart yearns to mirror the radiant likeness of Jesus, this captivating message is specially crafted for you.

    Do you find yourself entangled in persistent challenges, desperately seeking deliverance? Look no further – this sermon holds the key to your liberation. Discover the profound truths within these pages that will break the chains holding you back and set you on a path towards freedom.

    Are you ready to witness a miraculous transformation in every area of your life? This divine revelation has the potential to revolutionize your existence. Unlock the secrets embedded in the Mystery of Passover, and watch as your life is imbued with divine purpose and fulfillment.

    Do you thirst for a deeper connection with God, longing to drink from the well of His boundless love? Allow the teachings within this book to quench your spiritual longing and restore your soul. With each word, you will be drawn closer to the heart of God, enveloped in His grace and compassion.

    Do you aspire to become more like Christ, to walk in His footsteps and radiate His divine essence? This message is precisely what you’ve been yearning for. Through the profound insights shared by Pastor Mohammed SANOGO, you will learn the secrets to emulate Christ’s character, kindness, and unconditional love.

    “Becoming Like Christ: The Mystery of Passover” is not just a book; it is a transformative experience that will leave an indelible mark on your soul. Dare to embark on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and divine empowerment. Your destiny awaits within these sacred pages.

    Don’t miss out on this life-altering opportunity! Order your copy of “Becoming Like Christ: The Mystery of Passover” today and witness the miraculous transformation that awaits you. Step into the fullness of God’s love and grace as you embrace your true calling to become like Christ.

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  • Becomming a Spiritually Healthy Family

    Avoiding the 6 Dysfunctional Parenting Styles.

    Feeling stuck as a Christian parent? Yearning to lead your family towards a life of abundance promised by Jesus? Look no further than “Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family.” This transformative guide is here to liberate you from the common pitfalls of Christian parenting, offering practical ideas that will infuse your home with spiritual vitality, allowing your children to truly experience the abundant life that Jesus has in store for them.

    In this illuminating book, Michelle Anthony delves deep into the heart of Christian parenting, uncovering six prevalent and dysfunctional parenting styles that we often find ourselves succumbing to out of habit, unintentional neglect, or the overwhelming busyness of life. By shining a light on these hindrances, she empowers us to break free and shows us the way to establish spiritual health within our families.

    Are you longing to demonstrate the love of Jesus to your children, but feel uncertain about how to go about it? “Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family” offers a beacon of hope. It serves as a practical and indispensable guide, leading you towards creating a home that is continuously saturated with grace, where God takes His rightful place as the head of your family.

    This invaluable resource goes beyond theory. It equips you with powerful Scripture guides that will illuminate your path, enabling you to navigate the challenges of Christian parenting with confidence and wisdom. Reflection questions will prompt deep introspection, fostering growth and connection within your family. Furthermore, the book provides a treasure trove of ideas for meaningful family rites of passage, elevating your shared experiences to a higher spiritual level.

    As you journey through “Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family,” you will encounter real-life examples that illustrate the transformative power of these teachings. These relatable stories will inspire and motivate you, reassuring you that you are not alone in your pursuit of raising spiritually vibrant children.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this life-changing expedition towards a spiritually healthy family. Order your copy of “Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family” today and pave the way for your loved ones to embrace the abundant life that Jesus promises.

    **Includes Scripture guides, reflection questions, ideas for family rites of passage, and other real-life family examples.

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  • Bible Acrostic :101 All New Challenging Puzzles

    For the very first time, Barbour Publishing presents a remarkable compilation of 101 brand-new Bible acrostics! Unleash your intellectual prowess as you embark on a journey through the pages of the King James Version, encountering an array of engaging puzzles. Each puzzle presents coded scriptures, waiting to be unraveled after unscrambling key words.

    “Bible Acrostics” draws inspiration from the breadth and depth of the King James Version, offering a delightful blend of entertainment and education. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of these puzzles, as they cover the remarkable people, places, things, and great ideas found within the scriptures. With every puzzle you solve, you’ll uncover important Bible truths, making this puzzle collection a valuable resource for spiritual growth.

    These puzzles are meticulously crafted, ensuring a delightful challenge for puzzle enthusiasts of all levels. Sharpen your problem-solving skills while deepening your knowledge of the scriptures. Each puzzle becomes an opportunity to engage with the Word of God in a unique and interactive way.

    Let the joy of solving these Bible acrostics fill your leisure time with both fun and spiritual enrichment. It’s an exceptional puzzle package that will captivate your mind and inspire your heart.

    Don’t miss the chance to expand your puzzle-solving abilities while delving into the profound wisdom of the Bible. Order your copy of “Bible Acrostic: 101 All New Challenging Puzzles” today and embark on an intellectually stimulating and spiritually rewarding journey. Prepare to be entertained, educated, and enlightened as you decipher the coded scriptures and uncover the hidden treasures of the Word of God.


    Lisa Harris

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  • Bible Cryptograms

    404 All New Challenging Puzzles.

    Discover the hidden treasures of the Bible with “Bible Cryptograms” – a captivating puzzle book infused with divine wisdom! Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of cryptograms, where the profound teachings of the King James Version come to life through 404 brand-new puzzles meticulously crafted by Barbour Publishing.

    Each thought-provoking challenge in “Bible Cryptograms” presents a pair of related scriptures, encompassing the vast expanse of biblical knowledge. Engage your mind as you decipher the concealed messages, navigating through cunningly substituted letters to unlock the profound verse that awaits you. With topics ranging from the remarkable individuals, sacred locations, and sacred objects to the monumental concepts encapsulated in Scripture, every puzzle is an enlightening journey that blends entertainment and education.

    Indulge in the unique pleasure of decoding these divine riddles, and unveil the profound truths of the Bible. “Bible Cryptograms” is more than just an ordinary cryptogram puzzle book; it is a captivating revelation of important Bible truths, elegantly presented within an enjoyable puzzle package. As you embark on this captivating adventure, you will not only find delight in the unraveling of each puzzle but also gain a deeper understanding of the timeless wisdom contained within the sacred scriptures.

    Unlock the mysteries of the Bible, one cryptogram at a time. Experience the thrill of discovery as you decode the sacred verses and witness the profound teachings come to light. Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? Step into the world of “Bible Cryptograms” and prepare to be entertained, educated, and enlightened.


    Lisa Harris

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  • Breaking Controlling Powers

    Victory over Spiritual Attacks

    Are you ready to break free from controlling powers and experience a life of victory? Look no further than “Breaking Controlling Powers: Victory over Spiritual Attacks” by Roberts Liardon. This powerful book combines three essential works, equipping you with the spiritual weaponry you need to fight the good fight of faith!

    In this comprehensive 3-in-1 volume, Roberts Liardon addresses the core challenges believers face in their spiritual journey. If you long for renewed strength to stand firm against evil attacks, if you find that people are coming between you and your relationship with God, or if you ever feel like the whole world is against you, then this book is your essential guide.

    The first book, “Breaking Controlling Powers,” dives deep into understanding and overcoming the forces that seek to control and hinder your progress. Roberts Liardon’s insights and wisdom will empower you to break free from any form of bondage and reclaim your spiritual authority.

    The second book, “Learning to Say No without Feeling Guilty,” provides practical guidance on setting healthy boundaries in your relationships. Discover how to assertively say no to toxic influences and manipulative tactics while preserving your integrity and nurturing your personal growth.

    The third book, “How to Survive an Attack,” equips you with strategies to overcome spiritual warfare. Roberts Liardon shares invaluable principles and tools to help you navigate through challenging seasons and emerge victorious, no matter the intensity of the attack.

    This 3-in-1 volume is your comprehensive arsenal against spiritual attacks. Each book complements the other, providing you with a well-rounded understanding and application of biblical principles to combat and conquer the powers that seek to control your life.

    Don’t allow controlling powers to hold you back any longer. Take a stand, rise above your circumstances, and experience the victory that is rightfully yours. Order “Breaking Controlling Powers: Victory over Spiritual Attacks” today and equip yourself with the knowledge, insight, and spiritual power to overcome every obstacle in your path. Break free, reclaim your authority, and live a life marked by triumph!


    Roberts Liardon

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  • Comment Méditer la Parole de Dieu.

    Découvrez un trésor spirituel extraordinaire avec notre nouveau livre : “Comment Méditer la Parole de Dieu”. Basé sur la sagesse biblique intemporelle, ce guide pratique vous aidera à cultiver une relation profonde avec Dieu à travers la méditation de Sa Parole.

    La méditation de la Parole est bien plus qu’une simple activité spirituelle. C’est une clé puissante qui ouvre les portes de la présence divine dans votre vie. En méditant sur les vérités sacrées, vous attirez inéluctablement la présence de Dieu autour de vous, ainsi que Sa faveur abondante. Imaginez-vous marcher main dans la main avec le Créateur, vous imprégnant de Sa sagesse et de Sa paix à chaque instant.

    Ce livre vous enseignera à profiter de tous les moments creux de la journée pour vous plonger dans la méditation de la Parole. Que ce soit pendant votre trajet quotidien, lors d’une pause-café ou avant de vous endormir, chaque moment peut devenir une occasion de rencontre profonde avec Dieu. Et ne sous-estimez pas le pouvoir de ces instants ! Certains jours, vous toucherez le jackpot spirituel, vous sentant transporté dans les profondeurs des vérités divines. D’autres jours, vous ferez simplement un petit pas de plus dans la connaissance de Dieu, et cela sera tout aussi précieux.

    Rappelez-vous, l’essentiel est de persévérer. La méditation de la Parole est une discipline qui porte des fruits avec le temps. En pratiquant régulièrement, vous renforcerez votre relation avec Dieu et vous développerez une compréhension profonde de Sa volonté pour votre vie. Chaque pas en avant compte, même les plus petits, car ils vous rapprochent de la vérité et de la plénitude que Dieu a préparées pour vous.

    Ne manquez pas cette occasion de transformer votre quotidien en une aventure spirituelle. “Comment Méditer la Parole de Dieu” vous accompagnera pas à pas dans ce voyage fascinant. Alors, préparez-vous à découvrir la richesse infinie de la Parole divine et à recevoir la bénédiction incommensurable qui en découle.


    Victoire Lufuluabu KALALA

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  • Conquering An Enemy Called Average

    52 “Nuggests of Truth” That Will Put Mediocrity and Unfulfilled Dreams Where They Belong Out Of Your Life !

    Are you tired of blending in and settling for a mediocre life? Deep within every person lies a burning desire to embrace their true purpose and live an extraordinary life. You were created for greatness, and it’s time to break free from the chains of average!

    No matter where you find yourself today, whether you have achieved remarkable success or are still striving for it, take heart – God has so much more in store for you! “Conquering An Enemy Called Average” is a remarkable book that will revolutionize your thinking and propel you towards a life of significance.

    Divided into 52 powerful nuggets of truth, this book is a divine wellspring of wisdom, scriptural motivation, and practical principles that will ignite the fire within you. No longer will you need to search for that one valuable idea buried deep within ten pages. Instead, each page bursts with ten life-transforming ideas that will propel you towards greatness!

    Imagine the possibilities! Your problems are not setbacks but stepping stones to your promotion. Leave behind worry, which is nothing but interest paid in advance on something you may never even own. With unwavering faith, you can move mountains, armed with the tools and guidance found within this empowering book.

    Remember, you are not meant to be a mere copy of others. You were born an original, and it’s time to embrace your uniqueness. Ideas may come and go, but the right direction will always stay. Every single day, take a moment to gaze upon the magnitude of God and be reminded of the immense power at your disposal.

    It’s time to rise above the ordinary, conquer your fears, and break free from the clutches of average. “Conquering An Enemy Called Average” will be your guide, your source of inspiration, and your roadmap to a life of purpose and fulfillment. Order your copy today and unlock the extraordinary life that awaits you!

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    This book is a compilation of all Dr David Oyedepo’s books on CONSECRATION in one volume. The purpose is to preserve his works for future referencing and make them spiritual treasure to the body of Christ, both in the now and to the generations yet unborn.

    These library volumes are classified under the 12 Pillars of the commission and are spread across her 3-core mandate.

    Books in this volume

    • The blood triumph
    • Emergence of the glorious church
    • Conquering controlling powers
    • Shower of blessing
    • Dynamics of holiness
    • Walking in the newness of life


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  • Creating A New Beginning

    Obviously, nobody likes to fail. Yet, at one stage or the other in life, we all have experienced failure. Bishop David Abioye sets in this book to drive home the fact that failure is not stranger, it is common to all, but what you do with failure is what determines your outcome. He says, “You aare not a failure just because you failed, you can always create a new beginning for yourself”

    If you have failed so many times that you have resigned to fate, this book is what you need to process your failure into sucess.

    David Olatunji Abioye – SHILOH

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    Nancy Alcorn, President and Founder of Mercy Ministries of America, an international ministry that particularly cares for girls in distress, devoted the first nine years of her career to juvenile delinquents and then to abused children. It was then that she realized the inability of these state programs to produce real change in the lives of these people.

    This expanded and updated edition, written in 2021, details the growth and change in Mercy’s scope over the past eight years. In the pages that follow, you will read an account of the incredible multiplication and impact of the ministry’s work from humble beginnings to an expansion that spans the globe. In 2015, following this tremendous growth, the Mercy Board of Directors unanimously decided to change the official name from Mercy Ministries to Mercy Multiplied.

    You will read the details of this name change in Chapter 13. In order to provide continuity and consistency to the reader, we have edited all references to Mercy Ministries to read Multiplied Mercy, recognizing, however, that the name has only changed in 2015.

    Read free extracts from the book “ECHOES OF MERCY”.

    5.000 CFA
  • Encountering God’s word

    Beginning Biblical Studies

    Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey through the sacred pages of the Bible? Discover the true essence of “Encountering God’s Word,” a compelling book designed to guide you through the profound experience of studying Scripture and living out its timeless teachings. Drawing upon the wisdom found within the biblical text, this remarkable collection offers an unparalleled understanding of the Word, tailored to meet the needs of both academic and evangelical audiences.

    Studying the Bible goes beyond the boundaries of traditional settings. Whether you find yourself within the hallowed halls of academia, engaging in spirited discussions during church services, or sharing profound insights within your house group, “Encountering God’s Word” recognizes the shared goal of all Christian readers: to grasp and embrace the rich meaning of the text, empowering you to live a life that reflects its profound truths.

    In the pursuit of biblical knowledge, formal courses in universities and theological colleges present unique challenges and opportunities. While delving deep into the academic realm, students are exposed to a wealth of information and diverse opinions that may seem inconsequential to the average Bible reader. However, these intellectual exercises are vital in shaping a comprehensive understanding of the Scriptures. “Encountering God’s Word” equips you with the necessary tools to navigate this intellectual terrain, empowering you to evaluate differing perspectives while holding steadfast to your core beliefs.

    Moreover, as a Christian, you may encounter worldviews that diverge from your fundamental convictions. The questions that arise within your own presuppositions about the Bible’s nature and content can be daunting. Fear not, for “Encountering God’s Word” embraces the challenges head-on, providing invaluable insights to help you navigate these complex waters. Evangelicals will find solace in encountering various Christian perspectives, gaining the intellectual and spiritual fortitude to address the toughest questions with confidence.

    With the needs of evangelical students at the forefront, this groundbreaking collection acts as a guiding light through the labyrinth of biblical academia. It seamlessly complements standard texts and lecture courses, offering accessible and up-to-date surveys of key issues. Delve into essays crafted by esteemed scholars, each meticulously designed to orient you to essential topics while providing practical advice to enhance your spiritual growth.

    Unlock the profound treasures of the Bible as you embark on a transformative journey with “Encountering God’s Word.” Immerse yourself in its pages, and witness the power of biblical wisdom as it permeates your life, enriching your understanding of God’s eternal message. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and forever changed.

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  • Entering The Presence Of God

    Are you longing for a deeper connection with the Almighty? Do you desire to hear His voice speaking directly to your heart? If so, then “Entering The Presence Of God” is the book that will lead you on an exhilarating journey of spiritual discovery.

    Renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince unveils the path to victorious intimacy with God. If you’ve ever struggled to measure up to a standard of goodness or felt trapped in a cycle of striving without progress, then this book holds great news for you. Discover the joy and fulfillment that come from entering into the very presence of God.

    Within the pages of this powerful book, Derek Prince guides you towards experiencing the spiritual, physical, and emotional blessings that flow from true worship. You will learn the secrets to:

    • Entering His rest: Find true peace and freedom as you release the burdens that weigh you down and embrace the rest that only God can provide.
    • Fellowshipping with God: Discover the profound joy of communing with the Creator in an intimate and personal way, experiencing His love and guidance.
    • Revelation from God: Open your spiritual senses to receive divine insights, understanding, and direction that will transform your life.
    • What to do while praying: Learn effective strategies for engaging in prayer that go beyond mere words, enabling you to connect with God on a deeper level.
    • God’s way to greatness: Uncover the path to true greatness, as defined by God’s standards, and experience the fulfillment of living a purpose-driven life.
    • Spiritual warfare: Equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding necessary to overcome the forces of darkness and walk victoriously in the spiritual realm.

    But that’s not all. Derek Prince also reveals how you can break free from the bondage of guilt and sin, and experience a level of inner peace and joy that surpasses anything the world can offer. Through his profound teachings, you will discover the transformative power of God’s love and forgiveness.

    Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. “Entering The Presence Of God” is not just a book—it is a life-changing encounter with the Divine. Order your copy today and embark on a journey that will revolutionize your relationship with God. Experience the thrill of hearing His voice, and step into a realm of spiritual fulfillment that nothing else can replicate. Your divine destiny awaits!


    Derek Prince

    9.999 CFA
  • Exploring The Riches Of Redemption

    Understanding your redemptive rights and privileges is the master key to freedoom and life of fulfillment, says Dr. David Oyedepo.

    This book is therefore written to make you see the benefits loaded in your redemption. According to Dr.. David Oyedepo, your salvation is not just an escape route to heaven. On the contrary, an in depth understanding of your new status in Christ is required to reflect the heavenly life here one earth.

    In this book, you will discover that:
    – You are not born again to suffer again; you are born again to reign again.
    – Redemption is comprehensive insurance for a life of dignity.
    – Through Christ you can once again live supernaturally on the earth.

    The world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God that is, those who through an understanding of their divine heritage in Christ can operate like God on earth. That’s you! So, grab this book and enjoy your riches in redemption!


    8.500 CFA
  • Glasses And Mirrors Of The Bible

    See things as God sees.

    The Bible compares the Word of God to a mirror in which the Christian looks at himself. However, every mirror speaks. Imagine a life without a mirror. Many will come out of their homes with half-combed hair, poorly worn pants, unwashed faces, etc. Generally speaking, it has been shown to be difficult for men and especially women to live without a mirror or glance in the mirror. If we naturally understand the importance of the mirror, it is important for us to also remember the importance for man to always look into the perfect law of God, into his living and transforming Word.

    You who read this thought, be encouraged every day to always look in the mirror of God, his word, in order to see yourself as he sees you, to see them as God sees and to do what he asks you to do. God bless you !


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  • God Covenant

    Experience a transformative journey through the timeless wisdom of the Bible with “God Covenant” by Jen Wilkin. In this captivating Genesis Bible study, embark on a remarkable exploration of chapters 12-50, delving into the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph—foundational figures in the faith we hold dear.

    With this all-encompassing Bible study kit for women, Jen Wilkin guides you through 10 engaging sessions that will unveil the divine orchestration behind every event, revealing how God’s glory intertwines with the well-being of His people. Witness the unchanging nature of our God of creation and covenant, a steadfast presence yesterday, today, and forever.

    Within “God Covenant,” you will discover more than just a book. Additionally, it offers downloadable resources designed to aid leaders in facilitating group discussions, making it perfect for both church-based and community Bible studies. Complementing the comprehensive kit is a women’s Bible study book, meticulously crafted to support your personal growth.

    Jen Wilkin, a trusted voice in Christian teachings, accompanies you every step of the way. Her written insights, combined with the immersive video teachings, provide a holistic approach to understanding the Bible. Through her guidance, you will unravel profound truths, illuminating the presence of Jesus in the narratives of His people.

    Unlock the boundless wisdom and grace contained within the pages of “God Covenant.” Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and transformed as you embark on a spiritual expedition, deepening your connection to the unfailing love and unwavering promises of our God.

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    Jen Wilkin

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