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  • Blessed Beyond Measure

    Many people have an incorrect concept of God as an angry taskmaster, which hinders them from coming to Him and receiving what Jesus died to purchase for them. Because God is actually full of love, He offers each person salvation, healing, deliverance, peace, and every other good thing listed in His Word. In BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE, Gloria Copeland shows readers how to embrace God’s goodness and learn to trust Him with every area of their lives. She confirms, “Only by placing our lives in His hands can we open the way for Him to save us, and bless us, and work through us,” generating lives of faith, hope, and confidence.

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  • Breaking Financial Harship

    The earth is buming like an oven. World economies are quaking under long-drawn forms of depression. There’s a rave financial hardship, hunger, lndeb te dne ss and disappointments amongst people of ail races, backgrounds, classes and orientations. Meanwhile, in the midst of ail theses, the believer has a promise of exemption in the covenant of financial prosperity. The covenant is God’s hammerfor breaking financial hardship. Drawing from his depth of validated insights into kingdom wealth, Dr David Oyedepo cautions that financial fortune in the Kingdom doesn’t answerto prayer, neitherdoes it have respect, forfasting; it only answers to qualitative covenant practices.

    An in-depth but simple scripture-based guide to financial security, this book will open you to truths that when applied, will relocate you from financial mediocrityto financial sufficiency


    Financial hardship is a common feature of life that many can identify with. Families, homes, business establishments, students, and various other categories of people, can tell you about it. They’ve been there! In this book, from Dr David Oyedepo, you will come to the understanding that, though financial hardship is for real, God has concluded all plans to exempt those who fear His name, those who will obey and serve Him. This book tells you all about it.

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  • From Poverty to Power: The Realization of Prosperity and Peace

    “I looked around upon the world, and saw that it was shadowed by sorrow and scorched by the fierce fires of suffering. And I looked for the cause. I looked around, but could not find it; I looked in books, but could not find it; I looked within, and found there both the cause and the self-made nature of that cause. I looked again, and deeper, and found the remedy. I found one Law, the Law of Love; one Life, the Life of adjustment to that Law; one Truth, the truth of a conquered mind and a quiet and obedient heart. And I dreamed of writing a book which should help men and women, whether rich or poor, learned or unlearned, worldly or unworldly, to find within themselves the source of all success, all happiness, all accomplishment, all truth. And the dream remained with me, and at last became substantial; and now I send it forth into the world on its mission of healing and blessedness, knowing that it cannot fail to reach the homes and hearts of those who are waiting and ready to receive it.”

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  • God’s Will Is Prosperity

    The Word of God testifies to God’s desire to show His goodness and benevolence by pouring out His prosperity and abundance upon mankind. From the beginning, His people, when they obeyed His Word, experienced financial prosperity.

    If you are a believer, you have a covenant with God that entitles you to prosperity. Jesus overcame the curse of poverty just as He overcame sin, and the whole curse. Build your faith about prosperity on truths such as:

    – the scriptural basis for prosperity

    – how to receive from God

    – the importance of your words

    – the work of angels to accomplish God’s will for your life.

    Discover that Prosperity is God’s Will.

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  • Living Abundantly Through God’s Blessing

    From the pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle and best-selling author of Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, and Fresh Faith, comes a beautiful gift book filled with dramatic stories of ordinary people who experience the limitless resources and blessings from God. Share their elation as God delivers on his promises to provide for every believer.

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  • Makarios Library 51-100

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    Makarios Library 51-100 contains:

    1. Spiritual Dangers
    2. Blood Power
    3. How to be born again and avoid hell
    4. Read your Bible, pray everyday if you want to grow
    5. How you can be become a strong Christian
    6. How you can have an effective quiet time with God every day
    7. Backslinding: Develop your staying power
    8. Daughter you can make it
    9. The time & Your ministry
    10. Know your invible enemies
    11. Make yourselves saviours of men
    12. Everyday by prayer, nothing without prayer
    13. The determinants
    14. Attemp great things for God
    15. Can’t you do just a little be more?
    16. Seven great principles (2nd Edition)
    17. Steps to God’s Presence
    18. The double mega missionary church
    19. Labour to be blessed…labour not to be rich
    20. Those who honour you
    21. The anointing and the presence
    22. Faith secrets
    23. Flow in the anointing
    24. Flow prayer book
    25. Judgment and Justice
    26. Fruitfulness
    27. One thousand Micro churches
    28. Why few are chosen
    29. Lord know you need somebody
    30. The privilege
    31. The gift of governments “A Bishop’s coverning handbook”
    32. Wisdom is the principal thing for your ministry
    33. Predestination
    34. Ministerial Barrenness
    35. If you love the Lord
    36. Ready @ 20
    37. Enlargement secret
    38. Am i goog for nothing?
    39. Be thou faithful unto Death
    40. Going deeper and doing more
    41. Tasters and partakers…
    42. Weeping and Gnashing
    43. Not a novice
    44. Stir it up
    45. Seeing and hearing
    46. The church must send or it will end
    47. The word of my patience
    48. Those who are offended
    49. Etc…



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  • Prayer: Your Foundation for Success

    Are you desiring to develop a deeper prayer life? God created you to have a relationship with Him. Fellowshipping with God on a personal level gives birth to a deep, strong faith and trust in His ability to work in your life. When you pray, you will discover that God is faithful! Prayer was never designed to work by trial and error, but was intended to be the blueprint for success in every area of your life. In this insightful and practical book, Kenneth Copeland reveals vital keys to having an effective prayer life. By understanding these principles, you will be able to take hold of the life of peace and success that God intended. You will also get answers to common questions asked about prayer: -What is fasting? -What is intercessory prayer? -What are hindrances to prayer? -And many more! Experience a life of peace and joy through a closer relationship with God as you discover Prayer Your Foundation for Success!

    7.250 CFA
  • Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits

    The bestselling author of non-fiction and fiction books and film, leader of a congregation of 30,000 members and a business empire, Bishop T.D. Jakes continues to teach and demonstrate ways to lead a prosperous and balanced life based on faith.

    Reposition Yourself teaches spiritual principles of prosperity and success. Bishop T.D. Jakes explains from a Christian point of view how to re-evaluate and reconstruct your attitudes about giving, sharing, and reaping the rewards of life – financial and otherwise. He encourages readers to give themselves permission to succeed, give in a spirit of love, practice the discipline to observe the principle of divine portion, and so much more that will lead to prosperity and fulfilment.

    Grounded solidly in Biblical teachings, RepositionYourself shows readers themselves – their character and their circumstances – a way to apply the lessons of scripture in everyday professional and personal life.

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  • The hidden covenants of blessings

    You may have been wondering why things are not the way they should be with you. Well, it might well be that you’re been despising some hidden covenants. In his usual dynamic, matter-of-fact style, Dr David Oyedepo, in tis very revealing book, brings you have to face with some hard  truths: ” God is never at fault or to blame when things are not working in our lives… we have a responsibility to locate what is wrong in our lives and put them right. Then things will become right.”

    ” The hidden covenants of blessings- are the minutest details that…you cannot neglect.” This book will definitely bring about remarkable changes in your life.

    7.500 CFA
  • Understanding Financial Prosperity

    Many people languish in poverty. Wishing to become one day, or having relations to get out of it. But Dr. Oyedepo vehemently certifies in this book that: “The question of luck or chance in the kingdom of God. Light is what makes all the difference, for we are all of equal destiny”.

    It is to this light that the apostle of prosperity exposes you here. This book is the result of decades of research and practice on prosperity by a man who rocks:

    “I am not a prosperity preacher, I am a prophet. God spoke clearly to me on a missionary trip to America in these words, Go home and make my people rich!”

    That’s why what I teach has nothing to do with an ordinary prosperity theme. These are heavenly powers imparted to you, to make you a celebrity on earth.

    Why? Because I am sent! I have seen God at work in the prosperity field since this mandate, and that is why he sent me: to make a change in the destiny of men.

    I am sent, not only to teach it, but also to show it so that when you hear what God says through me and comply with it. You see free. Because: “By a prophet the Eternal brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet he was preserved”. God is ready to have your destiny preserved”.

    Be ready for a flight into the world of untold wealth!

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  • Walking in the Miraculous

    Miracles are no accidents, they are the deliberate acts of God, motivated by the desperate faith of men!”

    The world in which we live is in dire need of miracles. Many incurable diseases have surfaced, traceable to the oppressive hold of Satan. There is also an increase in hardships of various sorts. By virtue of our new status in Christ, however, we have been exempted, and have also been endowed with the wherewithal to stop the devil from continuing his ministry of oppression!

    The whole creation is groaning in pains, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God.  Thank God these sons are here and you are one of them, if you are born again. This is your time of manifestation!

    8.500 CFA