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  • Audio Book: The Twelve Pillars- Vision


    In this world of darkness, divine guidance becomes one of our greatest assets. In this teaching series, Dr David Oyedepo unvells divine guidance as the gateway to a world of all-round breakthroughs. He says “when Go leads, he makes and keeps whom he leads”. Therefore, our making is in his leadings.

    Our understanding is inadequate to guide our steps into the future God has in stock for us. Again, we serve a God of times and seasons; and divine guidance is what positions us into.

    David Oyedepo

    5.000 CFA
  • Be the Best Rising Beyond Mediocrity

    In life, we are all invited to partake in the abundance of blessings that surround us, but oftentimes we lack the keys to unlock the door to that treasure house. In “Be the Best: Rising Beyond Mediocrity”, you will find the keys that will enable you to unlock your full potential and discover the greatness within you.

    Author Matthew Ashimolowo presents nine important keys that will help you tap into your untapped abilities and rise beyond mediocrity. By managing your time effectively, defining your destination, finding your financial freedom, discovering the power of a transformed mind, strategizing for success, and knowing that no guts, no glory, you will have the tools necessary to overcome any obstacle and achieve the success you desire.

    Based on biblical wisdom, this book offers a practical guide to unlocking your full potential and living a life of abundance. You will learn how to apply the principles of success to every area of your life and discover the greatness within you that has been waiting to be unleashed.

    Don’t settle for a life of mediocrity. Order your copy of “Be the Best: Rising Beyond Mediocrity” today and discover the keys to unlocking your full potential and living a life of success and abundance. With these keys, you will have the power to unlock the door to the treasure house of life and take as much as you want.

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  • Conquering An Enemy Called Average

    52 “Nuggests of Truth” That Will Put Mediocrity and Unfulfilled Dreams Where They Belong Out Of Your Life !

    Are you tired of blending in and settling for a mediocre life? Deep within every person lies a burning desire to embrace their true purpose and live an extraordinary life. You were created for greatness, and it’s time to break free from the chains of average!

    No matter where you find yourself today, whether you have achieved remarkable success or are still striving for it, take heart – God has so much more in store for you! “Conquering An Enemy Called Average” is a remarkable book that will revolutionize your thinking and propel you towards a life of significance.

    Divided into 52 powerful nuggets of truth, this book is a divine wellspring of wisdom, scriptural motivation, and practical principles that will ignite the fire within you. No longer will you need to search for that one valuable idea buried deep within ten pages. Instead, each page bursts with ten life-transforming ideas that will propel you towards greatness!

    Imagine the possibilities! Your problems are not setbacks but stepping stones to your promotion. Leave behind worry, which is nothing but interest paid in advance on something you may never even own. With unwavering faith, you can move mountains, armed with the tools and guidance found within this empowering book.

    Remember, you are not meant to be a mere copy of others. You were born an original, and it’s time to embrace your uniqueness. Ideas may come and go, but the right direction will always stay. Every single day, take a moment to gaze upon the magnitude of God and be reminded of the immense power at your disposal.

    It’s time to rise above the ordinary, conquer your fears, and break free from the clutches of average. “Conquering An Enemy Called Average” will be your guide, your source of inspiration, and your roadmap to a life of purpose and fulfillment. Order your copy today and unlock the extraordinary life that awaits you!

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  • Creation Without Compromise

    Discover an eye-opening and accessible exploration of the Christian worldview’s response to the relentless challenges posed by evolution. In “Creation Without Compromise,” we delve into the historical assault on the Word of God and the troubling compromises made by the church in relation to the Book of Genesis.

    This book offers a profound understanding of the battle of worldviews that lies at the heart of the creation-evolution debate. It reveals the catastrophic consequences of not anchoring our thoughts and beliefs solely on the Bible and provides essential guidance to avoid falling into the same pitfalls that have plagued us throughout history.

    Furthermore, “Creation Without Compromise” sheds light on the pernicious effects of evolution on society, culminating in the horrific realities of Nazi eugenics and the Holocaust. This powerful examination demonstrates that the tactics employed by opponents of God have remained unchanged throughout time, serving as a clarion call for the church to awaken to the challenges we face in the present era.

    Through engaging language and compelling arguments, this book serves as a much-needed wake-up call for the church. It strikes the perfect chord for this pivotal moment in history, equipping believers with the knowledge and conviction needed to navigate the battle for hearts and minds.

    Now is the time to reinforce your understanding of the biblical creation account and fortify your faith against the assaults of evolution. Order your copy of “Creation Without Compromise” today and embark on a transformative journey that will empower you to embrace a firm Christian worldview while standing strong in the face of challenges.

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  • Crushing god turns pressure into power

    Are you feeling lost in life’s darkest moments? Are you struggling to find hope in the face of adversity? Bishop T.D. Jakes understands your pain and wants to guide you on your journey towards growth and fulfillment. His uplifting stories and advice from his own faith journey will help you find your way.

    In Crushing, Bishop Jakes tackles age-old questions about suffering and injustice, and shares his own personal experiences of hardship and pain. Through his own struggles, he learned that difficult, crushing experiences are often the very things that prepare us for unexpected blessings.

    If you’re feeling lost and alone, trust in God and lean on Him during setbacks. Bishop Jakes will show you how to have faith and find hope, even in your most difficult moments. With God’s joy, comfort, and purpose, you’ll discover the strength to face any challenge.

    Don’t give up on your dreams. Follow God’s process for growth and find the hope and strength to overcome any obstacle with Crushing.


    TD Jakes

    23.250 CFA
  • Dream Small

    Are you tired of chasing big dreams that lead to frustration? Look to the Bible for true fulfillment and purpose. In it, we learn that our worth comes from knowing our Creator and contentment is found in understanding our purpose in life. With Jesus as our guide, we are freed from the world’s definition of success and can focus on what God deems important – serving others, investing in people, and living faithfully. Don’t let the size of your dreams hold you back – small actions can have a big impact and bring greater rewards than anything the world can offer. Discover the truth for yourself by reading more about the source text. Remember, it’s not the size of the dream, but the foundation it’s built on that truly matters.”


    LEWIS Seth

    11.000 CFA
  • Following God’s Plan For Your Life

    Are you feeling lost or uncertain about your purpose in life? Do you feel like you could be doing more to serve God and follow His plan for your life? Well, it’s time to shape up and get serious about your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

    Never before has it been so crucial for us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading. We are living in uncertain times, where the world is facing unprecedented challenges. But through it all, we can rely on the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit to lead us towards God’s plan for our lives.

    It’s time to break down the barriers that separate us and to be everything God wants us to be. We need to be united in our mission to serve God, regardless of our national, political, racial, social, or economic backgrounds. The Holy Spirit does not discriminate, and neither should we.

    So, let’s get serious about serving God and fulfilling our purpose in life. Let’s be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and follow God’s plan for our lives. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world and bring glory to His name.

    10.850 CFA
  • Fulfilling Your God Given Destiny

    Are you searching for answers to the profound question, “How can I know God’s plan for my life?” Look no further! In “Fulfilling Your God Given Destiny,” Pastor Casey Treat shares powerful insights rooted in biblical principles that have revolutionized his own journey. This captivating book is your compass to discovering the keys that unlock your unique destiny and guides you towards a life of purpose and fulfillment.

    Pastor Casey Treat, renowned for his transformative teachings, imparts timeless wisdom gained through personal experiences and scriptural truths. He unveils the secrets that will enable you to tap into the incredible potential that lies within you. From the pages of this inspiring masterpiece, you will learn how to identify your God-given destiny, take bold steps towards its fulfillment, and experience a level of fulfillment you never thought possible.

    “Fulfilling Your God Given Destiny” provides a roadmap to align your life with God’s plan. By embracing these proven principles, you will overcome obstacles, break free from limitations, and unleash your true potential. Pastor Casey Treat’s heartfelt desire is to see individuals like you fully committed to embracing and pursuing their divine calling.

    This exceptional book offers you the tools and guidance necessary to ignite a powerful transformation in your life. Discover how to unlock the hidden treasures of your God-given destiny, align your thoughts and actions with His purpose, and experience a life filled with joy, abundance, and significance.

    Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey as you delve into the profound pages of “Fulfilling Your God Given Destiny.” Let this book become your trusted companion as you navigate the path towards unlocking the abundant life that God has designed specifically for you.

    Don’t let uncertainty hold you back any longer. Embrace the invitation to uncover your divine destiny. Your life will never be the same again!

    Get your copy of “Fulfilling Your God Given Destiny” today and start walking confidently towards a future filled with purpose, fulfillment, and the manifestation of God’s extraordinary plan for your life.


    Casey Treat

    12.999 CFA
  • God’s Master Plan for Your Life Ten Keys to Fulfulling Your Destiny

    The inspiring New York Times bestseller from the beloved minister and television co-host of Believer’s Voice of Victory.

    Gloria Copeland delivers the Word of God to millions through her daily and Sunday Believer’s Voice of Victory television broadcast and now through her New York Times bestseller, God’s Master Plan for Your Life. With inspiring personal testimony, miraculous Biblical examples, and a clearly defined plan of action, Gloria guides readers to finding and embracing God’s glorious will for their lives. By following the ten keys to opening the door to God, anyone-no matter his or her age, background, past sins, or current circumstances- can live a Godly life. For all who follow His shining path, God will deliver them from sickness, trouble, poverty, and distress-and fill their lives with abundant goodness. God has a plan for all of us- all we have to do is pick up the keys to access his kingdom.

    7.999 CFA
  • How To Fufill Your Divine Destinity

    Unlock your divine destiny and fulfill God’s plan for your life with How to Fulfill Your Divine Destiny by Rev. Kenneth W. Hagin. This life-changing book reveals the foundational principles that every Christian needs to understand in order to discover and fulfill their God-given destiny.

    Through powerful teaching drawn from Rev. Hagin’s best-selling minibooks, you’ll discover how to overcome the obstacles that may be holding you back from fulfilling your divine destiny. You’ll learn how to leave the past behind and move forward with God, reclaim what the enemy has stolen from you, and use your faith to possess everything that God has promised.

    Don’t settle for a life of mediocrity or unfulfilled potential. With How to Fulfill Your Divine Destiny, you can discover your unique purpose and unlock the blessings that God has in store for you. Order your copy today and start living the life you were meant to live!

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  • Know your enemy

    When trouble arises, the most natural thing to do is place the blame on someone or something. Sadly, the No. 1 deception in the Church today is that problems, trials and temptations are sent by God to teach us. Many Christians have been falsely accusing God of being the cause of their troubles. Unveil the truth! Discover scriptural evidence that will-once and for all- reveal the true source of your trouble and enable you to Know Your Enemy!

    6.525 CFA
  • Leading With A Limp

    Welcome to a new approach to leadership! Rather than trying to hide your flaws and weaknesses, why not embrace them and use them to your advantage? The most effective leaders don’t come to power in spite of their shortcomings, but because of them.

    At the heart of this approach is the idea that authenticity and vulnerability are powerful assets in leadership. By being open about your weaknesses, you can inspire others to follow you and create a culture of trust and transparency within your organization.

    God favors leaders who are willing to take risks and embrace the chaos and complexity of leadership. Imperfect leaders succeed because they are not afraid of failure and are willing to take their organizations from what is to what should be.

    If you’re a leader or someone who has been hesitant to step into a leadership role, this is your chance to embrace your flaws and lead with confidence. By putting your defective foot forward, you can tap into a deeper well of strength and fulfill your destiny as a leader.

    Don’t wait any longer to start leading with authenticity and vulnerability. Take advantage of your flaws and become the kind of leader that God favors. Your organization and those around you will thank you for it.

    14.850 CFA
  • Manifesting Blessing of God

    How to Receive Every Promise and Provision that Heaven has Made Available

    Are you longing to witness the transformation of invisible promises into visible blessings in your life? If you’ve been fervently praying for miracles and breakthroughs, yet still awaiting their manifestation, it’s time to discover the key to receiving answers from Heaven.

    In “Manifesting Blessings of God,” Steven Brooks, a bestselling author and prophetic teacher, brings forth an enlightening revelation that will revolutionize your understanding of living victoriously in the Kingdom of God. While many Christians are well-versed in the concept of receiving God’s grace and entering His family through faith, they often lack practical, Bible-based strategies for experiencing abundant living in His Kingdom.

    Steven Brooks unveils the truth about our inheritance in the Kingdom, offering profound insights and miraculous stories that will captivate your heart and ignite your faith. As you journey through the pages of this transformative book, you will gain a powerful glimpse of every blessing and inheritance that has been made available to you.

    Prepare to be astonished as Steven Brooks shares profound truths and illuminates the path to living a life overflowing with God’s abundant provisions. With his unique blend of biblical wisdom and personal experiences, he will guide you towards a deeper understanding of how to approach God in prayer and receive every promise He has made available.

    It’s time to break free from the limitations that have hindered the manifestation of God’s blessings in your life. By embracing the teachings and revelations found within “Manifesting Blessings of God,” you will unlock the door to a life filled with supernatural provision, divine favor, and miraculous breakthroughs.

    Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to tap into the limitless blessings and inheritance that await you. Order your copy of “Manifesting Blessings of God” today and embark on a journey towards a life of abundance, where invisible promises transform into tangible blessings. Get ready to experience the fullness of God’s love and provision like never before!


    Steven Brooks

    12.999 CFA
  • Manifesting Your Destiny

    There is a place in prophecy allocated for each and every one of us. And your fulfillment and your relevance in life is tied to not only your discovery but your arrival. There is a condition there is a place where you must arrive to be able to find the joy and the fulfillment of living. It is called destiny. The second definition of destiny is the place where your assignment finds full expression. Your destiny represents the place where you can say experientially that I am living the reason for which I am born, I am making impact. Another definition of destiny is the place of notable and consistent impact. No longer the place of desire no longer the place of ambitions. That you have gotten to a place where your impact is notable. Your impact is significant. The last definition of the word destiny. Destiny also represents a place where you have earned the right to transform lives and to watch those lives transform others. Not just that you are transforming lives. You are fulfilling destiny to the extent to which you have earn the right to transform life. And you have the privileged in your life time of watching those life you have transform, transform others.Read This Book and Be Blessed

    8.900 CFA
  • Maximise Destiny

    Predestination is an act of God but the actualization of it is the responsibility of man. God paid a great price to make something uniquely outstanding out of your life.

    As the salt of the earth, you are by destiny designed to give taste to the earth and preserve the world system from decadence.

    In this masterpiece, you will discover that:
    – The prophetic agenda for the end time guarantees that you make a mark in your field of endeavour.
    – We live in a dreamer’s world and only those with dreams will ever make a mark.
    – It is your covenant birthright to leave footprints in the sands of time.
    This book unfolds the vital keys that will help you maximize your glorious destiny in life.


    8.500 CFA
  • Nigerian God’s Generals

    The Bible teaches us to honor and learn from those who have gone before us, especially those who have been used by God to make a significant impact in the world. “Nigerian God’s Generals” is a book that chronicles the lives and ministries of eight powerful ministers in Africa who have shaped the course of Christianity in Nigeria and beyond.

    Written by Linus Edeigba, this book is a compelling collection of life stories that will ignite the fires of revival in your heart. Through the pages of “Nigerian God’s Generals”, you will discover how these men were born, how they lived their lives, and the teachings and spiritual discoveries that made them powerful ministers of the Gospel.

    This book is a powerful resource for anyone who wants to learn from the experiences of those who have gone before them. It reveals how these Nigerian God’s Generals dynamically demonstrated the power of the Holy Spirit and how they impacted the lives of countless people through their ministry.

    From Ajayi Crowder to Benson Idahosa and others, this book shares the notable deeds and lessons we can learn from these men of God. “Nigerian God’s Generals” is a must-read for anyone who desires to be inspired, encouraged and empowered in their walk with God. Order your copy today and discover the secrets to a life of impact and purpose.

    Linus Edeigba

    8.490 CFA
  • Supernatural Destiny

    Answering God’s Call On Your Life

    Discover the extraordinary true story that will ignite your faith and propel you towards your divine purpose. “Supernatural Destiny” chronicles the remarkable journey of Don Nori, a man whose life was forever transformed by a deeply personal encounter with God.

    Through vividly recounted experiences, Nori takes you on a rollercoaster ride of faith, leading you through the darkest struggles and emerging on the other side as a loving husband, a respected father, and a tremendously successful businessman. His destiny was intricately woven by the hands of God, and now he shares his insights and wisdom with you.

    “Supernatural Destiny” unveils the keys to living a victorious life, anchored by God’s vision in every fiber of your being – body, mind, and spirit. Nori’s personal journey exemplifies the indomitable spirit of a man whose grandfathers ventured from Italy with nothing but hope for a better life. With God as his guide, he defied all odds and shattered limitations, proving that with Him, all things are possible.

    Sid Roth, renowned for his profound understanding of the supernatural, declares, “Loving God, hearing His voice, and persevering through every demonic obstacle is the purpose of life.” As you immerse yourself in the pages of “Supernatural Destiny” by Don Nori, Sr., you will be drenched in the same supernatural anointing that propelled him to fulfill his divine calling. Prepare to witness the transforming power of God splash upon your life.

    Elevate your faith, overcome obstacles, and embrace the destiny that awaits you. Order your copy of “Supernatural Destiny” today and embark on a journey of unparalleled inspiration. Let the wisdom and experiences shared in this remarkable book ignite your own supernatural destiny. With God by your side, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

    Don Nori Sr

    11.999 CFA
  • The Principles and Power of Vision Keys to Achieving Personal and Corporate Destiny

    Whether you are a businessperson, a departmental manager, an employee, a homemaker, a student, or a head of state, author Myles Munroe explains how you can make your dreams and hopes a living reality.
    Through The Principles and Power of Vision, you will…

    • Discover your purpose in life.
    • Understand why vision is essential to your success.
    • Grasp the necessary keys for fulfilling your life’s dream.
    • Develop a specific plan for achieving your vision.
    • Overcome obstacles to your vision.

    Your success is not dependent on the state of the economy, what careers are currently in demand, or what the job market is like. You do not need to be hindered by what people think you are capable of or a lack of resources. This book provides you with time-tested principles that will enable you to fulfill your vision no matter who you are or where you come from.
    You were not meant for a mundane or mediocre life. You do not exist just to earn a paycheck. Revive your passion for living. Pursue your dream. Discover your vision—and find your true life.

    15.000 CFA
  • The Three Most Important Things: In Life and Destiny

    Not everything in your life produces the same effect as far as your destiny is concerned. God gave us 24hours and it’s full of several activities that can move us towards destiny but not all of them move us at the same level and not all of them carry the same gravity. It is very important we understand this. I think one of the wrong perceptions that our generation has is that we allocate equal time, equal priority and equal interest to everything and anything. Your time for play is equal to your of prayer. Your time of gisting is equal to your time of personal development. There must be a system of prioritizing your life and I want to show you the three most important things in a man’s life in my opinion and supported by scripture. These three areas I want to show you today are worth dying for. Not everything is worth dying for. There are people who have died for nothing; there are people who have died the deaths of fool but it is important to know what is worth committing your energy, your time and your money. At the end of your life, there are only few things that will make your life count. Believe me when I tell you this. In the maze of several activities clamoring for your attention;the average young man is like a magnet attracting different things that need your attention in life and I have found out in my little experience and by the privilege of wisdom and mentorship and the word that in the end of your life, there are not more than four (4) or five (5) things that are worth living for. So, in our business;an attempt to make money, marry, serve God, grow ministries, expand, etc all of these things are important but a time must come in our life where we have to shut the door and ask ourselves “what is really important?” because many of us as I’ll be showing you, if you don’t know what is important you’ll major on the minors and minor on the majors. Read this book and be Blessed


    8.900 CFA
  • Triumphing Over the Four Major Attacks of the Evil One

    To reap The overabounding harvest

    Are you aware of the unseen battles that shape our Christian lives and influence our destinies? In a world governed by spiritual laws, we face daily attacks that can hinder our success. But fear not, for there is a solution. Introducing “Triumphing Over the Four Major Attacks of the Evil One,” a book that unveils the secrets to overcoming these adversities and living according to God’s divine plan.

    Drawing from the wisdom of the Bible, particularly Ephesians 6:12-13, this groundbreaking book sheds light on the true nature of our struggles: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, against authorities, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against evil spirits in heavenly places. Therefore, take all the armor of God so that you can resist in the evil day and stand firm after you have overcome everything.”

    So, where do these attacks originate? They stem from the very source of evil. How do they manifest? They take shape as relentless assaults on our faith. But don’t despair! This book not only uncovers the origin and manifestation of these attacks but also equips you with the tools and strategies to defeat them.

    Written by esteemed spiritual scholars and experts, “Triumphing Over the Four Major Attacks of the Evil One” delves deep into the spiritual realm, empowering you to conquer the forces that seek to derail your Christian journey. With this invaluable knowledge, you can fortify your defenses, resist temptation, and emerge victorious in the face of adversity.

    Discover the practical steps to spiritual victory, learn how to don the full armor of God, and gain insights into combating the principalities that threaten your divine destiny. With each turn of the page, you’ll uncover powerful principles and timeless truths that will inspire and transform your life.

    Don’t let the attacks of the evil one hinder your progress any longer. Equip yourself with the wisdom and knowledge found within the pages of this book. Break free from the chains that bind you, and step into a life of divine superabundance. Your triumph over adversity awaits.

    Order your copy of “Triumphing Over the Four Major Attacks of the Evil One” today and embark on a journey of spiritual victory that will shape your destiny for eternity.

    7.400 CFA