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  • Fundamentals of Evangelism

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    “The church must send or it will end!” This is a handy evaluation of evangelism. It contains clear steps to achieving fruitfulness through evangelism. Discover the biblical wisdom of winning souls. This manual is an invaluable guide on how to evangelize the world.

    Receive clear instruction on applying the keys of persistence and shamelessness in God’s work and find out how to break out of comfort zones in order to reach the lost! This manual presents an urgent call to evangelize the world!

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  • God’s Generals: The Missionaries volume 5 Hardcover

    They Served God to the Ends of the EarthIn his fifth God’s Generals volume, Roberts Liardon chronicles some of the great evangelists who risked their lives to take the gospel message to strange and unknown cultures around the world, including…

    • Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf–the Austrian nobleman whose passion for Christ ushered in the Moravian revival of the 1700s.
    • David Brainerd–the young American colonist who sacrificially reached out to Native Americans.
    • William Carey–the British shoemaker and Bible translator whose passion to reach India birthed a missionary revolution.
    • David Livingstone–the explorer who crossed the “unknown continent” and opened the heart of Africa to the gospel.
    • Adoniram Judson–the “Father of American Missions,” who endured tragedy to reach the people of Burma.
    • Hudson Taylor–the first missionary to use the phrase “Great Commission,” who pioneered the China Inland Mission, transforming millions of lives along the way.
    • Hiram Bingham–the first Protestant missionary, who spent twenty years serving Christ in what is now Hawaii.
    • Amy Carmichael–the selfless Irish missionary who dedicated her life to the forsaken children of India.
    • Jonathan Goforth–the passionate Canadian revivalist who brought salvation and healing to hundreds of thousands of Chinese people.

    The sacrifice and courage of these spiritual pioneers are sure to stoke the fires of your faith and revive within your heart a spirit of evangelism and compassion for the lost.

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  • How to be Born Again and Avoid Hell

    This book is an ultimate guide to understanding salvation through Jesus Christ. In this classic book, you will understand how much Jesus loves you, how you can be born again, how you can avoid going to hell and what it means to be a new creature in Christ Jesus. Give this book to anyone and they will understand what it means to be saved through the blood of Jesus Christ.

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  • How You Can Preach Salvation

    Did you know that the prophets of old, enquired about and searched out this great salvation that was to be revealed to us? They could not imagine how this salvation would come to men…but we are blessed to receive this salvation! We have received salvation because someone told us about it. In this riveting book, Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills leads us not only to understand our great salvation but also teaches us how to share this great salvation gospel with others. May each of us do the work of an evangelist!

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  • Makarios Library (English): 50 books of Bishop DAG Heward-Mills

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    Discover the Makarios Library which includes 50 books by Pastor Dag Heward-Mills.

    This pack includes:

    1. Transform your pastoral ministry
    2. The art of being a Shepherd
    3. What it means to be a Shepherd
    4. The art of following
    5. The Art of Hearing
    6. The laity and ministry
    7. The Art of Leadership
    8. A Good General
    9. How to Preach Salvation
    10. What it means to be as careful as a snake
    11. How to neutralize curses
    12. The power of blood
    13. The secrets of victory
    14. Many are called
    15. Tell them 120 reasons why you should be a soul winner
    16. Anagkazo binding power
    17. The others…
    18. Loyalty and disloyalty
    19. Those who accuse you
    20. Those who are proud
    21. Those who are dangerous sons
    22. Those who are ignorant
    23. Those who forget
    24. Those who leave you
    25. Those who pretend
    26. One of you is a demon
    27. Steps to anointing
    28. The sweet influences of the anointing
    29. Receiving the Anointing
    30. The Anointed and His Anointing
    31. Demons and how to deal with them
    32. Do you know your invisible enemies and defeat them
    33. For to him who has shall be given, and to him who has not shall be taken away even that which he has
    34. Why Christians who do not tithe become poor and how Christians who tithe can become rich
    35. How to be born again and avoid hell
    36. Read your Bible, pray every day…if you want to grow
    37. How you can become a strong Christian
    38. How to pray
    39. How you can have an effective time of worship with God every day
    40. Name it! claim it!! take it!!!
    41. Backsliding, building your endurance
    42. Forgiveness made easy
    43. Girl you can do it
    44. Spiritual Dangers
    45. The Model Marriage
    46. The beautiful, the beast and the pastor
    47. Rules for church work, Walk in a dignified manner
    48. Rules for full-time ministry
    49. Church Administration
    50. 100% Answered Prayer
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  • Make Yourselves Saviours of Men

    God desires that all men be saved! That is why He sent Jesus Christ to die for us. Jesus used His blood to pay for our sins. For us who have been saved, God is calling us to be saviours of men. We have been given the Great Commission.

    Jesus’ last words to us are to go into all the world and make disciples of all men! Will you heed the call? Yet another thought-provoking title in the classic evangelistic series by Dag Heward-Mills. It is certain to persuade every believer to fulfil his obligation towards sinners and become a saviour of men!

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  • Many Are Called

    God has called many people indeed. Our life on earth is an opportunity to serve Him, and God has His eye on the things you are doing for his Kingdom. This book makes a stimulating read. If you imbibe the truths conveyed by the author, you will receive wisdom to use the opportunities of your life in the right way.

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  • Others…

    The Bible admonishes us to: “look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others”(Phillippians 2:4). In this timely book, Dag Heward-Mills challenges you to go beyond thinking about yourself and think of others also! Love others also!

    Consider others also! Care about others also! Live for others also! Jesus came to die for us because He thought about “others”. I want to be more like Him. Do you want to be like Jesus?

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  • Seven Great Principles (2nd Edition)

    A principle is a revelation! A principle is something that allows you to develop!
    A principle is a deep understanding of how something works.

    This book contains a collection of principles, all of which relate to the great salvation that we have experienced in Christ!

    Delve deeper in your understanding of salvation as you uncover these seven great principles. As you do, God will place in your hand keys that will ensure your rising into higher levels in Him.

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  • Soulwinning out where the sinners are

    This book is a complete narrative of how T. L. Osborn’s life since childhood. From the time he received the Lord, to the time he was given the burden to evangelize the nations at the tender age of 15. “From my conversion as a youth, I wanted to be a soul-winner,” states the author T.L. Osborn. “I had a toy printing press so with scraps of paper, I printed out tracts. Little did I dream that in a few years we would be publishing tracts in over 100 languages — at the rate of more than a ton per working day to facilitate personal soulwinning world-wide. He started preaching at 15 was married at 18, was a missionary in India at 21. He lives by the principle that very few sinners will ever go to church so he must go out where the sinners are. World evangelism is his supreme task. Osborn’s crusades in Thailand in 1956 and Uganda in 1957 are said to have laid the foundations for substantial growth in Pentecostalism in those countries.

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  • Tell Them: 120 Reasons Why You Should Be a Soul Winner

    The fields are white and the harvest of souls is ripe, but where are the preachers? Dag Heward-Mills’ inspiring new book is an urgent call to Christians to become soul winners.

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