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  • 1 & 2 Timothy For You

    Discover the timeless wisdom of the apostle Paul in “Phillip Jensen’s Guide to 1 & 2 Timothy”. This insightful guide brings Paul’s teachings to life, showing how they are relevant and transformative for today’s believers. With decades of ministry experience, author Phillip Jensen leads readers on a journey through the pastoral letters of 1 and 2 Timothy, urging us to follow in Timothy’s footsteps by loving Christ and teaching the truth to future generations.

    This engaging and accessible guide is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the gospel. Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned pastor, “Phillip Jensen’s Guide to 1 & 2 Timothy” will help you grow in your faith and deepen your relationship with Christ. With its insightful commentary and thought-provoking discussions, this guide is perfect for personal devotion, small group studies, and sermon preparation.

    In this guide, you’ll explore themes such as the importance of love, the role of the church, the duties of elders and deacons, the mystery of godliness, and the great gain of godliness. With its biblical insights and practical application, “Phillip Jensen’s Guide to 1 & 2 Timothy” is an essential resource for all Christians looking to live out the gospel in their daily lives. So, take up the challenge and guard the good deposit, and become a faithful teacher of the truth in your generation!

    JENSEN Phillip

    10.200 CFA
  • 1 Corinthians For You

    Discover the power of grace in 1 Corinthians with Andrew Wilson’s groundbreaking exhibition guide. Explore how grace manifests in every Christian and transforms the imperfections of the local church. This guide offers a fresh, thought-provoking perspective, filled with practical applications for daily life. Perfect for personal devotions, small group studies, sermon preparation, and more. Learn how the cross changes everything, the role of the Spirit in the building of the church, the complexities of sex and status, and much more. Embrace the wisdom of 1 Corinthians and see how grace can shape your faith and community. Get your copy today and be transformed.


    WILSON Andrew

    10.200 CFA
  • 1 Peter For You

    Discover the timeless message of hope and joy in 1 Peter. In a world that challenges biblical values and marginalizes Christians, this book offers a beacon of light. Juan Sanchez, with his extensive ministry experience and pastoral insight, brings 1 Peter to life and helps us understand how to live as faithful followers of Jesus. Explore themes such as “Elect Exiles,” “Joy in Suffering,” and “Love Jesus, Love the Church.” Get a grander view of your role in the greatest building and the greatest story. Enhance your faith and strengthen your connection to the Church with this must-read epistle. Order now and start your journey with 1 Peter.


    SANCHEZ Juan

    10.200 CFA
  • 2 Corinthians For You

    Discover the power of true love in 2 Corinthians with the latest addition to the “For You” series by Gary Millar. This in-depth exposition guide will take you on a journey through Paul’s personal letter and the hard truths he exposes. It will challenge you to reflect on your own heart for the lost “children” of Christ and the love you show them.

    Filled with biblical insights and practical applications, 2 Corinthians for You is a must-have resource for preachers, teachers, and anyone looking to deepen their understanding of this powerful epistle. With its attention to the text and its meaning, this guide is both nourishing for your spiritual growth and a vital tool for preparing sermons and leading small group studies.

    Join Gary Millar as he explores the depths of Paul’s message and the love of Christ that flows through every word. Read it as a devotional or use it to challenge and inspire your community. Whatever your path, 2 Corinthians for You will deepen your connection with Christ and his message of love.


    MILLAR Gary

    10.200 CFA
  • 2 Peter & Jude For You

    Do you struggle with keeping your faith strong in the face of challenges and temptations? Do you want to be better equipped to recognize false teachings and avoid stumbling in your faith journey? Then, this is the perfect resource for you!

    Pastor Miguel Núñez has carefully studied the letters of Peter and Jude and has distilled their teachings into this insightful guide, “How to Keep from Stumbling.” This guide is not just a theoretical treatise, but is filled with practical applications to help you live out your faith with confidence.

    Discover the dangers and judgments facing those who compromise their faith and learn how to recognize false teachers. Find encouragement and hope as you wait for the Lord’s return and learn how to contend for the faith. This guide will empower you to stand firm in your faith and avoid stumbling along the way.

    So don’t wait any longer, get your copy of “How to Keep from Stumbling” today and be equipped to live out your faith with confidence!

    NÚÑEZ Miguel

    8.600 CFA
  • A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, really).

    Are you tired of feeling alone in your menstrual struggles? Do you ever wonder why your periods are the way they are? Look no further! Introducing “Why? A Biblical Perspective on Menstruation” by Rachel Jones. This warm, light, real, honest, and sometimes surprising book gives a biblical perspective on menstruation, and so much more. Rachel takes readers on a theological journey, weaving together reflections on the nature of our bodies, the passage of time, the purpose of pain, and the meaning of life. One thing is certain, you have never read a Christian book like this before. Whether you need hope and help or are simply curious, this book will refresh and encourage you. Rachel’s goal is for you to come to the end of the book celebrating who God made you, how He saved you, and the fact that He speaks a liberating and positive truth in all life experiences, even periods. Get your copy today and join the journey with award-winning author and Bible teacher, Rachel Jones.

    JONES Rachel

    8.600 CFA
  • Acts 13-28 For You

    Uncover the thrilling journey of the early church with “Towards the Ends of the Earth: A Study of the Second Half of the Book of Acts.” Join renowned biblical scholar, Albert Mohler, as he guides you through the missions, arrests, court appearances, and council meetings of Paul and the arrival of the church in Philippi, Athens, and Rome. This accessible and engaging guide will fuel your Christian life and mission as you delve deeper into the second half of the book of Acts of the Apostles. Whether used as a devotional, in teaching, or preaching, this guide is sure to bring the biblical story to life in a fresh and inspiring way. Explore the dramatic encounters with a businesswoman, a slave girl, and a jailer. See the power of repentance and the impact of riots. Follow Paul’s farewell to the elders and his return to Jerusalem. And join him as he stands on trial for the resurrection. Get your copy of “Towards the Ends of the Earth” today and be transformed by the story of the early church.


    MOHLER Albert

    10.200 CFA
  • Am I Just My Brain?

    Explore the deepest questions of human existence in “The Brain and the Soul: Understanding Our Identity in a Material World” by Sharon Dirckx. As a brain imaging scientist, Dirckx delves into the latest research on the brain and how it relates to our sense of self, challenging the idea that we are simply machines or material beings. Dive into the perspectives of biologists, philosophers, theologians, and psychologists to gain valuable insight on the fundamental questions of our existence. Are we more than machines? Do we have a soul? Is free will an illusion? Read this book to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you, or to challenge the beliefs of a skeptical friend. Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking and enlightening read.


    8.600 CFA
  • An Ocean of Grace ( A Journey to Easter with Great Voices From the Past )

    An inspiring collection of daily devotions and prayers from great Christian authors of the past, including Augustine, Charles Spurgeon, John Bunyan, Catherine Parr and Martin Luther.

    The comforting words of these ancient saints exalt the grace and glory of Christ’s work, and will encourage and inspire readers today as much as when they were written.

    Each daily reading has been selected, edited and presented by Tim Chester to make these treasures accessible to all readers. They will help you reflect on Jesus as Easter approaches. Ideal to start at the beginning of Lent.

    About the Author

    10.500 CFA
  • Belong ( Loving Your Church by Reflecting Christ to One Another ).

    Author Barnabas Piper states in the first chapter of his book:

    “We are looking for something personal, something deeply meaningful, something we can identify with. And this book is an invitation to find that in the church, because God wills it. Part of God’s perfect strategy is to offer wounded, weary, worn-out, needy sinners like you and me a place to belong…a place to encounter deep, transforming, healing and restorer of Jesus Christ.”

    This book explores how you can help create a church where everyone calls home: a place where believers build authentic, honest, and meaningful Christian relationships and enjoy deep fellowship as a community of believers.

    You may be a new believer and wonder what it means to belong to a church; you may be reluctant to commit to your church because of past experiences; perhaps you have recently moved and want to find a church where you feel at home; or perhaps you love your church and desire to engage more deeply and serve it more completely. Either way, this book will help you understand that church membership is a good gift from God, the culmination of our identity as brothers and sisters in Christ, and that it deserves your time, your love and your commitment.

    Discussion questions are provided at the end of each chapter, along with action steps, making this book ideal for reading in a small group or even with the whole church. Bundles and free downloadable worksheets are available.

    Perfect if you’re a pastor looking to encourage your church members to cherish their family and help make it a place where everyone belongs.

    This is one of the first books in the new Love Your Church series, written by a group of Acts 29 Bible teachers. It is designed to inspire every church member to love their church in a practical way by presenting a biblical view of what it means to be a local community of the family of God. The series will explore what it means to belong, to welcome, to come together, to care for, to serve and honor one another, to witness and to send people to spread the gospel.

    12.500 CFA
  • Brave by Faith

    Discover how to maintain your faith and confidence in God even in the face of opposition. Learn from the example of Daniel and see how you can live with courage and obedience in today’s increasingly secular world. Trust in the power and sovereignty of God, speak out with boldness, and serve with excellence. Stand firm in your faith and take heart, knowing that God always wins. “Live Bravely, Stand Firm: A Guide to Thriving in a Secular Society” by Alistair Begg. Order now and find the strength to live joyfully and faithfully, just like Daniel.


    BEGG Alistair

    7.700 CFA
  • Colossians & Philemon For You

    Discover the quintessence of the biblical book Colosians and the depth of the message it abounds. Peace, disposition, forgiveness are basic human needs. But who can you really trust to satisfy them? In his letter to the Colossians, Paul shows that these needs can never be met by political, philosophical, mystical or religious systems. They can only come through Jesus Christ, who is the visible image of the invisible God.
    Mark Meynell breaks down Colossians and Philemon, verse by verse, in this exposition guide that can be used as a daily devotional tool or to aid in the study of this letter in your church, in your everyday life. It will energize and edify ordinary Christians in their faith, equip teachers and preachers in their work, and help us all to root our confidence in the right place.

    MEYNELL Mark

    10.200 CFA
  • Discover: Book 1

    For more than a decade, Discover Bible Notes have helped young people understand and apply the Bible. Today, we turn these popular devotions into a collection of 12 books that cover major books, events, and characters from the Bible.

    Discover encourages a daily routine of Bible study and prayer, which will help young people set a pattern for the rest of their live

    4.800 CFA
  • Discover: Book 2

    For more than a decade, Discover Bible Notes have helped young people understand and apply the Bible. Today, we turn these popular devotions into a collection of 12 books that cover major books, events, and characters from the Bible.

    Discover encourages a daily routine of Bible study and prayer, which will help young people set a pattern for the rest of their lives.

    4.800 CFA
  • Discover: Book 3

    For more than a decade, Discover Bible Notes have helped young people understand and apply the Bible. Today, we turn these popular devotions into a collection of 12 books that cover major books, events, and characters from the Bible.

    Discover encourages a daily routine of Bible study and prayer, which will help young people set a pattern for the rest of their lives.

    4.800 CFA
  • Discover: Book 4

    For more than a decade, Discover Bible Notes have helped young people understand and apply the Bible. Today, we turn these popular devotions into a collection of 12 books that cover major books, events, and characters from the Bible.

    Discover encourages a daily routine of Bible study and prayer, which will help young people set a pattern for the rest of their lives.

    5.000 CFA
  • Draw Near

    Experience a deeper connection with God through the power of creativity and reflection with our 365-day devotional journal. Designed to enhance your daily walk with the Lord, this journal combines the structure of a bullet journal with the inspiration of scripture. The first six months focus on the Psalms, immersing you in the imagery and wonder of God’s vastness and love. The next six months delve into Ephesians, exploring the transformative power of being united with God through Jesus. With creative prompts, habit markers, and plenty of space for notes and doodles, this journal will help you meditate on the word of God, remember sermons, and reflect on your personal journey with the Lord. Give the gift of intentionality and organization in one’s spiritual life with this innovative resource



    15.000 CFA
  • Engage 365: Beginnings and Endings

    A year-long reading plan with Engage Bible reading notes, covering the entire history of the Bible. Ideal for older teenagers.

    Engage365 explores the beginning of the world (Genesis 1-11), God’s chosen people (Genesis 12-50; Exodus 1-20), God’s songbook (Psalms 1-23), the church (Acts), and life as a Christian (Colossians); plus the life and ministry of Jesus (Luke), and the end of everything (Revelation).

    A fun and engaging way for young people to dig into some key books of the Bible and learn to manipulate, question and explore the word of God.

    22.000 CFA
  • Enjoying God

    Discover the power of a personal relationship with God. In this transformative book, Tim Chester reveals the secrets to enjoying God’s presence in every moment of your day. Whether you’re navigating the ups and downs of life or just stuck in traffic, learn how to deepen your connection with the Father, Son, and Spirit and experience true joy in your service, sacrifice, and suffering. Embrace the transformative power of a life filled with appreciation for the Lord. Get your copy today!



    8.600 CFA
  • Explore (Oct-Dec 2022) . For Your Daily Walk with God.

    This is the 100th edition of Explore, celebrating its 25th year of publication.

    These dated and numbered daily Bible readings, from October to December 2022, will help you dig into the treasures of the Bible on your own.

    Contributors include:
    – Sinclair Fergusson on Genesis 3:15
    – Tim Chester on Philippians 3:10-11
    – Martin Salter on John 3:16
    – Tim Thornborough on Colossians 1:27
    – James Huges on 2 Kings
    – Carl Laferton on Luke

    7.000 CFA