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  • 1 & 2 Timothy For You

    Discover the timeless wisdom of the apostle Paul in “Phillip Jensen’s Guide to 1 & 2 Timothy”. This insightful guide brings Paul’s teachings to life, showing how they are relevant and transformative for today’s believers. With decades of ministry experience, author Phillip Jensen leads readers on a journey through the pastoral letters of 1 and 2 Timothy, urging us to follow in Timothy’s footsteps by loving Christ and teaching the truth to future generations.

    This engaging and accessible guide is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the gospel. Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned pastor, “Phillip Jensen’s Guide to 1 & 2 Timothy” will help you grow in your faith and deepen your relationship with Christ. With its insightful commentary and thought-provoking discussions, this guide is perfect for personal devotion, small group studies, and sermon preparation.

    In this guide, you’ll explore themes such as the importance of love, the role of the church, the duties of elders and deacons, the mystery of godliness, and the great gain of godliness. With its biblical insights and practical application, “Phillip Jensen’s Guide to 1 & 2 Timothy” is an essential resource for all Christians looking to live out the gospel in their daily lives. So, take up the challenge and guard the good deposit, and become a faithful teacher of the truth in your generation!

    JENSEN Phillip

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  • 1 Corinthians For You

    Discover the power of grace in 1 Corinthians with Andrew Wilson’s groundbreaking exhibition guide. Explore how grace manifests in every Christian and transforms the imperfections of the local church. This guide offers a fresh, thought-provoking perspective, filled with practical applications for daily life. Perfect for personal devotions, small group studies, sermon preparation, and more. Learn how the cross changes everything, the role of the Spirit in the building of the church, the complexities of sex and status, and much more. Embrace the wisdom of 1 Corinthians and see how grace can shape your faith and community. Get your copy today and be transformed.


    WILSON Andrew

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  • 1 Peter For You

    Discover the timeless message of hope and joy in 1 Peter. In a world that challenges biblical values and marginalizes Christians, this book offers a beacon of light. Juan Sanchez, with his extensive ministry experience and pastoral insight, brings 1 Peter to life and helps us understand how to live as faithful followers of Jesus. Explore themes such as “Elect Exiles,” “Joy in Suffering,” and “Love Jesus, Love the Church.” Get a grander view of your role in the greatest building and the greatest story. Enhance your faith and strengthen your connection to the Church with this must-read epistle. Order now and start your journey with 1 Peter.


    SANCHEZ Juan

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  • 12 Gates of Influences To Transform A Nation

    Are you ready to unleash your true potential and become an influential force in transforming nations? Introducing “12 Gates of Influence: To Transform A Nation,” a groundbreaking book rooted in the timeless wisdom of the Bible. Discover the profound truths that will elevate your impact within your profession and ignite a powerful ripple effect across society.

    Whether you are a doctor, teacher, entrepreneur, or hold any other position, this book reveals that you are an indispensable element in the battle for the influence of nations. Your role goes beyond mere occupation; it is a divine calling to be an agent of positive change. “12 Gates of Influence” unveils the secrets to unlocking your inherent potential and empowers you to shape the destiny of your nation.

    Inside these pages, you will embark on a transformative journey, guided by divine principles and biblical wisdom. Learn how God intricately weaves your skills, talents, and experiences to position you as a catalyst for societal transformation. Each chapter explores one of the 12 gates of influence, serving as a roadmap for you to unlock the immense power within.

    From the gate of leadership, where you will learn to inspire and guide others towards a shared vision, to the gate of creativity, where innovative ideas flourish and shape the future, “12 Gates of Influence” equips you with practical tools and spiritual insights to revolutionize your sphere of influence.

    Most importantly, this book illuminates the profound truth that God is counting on you to heal your nation. Through the 12 gates of influence, you will discover how to align your purpose with His divine plan, enabling you to become an instrument of restoration, progress, and positive change.

    Prepare to be empowered, inspired, and equipped with the knowledge that can propel you from ordinary to extraordinary. Embrace your role as a transformative influencer, armed with the wisdom of “12 Gates of Influence: To Transform A Nation.” Together, let us embark on a journey of societal impact and witness the miraculous transformation of nations.

    Unlock the gates of influence and shape your nation’s destiny. Order your copy of “12 Gates of Influence: To Transform A Nation” today!

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  • 2 Corinthians For You

    Discover the power of true love in 2 Corinthians with the latest addition to the “For You” series by Gary Millar. This in-depth exposition guide will take you on a journey through Paul’s personal letter and the hard truths he exposes. It will challenge you to reflect on your own heart for the lost “children” of Christ and the love you show them.

    Filled with biblical insights and practical applications, 2 Corinthians for You is a must-have resource for preachers, teachers, and anyone looking to deepen their understanding of this powerful epistle. With its attention to the text and its meaning, this guide is both nourishing for your spiritual growth and a vital tool for preparing sermons and leading small group studies.

    Join Gary Millar as he explores the depths of Paul’s message and the love of Christ that flows through every word. Read it as a devotional or use it to challenge and inspire your community. Whatever your path, 2 Corinthians for You will deepen your connection with Christ and his message of love.


    MILLAR Gary

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  • 2 Peter & Jude For You

    Do you struggle with keeping your faith strong in the face of challenges and temptations? Do you want to be better equipped to recognize false teachings and avoid stumbling in your faith journey? Then, this is the perfect resource for you!

    Pastor Miguel Núñez has carefully studied the letters of Peter and Jude and has distilled their teachings into this insightful guide, “How to Keep from Stumbling.” This guide is not just a theoretical treatise, but is filled with practical applications to help you live out your faith with confidence.

    Discover the dangers and judgments facing those who compromise their faith and learn how to recognize false teachers. Find encouragement and hope as you wait for the Lord’s return and learn how to contend for the faith. This guide will empower you to stand firm in your faith and avoid stumbling along the way.

    So don’t wait any longer, get your copy of “How to Keep from Stumbling” today and be equipped to live out your faith with confidence!

    NÚÑEZ Miguel

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  • 33 pillars and mysteries of blessings in the kingdom of God

    God does not use only one method to resolve or answer to human problems or needs. He is not methodical or systematical. He is a God Who does what He wants, how and when He wants and to whom He wants according to His will and principles.
    The Kingdom of God functions through a collection and combination of principles. And each principle in the Kingdom of God is a key programmed with a ready-made answer to open a door or doors according to the application and time. The purpose of a key or keys is to give free access to the one that possesses the key. Without the adequate key for a door, the door will automatically refuse access to the holder of that wrong key. The principles of God in His word are like keys, and each key has a function if used well
    and on time. The Kingdom of God is full of keys, and each of the keys opens a particular door.

    Victor Charles Okafor


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  • 50 Nights of Divine Overflow: TAKING OVER THE NEW YEAR

    Are you in search of a prayer book that can usher you to your new level this year? God has just put one in your hands. This book is an anointed tool that will help you unlock the supernatural in your life, through midnight prophetic prayers. Do you know that most of the miracles and breakthroughs recorded in the Bible happened in the night? This is your turn!
    Those who need change must learn to provoke change. In this book, you will discover how to activate the forces of heaven for changes in your life, ministry, family, and nation, through fervent prayer. You will never forget this season!

    Godson T. Nembo

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  • A Lifelong Love

    What If Marriage Is About More Than Just Staying Togheter


    Gary Thomas believes that many couples settle for mediocrity in their marriages, unaware of the depth of God’s love for their spouse. In “A Lifelong Love,” he unveils the true essence of biblical love and calls us to excel in it. Instead of drifting apart, Thomas challenges us to make daily choices that bring us closer together.

    No matter the state of your marriage – whether it needs a complete transformation, a little adjustment, or a renewed purpose – “A Lifelong Love” holds the promise of taking your relationship to an entirely new dimension. Prepare to see worship and your spouse through a fresh lens, as you understand how living each day with intentionality can radically transform your marriage.

    Gary Thomas, drawing on thirty years of study and two decades of working with couples, presents his most profound book yet on the husband-wife relationship. Experience for yourself the transformative power of “A Lifelong Love” and discover why it is challenging the way the church discusses marriage.

    This book is a powerful guide that will navigate you through the shifting dynamics and seasonal challenges that often wreak havoc on marriages. Instead of growing in disappointment, you will learn how to grow in love. Gary Thomas empowers you to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of a deeply fulfilling and lasting love.

    Don’t miss out on all the buzz surrounding “A Lifelong Love.” Dive into its pages and allow the timeless wisdom of the Bible to reshape your perspective on marriage. Experience a renewed sense of purpose, joy, and intimacy with your spouse as you embrace the principles shared within this remarkable book.

    Order your copy of “A Lifelong Love” today and embark on a transformative journey toward a stronger, more vibrant, and deeply satisfying marriage. Let Gary Thomas guide you towards a love that stands the test of time and exceeds your wildest expectations. Your lifelong love story starts here.


    Gary Thomas

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  • A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, really).

    Are you tired of feeling alone in your menstrual struggles? Do you ever wonder why your periods are the way they are? Look no further! Introducing “Why? A Biblical Perspective on Menstruation” by Rachel Jones. This warm, light, real, honest, and sometimes surprising book gives a biblical perspective on menstruation, and so much more. Rachel takes readers on a theological journey, weaving together reflections on the nature of our bodies, the passage of time, the purpose of pain, and the meaning of life. One thing is certain, you have never read a Christian book like this before. Whether you need hope and help or are simply curious, this book will refresh and encourage you. Rachel’s goal is for you to come to the end of the book celebrating who God made you, how He saved you, and the fact that He speaks a liberating and positive truth in all life experiences, even periods. Get your copy today and join the journey with award-winning author and Bible teacher, Rachel Jones.

    JONES Rachel

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  • A disruptive faith

    Are you tired of a lukewarm faith that offers no real challenge or growth? Do you long for a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God? Look no further than A.W. Tozer’s “A Disruptive Faith.” This never-before-published work explores the idea of faith that disturbs the comfortable and challenges the status quo.

    In a world where faith has become a buzzword, Tozer reminds us that true faith in God is not just a trendy accessory but a weighty and consequential action. Placing our trust in God requires us to shift our focus away from our own desires and aims, and instead embrace a faith-inspired discontent that prepares us for the life to come.

    This book offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be a mature Christian, one who is willing to allow faith to intrude on their life and disrupt their complacency. As Tozer explains, this disruptive faith may be painful and disturbing, but it is ultimately reassuring and comforting in the knowledge that we are being prepared for something greater.

    Whether you are a long-time believer or a seeker looking to deepen your faith, “A Disruptive Faith” offers valuable insights and guidance for embracing a faith that truly perturbs. Don’t settle for a comfortable, mediocre faith – take the plunge and experience the transformative power of a disruptive faith. Order your copy today and start your journey towards a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God.


    A. W. Tozer

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  • Ablaze for God

    In a world yearning for true spiritual leadership, “Ablaze for God” answers the urgent call. This remarkable book addresses the scarcity of individuals prepared to minister in Christ’s name, highlighting the desperate need for empowered leaders in the church.

    You don’t have to be a theologian to recognize the importance of spiritual leadership today. It requires a divine enduement that can only come through the enabling grace of the Holy Spirit. We may attempt to fulfill this role with our own strength, but without the indwelling mastery of the Spirit, we become nothing more than noisy brass and tinkling cymbals.

    Just as Jesus instructed His disciples before ascending to heaven, we too are called to tarry and seek the enduement of power from on high. The task of witnessing for Christ and discipling nations demands nothing less than a baptism of consuming fire.

    What are the spiritual dynamics that underpin effective leadership? How can you become a person truly aflame for God, anointed and empowered by His divine presence? “Ablaze for God” holds the answers that you will revisit time and time again.

    Within its pages, you will discover the secrets to becoming a Spirit-filled leader. It explores the profound spiritual truths that ignite the fire within, propelling you towards a life of purpose and divine influence. As you delve into these transformative teachings, you will gain insights and practical guidance to develop as a person of God, radiating His light and love to those around you.

    This book is not a mere manual; it is a spiritual journey. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and equipped to embrace the mantle of leadership with renewed fervor. The wisdom contained within “Ablaze for God” will empower you to lead with authenticity, integrity, and an unwavering passion for the Kingdom.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to be captivated by the timeless wisdom of “Ablaze for God.” Order your copy today and embark on a transformative adventure, discovering the path to becoming a Spirit-filled leader who impacts lives and fulfills their divine calling. Get ready to ignite your spirit and set the world ablaze with the fire of God’s love.

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  • Acts 13-28 For You

    Uncover the thrilling journey of the early church with “Towards the Ends of the Earth: A Study of the Second Half of the Book of Acts.” Join renowned biblical scholar, Albert Mohler, as he guides you through the missions, arrests, court appearances, and council meetings of Paul and the arrival of the church in Philippi, Athens, and Rome. This accessible and engaging guide will fuel your Christian life and mission as you delve deeper into the second half of the book of Acts of the Apostles. Whether used as a devotional, in teaching, or preaching, this guide is sure to bring the biblical story to life in a fresh and inspiring way. Explore the dramatic encounters with a businesswoman, a slave girl, and a jailer. See the power of repentance and the impact of riots. Follow Paul’s farewell to the elders and his return to Jerusalem. And join him as he stands on trial for the resurrection. Get your copy of “Towards the Ends of the Earth” today and be transformed by the story of the early church.


    MOHLER Albert

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  • African God’s Generals

    This work is focused to be a spiritual strength to as many that will be ready for the use of the Master. It will show you that your status and qualification determine nothing in the presence of God, even the smallest of mankind, seemingly insignificant person can as well be used by God. It is neither by personalities nor what we are and possess that God is looking at in us, but what He can bring out from us.
    In African God’s Generals, the author reveals the glory of God in the lives of fourteen (14) powerful indigenous ministers God used to ignite the fires of revivals and set the path of Christianity in Africa that we are striding today.
    This book reveals how they were born, lived their lives, along with their teachings, their spiritual discoveries, their faith and believe, and many other brilliant things that will set your heart on fire for God. You’ll also find crucial life applications from these generals: how they vigorously demonstrated the power of the Holy Ghost which was upon their lives.


    Moses Oludele IDOWU

    24.350 CFA
  • All The Promises of the Bible

    Are you seeking unwavering hope and steadfast reassurance in every aspect of your life? Look no further than “All The Promises of the Bible” by Dr. Herbert Lockyer. This remarkable book delves deep into the wisdom of the Bible, presenting a comprehensive guide to the promises that God has graciously bestowed upon us.

    Within the pages of this insightful masterpiece, Dr. Lockyer explores the nature of God’s promises, unveiling their substance, simplicity, surety, source, security, and scope. Drawing from the teachings of the apostle Peter, he reveals countless “exceeding great and precious promises” that God has made explicitly for you to rely upon.

    Explore the vast array of promises that cover the entirety of the human experience, addressing both spiritual and material concerns. Dr. Lockyer’s meticulous categorization ensures that you will find guidance and solace in every facet of your life, be it personal or corporate.

    Through “All The Promises of the Bible,” you will come to comprehend the depth and breadth of God’s assurances. As you gain a profound understanding of how these promises are applicable to your life, a newfound trust in God will arise within you. In the midst of life’s darkest storms, these promises will serve as an unwavering anchor, sustaining you through thick and thin.

    Not only will this book offer comfort during challenging times, but it will also be your source of rejoicing during moments of triumph. You will witness the power of God’s promises manifesting in your life, bringing you joy, peace, and fulfillment.

    Don’t let uncertainty overshadow your journey. Embrace the promises that God has bestowed upon you. “All The Promises of the Bible” is your guiding light, leading you to a life of unwavering faith and divine assurance. Grab your copy today and experience the transformative power of God’s promises like never before.

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  • Am I Just My Brain?

    Explore the deepest questions of human existence in “The Brain and the Soul: Understanding Our Identity in a Material World” by Sharon Dirckx. As a brain imaging scientist, Dirckx delves into the latest research on the brain and how it relates to our sense of self, challenging the idea that we are simply machines or material beings. Dive into the perspectives of biologists, philosophers, theologians, and psychologists to gain valuable insight on the fundamental questions of our existence. Are we more than machines? Do we have a soul? Is free will an illusion? Read this book to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you, or to challenge the beliefs of a skeptical friend. Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking and enlightening read.


    8.600 CFA
  • An Inspirational Treasury of D.L. Moody

    Discover the remarkable journey of D.L. Moody, a name renowned throughout the evangelical world for his profound impact on religious life in Great Britain and the United States of America.

    Within the pages of this extraordinary book, we unveil a new treasury that encapsulates the essence of Moody’s life and ministry. Prepare to be captivated as we delve into his background, unearthing the transformative incidents that unfolded during his dynamic tenure. Moreover, be inspired by a collection of Moody’s favorite sayings, which are in themselves powerful “sentence sermons.”

    Immerse yourself in the wisdom contained within four of Moody’s awe-inspiring sermons: “The New Birth,” “Weighed in the Balance,” “Excuses,” and “Heaven and Who Are There.” These timeless messages will leave an indelible imprint on your heart and soul.

    To provide a deeper understanding of why D.L. Moody became a vessel for God’s work, we are privileged to include the final chapter, “Why God Used D.L. Moody,” written by his esteemed confidante and associate, Dr. R.A. Torrey. The invaluable lessons Torrey draws from Moody’s life continue to resonate and hold significance in our lives even today.

    This treasury is a gateway for those seeking an enlightening introduction to D.L. Moody, both the man and his profound message. Whether you desire to enrich your devotional life or embark on a transformative spiritual journey, this book will serve as an invaluable resource. Furthermore, church workers, teachers, and pastors will find practical guidance within these pages, empowering them to minister with renewed fervor and purpose.

    Prepare to embark on an unforgettable voyage through the life and teachings of D.L. Moody. Let his words ignite a flame of inspiration within you, leading to a deeper connection with your faith and a profound impact on the lives of those around you.

    Order your copy of “An Inspirational Treasury of D.L. Moody” today and let the timeless wisdom of this extraordinary man illuminate your path to spiritual enlightenment!

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  • An Ocean of Grace ( A Journey to Easter with Great Voices From the Past )

    An inspiring collection of daily devotions and prayers from great Christian authors of the past, including Augustine, Charles Spurgeon, John Bunyan, Catherine Parr and Martin Luther.

    The comforting words of these ancient saints exalt the grace and glory of Christ’s work, and will encourage and inspire readers today as much as when they were written.

    Each daily reading has been selected, edited and presented by Tim Chester to make these treasures accessible to all readers. They will help you reflect on Jesus as Easter approaches. Ideal to start at the beginning of Lent.

    About the Author

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  • An Uncommon Guide to Retirement

    Are you approaching retirement and feeling unsure of what the future holds? Do you want more than just an endless vacation or are you unable to afford such a luxury? Look no further than divine wisdom for the answers you seek. With a purpose-filled retirement, you can find rest and reprieve while still serving God’s plan for your life. Jeff Haanen provides biblically-based guidance on taking a sabbatical rest, listening to God’s voice for your calling in retirement, rethinking work, and leaving a legacy for your family. Don’t let retirement cause you distress. Embrace a God-honoring retirement that is purpose-filled, restful, and truly biblical.

    13.200 CFA
  • Angel On Assignment

    As told by Roland Buck

    Embark on a Journey with Angels on Assignment: A Captivating Exploration of God’s Messengers!

    In the pages of “Angels on Assignment,” Roland Buck shares his extraordinary firsthand encounters with angels, unveiling their profound significance in our lives. This intriguing book delves into the biblical insights surrounding these heavenly messengers and reveals how they impact our daily existence. Discover how God, in His divine wisdom, employs angels to play a pivotal role in the end-times harvest of souls before the glorious return of Jesus.

    Prepare to be inspired as you witness the remarkable ways in which these angelic beings are actively working to usher in God’s kingdom. With each revelation, your faith will soar, and your confidence in God’s divine plan for your life and the ministry of believers will be fortified. Open your heart to the incredible love and power of God as you explore the ministry of angels and their vital contribution to the salvation of countless souls.

    What an extraordinary time to be alive! Amidst the darkness and wickedness that surrounds us, we are privileged to witness God’s supernatural renewal sweeping across our world. During times of spiritual awakening, miracles of healing abound, countless lives are transformed, and God’s presence is tangibly felt.

    As part of this special work of God, He is granting a deeper revelation of Himself through angelic visitations. Imagine the profound impact your family and church can have as you become vessels of God’s love, carrying His divine messages to those in need. It’s an awe-inspiring privilege that surpasses human comprehension.

    People often ask me if I have personally encountered an angel, and why God specifically chose my husband for these divine encounters. While I haven’t experienced an angelic visitation myself, I have been blessed abundantly as my husband faithfully shares the truths God has revealed to him. Our love is intertwined with our shared ministry, and I find great peace knowing that God orchestrates everything perfectly. He has uniquely anointed my husband as a leader and a minister, and I humbly embrace that role.

    Regarding why God chose him, I must admit that my understanding is limited as a mere human. However, I can attest to the unwavering faith and unyielding trust my husband possesses. Over our 29 years of pastoral service in Boise, Idaho, I have witnessed his steadfastness and his resolute commitment to God. He remains unswayed by passing trends and religious fads, meticulously discerning the authenticity of questionable doctrines.

    In the grand tapestry of God’s plan, angels play a profound role in revealing His love and purpose. “Angels on Assignment” is a divine invitation to witness the supernatural realm intersecting with our earthly existence. Embrace this opportunity to deepen your faith, expand your understanding, and embrace the awe-inspiring presence of God’s messengers.

    Order your copy of “Angels on Assignment” today and embark on a transformative journey where your spirit will be refreshed, your faith ignited, and your perception of the heavenly realm forever changed.


    Charles & Frances Hunter

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