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  • Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man

    In the book, Harvey tells women how to be a “keeper” rather than a “sport fish.” He claims that men are “simple” and that women should understand that they can never be first in a man’s life without understanding and accepting that men are driven by who they are, what they do. and how much they earn.

    He says it’s “just plain stupid” to let a man lock you into a monogamous premarital relationship, where you share a bed, bills and even kids. The only way to convert your “committed relationship” into a marriage is to insist on setting a date for the wedding.

    The problem for too many women who call on my radio show , however, is that they simply cannot get that reciprocity from men, and then the women end up feeling disappointed, disenfranchised and disillusioned by their failed relationships in addition to most women’s relationship failures are the reason why women cannot trust men.

    … I teach them very quickly that expecting a man to respond to them like a woman would will never work. They then realize that a lucid and conscious approach to dealing with men on their terms, on their territory, in their own way, can, in turn, get women exactly what they want.

    The New York Times #1 bestseller from the new relationship advice guru, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey is an invaluable self-help book that can empower women everywhere to take control of their relationships. Host of a premier radio show listened to by millions every day – and of cable television’s The Steve Harvey Project – Harvey knows what men really think about love, intimacy and commitment. In Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, the author, media personality and stand-up comedian gets serious, sharing her wealth of knowledge, insight and sound advice for every good woman who wants to find a good man or make his current love last.

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    This is why abuse, violence, hatred, conflict, infidelity, sterility and divorce have become commonplace in families. These evil spirits take advantage of the ignorance of many about spiritual warfare, to perpetrate their malicious and devastating activities.
    Is your marriage or family under attack and falling apart? Do you desire deliverance and restoration for your family? This book is here to give you the keys you need to win the war against family destroyers. Use it!
    In this book, you’ll learn:

    How to overcome the spirit of infertility
    How to overcome the spirit of infidelity
    How to overcome the spirit of anger
    How to overcome the spirit of hatred
    How to overcome the spirit of bitterness
    How to overcome the spirit of poverty
    How to overcome familiar spirits and ten other spirits…

    Godson T. Nembo

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  • ARRESTING FAMILY DESTROYERS: Arresting 34 spirits that break families 1

    Ferocious powers of darkness are causing untold havoc in families. That is why abuse, violence, hatred, conflicts, infidelity, sterility, and divorce have become rampant in families. These evil spirits take advantage of the ignorance of many on the subject of spiritual warfare, to perpetrate their malicious and devastating activities.
    Is your marriage or family under attack, and is it crumbling? Are you burdened to experience deliverance and restoration in your family? This book is here to provide the keys you need to win the war against family destroyers. Use it!
    In this book, you will learn:

    • How to overcome the spirit of infertility
    • How to overcome the spirit of infidelity
    • How to overcome the spirit of anger
    • How to overcome the spirit of hatred
    • How to overcome the spirit of bitterness
    • How to overcome the spirit of poverty
    • How to overcome familiar spirits and ten others…

    Godson T. Nembo

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  • Becoming Spectacular Woman

    Unlock Your Inner Virtues and Become a Spectacular Woman!

    Every woman has the potential to be spectacular, but not every woman knows how to unlock her hidden virtues. Are you ready to discover the secrets to unleashing your full potential? Look no further than the pages of Toluwani Obayan’s new book!

    With a step-by-step guide, Toluwani Obayan takes you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Learn the simple, amazing, and achievable process to becoming a spectacular woman. Discover how to tap into your inner strength, beauty, and wisdom to unlock the treasures within you.

    Through this book, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools needed to break free from limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. You’ll learn how to cultivate a positive mindset, develop healthy habits, and set achievable goals that align with your passions and purpose.

    Are you ready to transform your life and become the spectacular woman you were meant to be? Let Toluwani Obayan be your guide! Order your copy of “BECOME A SPECTACULAR WOMAN” today and start your journey towards unlocking your hidden treasures.

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  • Biblical principales of parenting

    Having children perhaps is not so much a challenge as raissing them. To aise children that will take the battle to the gate requires you to recongnize and wake up the giant  insid them. “Parenting is a nonle assignment God has given to you. How well  or how bad you do it depends on you.” Says the author.

    Friends, you must go for the truth that will set your children free in life. In this volume, Mary Abioye Shares from God’s Word precept upon precept and line upon line principles that has enabled her to parent effectively for more than twos decades. You will discover in this book:

    • What training produces in children
    • How to parent strategically
    • The foundation for a colorful destiny
    • How not to punish
    • The values to inculate in your children
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    Building a Godly Generation” is a guide for parents who want to fulfill their role in bringing up their children according to God’s purpose. The book emphasizes the importance of understanding that God has a specific plan and purpose for every child, and it is the parent’s responsibility to guide them towards fulfilling that purpose. The author provides practical advice and biblical wisdom to help parents raise children with strong moral values, faith in God, and a heart for service to others. This book is an inspiring and thought-provoking read for parents who want to make a positive impact on their children’s lives and ensure that they grow up to be responsible and God-fearing adults.

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  • Building a Successful Family

    “Nothing successful is an accident,” says Faith Oyedepo in this her new book on the family. According to her, “It take conscious, deliberate, and calculated steps to realise success in any venture, including the family.”

    Building A Successful Family is written to help every man and woman achieve success in family life, which will then translate to success in other areas of life. It is the A-Z of marriage and family life, as it contains building blocks with which a successful home and family can be built.

    In this book, you will discover that:
    – God designed marriage and family to succeed.
    – You have a part to play in building a successful family.

    Get this book written by the author of such successful books on marriage and family life as The Marriage Covenant, Making Marriage Work and raising Godly Children, and learn how to turn your home into the Garden of Eden that God designed it to be.


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  • Can I Call You Soldier

    Join the army of protectors for your family and soldiers for Christ. Take a stand against the lack of male role models, complacent leaders, and general passivity that lead to the breakdown of black families. As a soldier for Christ, you are called to protect and serve those around you. You have the power to make a difference and lead the way for a new generation of strong African American men. Let Can I Call You Soldier? equip you to fulfill your role as protector and soldier for Christ. Join the fight and protect your family today.

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  • Christian Conseling

    Looking for a comprehensive counseling guide that combines solid biblical teachings with practical advice on counseling in a variety of situations? Look no further than the revised and expanded third edition of Christian Counseling by Gary R. Collins.

    This classic handbook is an indispensable resource for churches, classrooms, and the helping professions. It provides updated, extensive coverage of the most common issues troubling those who seek counseling, including marriage and relationship problems.

    With its clear and easy-to-read style, Christian Counseling is a must-have textbook for students and their professors, a valuable training tool for lay counselors, and an informative resource for anyone seeking a greater understanding of human behavior. Its biblical foundation makes it a powerful primer on the principles of Christian counseling.

    Whether you’re a pastor, counselor, teacher, or simply someone seeking guidance on how to help others, Christian Counseling is the go-to resource for practical, effective counseling rooted in the wisdom of the ages. Order your copy today and see for yourself why this handbook has stood the test of time as a trusted guide to the art of counseling.

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  • Daughter You Can Make It

    This book will heal the hurts of the daughters! In this long-awaited book, women are challenged to let the wisdom of God help them overcome the many impossible situations they encounter. God will touch your life and strengthen you as you enjoy this powerful new book especially written to the daughters…

    Dag heward-mills

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  • Eight Great Ways to Honor Your Husband

    Welcome to a world where honoring your husband is the ultimate way to strengthen your marriage bond. As a wife, you possess the divine wisdom to bring out the best in your husband and create an environment of mutual love and respect.

    In a society where the concept of honor in marriage has been lost, it’s essential to take proactive measures to rekindle the spark in your relationship. Eight Ways to Honor Your Husband by Marilynn Chadwick offers you practical insights into how you can demonstrate your love in unique ways.

    By becoming strong, guarding your home, believing the best, lightening his load, building him up, dreaming big together, and creating a culture of honor, you can establish a loving and fulfilling relationship with your husband that follows God’s design.

    As you invest in your marriage by honoring your husband, you’ll discover newfound intimacy and fulfillment that will bring you and your husband closer together. Your relationship will serve as a beacon of hope to others, showing them the beauty of a husband-wife union when it follows God’s design.

    So why wait? Grab a copy of Eight Ways to Honor Your Husband today and embark on a journey towards a fulfilling and satisfying marriage.

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  • Experiencing The Best of Marriage, Family and Parenting

    Godly families produce a godly society where peace and tranquillity reign. It is clear that God’s purpose for a family is such that every family member has responsibilities, duties and roles to perform so as to actualise God’s purpose on earth. However, for a family to be birthed, a marriage has to be consummated.

    It is no longer news that our society is increasingly declining in morals. The solution for families in this world of moral decadence is to make the home a place of instruction for what God teaches. Parents must awaken to these core responsibilities so as to raise children who will impact their world and also serve as a source of joy to many generations.
    This book is for both the singles and married, as Pastor Faith Abiola Oyedepo, gives a deep insight on various aspects that include, making the right marital choice, setting the right values for the Christian home, relationship with in-laws, building family life, handling delay in child-bearing, parenting role models, relating with parent after marriage and parenting adults.
    The content of this book will greatly benefit you and cause you to experience the best of Marriage, Family and Parenting.

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  • Finishing Strong

    Going the Distance for Your Family

    Finish Strong: Unleash Your Inner Champion and Conquer Life’s Race!

    In the journey of life, it’s not about how you start or where you currently stand; it’s about finishing strong! Inspired by the wisdom of the Bible, “Finished Strong” is a powerful guide that will ignite your endurance and empower you to overcome every obstacle on your path.

    Just like in a road race, stumbling at the start or falling behind the leaders doesn’t determine your ultimate success. What truly matters is your ability to persevere and finish the race with unwavering determination. In this book, you will discover how endurance plays a vital role in your commitment to family and, most importantly, your faith in the Lord.

    “Finished Strong” will equip you with the knowledge to navigate through common pitfalls that can hinder your progress. Through captivating use of Scripture, relatable contemporary illustrations, and thought-provoking study questions, this book will empower you to “go the distance” in life with unwavering character and honor.

    Now available in trade paperback, “Finished Strong” is a must-read for anyone seeking to climb the ladder of character more than the corporate ladder. Whether you’re a young professional, a dedicated parent, or someone searching for meaning and purpose, this book will serve as your essential tool for personal growth and transformation.

    Don’t settle for mediocrity when you can finish strong and unleash the champion within you! Order your copy of “Finished Strong” today and embark on a life-changing journey. You have the potential to conquer every race and emerge as a victorious overcomer. It’s time to finish strong and live a life of purpose and fulfillment!


    Steeve Farrar

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  • Grit & grace

    Looking for inspiration to help you through the tough moments of motherhood? Look no further than Grit and Grace, a collection of daily devotions that offer a healthy dose of biblical wisdom and encouragement.

    Written by two moms who have been in the trenches of motherhood, these 90 devotions are infused with humor, vulnerability, and a deep understanding of the challenges of raising children. With each day’s message, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of your purpose as a mother and discover who you truly are in Christ.

    Whether you’re dealing with the daily grind of diapers and peanut butter sandwiches, or facing bigger challenges that feel overwhelming, Grit and Grace offers the perfect combination of truth and grace to help you navigate the ups and downs of motherhood. And as you learn to give yourself grace, you’ll find that you have even more to give to your children, reflecting the love of Christ to the world.

    So why wait? Order your copy of Grit and Grace today and start discovering the joy, purpose, and grace that comes with being a mom.


    Suzanne Hadley Gosselin & Gretta Kennedy

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  • How Can I Say Thanks

    All over the world, children are taught to say, “Thank you”. Surveys show that saying “Thank you” is ingrained in us from a very early age. Yet, the Bible says that in the last days men shall be unthankful! This beautiful work by the celebrated author, Dag Heward-Mills, teaches us how we can remain thankful, and describes what happens to those who do not give thanks. You will be blessed and encouraged to be amongst those who are thankful, as you browse through these anointed pages.

    Dag heward-mills

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  • How To Be The Happy Wife Happy Of An Unsaved Husband

    As a Christian woman, do you feel lonely and in despair because your husband doesn’t share your faith in Christ? Do you find yourself constantly praying and wondering if God will ever save your husband? You are not alone. Linda Davis understands your pain and struggle, having lived in this situation for fifteen years herself. But she also knows that there is hope and a way to cope with this difficult situation.

    In her book, Linda Davis shares personal experiences and biblical wisdom to help you find happiness and strength in spite of your circumstances. She teaches you how to understand your husband’s point of view, witness to him without saying a word, and rely on God’s perfect timing for your husband’s salvation. You will also learn how to deal with rejection and hostility, and be set free from worry and guilt.

    The Christian wife of an unsaved husband has a special ministry that no one else can fulfill. Linda Davis shows you how to minister to your husband while living a rewarding life both spiritually and personally. This book will benefit any woman who desires a deeper spiritual life for both her husband and herself.

    Don’t let disappointment and despair crush your spirit. Let Linda Davis guide you with divine wisdom and help you find peace and happiness in the midst of difficult circumstances. Order your copy of “The Christian Wife of an Unsaved Husband” today and start on the path to a fulfilling life in Christ.

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  • How To Protect Your Wife

    The discovery of purpose will always bring a sense of responsibility. And until purpose is discovered responsibility will be very difficult to be accepted. Marriage, being a major purpose in everybody’s life, is a synonym of great responsibility and is therefore meant for matured people and not “boys”.
    As a matter of fact, one of the marks of maturity is the ability to take responsibilities as regards the approach and handling of things and people daily.

    A prudent man forseeth the evil and hideth himself but the simple pass on and are punished” ( Proverbs 22: 3).

    I don’t think there is anyone who on hearing that his house is on fire and will not look for a solution or a way to put off or extinguish the fire. The rate of divorce in these last days is astonishing and if something is not done consciously to stop this madness, the effects might be devastating. Men need to discover their role in assisting their wives in the day to day running of the home in order to avoid undue pressures on their wives that might graduate or generate into something else if care is not taken.

    A husband must assume the role of a father, a husband, a friend and a lover in order for him to be able to manage his wife effectively. A lot of men have neglected their wives to their own hurt in the day to day running of their home and the centre of their marriage life is no longer holding. As consequence, instead of enjoying themselves, they are managing one another and eating the bread of sorrow.

    Victor Charles OKAFOR


    Read the free extract of the book “How To Protect Your Wife”.
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  • How To Raise Kind Kids : And Get Respect, Gratitude, and a Happier Family in the Bargain

    Looking to raise kind kids in today’s increasingly abrasive and divided culture? Look no further than Dr. Thomas Lickona’s new book, “How to Raise Kind Kids.” As a world-renowned developmental psychologist who has led the character education movement in schools for forty years, Dr. Lickona knows exactly what it takes to foster cooperation and bring peace to the home.

    Kindness doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it requires a supporting cast of other essential virtues like courage, self-control, respect, and gratitude. With concrete examples drawn from the many families he has worked with over the years, Dr. Lickona provides clear tips and tools that you can act on tonight to improve the dynamic of your relationship with your children while putting them on the path to a happier and more fulfilling life.

    Whether you’re struggling with how to discipline in a way that builds character, how to hold family meetings to tackle persistent problems, or simply how to give and get respect, “How to Raise Kind Kids” has got you covered. Don’t wait – order your copy today and start creating a happier, more harmonious home environment for your family.

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  • LET’S TALK, BABY!: Communication In Marriage

    Are you tired of seeing marriages crumble around you, or worse, struggling in your own relationship? Divorce rates are climbing, separations are more common, and infidelity often tears couples apart. At the heart of many of these issues lies a crucial element: communication.

    Introducing “Let’s Talk, Baby!: Communication in Marriage” – the essential guide for couples seeking to strengthen their bond and create a harmonious partnership. This book delves into the core of what makes communication so vital in marriage. Can two people truly walk together without agreement? And can there be agreement without communication?

    “Let’s Talk, Baby!” offers invaluable insights into the distinct communication styles of men and women, explores different levels of communication, and provides practical tips to enhance your communication skills. It’s not just a book; it’s a toolkit for transforming your relationship.

    After reading “Let’s Talk, Baby!”, you’ll be equipped to open up, connect deeply, and resolve conflicts effectively. It’s time to bridge the gap and reignite the spark. Grab your copy today, and let the conversation begin!


    Bishop Charles Agyinasare

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  • Living on top life of the mountain daily devotion 2024

    Today, events around the world demonstrate convincingly that the end is near. All the events that the Bible predicted that would herald the second coming of Jesus Christ are unfolding before our eyes with extraordinary precision and incredible speed. The explosion of epidemics, plagues and pandemics, war between nations (war between Russia and Ukraine), acute food shortage, poverty, hunger and famine, wanton killings and injustice, increasing rate of immorality and bestiality as evidenced by lesbianism, homosexuality, gay marriages and their legalization in many nations, transgenderism, sexual perversions, etc.

    Indeed, the enemy is furious and increases his rage and attacks against humanity, especially against believers, every day. He wants as many people as possible to be unqualified for the rapture and take them with him to hell.
    Beloved, your best response to today’s world events that portend that Jesus Christ will soon come to bring the saints home is to prepare yourself for Him. My question is this: are you ready or are you preparing, awake, alert and vigilant to receive and accompany the Bridegroom? Where are you sleeping? If so, I advise you to wake up from your sleep, from your lukewarmness and abandon your sinful nature lifestyle, because all of this will keep you from being raptured or from going with Jesus when He returns .

    It is also important that you know how to prepare for the Rapture and the imminent coming of the King. Here are some helpful steps: (1) You must be born again. (2) Live in obedience, holiness and righteousness
    (2) Seek Christlikeness now (3) Work for the Lord and the advancement of His kingdom (4) Be a diligent reader and one who constantly puts God’s word into practice (5) Watch and pray (6) ) Have faith, patience and endurance (7) Maintain an intimate relationship with the Lord. He comes for his saints, disciples and friends.

    The Daily Devotion of Living on the Mountain Top is specially designed to bring you into a more intimate communion with God through His word and prayer. This book is spiritually enriching and uplifting. It offers you the opportunity to encounter God daily and experience His life-changing, destiny-fulfilling power. As you read and heed the timeless truths it contains, you will be adequately prepared and equipped for the second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I pray that 2024 will supernaturally favor you and grant you total fulfillment, in the name of Jesus.

    Yours sincerely at the School of Prayer and Deliverance,

    General Superintendent of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide

    Read the free excerpts from the book “Living on top life of the mountain daily devotion 2024”.

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