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  • Biblical principales of parenting

    Having children perhaps is not so much a challenge as raissing them. To aise children that will take the battle to the gate requires you to recongnize and wake up the giant  insid them. “Parenting is a nonle assignment God has given to you. How well  or how bad you do it depends on you.” Says the author.

    Friends, you must go for the truth that will set your children free in life. In this volume, Mary Abioye Shares from God’s Word precept upon precept and line upon line principles that has enabled her to parent effectively for more than twos decades. You will discover in this book:

    • What training produces in children
    • How to parent strategically
    • The foundation for a colorful destiny
    • How not to punish
    • The values to inculate in your children
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  • Building a Successful Family

    “Nothing successful is an accident,” says Faith Oyedepo in this her new book on the family. According to her, “It take conscious, deliberate, and calculated steps to realise success in any venture, including the family.”

    Building A Successful Family is written to help every man and woman achieve success in family life, which will then translate to success in other areas of life. It is the A-Z of marriage and family life, as it contains building blocks with which a successful home and family can be built.

    In this book, you will discover that:
    – God designed marriage and family to succeed.
    – You have a part to play in building a successful family.

    Get this book written by the author of such successful books on marriage and family life as The Marriage Covenant, Making Marriage Work and raising Godly Children, and learn how to turn your home into the Garden of Eden that God designed it to be.

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  • Daughter You Can Make It

    This book will heal the hurts of the daughters! In this long-awaited book, women are challenged to let the wisdom of God help them overcome the many impossible situations they encounter. God will touch your life and strengthen you as you enjoy this powerful new book especially written to the daughters…

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  • How Can I Say Thanks

    All over the world, children are taught to say, “Thank you”. Surveys show that saying “Thank you” is ingrained in us from a very early age. Yet, the Bible says that in the last days men shall be unthankful! This beautiful work by the celebrated author, Dag Heward-Mills, teaches us how we can remain thankful, and describes what happens to those who do not give thanks. You will be blessed and encouraged to be amongst those who are thankful, as you browse through these anointed pages.

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  • Making Marriage Work

    Marriage was originally designed to work! This age-old institution was founded by God for the joy, pleasure and fulfillment of mankind.

    But the perverseness in the world has turned it from being what God created it to be, to what is prevalent in most homes today – bitterness, strife, fighting, separation and eventually divorce. This is not God’s original plan for marriage.

    In this book, Faith Oyedepo clearly states what God’s will for the home is. She reveals secrets for making it work. And for those facing turbulent times in their homes, she brings hope and delivers to them keys to make it work.

    God’s original intent for marriage is enviable and imitable success. It was designed to work, not to hit the rocks, leaving “its victims” devastated and inconsolably heartbroken. But isn’t that the story in our world today?In this book, Pst (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo renews her effort to see homes all around the world witness unprecedented change and harmony. Unveiling tested secrets to making a marriage work, she passionately teaches that purposeful hard work is the only way to enjoy “happily ever after.”

    This book is a must for all who seek to enjoy lasting peace, joy and honour in their homes.

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  • Marriage Covenant

    Perspectives are very important; and no institution has been as much a victim of negative perspectives as the marriage institution. However, in this re-edited and expanded edition, Mrs. Faith A. Oyedepo, a well known marriage counsellor, comes up with more insight into the marriage institution. Very convincingly, this book corrects all the wrong-headed views on marriage and concludes that: Marriage is Gold.However, like every precious metal, time and other resources must be invested to dig it out. This book will heal your home of heartaches, fears and anxiety which have torn many marriages apart. You have in your hand a God-sent instrument to successfully build your marriage hitherto considered only a necessary evil.

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  • Ministering To Your Family

    Answers to Family Problems – What can you do to help your loved ones receive salvation? How can you change the behavior of a rebellious teenager? How can “preachers’ kids” turn out right? Can you claim anyone you want as a mate? What mistakes are Christians making in raising their children? These and other important issues are discussed in Ministering to Your Family, a collection of five timely sermons by Kenneth E. Hagin and Kenneth W. Hagin. Never before have Christian families—and marriages—been under such attack by Satan and the world system in which we live. Christians must build strong families on the solid foundation of the Word of God. The sermons in this book will provide you with invaluable spiritual weapons to overcome the satanic forces arrayed against your family.

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  • Overcoming Anxiety

    Anxiety is a spirit sent from hell to torment and torture humanity. It is a destroyer of destiny! It is a plague! It is a mocker of the abundant life that Jesus brought to us from heaven. It is a cankerworm! The good news however is: There is hope for you at last! You can overcome anxiety. This is what this powerful book written by Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo is all about. In this book, she reveals the root causes of anxiety and their adverse effect on humanity. The author clearly shows you how you can actually permanently overcome anxiety in practical terms. Hear her: “You have all it takes to deal a deadly blow on anxiety…” “When anxiety knocks on the door of your heart, speak the Word…” Your life can never remain the same, when you apply the contents of this book.

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  • Raising Godly Children

    Some people lay up money, house, clothes, cars and other possessions as an inheritance for their children. But the only way to preserve the coming generation is to raise our children the godly way today. God’s purpose for giving you children is not only for replenishing and filling up the earth but because He is seeking a godly seed. A child is like plasticine — soft, pliable and mouldable. He must be moulded skillfully and tenderly to become a battle axe in the hand of God.In this jet age, Faith A. Oyedepo cries out that a good Christian upbringing is the greatest legacy parents can leave behind for their children. In this book, you will learn:That your children have spiritual, emotional and physical needs, which must be satisfied.How to understand your teenagers. How to minister to difficult children. How to discipline your children, among others. This book will revolutionize your life and family.

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  • Understanding Motherhood

    The journey of building a better society begins with understanding motherhood! Tales of miscreants and psychopaths rife in the society, will be reduced to a minimum, if mothers (biological, foster, spiritual) will awake to their unique responsibilities. The author, Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo, address issues on: . What motherhood is. . The attributes of a good mother. . How to raise children of generational impact. . How to chart a new course for a better society, and lots more. This book: Understanding Motherhood, is indeed a timely manual for mothers.

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  • You are Welcome to God’s Family

    Being born again and a child of God is one thing; knowing your rights, privileges and responsibilities is quite another. When you have a good understanding of your new status after salvation, and what obtains in God’s family to which you now belong, you will be eternally taken from the miry clay and set upon the rock to rule and reign on the earth. In this new and exciting book, Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo reveals the understanding you require, now that you have the new birth experience and have become a member of God’s family. This book shows you, among other things, how to: . Soar to greater heights as a member of God’s family! . Grow spiritually! . Maximize the power of prayer! . Be empowered for exploits in the Kingdom, and a lot more!

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  • You Shall Not be Barren

    Barrenness is a affront to God’s original design for man. God made man for man to make more. It is in man’s makeup to reproduce efforlessly. A contrary reality dose not only challenge God, it upsets his divine intent for the creation of man. You are not created to be fruitless, no factor is strong enough to prevent you from having children. The word of God which commanded your fruitfuilness is superior to any scientific las, philosophical claims and biological disorders. In “You shall not be barren”, Dr. David Oyedepo shares strange insights which unmasks the frailty of the stronghold of barrenness and empowers its victims to shake off its shackles and take delivery of their miracle babies. Open up for man ancounter that will programme you out of any form of fruitlessness.


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