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  • Fear Not!

    We’re going to pray at the end of this book, I just want to share something very powerful, it will be brief, many things are happening in people’s lives and many of it is due to fear. You’re not only reading to receive information, but there are graces that will be imparted and distributed as you read this book. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, let’s trust the Lord to open our eyes as read. Please read it with me. There are certain things that I want us to learn. Number one is that when God wants to bless a man, he gives him the spirit of the blessing, the Bible is talking about the giving of spirit here, he is saying that, ‘love’ has the spirit dimension, that ‘power’ has the spirit dimension, that ‘sound mind’ has its own spirit dimension. In any case, what God is saying is that at any given point in time, there are a distribution of spirits, that Scripture is also saying God does not give fear, so when God wants to make your mind to be sound, the thing he does is not to give you any information. but he introduces you to the spirit dimension and there is a transaction that must happen in the realm of the spirit, and then it will manifest as a sound mind. If fear comes to you, it does not promote or come as a psychological reality, the spirit of fear is sent.When that spirit gets a hold of you, it will now take advantage of your faculties of expression and you begin to react to what you may think is psychological called fear. this is a very powerful truth. So, the Bible is saying God had not given the spirit of fear. All spirits are given, and all spirits are received, which is proof that God can give something. So, if the spirit of fear is at work in a man, it means that somehow you received it. Now, whether you are aware or not, that is another thing entirely, the Bible says anything that is given is to be received to find the expression in the life of many that have received it. So the Bible is saying God has not given us this spirit of fear, this is a very powerful revelation.Whatever you have not gotten the spirit of, you have not gotten the reality of the result that the spirit can bring. So, if the spirit of revelation is not upon you, you cannot have a revelation. No matter how you read or study, the spirit is what empowers you to have revelation from the word of the lord. If the spirit of the blessings and the wealth of the kingdom does not come upon you, no matter what you do physically, it will not give it expression, you will not see the result of the kingdom dimension of wealth, that means God starts to lift people by introducing them to the spirit component of everything that he wants to bring them into, our physical dimension here has a great much root in the spiritual dimension and God would grant you access to the spirit dimension of any reality that you desire and then sooner or later you will begin to walk in that reality, so death is a spirit, and before a physical death happens, there is a proposition in the realm of the spirit for it and somehow if for any reason you receive that spirit, what you have received will begin to manifest. Read This Book and Be Blessed

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