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  • A Very Happy Easter

    Easter is a time of joy and reflection, and what better way to share this special story with young children than through our new book, ‘Very Happy Easter’. This unique book brings the Easter story to life in an interactive way, inviting children to participate in the story through facial expressions. As children ages 2 to 4 learn about how Jesus died and rose again, they will see the emotions of Jesus’ friends and have the opportunity to reflect on what they would have felt. This book is a wonderful way to make story time interactive and to explain Easter to young children in a way that touches them emotionally and builds their empathy. Give the gift of understanding and joy to young children this Easter season, whether it be for moms and toddler groups or passed out at Easter services and other evangelistic events. Let’s share the love of Jesus together through ‘Very Happy Easter’.



    5.000 CFA
  • God’s Very Colourful Creation

    Introducing the perfect children’s book for your little ones! ‘God’s Colorful Creation’ is an engaging and entertaining account of Genesis 1, showing the original version of God and his magnificent creation. Your children ages 2 to 4 will discover how God used every shade of the rainbow and more to create the world we live in. With fun and bright illustrations by Jennifer Davison, your kids will love learning about God’s amazing work. Order your copy today and give your children the gift of discovering God’s wonderful creation!



    6.800 CFA