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  • 101 Foolish Things Ladies Must Never Do In Life and Relationship

    This book is the result of 21 years of my research amongst Girls. They are rhema and knowledge you have never seen this way before.

    Yea, I mean it, this book will protect your future and preserve you from the agony of tomorrow.

    Your life and future are very important, you must know those Foolish things young girls usually do that have destroy many of them in history.

    The book will expose to you the following:

    71 Red flags in a relationship

    40 indicators of Bad Foundation in Marriage

    12 things that will show up in her life in the future

    7 ways to upgrade herself

    14 things to do in Dating and Courtship

    Practical ways to discover Vision

    Dangers of seduction

    Dangers of Family planning pills

    Dangers of Maternity-tie down

    Mummy’s Boy palava

    Importance of principal figure

    Dangers of Parent-level madness

    The stupidity of an Aristo lifestyle

    The madness of Baby Mama

    Dangers of Canopy Ministry

    Dangers of Nicodemus Ministry

    Exposing Visibility Errors


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  • A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, really).

    Are you tired of feeling alone in your menstrual struggles? Do you ever wonder why your periods are the way they are? Look no further! Introducing “Why? A Biblical Perspective on Menstruation” by Rachel Jones. This warm, light, real, honest, and sometimes surprising book gives a biblical perspective on menstruation, and so much more. Rachel takes readers on a theological journey, weaving together reflections on the nature of our bodies, the passage of time, the purpose of pain, and the meaning of life. One thing is certain, you have never read a Christian book like this before. Whether you need hope and help or are simply curious, this book will refresh and encourage you. Rachel’s goal is for you to come to the end of the book celebrating who God made you, how He saved you, and the fact that He speaks a liberating and positive truth in all life experiences, even periods. Get your copy today and join the journey with award-winning author and Bible teacher, Rachel Jones.

    JONES Rachel

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  • Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors

    Dear fellow moms,

    Have you ever stepped on a barefoot Lego and felt like your whole world was falling apart? It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of motherhood and feel like we’re failing in so many ways. But what if I told you that amidst the mess and the mistakes, there is still love and hope waiting for you?

    Jami Amerine, author of Stolen Jesus, understands the ups and downs of motherhood all too well. She’s been there, done that, and is here to share her honest and hilarious experiences with you. Through her journey, she discovered that there is a divine quality in the path beneath our feet, even when it’s covered in Legos.

    In her new book, Jami invites you to find the miracle in the chaos. She reminds us that we are loved by our Heavenly Father, even when we feel like we’ve failed our children, our spouses, and ourselves. We are all children of noble birth, deserving of love and forgiveness.

    So if you’re ready to embrace peace as you raise your children, come and meet the One who can transform sticky ground into sacred ground. Let Jami show you how to let go of your fears and anxieties, and let your Heavenly Father lift you up.

    Don’t let the chaos of motherhood bring you down. Come and discover the miracle waiting for you. Order your copy of Stolen Jesus today and start your journey towards peace and divine wisdom.


    Jami Amerine

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