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  • Activating Your Breakthrough

    Unlock Divine Revelation and Transform Your Destiny: Experience a life-altering encounter with God’s powerful messages that have the potential to reshape your future. Within these pages lies a divine impartation of keys and revelations that will elevate you to new levels of power and blessings. As you dive into the profound teachings presented here, expect to unlock new dimensions of glory in the name of Jesus. Discover the invaluable asset of spiritual interpretation—an ability that goes beyond prayer, studying the Word, or even loving God. Gain the insight to perceive earthly events from a heavenly perspective, just like the insightful sons of Issachar who understood the times. Embrace this opportunity to read and be blessed by the life-changing wisdom found within this book.


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  • How To Be Anointed By God

    How To Be Anointed By God” is an insightful and practical guide that unlocks the keys to experiencing the anointing of God in your life. Drawing from biblical principles, personal anecdotes, and deep spiritual insights, this book takes you on a transformative journey to understand and receive the anointing that comes directly from God.

    In this compelling read, the author explores the meaning and significance of God’s anointing, revealing how it empowers believers to fulfill their divine purpose and walk in supernatural power. Through the pages of this book, you will discover the steps and principles necessary to position yourself to receive the anointing and experience a profound spiritual transformation.

    From cultivating a deep intimacy with God to embracing humility and surrender, each chapter offers practical wisdom and actionable steps to help you develop a lifestyle that attracts the anointing of God. You will learn how to align your heart, mind, and actions with God’s will, creating an environment where His anointing can flow freely and abundantly.

    Moreover, “How To Be Anointed By God” addresses common misconceptions about the anointing and provides biblical clarity on how to discern true anointing from counterfeit manifestations. The book emphasizes the importance of spiritual maturity, integrity, and a genuine hunger for God’s presence as foundational elements in receiving and stewarding the anointing.

    Whether you are a seasoned believer desiring a deeper experience of God’s anointing or a new believer seeking to understand its significance, this book offers practical guidance, inspiring stories, and scriptural principles to empower you on your journey.

    As you read “How To Be Anointed By God,” you will be encouraged to cultivate a life of prayer, worship, and obedience, positioning yourself for encounters with the Holy Spirit and His anointing. Through personal reflection questions, practical exercises, and powerful insights, you will be equipped to pursue a greater level of spiritual anointing and experience the transformative power of God in your life.

    Get ready to unlock the secrets of the anointing and step into a new level of spiritual empowerment. This book will inspire, challenge, and guide you as you embark on a journey to be anointed by God and fulfill your God-given destiny.


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  • How To Get Divine Direction

    Transformation is a product of replacing your old ideologies with another that is new, sustainable, and is able to take you to the place God wants you to go. It is not enough that we have a prophetic destiny in Christ and it is not even enough that we know that we have a prophetic destiny in Christ. We must know how to get there and what it takes to get there and we must commit ourselves. This is one of the major problems in the body of Christ. We teach a lot about where we are going and where God is taking us and the fact that there are many prophetic things reserved for us and that is not a lie. Except for the fact that if believers are not equipped and shown how to leave where they are to that prophetic destiny, they will be frustrated with time. The Bible says “hope that is deferred can make the heart weary”. Our job in this place is not only to reveal to you that there is a prophetic destiny, an agenda in the spirit, that there is an intention in the heart of God for the nations and for us as individuals but, to guide us through the spiritual principles that will transit and transform us to that place. Read this Book and Be Blessed.


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  • How To Get God’s Presence

    I believe that it is important for believers to not only know God but to be taught the principles and the protocol of His presence. Encounter are predictable, men can be mentored into understanding the ways of the spirit and I believe that messages in book like this are not only serving as retreats but they are times provided by the spirit of God to allow us encounter the life, the power and the glory of God. I’m going to be sharing briefly and then we pray. I believe that so many people are seeking for the factors that make for the relevance of a man, of a person within the context of a generation, listen carefully, preachers here and there continue to seek for the various ways to access the power of God, to access relevance within the context of the generation, and here and there we’ve invented all kinds of formulas and methodologies attempting to touch the heart of God, attempting to touch the grace of God, to the end that we may sustain the ability to be relevant within the context of the generation, but some things we need to understand is that the dealings of God with men creativity is not required. You are not at liberty to invent the pathway that’s make for your relationship with God, it is only when it has to do with your dominion upon and around the cosmos, that is when you will draw from the well of creativity. Read This Book and Be Blessed.


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  • How to Hear God’s Voice Clearly

    In Christianity, the importance of cultivating a personal relationship with God is often emphasized. However, true intimacy in any relationship necessitates a two-way conversation.

    To truly know God, it is essential to hear His voice.

    While we commonly engage in prayer as a means of talking to God, it is equally important, if not more so, to expect and anticipate His response. Dismissing the possibility of God speaking to us would be missing out on a vital aspect of our faith.

    Throughout history, God has consistently communicated with His people. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, God continues to speak to us when we choose to follow Him. The challenge lies in discerning His voice amidst the cacophony of others.

    Recognizing our human fallibility, it is understandable that mistakes can be made in discerning God’s voice. However, Jesus Himself assured us in John 10:27 that His followers would be able to recognize His voice and faithfully follow Him.

    One of the greatest privileges of being a Christian is the ability to engage in intimate conversations with the Creator. It is through these personal dialogues that we can truly experience the tangible presence of God in our everyday lives. To embark on this journey of discovering God’s voice for yourself, follow these four simple steps

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  • Maximizing Personal Retreats

    The Transformative Power of Retreat: Embracing Sacred Seasons in God’s Presence”

    Sadly, many believers overlook the significance of retreats in their spiritual journey. Often, the teachings on fasting and prayer take precedence, while the importance of retreats as an integral part of a believer’s growth process remains largely unexplored. However, retreats hold immense value, serving as catalysts for ending and beginning seasons in the presence of God. They go beyond mere time away from people; they have the potential to shape and define crucial phases in your life.

    Embarking on new seasons without a spiritual retreat can be risky, as the flesh may exert influence. The most spiritual moments of your life should coincide with the endings and beginnings of seasons, for it is during these times that Satan seeks to undermine and derail your progress. However, once the seasons have been clarified, and you are propelled forward, it becomes challenging for Satan to hinder your path.

    Hence, it is of utmost importance for each one of us to utilize this precious month and set aside a few days for a meaningful retreat. While various types of retreats exist, such as workers’ retreats for ministries and family retreats, the retreat I am emphasizing is one where you are solely and exclusively alone with God. Not even the presence of a spouse or children should be a part of this retreat.

    This book delves into the profound impact of retreats, guiding you towards embracing sacred seasons in the presence of God. Discover the transformative power of intentionally withdrawing from the world, immersing yourself in solitude with the divine. As you read this book, may you be blessed with the revelation and wisdom to prioritize and embark on a quality retreat, unlocking new dimensions of spiritual growth and communion with God.

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  • Stewards of the Mysteries of God

    In this kingdom, we rise not just by desire but how much light we have accessed and engaged. You can access it, meaning that you are not ignorant of its operation but if you don’t engage it, you will not see anything. Accessing it is a product of humility and desperate pursuit but engaging it is the product of faith. I have said it that faith is simply a product of understanding, obedience and courage. You cannot sustainably act upon what you do not understand. Obedience is the ability to obey to the letter and the courage to stay there regardless of the temporary results that you see. So desire alone will not get you any where in this kingdom. Our society is full of desires. That is wonderful except for the fact that desire alone will not amount to anything. People desire to carry the anointing, prosperity, influence, etc. But they just stop at the level of desire and believe that that is all that they need to do. No.Desire sponsor the appetite for pursuit. With desire, you will defy every excuse and consequences and just pursue. Your desire gives you the inner strength and tenacity to pursue. If and when you have the encounter, you have access to it now, the next thing is to put your understanding to work, engage that truth you know. The engaging part is where I do believe that the church of the Lord Jesus Christ has failed.


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  • The Reality of Heaven and Hell: Part 2

    We started considering the subject of heaven and hell; a very powerful subject. This subject is not taught as much in the body of Christ again for many reasons. We just feel that it puts fear in people and we live in a time and age where people should not be made to be afraid. Unfortunately, if we do not teach about the reality of the afterlife, that there is eternity beyond this realm, we’ll be cheating them. This is the heart of the Christian experience. So, we started last week. Part one was proving to us from scripture that there is a place called heaven and there is a place called hell. Incase you’ve been indoctrinated to believe there is no heaven, it doesn’t make any difference there is because one day you’ll see one of those places for sure whether you believe it or not. The question is not ‘will you spend eternity?’ that’s a wrong question. It’s the location that matters because you’ll spend eternity for sure.

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