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  • In Pursuit of Vision

    The Pursuit of Vision is all about the discovery of purpose and the pursuit of that purpose through divine guidance. God has a purpose for every redeemed child of His. There is a divine assignment entrusted to you to carry out here on earth.

    A discovery of that purpose or assignment is the first step towards the pursuit of vision. This book teaches how you can arrive at your high place in life through following God’s leading. Author, Dr. David O. Oyedepo, stresses the need for divine guidance in the fulfillment of destiny. According to him, “The quality of every man’s destiny is a function of the quality of the divine guidance he receives…His leading defines the limits of our destiny.”

    Dr. Oyedepo also discusses the virtues of “Divine Corrections”, which he describes as actually seventy-five percent of what God does as He leads us.


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  • Makarios Library 51-100

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    Makarios Library 51-100 contains:

    1. Spiritual Dangers
    2. Blood Power
    3. How to be born again and avoid hell
    4. Read your Bible, pray everyday if you want to grow
    5. How you can be become a strong Christian
    6. How you can have an effective quiet time with God every day
    7. Backslinding: Develop your staying power
    8. Daughter you can make it
    9. The time & Your ministry
    10. Know your invible enemies
    11. Make yourselves saviours of men
    12. Everyday by prayer, nothing without prayer
    13. The determinants
    14. Attemp great things for God
    15. Can’t you do just a little be more?
    16. Seven great principles (2nd Edition)
    17. Steps to God’s Presence
    18. The double mega missionary church
    19. Labour to be blessed…labour not to be rich
    20. Those who honour you
    21. The anointing and the presence
    22. Faith secrets
    23. Flow in the anointing
    24. Flow prayer book
    25. Judgment and Justice
    26. Fruitfulness
    27. One thousand Micro churches
    28. Why few are chosen
    29. Lord know you need somebody
    30. The privilege
    31. The gift of governments “A Bishop’s coverning handbook”
    32. Wisdom is the principal thing for your ministry
    33. Predestination
    34. Ministerial Barrenness
    35. If you love the Lord
    36. Ready @ 20
    37. Enlargement secret
    38. Am i goog for nothing?
    39. Be thou faithful unto Death
    40. Going deeper and doing more
    41. Tasters and partakers…
    42. Weeping and Gnashing
    43. Not a novice
    44. Stir it up
    45. Seeing and hearing
    46. The church must send or it will end
    47. The word of my patience
    48. Those who are offended
    49. Etc…



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  • The Force of Hope

    It does not take a century to effect a change; it only takes unparalleled and unshakeable commitment to the truth. The truth is: Hope is a vital force of the Spirit that is required to provoke divine intervention in your life. Recognise that to be hopeless is to be helpless and when you are helpless, divine manifestations elude you. The awareness of this inhibiting factor to the fulfilment of your destiny, made by Pst (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo, a renowned authour, is to enable you to know the place of hope in the actualisation of your destiny.This book is a must-read!


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  • The Power of Hope

    Let God Renew Your Mind, Heal Your Heart, and Restore Your Dreams.

    Never underestimate the extraordinary impact of hope. Life often veers off the path we envisioned, leaving us grappling with the unexpected twists and turns. Whether it’s the heart-wrenching loss of a job, an unforeseen diagnosis, the challenges of a wayward child, or the ceaseless pessimism that engulfs us through the nightly news, there are moments when surrender feels like the only option. But amidst the turmoil, there is an answer—a simple answer that ignites the flame of hope within us.

    In the compelling masterpiece, “The Power of Hope,” renowned best-selling author Dutch Sheets unveils a transformative journey that beckons you to seek solace in God during life’s most arduous trials. With his expert guidance, you will learn to navigate through these challenging times, propelling yourself towards motivation, unwavering desire, and remarkable achievements. This profound work is a beacon of hope, a map that leads to rediscovery. Within its captivating pages, you will encounter empowering meditations designed to:

    • Reflect on the profound message that resonates deep within your soul.
    • Apply these inspirational truths to your unique life circumstances, unlocking the dormant potential within you.
    • Pray fervently, seeking divine intervention and guidance for your specific situation.

    Remember this, you possess the unyielding strength to overcome any tribulation, to transcend every setback, and to resurface, brimming with new vitality, ready to embrace life’s boundless opportunities.

    Allow the words of Romans 15:13 to resonate within your spirit: “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13, MEV)

    Are you prepared to shape your destiny? Make plans to live a life that brims with unbridled hope, purpose, and joy. “The Power of Hope” awaits your embrace. Discover the miraculous transformation that lies ahead.

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  • The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

    Are you searching for hope, peace, purpose, and guidance in your life? Look no further than Christianity and the ultimate gift of Jesus. As Isaiah 9:6 states, He is the Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Eternal Father, and Wonderful Counselor. In this warm and profound book by well-known evangelist Rico Tice, discover how Jesus brings the hope, peace, purpose, and guidance we all long for. Perfect for Christmas, give the gift of understanding and salvation to those you love. Download our free video to use in your own Christmas evangelism and share the hope of Jesus with others. Get your copy of ‘What Do You Want for Christmas?’ today

    TICE Rico

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  • We were beautiful

    Divine Wisdom has brought us a tale of courage, hope, and redemption in the face of tragedy. “Scarred Memories” is a captivating story of Mia Hopkins, a teenage girl who survived a car crash that claimed the life of her sister and left her with physical and emotional scars. Mia’s journey of healing takes her to New York City, where she finds unexpected friendship and love while working in a bustling cafe.

    The story is a poignant reminder that we all carry scars, and they are not always visible to the eye. Mia’s journey towards self-forgiveness and acceptance is a powerful message of hope that will inspire readers to face their own scars and find healing.

    Through the characters of Fig, Cooper, and others, readers will be reminded that they are not alone in their pain. The book’s themes of friendship, forgiveness, and redemption will resonate with readers of all ages and backgrounds.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to be moved by this gripping and heartwarming tale. “Scarred Memories” is a must-read for anyone seeking a story that will touch their heart and leave them with a renewed sense of hope.

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  • What to say when you don’t know what to say

    In times of crisis, people need support and comfort. Whether it’s a job loss, a loved one’s death, or a serious accident, the pain can be overwhelming. As a Christian, you have the opportunity to offer hope and healing to those who are hurting. Norm Wright’s handbook, “How to Respond to Others During and After Crises,” is an essential resource for anyone who wants to be there for others in their time of need.

    Norm Wright is a trusted Christian counselor who has worked with people in crisis for many years. He knows what works when it comes to giving comfort and support. In this easy-to-follow guide, he shares his insights and experience to help you understand the confusion and emotions that the person will experience, decide what to say and what not to say, choose what you can do immediately and long-term, give encouragement during depression and grief, and provide biblical wisdom for helping the person cope and live on.

    Sensitive, practical, and specific, this handbook is a must-have for anyone who wants to be supportive and point to God as the ultimate healer. Whether you’re a family member, friend, neighbor, or coworker, you can make a difference in someone’s life by following the advice in this book. With Norm Wright’s help, you can offer comfort, hope, and healing to those who are hurting.


    H. Norman Wright

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