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    Have you ever wondered what Heaven looks like? What is the sky, what atmosphere reigns in the sky, who lives in the sky and finally what are the humans who go to heaven?

    Heaven, contrary to some preconceived ideas, is a very real place, more real even than our earthly home. Paradise does not only exist in the imagination of certain enlightened people, but it is truly an authentic place where life is very present. The author demonstrates, with supporting biblical passages, that Paradise is not a utopia.

    Furthermore, access to paradise will depend on the nature of each person’s life on earth. This is also because of the beings present in paradise. Indeed, the first resident of heaven is God. It is his throne and God is holy.

    The change of the body will be accompanied by an expansion of knowledge. Currently, human knowledge is very limited. In paradise, we will know more, we will have the understanding of certain mysteries. The hidden will be revealed, even if the knowledge will not be exhaustive.

    Discover it in this book as well as the 21 biblical truths it contains, it will delight your soul. From the sparkling purity of the place, and the company of faithful believers, to the presence of God Himself, whom he left for this earth in order to prepare Heaven – the home that will become your final address. Rich in details from the Bible, 21 Amazing Truths about Heaven is an indispensable book that gives us a taste of our future home and plenty of encouragement for today.

    Dave EARLEY

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  • Activating Your Breakthrough

    Unlock Divine Revelation and Transform Your Destiny: Experience a life-altering encounter with God’s powerful messages that have the potential to reshape your future. Within these pages lies a divine impartation of keys and revelations that will elevate you to new levels of power and blessings. As you dive into the profound teachings presented here, expect to unlock new dimensions of glory in the name of Jesus. Discover the invaluable asset of spiritual interpretation—an ability that goes beyond prayer, studying the Word, or even loving God. Gain the insight to perceive earthly events from a heavenly perspective, just like the insightful sons of Issachar who understood the times. Embrace this opportunity to read and be blessed by the life-changing wisdom found within this book.


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  • Fear Not!

    We’re going to pray at the end of this book, I just want to share something very powerful, it will be brief, many things are happening in people’s lives and many of it is due to fear. You’re not only reading to receive information, but there are graces that will be imparted and distributed as you read this book. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, let’s trust the Lord to open our eyes as read. Please read it with me. There are certain things that I want us to learn. Number one is that when God wants to bless a man, he gives him the spirit of the blessing, the Bible is talking about the giving of spirit here, he is saying that, ‘love’ has the spirit dimension, that ‘power’ has the spirit dimension, that ‘sound mind’ has its own spirit dimension. In any case, what God is saying is that at any given point in time, there are a distribution of spirits, that Scripture is also saying God does not give fear, so when God wants to make your mind to be sound, the thing he does is not to give you any information. but he introduces you to the spirit dimension and there is a transaction that must happen in the realm of the spirit, and then it will manifest as a sound mind. If fear comes to you, it does not promote or come as a psychological reality, the spirit of fear is sent.When that spirit gets a hold of you, it will now take advantage of your faculties of expression and you begin to react to what you may think is psychological called fear. this is a very powerful truth. So, the Bible is saying God had not given the spirit of fear. All spirits are given, and all spirits are received, which is proof that God can give something. So, if the spirit of fear is at work in a man, it means that somehow you received it. Now, whether you are aware or not, that is another thing entirely, the Bible says anything that is given is to be received to find the expression in the life of many that have received it. So the Bible is saying God has not given us this spirit of fear, this is a very powerful revelation.Whatever you have not gotten the spirit of, you have not gotten the reality of the result that the spirit can bring. So, if the spirit of revelation is not upon you, you cannot have a revelation. No matter how you read or study, the spirit is what empowers you to have revelation from the word of the lord. If the spirit of the blessings and the wealth of the kingdom does not come upon you, no matter what you do physically, it will not give it expression, you will not see the result of the kingdom dimension of wealth, that means God starts to lift people by introducing them to the spirit component of everything that he wants to bring them into, our physical dimension here has a great much root in the spiritual dimension and God would grant you access to the spirit dimension of any reality that you desire and then sooner or later you will begin to walk in that reality, so death is a spirit, and before a physical death happens, there is a proposition in the realm of the spirit for it and somehow if for any reason you receive that spirit, what you have received will begin to manifest. Read This Book and Be Blessed

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  • I Dared to Call Him Father

    Discover the incredible story told in “I Dared to Call Him Father”, a captivating book that draws its wisdom from the Bible. Immerse yourself in the fascinating story of Bilquis Sheikh, a renowned Muslim woman. Her extraordinary journey to a personal relationship with God turned her world upside down and put her life in danger.

    First published in 1978, this book has already sold over 300,000 copies and has become a classic of Muslim evangelism. This 25th anniversary edition includes an afterword written by a missionary friend of Bilquis, who plays a prominent role in the story, as well as an appendix on how the East enriches the West.

    “I Dared to Call Him Father” invites you to immerse yourself in an intense spiritual quest, filled with courage, challenges and discoveries. You will be captivated by the story of Bilquis Sheikh, who dared to defy convention and turn to God, despite the risks she faced.

    This inspiring book will show you how religious beliefs can transcend cultural barriers and transcend socially imposed limits. As you follow Bilquis’ journey, you will be led to reflect on your own relationship with God and explore possibilities for personal transformation.

    “I Dared to Call Him Father” is more than just a story. It is a powerful message of hope and faith that resonates beyond religious boundaries. Whether you are a believer or simply curious to learn more about the power of spirituality, this book will awaken your spirit and nourish your soul.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this extraordinary story. Order your copy of “I Dared to Call Him Father” today and embark on a journey that will change your perception of faith and relationship with God.

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  • In The Days Of His Presence

    In The Days Of His Presence” is a captivating product that invites readers into a profound exploration of experiencing the tangible presence of God in their lives. This transformative resource combines rich biblical teachings, personal anecdotes, and practical insights to guide believers on a journey of encountering and embracing the manifest presence of God.

    Drawing from a deep well of spiritual wisdom, “In The Days Of His Presence” explores the significance of living in close communion with God and embracing His presence as a transformative force in every aspect of life. It delves into the timeless truths of Scripture, unveiling the power, joy, and intimacy that come from cultivating a vibrant relationship with God.

    Through powerful narratives and relatable examples, this product unveils the keys to experiencing the presence of God on a daily basis. It offers practical guidance on how to create an environment that welcomes and fosters encounters with God, including prayer, worship, meditation, and cultivating a heart of expectancy.

    “In The Days Of His Presence” also addresses common barriers that can hinder individuals from fully embracing God’s presence and offers practical solutions for overcoming them. It explores the transformative impact of the Holy Spirit, the role of faith, and the power of surrender in facilitating deeper experiences of God’s manifest presence.

    Whether readers are seeking a fresh encounter with God, desiring to deepen their existing relationship, or hungering for a greater understanding of the supernatural realm, this product provides invaluable insights and tools to guide them on their journey.

    Through its thought-provoking content and practical application, “In The Days Of His Presence” empowers readers to walk in a heightened awareness of God’s presence and experience the transformative power that flows from encounters with Him. It ignites a passion for pursuing intimacy with God, resulting in a life marked by greater joy, peace, purpose, and spiritual breakthroughs.

    This product is suitable for individuals at any stage of their spiritual journey, from new believers to seasoned veterans. It can be used for personal study, small group discussions, or as a devotional resource to foster a deeper connection with God.

    Embrace the invitation to enter into the days of His presence. “In The Days Of His Presence” will guide and inspire you to cultivate a vibrant and life-transforming relationship with God, where you can experience His love, guidance, and power in unprecedented ways. Get ready to embark on a journey of encountering the manifest presence of God and discovering the abundant life He has prepared for you.


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  • Knowing God With Results to Show For It

    Awakening to a New Season: The Body of Christ is experiencing a profound stirring, as believers discern the unique leading of the Holy Spirit in this present age. A divine alarm is sounding, proclaiming that God is raising a chosen generation with an unconventional training and purpose. While drawing wisdom from the lives of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac is valuable, it is crucial to recognize that the Spirit is orchestrating a fresh operation unlike anything before. Embracing the leadership of the Holy Ghost is not merely a starting point but a continuous journey of surrender. Prepare to delve into the depths of this divine call and align yourself with the Spirit’s guidance. Discover the transformative insights within this book, and step into a realm of divine blessings. Read now and experience the profound blessings that come from walking under the lordship of the Spirit.



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  • Maximizing Personal Retreats

    The Transformative Power of Retreat: Embracing Sacred Seasons in God’s Presence”

    Sadly, many believers overlook the significance of retreats in their spiritual journey. Often, the teachings on fasting and prayer take precedence, while the importance of retreats as an integral part of a believer’s growth process remains largely unexplored. However, retreats hold immense value, serving as catalysts for ending and beginning seasons in the presence of God. They go beyond mere time away from people; they have the potential to shape and define crucial phases in your life.

    Embarking on new seasons without a spiritual retreat can be risky, as the flesh may exert influence. The most spiritual moments of your life should coincide with the endings and beginnings of seasons, for it is during these times that Satan seeks to undermine and derail your progress. However, once the seasons have been clarified, and you are propelled forward, it becomes challenging for Satan to hinder your path.

    Hence, it is of utmost importance for each one of us to utilize this precious month and set aside a few days for a meaningful retreat. While various types of retreats exist, such as workers’ retreats for ministries and family retreats, the retreat I am emphasizing is one where you are solely and exclusively alone with God. Not even the presence of a spouse or children should be a part of this retreat.

    This book delves into the profound impact of retreats, guiding you towards embracing sacred seasons in the presence of God. Discover the transformative power of intentionally withdrawing from the world, immersing yourself in solitude with the divine. As you read this book, may you be blessed with the revelation and wisdom to prioritize and embark on a quality retreat, unlocking new dimensions of spiritual growth and communion with God.

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  • The Assignment

    IntroductionIn Acts chapter 1, the disciples did not really have the opportunity to understand the full scope of what Jesus came to do even though Jesus taught them in the fundamentals of the kingdom during His earthwork. Because they were not filled with the holy spirit, there were things they could not bear. Jesus Himself said it. Some of those many things were what He spent forty days teaching them after His resurrection. He said, “I have many things to teach you but you cannot bear them now but when He, the spirit of truth comes, He will guide you. Some of the things that I said but you did not understand, He will bring them back to your remembrance”. So many times, you will see the disciples remembering certain things that Jesus had said.But it is important for us to understand the assignment because not understanding our corporate mandate as believers, where we are coming from and where we are going is one of the reasons why there are a lot of confusions in the body of Christ. There is an old story that predates our existence. We came in the middle of history and it is only intelligent that we look back to be able to understand by the spirit what happened and what it is all about. Church service, miracles, breakthroughs, etc what are they all about? Nothing is supposed to be celebrated in isolation. Everything is supposed to find its credence when and if connected to the kingdom. The challenge is that we have not connected them to the kingdom so while we celebrate them and learn about them, they are just the promotion of flesh and human agenda.


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  • The Doctrine

    What is Doctrine? It comes from the latin word, “doctrina” and it means teaching, instructions. Basically, doctrine is a set of believes that are accepted and taught. It is not just a body of truth communicated, it has to be a accepted by a standard first of all. So, before it can be a Doctrine, it must have been standardized based on a reference. That means a compromise of the standard, usually, will start from dishonour to the reference. If there is a reference and the reference is honored, it will be difficult to compromise. We can trust the graduate that comes from Oxford or Harvard because we do not need to know the lecturers that taught them. We trust the standard. We know that there is a system of compliance that ensures that anyone who passes through Harvard, no matter how high or low, there is a minimum standard that he will not come under. As we look across the length and breadth of the body of Christ, we see that there are aberration and compromises on the kind of formation that the Bible says should be. After 10-15 active years in church activities, we do not see that formation. It ought not to be so. So we want to examine what is wrong. There are scriptures that talk about the reality of doctrines as far as the kingdom life is concerned.


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  • The Four Dimensions of Encounters

    For any believer to rise in this kingdom, there are four dimensions of encounters involved. Four is a spiritual number of balance. The number four in the spirit does not just define the operation of the Holy Ghost alone, four is the number of balance. Every time the Lord wants to demonstrate a holistic doctrine, it is usually parted into four dimensions. So an encounter is an experience that makes an object an idea or a person real to you. An encounter is the name given to any experience that is capable of furnishing a reality of a person, an idea or an ideology to you. That means that it is possible that a man can come into the level of conviction over an ideology or over a person. Now look at this, if I have a phone, I hid it from you and told you I have a phone, you are not believing based on an encounter because you have not seen it. So you may believe based on your perception of my person and my credibility. You’re only hoping that I’m right. But if for some reason, if I can turn and you can see the phone and turn back and I tell you I’m holding a phone, you’re not just believing because of my credibility, something about your perception has captured the reality.Read This Book and discover the four encounters that will change your life.


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  • The Mystery of The Blood

    The Mystery of The Blood” is a compelling and enlightening book that takes readers on a profound journey into the powerful spiritual significance of the blood. Drawing from ancient texts, biblical references, and deep spiritual insights, the author unravels the mysteries surrounding the blood and its transformative power.

    In this thought-provoking exploration, readers will discover the profound symbolism and spiritual implications of the blood throughout history and across cultures. From ancient rituals and sacrifices to the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the book explores the redemptive and cleansing properties of the blood in various spiritual contexts.

    Delving into the depths of spiritual warfare, the author unveils the significance of the blood as a spiritual weapon against evil forces and a source of protection and deliverance. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the power of pleading the blood of Jesus and how it can bring victory over spiritual battles, break generational curses, and release divine blessings.

    “The Mystery of The Blood” also sheds light on the spiritual and practical implications of partaking in the Holy Communion or Eucharist, where believers symbolically partake in the body and blood of Christ. Through insightful teachings and personal anecdotes, the book reveals the transformative and life-giving power of this sacred sacrament.

    Furthermore, the author explores the healing and restoration that can be found through the blood, highlighting its ability to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness. Readers will be inspired to embrace the truth that in the blood of Jesus, there is forgiveness, redemption, and healing for every area of their lives.

    This book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the spiritual significance of the blood and unlock its transformative power. Whether you are a believer longing for a deeper spiritual connection or a seeker exploring the mysteries of faith, “The Mystery of The Blood” will ignite a passion for discovering the profound truths hidden within this sacred substance.

    Prepare to be captivated by the revelations, insights, and testimonies as you embark on a spiritual journey that will forever change your understanding of the power and mystery of the blood. Through its pages, you will be empowered to embrace the transformative power of the blood of Jesus and experience the fullness of spiritual life and freedom.


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  • Your Light Has Come

    “Your Light Has Come” is a powerful and inspiring book that illuminates the path to personal transformation and spiritual awakening. In a world filled with darkness and uncertainty, this book serves as a guiding light, offering hope, encouragement, and practical wisdom to help you embrace your true identity and purpose.

    Drawing upon timeless spiritual principles and profound insights, this book takes you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It reveals that within you lies a divine spark, a radiant light that can dispel any darkness and illuminate your path to greatness. Through captivating stories, enlightening teachings, and practical exercises, you will uncover the power within you to overcome challenges, manifest your dreams, and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

    “Your Light Has Come” invites you to embrace your unique gifts and talents, unleash your inner potential, and radiate love, compassion, and joy into the world. It explores topics such as self-love, forgiveness, spiritual growth, and conscious living, providing invaluable tools and guidance to help you navigate life’s journey with grace and authenticity.

    Whether you are seeking personal growth, spiritual awakening, or a deeper connection with your divine essence, this book serves as a beacon of light, reminding you that your light has come and urging you to shine brightly for all to see. Prepare to embark on a transformative adventure that will illuminate your path and empower you to live a life of purpose, passion, and profound meaning.


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