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  • God IS not mad AT you

    Discover the truth about God’s love in GOD IS NOT MAD AT YOU by Joyce Meyer. If you’ve ever felt guilty, afraid, or unworthy of God’s love, this book is for you. With wisdom rooted in the Bible, Joyce Meyer offers a fresh perspective on the source of our confusion about God’s character and how to experience His love on an entirely new level.

    In GOD IS NOT MAD AT YOU, Joyce tackles issues such as perfectionism, approval seeking, rejection, guilt, and shame, and provides practical advice on how to overcome them. She reminds us that God’s anger is directed toward our sinful behavior, not us, and that He is always ready to show us mercy and forgiveness.

    If you’re tired of running from God and feeling miserable, it’s time to run to Him and experience the peace and joy that come from believing His Word. God loves you, and He has a good plan for your life. Don’t let guilt and shame hold you back any longer. Discover the truth about God’s love in GOD IS NOT MAD AT YOU by:


    Joyce Meyer

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  • Loyalty and Disloyalty

    Though a primary requirement of God for leaders, very little has been written on this subject. In this book, Dag Heward-Mills outlines very important principles with the intention of increasing the stability of churches. So relevant and practical is the content of this book that it has become an indispensable tool for many church leaders.

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  • One of You is a Devil

    This profound statement “one of you is a devil” was made by Jesus Christ to His little group of twelve disciples. Many of us are maltreated by the devil because we do not know how to unveil him or identify his handiwork. In this blessed book, you will discover the devil’s sins and resolve never to walk in them. May the phrase “one of you is a devil” never apply to you!

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  • The 5 Love Langages: The Secret to Love That Lasts

    Men Edition

    As husbands, we are called to love our wives, but sometimes it can be challenging to truly understand what makes them feel loved. Are you tired of missing the mark and feeling like you’re not speaking your wife’s love language?

    In this transformative book, renowned author Dr. Gary Chapman reveals the key to unlocking your wife’s heart. “The 5 Love Languages: Men’s Edition” dives deep into the concept of love languages—quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. By understanding and speaking your wife’s primary love language, you can ignite a renewed sense of love and intimacy in your marriage.

    Dr. Chapman’s practical insights and expert guidance will empower you to identify and connect with your wife’s unique love language. Each chapter is filled with wisdom and ends with ten simple and actionable ideas to help you express love in ways that resonate with her heart. You’ll discover how to effectively communicate your affection and build a lasting, loving marriage that withstands the test of time.

    To enhance your journey, “The 5 Love Languages: Men’s Edition” offers an exclusive love languages assessment for you and your wife. This assessment will provide you with valuable insights into each other’s love languages, fostering a deeper understanding of how to meet each other’s emotional needs.

    Don’t let misunderstandings and missed cues erode the love between you and your wife. Take charge of your marriage and embark on a journey of discovery and growth. Let “The 5 Love Languages: Men’s Edition” be your roadmap to a fulfilling and joyful relationship.

    Ignite the flame of love in your marriage today! Order your copy of “The 5 Love Languages: Men’s Edition” and unlock the secrets to a love that lasts a lifetime. Your wife deserves to feel cherished, and you have the power to make it happen. Start speaking her love language and watch your relationship thrive!

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  • Those Who Accuse You

    Although the devil is commonly known as the accuser of the brethren, he is actually the accuser in the midst of the brethren.
    In your leadership experience, you will meet different kinds of people. Perhaps one of the most daunting enemies you will ever encounter is “the accuser in the midst of the brethren”.
    Problems come in different levels but one of the highest problems is to encounter an accuser in the midst of the brethren.
    At the highest point of your ministry, you will struggle with the accuser. Accusation is Satan’s topmost strategy for dealing with an unconquerable enemy. Find out more in this new release by Dag Heward-Mills

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  • Those Who Are Dangerous Sons

    This book is another gift from the pen of Dag Heward-Mills to all ministers who would bother to read it. This book will answer the questions on how to manage the complicated relationships between fathers and sons.
    Through the teaching of this book, you will avert a curse on your life and bring upon yourself a blessing. Fathers are special people who raise up sons and protégés. Without fathers there would be no children to continue the ministry to other generations.
    The call of God flourishes or dies with your ability to relate with fathers. Read this book and avoid the curse associated with dishonouring, disobeying and having poor relationships with fathers.

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  • Those Who Are Ignorant

    In this classic book, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills teaches on how the ingredient of loyalty consolidates a leader’s performance. Using biblical, historic and literary references, the subject is made even more relevant to every kind of reader.

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  • Those Who Are Offended

    The Bible clearly warns us that offences are sure to come to us. This means that there will be events in life that will cause you great displeasure and make you offended.
    Does this warning prepare us enough to overcome when we are offended? What causes us to be offended? Which types of people get offended? Can you protect yourself from being offended? Will you allow offence to make you betray that precious thing called “trust”? This book is your handbook to answers to these threatening questions.
    In this book, Dag Heward-Mills breaks down the effects of offences on us. We learn that offences will hurt and anger us, and that some offences may be difficult to forgive and forget. This book also teaches us the different frightening stages of offence. The book is also a tool to learn how to overcome offences so that we are not held captive by offence.
    There will be offences! But we can overcome these.

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  • Those Who Are Proud

    Pride is a deadly poison that has affected the human race through the years. Because it is impossible to see, pride is able to cause great havoc. How can we fight this danger to our lives? By the vaccination of humility!

    Humility is an important spiritual quality. Few people have dared to write about this nebulous, but important spiritual quality. In this new exciting volume, Dag Heward-Mills exposes the many subtle forms of pride.

    This powerful book, written by a fellow struggling Christian, will bless you and encourage you to develop the childlike humility of Jesus Christ.

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  • Those Who Forget

    Most people are conscious about the “big four” sins: lying, stealing, fornication and murder. If you were to ask people for a list of sins they are not likely to mention the sin of forgetting. But God’s Word is clear on the subject. Forgetting is unrighteousness! To forget, to fail to acknowledge, to fail to remember are sins before God. Find out more in this latest addition to the Loyalty and Disloyalty series by Dag Heward-Mills.

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  • Those Who Honour You (Loyalty and Disloyalty)

    Honour is an important thing that everyone needs to know about. Giving honour is a biblical command. Honour is very important in your relationship with God.

    Honour is very important in your relationship with your prophet, your pastor, your husband and other authority figures. If you do not give honour to whom honour is due, you will never have the right relationship with certain people. This is a handbook for life.

    In this book, you will be taught how to honour someone, the signs of dishonour, the rewards of honour and many more. This book has keys to help you preserve your important relationships. May you not be found wanting in the area of honour!

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  • Those Who Leave You

    People who leave you can destroy you. Nothing can describe the feeling of depression, confusion and anxiety that descends when people walk away from you. This book has been written to help you to fight the destruction that is unleashed when people leave you. Do not be deceived. Being abandoned or being deserted is not unique to you and your ministry. Many others have suffered the same things. Satan was the first rebel and has inspired all rebellions since then. With this book in your hand, you will rise up and fight the spirit of disloyalty that is released by “those who leave you”.

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  • Those Who Pretend

    There are many things that do not look like disloyalty but are disloyalty. They are the attitudes and behaviour patterns that give rise to treachery and disloyalty. It is important to know about these things because they are often the predecessors of serious leadership crises. Satan causes confusion in the house of the Lord and uses it to stir up disloyal elements in the church. Many people use pretence, familiarity and their power of intimidation to be disloyal.

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