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  • 12 Rules For Life : An Antidote to Chaos

    Are you feeling lost and uncertain in a chaotic world? Do you yearn for a sense of direction and purpose in life? Look no further than Jordan Peterson’s groundbreaking book, 12 Rules for Life.

    Through his work as a clinical psychologist and his study of humanity’s oldest myths and stories, Peterson has developed twelve powerful principles for living a life of responsibility and meaning. These principles have helped millions of people of all ages and backgrounds to find their path in life and to navigate the storms of uncertainty and chaos that threaten to overwhelm us all.

    With 12 Rules for Life, you will discover the wisdom of the ages, distilled into practical and realistic advice for modern times. You will learn how to take responsibility for your own life, how to find meaning in even the most difficult situations, and how to contribute to the unfolding destiny of the world.

    This book is a lifeboat for anyone who feels adrift in a sea of confusion and uncertainty. It is a beacon of hope in a world that too often seems dark and chaotic. With 12 Rules for Life, you can build a solid foundation for your life, and navigate the storms of existence with grace, courage, and purpose.

    So don’t wait any longer – let Jordan Peterson’s wisdom guide you to a life of meaning and responsibility. Pick up your copy of 12 Rules for Life today, and start living the life you were meant to lead.

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  • A Husband After God’s Own Heart : 12 Things That Really Matter in Your Marriage

    Are you searching for a way to make a real and lasting impact on the world around you? Look no further than A Man After God’s Own Heart. With divine wisdom and guidance, you can discover God’s perfect design for how you can make a difference in all the key areas of your life.

    Through this book, you’ll learn how to love, lead, and protect your wife, train up and shape your children’s hearts, model integrity and diligence in the workplace, discover how and where God can use you in your church, and let others see God in your words and actions. By committing to becoming a man after God’s own heart, you’ll find the pursuit to be the most rewarding one ever.

    And if you’re a husband looking to become dearer to your wife as you draw closer to God, then A Husband After God’s Heart by Jim Georges is the perfect match for you. This revised version is filled with ideas on building better communication for a more fulfilling marriage, and includes “Small Things That Make a Big Difference” applications in each chapter. The study questions at the end of the book also make it suitable for group study.

    So why wait? Begin your journey towards becoming a man after God’s own heart today, and experience the satisfaction that comes from living a life of purpose His purpose.

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  • Acres of Diamond + As a Man Thinketh


    Are you seeking the keys to success and fulfillment in life? Look no further than the timeless wisdom found within “Acres of Diamond” and “As a Man Thinketh.” These two powerful books, steeped in biblical wisdom, offer profound insights that can transform your mindset and guide you towards a prosperous future.

    In “Acres of Diamond,” Russell Conwell illuminates the spiritual essence of success, revealing that it is not merely a material pursuit but a result of profound spiritual principles. While this book is not a typical “get rich quick” guide, it provides invaluable guidance on how to uncover hidden treasures in your own life. Conwell teaches us that the opportunities for success are abundant, waiting to be discovered within our own conscience. By embracing his philosophy that “all good things are possible,” you can open the doors of opportunity that will benefit not only yourself but also countless others. Conwell’s legacy as a minister, founder of Temple University, and provider of essential healthcare to the less fortunate underscores his core belief in the importance of helping others. “Acres of Diamonds” inspires us to recognize our unique purpose on this earth and seize the extraordinary possibilities that lie within our grasp.

    In “As a Man Thinketh,” James Allen presents an essential guide to self-improvement. Published in 1902, this timeless gem demonstrates the profound connection between our thoughts and our happiness. Are you intrigued by the power of positive thinking but unsure of how to harness it in your own life? Allen’s work reveals the direct correlation between our thoughts and the direction our lives take. As part of the influential New Thought Movement, Allen uncovers the secrets to living a fulfilling existence that surpasses our wildest dreams. Through the mastery of our thoughts, we can unleash our full potential and achieve personal success. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery, as Allen empowers you to take control of your mind and manifest the life you truly desire.

    With “Acres of Diamond” and “As a Man Thinketh,” you hold in your hands a transformative duo that will awaken your inner potential. Embrace the teachings of these profound works, and watch as your mindset shifts, paving the way for a life filled with abundance, purpose, and joy. The power to shape your future lies within your grasp. Start your journey today and unlock the incredible possibilities that await you.


    Russell H. Conwell

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  • Attitude 101 Leadership : What Every Leader Needs to Know

    Are you tired of dealing with bad attitudes on your team? Do you want to improve your team’s performance and ensure its success? Look no further than Attitude 101 by New York Times best-selling author and leadership expert John C. Maxwell.

    Maxwell understands the frustration that comes with trying to lead people with bad attitudes. In this concise and reader-friendly guidebook, he provides valuable insights and practical strategies for recognizing and addressing attitude problems in yourself and others.

    Attitude is a key factor that impacts individual and team performance. By pinpointing problem feelings, behaviors, and thinking, you can identify and address six common attitude problems that undermine teamwork. And by discovering the secret to changing a bad attitude, you can create new definitions of failure and success that will improve performance.

    Remember, attitude is contagious. Adopting the right attitude can help you keep going to the next level of success. With Attitude 101, you can master attitude issues and ensure that your team is catching the right attitude. Don’t let bad attitudes ruin your team’s success. Get your copy of Attitude 101 today!

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  • Becoming a Leader: How to Develop and Release Your Unique Gifts

    Best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe dispels the myth that only some people are destined to be leaders, while everyone else is destined to be a follower. You can become the leader God intended you to be. Discover how to:

    • Activate your leadership potential.
    • Develop a positive legacy.
    • Find resources to fulfill your vision.
    • Empower others for leadership.
    • Embrace your unique role in life.

    Recognize your inborn leadership abilities and become the leader you were meant to be!
    New expanded edition includes study questions for individual and group use.

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  • Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others

    Whatever your vocation or aspiration is, you can increase your impact with Maxwell’s simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others.

    America’s leadership expert John Maxwell and renowned author Jim Dornan teaches that if your life in any way connects with other people, you are an influencer. Learn the tactics to interact more effectively with people, and watch your organizational success go off the charts!

    In Becoming a Person of Influence, Maxwell and Dornan help people, regardless of their occupation, reach their full influential potential:

    • Managers will see their employees respond with new enthusiasm
    • Parents will connect with their children on a deeper level
    • Coaches will see players blossom
    • Pastors will reach more people
    • Salespeople will break records

    Authors Maxwell and Dornan have spent most of their lives raising up influencers. With humor, heart, and unique insight, they share what they have gained from decades of experiences in both business and nonprofit areas. Their insights are practical and easy to apply to everyday life.

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  • Becoming A Personn Of Influence

    Looking to make a greater impact in your personal or professional life? Look no further than Maxwell and Dornan’s groundbreaking book, Becoming a Person of Influence. This powerful guidebook will help you unlock your full potential and become a true influencer in any area of your life.

    With practical advice and easy-to-follow tips, Maxwell and Dornan teach readers how to interact more positively with others and achieve unprecedented levels of success. Whether you’re a manager looking to inspire your employees, a parent seeking to connect with your children on a deeper level, a coach hoping to see your players blossom, or a salesperson aiming to break records, this book is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to make a real impact.

    Drawing on decades of experience in both the business and nonprofit worlds, Maxwell and Dornan share their unique insights and wisdom with readers, helping them to become the best possible version of themselves. Their advice is practical, actionable, and easy to apply to everyday life, making it the perfect resource for anyone looking to grow personally and professionally.

    So why wait? Order your copy of Becoming a Person of Influence today and start making a real difference in your life and the lives of those around you!

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  • Blue Ocean Shift Beyond Competing

    Blue Ocean Shift is the essential follow up to Blue Ocean Strategy, the classic and over 4 million copy global bestseller by world-renowned professors W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.

    Drawing on more than a decade of new work, Kim and Mauborgne show you how to move beyond competing, inspire your people’s confidence, and seize new growth, guiding you step-by-step through how to take your organization from a red ocean crowded with competition to a blue ocean of uncontested market space. By combining the insights of human psychology with practical market-creating tools and real-world guidance, Kim and Mauborgne deliver the definitive guide to shift yourself, your team, or your organization to new heights of confidence, market creation, and growth. They show why nondisruptive creation is as important as disruption in seizing new growth.

    Blue Ocean Shift is packed with all-new research and examples of how leaders in diverse industries and organizations made the shift and created new markets by applying the process and tools outlined in the book. Whether you are a cash-strapped startup or a large, established company, nonprofit or national government, you will learn how to move from red to blue oceans in a way that builds your people’s confidence so that they own and drive the process.

    With battle-tested lessons learned from successes and failures in the field, Blue Ocean Shift is critical reading for leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs alike. You’ll learn what works, what doesn’t, and how to avoid the pitfalls along the way. This book will empower you to succeed as you embark on your own blue ocean journey. Blue Ocean Shift is indispensable for anyone committed to building a compelling future.


    Blue Ocean Shift claims to be “THE definitive guide to moving you, your team and your organization to new heights of trust, market creation and growth”. That’s a pretty big claim, but authors Kim and Mauborgne are professors of strategy at INSEAD and co-directors of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute and have an excellent pedigree. In 2005 they wrote Blue Ocean Strategy (it has sold over 3.5 million copies and has become a classic in strategic management). He introduced the concept of red oceans (highly competitive and shrinking profit pools) and blue oceans (uncontested market space, ripe for explosive growth). The key question they asked themselves was “how to get out of this red ocean of bloody competition and generate strong and profitable growth?” What does it take to go beyond the best,

    This book, Blue Ocean Shift is a direct response to organizations (B2C, B2B, public, non-profit and government) who have found the transition from the red ocean to the blue ocean more difficult than they think. originally thought. Many organizations that got stuck in red oceans blamed bureaucracy, traditional thinking and a lack of creativity.

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  • Christian Conseling

    Looking for a comprehensive counseling guide that combines solid biblical teachings with practical advice on counseling in a variety of situations? Look no further than the revised and expanded third edition of Christian Counseling by Gary R. Collins.

    This classic handbook is an indispensable resource for churches, classrooms, and the helping professions. It provides updated, extensive coverage of the most common issues troubling those who seek counseling, including marriage and relationship problems.

    With its clear and easy-to-read style, Christian Counseling is a must-have textbook for students and their professors, a valuable training tool for lay counselors, and an informative resource for anyone seeking a greater understanding of human behavior. Its biblical foundation makes it a powerful primer on the principles of Christian counseling.

    Whether you’re a pastor, counselor, teacher, or simply someone seeking guidance on how to help others, Christian Counseling is the go-to resource for practical, effective counseling rooted in the wisdom of the ages. Order your copy today and see for yourself why this handbook has stood the test of time as a trusted guide to the art of counseling.

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  • Courageous Leaders : Transforming Their World

    Greetings and blessings to you, dear reader! Are you seeking to make a positive impact on the world around you but find yourself struggling to stay on track and follow through with your vision? Look no further than Courageous Leaders, a guidebook for those who seek to take action with divine inspiration and guidance.

    As our world faces an increasing need for compassionate, driven leaders who are motivated by God’s love and wisdom, it is important to have the tools and guidance necessary to bring our visions to life. With Courageous Leaders, you will be equipped with a practical, hands-on approach to strategic planning that will help you remain steadfast in your pursuit of God’s plan for your life and the world around you.

    Whether your goal is local or global, simple or complex, Courageous Leaders will provide you with the insights and strategies necessary to succeed. This powerful guidebook is ideal for those seeking to make positive changes in their homes, businesses, ministries, or communities, and will help you stay on course even in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

    So if you are ready to step up as a leader and make a difference in the world, let Courageous Leaders be your guide. With its practical wisdom and divine inspiration, you will be empowered to achieve the vision that God has placed in your heart. Order your copy today and begin your journey towards courageous leadership!

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  • Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.

    Prepare to take notes on the sidelines of Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Difficult conversations.

    Immerse yourself in this book about how bold leadership requires courage because it asks us to be vulnerable. As Brown explains, having difficult conversations such as giving or receiving feedback, collaborating with a team, and solving problems together to meet deadlines can be dramatically changed if approached from a bold leadership perspective. If we choose to approach these situations with curiosity, courage, and clarity rather than pride, self-protection, and information withholding (or “armor” as Brown refers to it in his book), a whole new level of understanding and meaning can be taken out of context.

    Our group clung to a real life example of what she called the “ham tuck debacle” that illustrates how, during times of stress, even the smallest issues like not having enough meat for lunch can create stories in our minds that dramatize and distort reality. Pausing and clarifying a problem can help avoid small grievances that undermine our relationships. Brown recommends using storytelling tactics such as using the phrase “The story I’m telling myself” to acknowledge and verbalize our feelings to address them before we get carried away. In the accounting profession, where tight deadlines are the norm and collaboration is essential, communication with our colleagues is non-negotiable. However, the level of genuine and helpful feedback can sometimes vary.

    Brown explains how conversations that involve feedback – especially negative feedback – are often avoided or cut short because they tend to sound more like criticism and involve less desirable emotions such as “fear, shame, grief, disappointment and sadness”. While these can be uncomfortable at times, she argues that difficult conversations – just like the ones we have in our Kruggel Lawton office (i.e. the emotions and feelings we crave. It’s the birthplace of love, belonging and joy… [and] the cornerstone of building courage.

    In other words, if we don’t participate thoughtfully in these conversations, we may gloss over real-time issues, but we also miss the long-term building blocks of a meaningful relationship. Empathizing with the people around us, listening carefully, becoming curious – these are all tools we should use to become bold leaders. Brown puts it so succinctly: “Clear is kind. Not clear is mean.

    Brown’s call for courage is loud and clear: we need more courageous leaders. Inside and outside our workplaces, from our homes to our governments, we must be adaptable to change, willing to have difficult conversations, and strive to be resilient in times of challenge and adversity. . Ultimately, our amount of “courage is the strongest predictor of [our] ability to succeed…Choosing to live and love with all our heart is an act of defiance.” Ultimately, “Courage is rebellion.”

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  • Dreamcrafting

    The Art of Dreaming Big. 
    The Science of Making It Happen.

    Are you tired of seeing your dreams fade away? Have you ever wondered why some people succeed in achieving their dreams while others fall short? It’s time to tap into the wisdom of the ages and unleash the power of Dreamcrafting.

    In the journey towards our dreams, many of us possess the necessary skills and expertise, yet we still struggle to make our dreams a reality. But fear not, for Paul Levesque and Art McNeil have unearthed the missing link that separates the triumphant from the defeated. They have revealed the key to unlocking success lies in cultivating higher-order skills known as macroskills, which can make all the difference regardless of the nature of your dreams. Dreamcrafting delves deep into these skills, providing you with the ultimate guide to turning your dreams into tangible achievements.

    Drawing upon the profound wisdom of the Bible, Dreamcrafting takes you on a transformative journey. It empowers you to master the art of dream manifestation by aligning your actions with time-tested principles. With this powerful resource in your hands, you’ll learn how to craft a future that surpasses your wildest imagination.

    Dreamcrafting equips you with the tools needed to overcome the hurdles that hinder your progress. Through its pages, you’ll uncover the secrets of perseverance, resilience, and unwavering faith. Embrace the practical advice and actionable strategies within this extraordinary guide, and witness your dreams flourish like never before.

    Imagine the possibilities of starting that thriving business you’ve always envisioned. Envision yourself playing the piano with the grace and skill of a maestro. Picture your words gracing the pages of a published book, inspiring countless souls. Dreamcrafting holds the key to turning these dreams into your reality.

    Don’t let your dreams fade away. Take a step towards success today and embark on a journey of Dreamcrafting. This book is your roadmap to the life you were destined to live.

    Are you ready to unleash your full potential and make your dreams come true? The power of Dreamcrafting awaits you.

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  • Earn it ! : Your Value and Grow Your Career, in Your 20s and Beyond

    Welcome to the world of work, where success is earned through hard work and determination. Are you a newcomer to the workforce, eager to make your mark but unsure where to begin? Look no further than “Earn It!” – the ultimate guide to navigating the new world of work.

    This book is packed with road-tested advice on everything from landing a job to building your personal brand and getting the recognition (and money) you deserve. Written by New York Times bestselling author Mika Brzezinski and producer Daniela Pierre-Bravo, “Earn It!” is an essential manual for those crucial next steps in your career.

    Whether you’re just starting out or feeling stuck in what you thought would be your dream profession, “Earn It!” has got you covered. This practical career guidebook not only helps you get your foot in the door, but also shows you how to negotiate a raise, advocate for more responsibility, and figure out whether you’re in the career that’s right for you.

    Don’t let the whirlwind of job applications, interviews, follow-up, resume building, and networking overwhelm you – “Earn It!” provides straight-talking guidance to help you navigate every step of the way. With this book by your side, you’ll be well on your way to success in the world of work.

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  • Empowering Leadership

    Do you feel like your local church is struggling due to a lack of leadership? Do you want to train better leaders faster and create a culture of continuous growth? Look no further than Empowering Leadership by Michael Fletcher.

    This book offers a fresh perspective on leadership development and shows that simply buying or hiring leaders from elsewhere won’t cut it. Instead, the key is to create a culture within your church or organization that organically develops leaders at every level. This means focusing on the people and developing relationships that encourage growth and progress.

    Fletcher emphasizes that it’s not about the leader, but about Jesus and his people. That’s why it’s important to hire pastors and staff roles from within the church – individuals who understand and embody the culture you want to maintain.

    Empowering Leadership offers practical insights and advice on how to build a leadership development structure that works naturally and continually. With this book, you can empower your church or organization to create a thriving culture of leadership and growth.

    Don’t let a lack of leadership hold your church back. Invest in Empowering Leadership and build better leaders faster today!

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  • Finishing Well

    What  People Who Really Live Do Differently!

    It’s never too late (or too early) to begin finishing well! In a world where success often fades with time, wouldn’t you like to embark on a path that leads to lasting significance? Imagine a life where every moment counts, where your work carries eternal purpose and meaning until the day you take your final breath. Author Bob Buford, driven by the wisdom found in the depths of biblical teachings, presents to you “Finishing Well,” a groundbreaking book that illuminates the way to a rich and purposeful future.

    Buford, a visionary leader, has dined with “some of the smartest people on the planet” who have successfully transitioned from mere success to profound significance. Join the likes of Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, Dr. Kenneth Cooper, George Gallup, Howard Hendricks, Roger Staubach, and Bill Pollard as they divulge their secrets to a life that goes beyond the ordinary. Through their inspiring words, you will discover how you too can achieve remarkable feats, leaving a legacy that transcends time.

    Drawing from the pearls of wisdom shared by these accomplished individuals, Buford reminds us that the key to finishing well lies in embracing a forward-focused mindset. As he wisely asserts, “If people see their best years behind them, they’re probably not going to finish very well, because you can’t finish well when you’re going backwards.” It’s a call to action, urging you to leave behind the shackles of the past and step into a future brimming with possibilities.

    Retirement may mark the end of our professional careers, but it should never signal the end of our calling. Buford reminds us that our purpose transcends the confines of a job or a title. “We can retire from our jobs but we can never retire from our calling.” With “Finishing Well” as your guide, you will uncover the true meaning of work and its role in sustaining a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

    The book delves into the profound truth that our earthly existence often falls short of its potential due to our limited understanding of the grandeur that awaits us. Buford echoes the sentiment, “We live pale and empty lives here on earth because we’re ignorant about what lies ahead, and we need to see that the dimensions of life are so much greater than what we can see, hear, and touch today.” Prepare to transcend the ordinary, as “Finishing Well” broadens your perspective and unveils the vast dimensions of life that await your exploration.

    Unlocking your potential for a meaningful existence demands a commitment to achievement and sustained growth. Buford highlights the habit of achievement as a defining characteristic of those who reach great heights. He shares, “People who achieve have a habit of achievement that begs for sustaining.” With “Finishing Well” as your ally, you will cultivate the tenacity and determination needed to surpass expectations, time and time again.

    Why settle for a life devoid of purpose when there’s an abundance of meaningful endeavors awaiting your attention? Buford challenges us to break free from stagnant routines and embrace a life of continued purpose. He asks, “As long as you’re able to do something meaningful, why would you want to go into some kind of holding pattern?” “Finishing Well” arms you with practical strategies and invaluable perspectives from “second season trailblazers” to ensure your journey remains purposeful and inspiring, regardless of your age or stage in life.

    Whether you’re in your twenties or your eighties, “Finishing Well” is a timeless guide that propels you toward a future marked by significance. Don’t let another moment slip away without embracing the transformative power of a life lived with eternal purpose and meaning.

    Bob Buford
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  • Go for Gold: Inspiration to Increase Your Leadership Impact

    If you’ve read any of John C. Maxwell’s books on leadership, you know that leadership is developed daily, not in a day. That’s why he’s created Go for Gold, a daily companion to Leadership Gold. It’s designed to help supercharge your growth as a leader.

    Go for Gold offers daily bite-sized leadership lessons taken from Dr. Maxwell’s catalog of leadership and personal development books.

    Organized into twenty-six weekly lessons with space for notes from your own leadership journey, Go for Gold will help you jump-start your leadership growth with wisdom and best practices from John C. Maxwell.

    8.500 CFA
  • How To Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be

    Are you tired of feeling stuck in your life? Are you ready to make a change for the better? Look no further than Jack Canfield’s powerful book, filled with clear, straightforward, and highly effective principles that can transform your life within minutes.

    As the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack Canfield knows what it takes to build a successful business from scratch. And now, he’s sharing his key techniques and unique insights with you, so that you too can achieve success in anything you do.

    With Canfield’s extraordinary insights and powerful life tools, you can become the happy, successful person you were meant to be, without burning yourself out. Whether you’re looking for more success and fulfillment in your work, your finances, your relationships, your health, your sport, or your creativity, Canfield can show you how.

    Take control of your life today with Canfield’s powerful principles of 100% responsibility and 100% accomplishment. Discover and focus on your core genius, and become better at what you do best, achieving huge success in what you love most. Set your goals and achieve them, transcending the limiting opinions of others and unlocking your full potential.

    Don’t settle for a life that’s less than you deserve. Order Jack Canfield’s book today, and start your journey towards a happier, more successful future.

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  • Influence : Leading Without Position

    Introducing the secret to true leadership: influence. Are you tired of feeling powerless and frustrated with the lack of change in your organization or community? Do you have ideas and visions for transformation, but struggle to make them a reality? Look no further, because the solution is right here.

    Discover the timeless wisdom of young men and women in the Bible who sparked change and transformed their communities. With our program, you’ll learn how to cultivate influence and inspire others to follow your lead. You’ll learn how to respect your leaders while effectively communicating your ideas and vision, and you’ll see real transformation in your community, church, or nation.

    You don’t need a title, age, or qualifications to be a leader. All you need is the desire to make a difference and the willingness to learn. Our program will equip you with the tools and strategies to become a true influencer and leader, regardless of your position.

    Don’t wait to make a difference. Start your journey towards leadership today and see the impact you can make. Join us and become a catalyst for change in your community!

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  • Insider’s Guide To Culture Change

    Unlock the Secret to Business Success with Siobhan McHale’s Insider’s Guide to Culture Change!

    Are you struggling to understand why your business is failing despite all your efforts to improve it? Look no further than your company culture. As Siobhan McHale, renowned cultural transformation expert and global leader, puts it, “That’s how things work here.” And if things aren’t working, it’s time for a culture change.

    But how do you demystify cultural transformation and get on the path to positive change? That’s where The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change comes in. With McHale’s proven four-step process, you’ll learn how to understand what corporate culture really is and how it impacts all aspects of your organization’s operations. You’ll also be able to analyze where your culture is broken or not adding maximum value and unleash the power to reframe roles within your business to empower and engage your employees.

    Don’t be one of those leaders or managers who issues a statement of core values or unifies the culture around a set of common goals only to find that no meaningful change occurs. Instead, use McHale’s proven methods and tools to break deep-seated patterns and shift your business mindset. And with momentum, you’ll be able to consolidate achievements and keep your foot on the accelerator of change.

    Watch your disengaged employees transform into change leaders who drive an agile culture that consistently outperforms. The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change is the key to unlocking the secret to business success. Get your copy now and start transforming your culture today!

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  • JumpStart Your Thinking : A 90 Day Improvement Plan eBook

    Welcome to the world of successful thinking! If you’re looking to unlock your full potential and achieve your dreams, then you’ve come to the right place. Meet Maxwell, your new companion who will provide you with the wisdom and inspiration you need to become a better thinker.

    With Maxwell’s guidance, you will master the eleven types of successful thinking, including Big Picture Thinking, Focused Thinking, Creative Thinking, Shared Thinking, and Reflective Thinking. By incorporating these types of thinking into your daily life, you’ll discover a world beyond your own needs, make breakthroughs, compound results, and gain a better understanding of the future.

    But that’s not all. Maxwell’s portable volume is filled with inspiring quotes, engaging lessons, and stimulating questions, designed to help you make daily strides towards more effective thinking. With just three short months of commitment, you’ll begin to see a noticeable change in the way you think and approach challenges.

    Whether you’re looking to improve your personal life, career, or relationships, successful thinking is the key to unlocking your full potential. So what are you waiting for? Join the ranks of successful thinkers today and make your dreams a reality with Maxwell’s guidance.

    12.300 CFA