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  • Cost Critera Spiritual Maturity

    Sucess and the Christian

    Unveiling the Path to Spiritual Maturity: “The Cost of Spiritual Maturity: Success and the Christian” – A Life-Changing Book!

    In “Success and the Christian,” you will encounter a profound compilation of sermons by the renowned AW Tozer. Delve into the heart of the matter: spiritual maturity, its true cost, and the criteria that define it for every believer.

    The primary aim of this extraordinary collection is to ignite a personal and heartfelt relationship with God among His people—a message that Tozer has consistently championed throughout his ministry.

    Discover the transformative power of truly knowing God on a deep and intimate level. It is through this genuine connection that life finds purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. As a Christian, your highest goal should be to draw closer to God. But what hinders us from attaining genuine spiritual success? AW Tozer boldly proclaims that it is the burdensome excess baggage that many Christians carry, which prevents them from moving forward in their journey with God.

    Are you ready to shed the weights that hinder your spiritual progress? Let “The Cost of Spiritual Maturity: Success and the Christian” be your guide. Through Tozer’s profound insights and biblical wisdom, you will gain the tools to let go of anything that holds you back from experiencing the fullness of God’s presence and purpose in your life.

    As you engage with this powerful book, you will be challenged to examine your heart, confront your shortcomings, and pursue a life of genuine spiritual growth. Prepare to be transformed as you align your priorities with God’s desires for your life.

    Don’t let anything stand in the way of your spiritual success! Order your copy of “The Cost of Spiritual Maturity: Success and the Christian” today, and embark on a life-changing journey. Break free from the burdens that hinder your progress and embrace the abundant life that God has prepared for you. It’s time to soar to new heights in your walk with God and experience the true joy of spiritual maturity.


    A.W. TOZER

    8.999 CFA