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  • The Bible Based Illustrated Dictionary of Prophetic Symbols and Prophétic Acts

    Discover the hidden treasure of divine meanings with our latest masterpiece: “Bible-Based Illustrated Dictionary of Prophetic Symbols and Prophetic Actions.” » This is not just an ordinary dictionary, but a work imbued with divine wisdom itself!

    Delve into the most comprehensive illustrated Bible dictionary ever compiled of prophetic and dream symbols. It is much more than a simple collection of words; it is a deep exploration of the mysteries revealed by God. Divine revelations are abundant, but few truly understand their essence. This authoritative book guides you through the parabolic language of symbols with Holy Spirit-inspired articulation.

    We celebrate the infinite grace and mercy of our Lord who chooses to communicate with His children through prophetic symbols and actions. This unique dictionary intelligently bridges the gap between prophetic revelation and its application in daily life. As a bonus, it includes an expanded version of the best-selling Illustrated Bible Dictionary of Dream Symbols.

    Designed by experts and inspired by the Holy Spirit, this book is divided into four engaging parts that go far beyond simple definitions. Each page resonates with the word Rhema and divine prompting, transporting the reader into an unprecedented spiritual experience.

    The author, firmly grounded in the Bible, explores in detail topics such as the diversity of ways God communicates. He emphasizes that God speaks to everyone, but not in the same way, whether through dreams, visions, plain language, riddles or parables. It encourages each individual to refine their methods of divine reception, thereby avoiding stereotyping the ways in which God chooses to speak.

    With this powerful tool in your hands, say goodbye to the frustration of not understanding your dreams and eliminate the danger of misinterpretation. You are invited to discover a wealth of revealed knowledge about symbols and symbolic actions, creating a deep connection with divine communication. This dictionary is much more than a book, it is a spiritual adventure that will transform your understanding of divine mysteries!

    Dr Joe IBOJIE

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  • The Mystery Of Altars and Foundations

    The Mystery of Altars and Foundations” is a captivating and enlightening book that delves deep into the hidden realms of altars and foundations and their profound significance in the spiritual realm. In this thought-provoking exploration, the author unravels the secrets and mysteries surrounding these ancient spiritual constructs, shedding light on their impact on our lives and spiritual destiny.

    Drawing from sacred texts, historical accounts, and personal experiences, the author unveils the power and symbolism of altars and foundations as sacred spaces where divine encounters, spiritual transactions, and transformative experiences take place. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of how altars and foundations serve as spiritual gateways, connecting us to higher realms and facilitating communication with the divine.

    Through captivating storytelling and insightful teachings, “The Mystery of Altars and Foundations” reveals the significance of establishing and maintaining personal and generational altars and solid foundations in our lives. Readers will learn how these spiritual practices can bring forth blessings, protection, healing, and breakthroughs in every aspect of life, including relationships, finances, health, and spiritual growth.

    Furthermore, the book explores the intricacies of altar construction, activation, and consecration, providing practical guidance and step-by-step instructions for creating and maintaining powerful altars that resonate with divine energy and presence. It also delves into the importance of examining and addressing any negative foundations or ancestral patterns that may hinder spiritual progress and offers strategies for breaking free from generational bondages.

    “The Mystery of Altars and Foundations” is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual connection, unlock hidden potentials, and experience divine transformation. Whether you are a novice or seasoned spiritual seeker, this book will inspire and empower you to embark on a profound journey of discovery, restoration, and spiritual alignment. Prepare to be captivated by the revelations and insights as you unlock the mysteries of altars and foundations and embark on a transformative spiritual odyssey.


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