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  • Building a Successful Family

    “Nothing successful is an accident,” says Faith Oyedepo in this her new book on the family. According to her, “It take conscious, deliberate, and calculated steps to realise success in any venture, including the family.”

    Building A Successful Family is written to help every man and woman achieve success in family life, which will then translate to success in other areas of life. It is the A-Z of marriage and family life, as it contains building blocks with which a successful home and family can be built.

    In this book, you will discover that:
    – God designed marriage and family to succeed.
    – You have a part to play in building a successful family.

    Get this book written by the author of such successful books on marriage and family life as The Marriage Covenant, Making Marriage Work and raising Godly Children, and learn how to turn your home into the Garden of Eden that God designed it to be.

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  • Raising Godly Children

    Some people lay up money, house, clothes, cars and other possessions as an inheritance for their children. But the only way to preserve the coming generation is to raise our children the godly way today. God’s purpose for giving you children is not only for replenishing and filling up the earth but because He is seeking a godly seed. A child is like plasticine — soft, pliable and mouldable. He must be moulded skillfully and tenderly to become a battle axe in the hand of God.In this jet age, Faith A. Oyedepo cries out that a good Christian upbringing is the greatest legacy parents can leave behind for their children. In this book, you will learn:That your children have spiritual, emotional and physical needs, which must be satisfied.How to understand your teenagers. How to minister to difficult children. How to discipline your children, among others. This book will revolutionize your life and family.

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  • Understanding Motherhood

    The journey of building a better society begins with understanding motherhood! Tales of miscreants and psychopaths rife in the society, will be reduced to a minimum, if mothers (biological, foster, spiritual) will awake to their unique responsibilities. The author, Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo, address issues on: . What motherhood is. . The attributes of a good mother. . How to raise children of generational impact. . How to chart a new course for a better society, and lots more. This book: Understanding Motherhood, is indeed a timely manual for mothers.

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