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  • Apostles Today

    In the 1990s, the transformation of cities became a rallying cry. Now, it’s time to reflect on how far we have come and understand the crucial role of apostles in the urban landscape. Join renowned author C. Peter Wagner as he unites the concepts of city transformation and the calling of apostles in a groundbreaking volume.

    “Apostles Today” is a powerful call for apostles to rise up and assume their rightful sphere of authority in order to see God’s will manifest here on earth. With decades of experience and insights from fellow apostles, Wagner presents a compelling vision for the pivotal role of apostles in not just the traditional church, but also in the extended church.

    This book is a treasure trove of wisdom, weaving together personal anecdotes, biblical principles, and real-life examples to illustrate the significant impact apostles can have in healthy churches, workplaces, and entire cities. You will discover how apostles are uniquely equipped to bring about transformation, ushering in God’s divine purposes wherever they go.

    As you immerse yourself in the pages of “Apostles Today,” you will gain a deep understanding of the profound calling and authority bestowed upon apostles. You will be inspired to align your life with God’s plans and fulfill your role as an agent of change in your community.

    It’s time to embrace your apostolic calling and step into the destiny that awaits you. Let C. Peter Wagner guide you on this transformative journey, as you unlock the secrets of apostolic leadership and unleash the power of God’s kingdom in your sphere of influence.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the city transformation movement. Order your copy of “Apostles Today” today and become an instrument of God’s will in building healthy churches, transforming workplaces, and impacting cities for His glory. Let the timeless wisdom and insights contained within these pages ignite your passion for apostolic leadership and bring about tangible change in your world.



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  • Can’t You Do Just a Little Bit More?

    Today, there are many little things that we can do that will make a huge difference in the overall effort of building the kingdom of God. Just a little bit more effort, a little bit more time, a little bit more money to advance the cause of Christ, a little bit more interest in the unsaved soul, a little bit more care for your neighbour will make a huge difference. Can’t you do just a little bit more? This is a clarion call we cannot ignore! Can’t you do just a little bit more?

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    What are the roles of the apostle, prophet & pastor in the Body of Christ? The offices of the apostle and the prophet have come under much scrutiny and questioning among believers. Some claim that these offices are no longer in existence in our day.

    But what does the Word of God say about the roles of the apostle and prophet in the earth today—and how does the pastor fit in?

    Bringing biblical balance to this area of teaching, Kenneth E. Hagin answers such questions as: • Does the apostle rule over all the other ministry gifts, including the pastor? • Should the prophet lead the local church? • Who is in authority in the local assembly? • What is a New Testament prophet?

    God is raising up strong local churches. But as Rev. Hagin emphatically states, God also wants us to clearly understand the proper role of apostles and prophets in the Body of Christ.

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  • How to Prepare and Deliver Expository Sermons

    Unlock the transformative power of biblical preaching with our exceptional book, “Biblical Preaching: How to Prepare and Deliver Expository Sermons.” This outstanding masterpiece has not only withstood the test of time but has also profoundly influenced an entire generation of evangelical preachers like no other book in the past quarter century.

    Renowned preacher and author, [Author’s Name], presents an unparalleled guide to the sacred task of preparing and presenting biblical sermons. Praised as the ultimate preaching primer, this book has become the go-to resource for preachers seeking a comprehensive walk-through of the process of crafting and delivering expository sermons.

    Preaching magazine declares, “Still the preaching primer of choice! No book offers a better walk-through of the process for preparing and delivering expository sermons.” With utmost clarity and expertise, [Author’s Name] unfolds a remarkably complete sermonic method that equips preachers with the essential tools to engage their congregations effectively.

    Throughout the book, you will find practical exercises at the end of each chapter, designed to guide both homiletical teachers and those seeking to refresh their understanding of the fundamentals. These exercises serve as valuable resources for honing your skills and deepening your understanding of biblical preaching.

    However, what truly sets “Biblical Preaching” apart from other resources is the unique quality that surpasses all the rest. [Author’s Name], in his divine wisdom, knows how to think along with God and, remarkably, he imparts this invaluable skill to others. Prepare to have your heart stirred as his profound ideas resonate within you, leaving an indelible impact on your preaching journey.

    As you embark on the enlightening path of biblical preaching, “Biblical Preaching: How to Prepare and Deliver Expository Sermons” will become an invaluable addition to your pastoral library. Equip yourself with the transformative insights and teachings of [Author’s Name], and experience the true power of biblical preaching.

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  • In His Steps

    Millions Copies sold in over 45 overs

    “In His Steps” is a classic Christian novel that invites you to embark on a profound journey of self-reflection and decision-making. Set in a small town, this captivating story revolves around a preacher who challenges his congregation with a simple yet profound question: “What would Jesus do?”

    As the preacher poses this question to his flock, the events that unfold are nothing short of extraordinary. Within weeks, he finds himself speaking to packed crowds, mostly comprised of young people. The question, “What would Jesus do,” resonates deeply within their souls, much like it does today.

    For over a century, “In His Steps” has captivated readers across the globe. With millions of copies sold in over 45 countries and translations in more than 20 languages, its impact is undeniable. This book has stood the test of time, offering profound insights and inspiring countless individuals to align their lives with the teachings of Jesus.

    The story reaches its pinnacle as the same man who posed the question appears in church, standing before the pulpit, capturing the attention of the congregation. Unimpeded, he fearlessly confronts them, presenting his observations with humility and truth. His intent is not to complain but to shed light on a reality we often overlook.

    With “In His Steps,” you’ll embark on a transformative journey that will challenge you to evaluate your choices and actions through the lens of Christ’s teachings. You’ll gain a renewed understanding of the impact of your decisions on your life, the lives of others, and the world around you.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into this literary masterpiece. “In His Steps” will stir your heart and awaken your spirit. It will empower you to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, allowing His love and wisdom to guide your every step.

    Order your copy of “In His Steps” today and join countless others who have been inspired to live a life of purpose and compassion. Let this remarkable book be your guide as you strive to make a meaningful difference in the world.


    Charles M. Sheldon

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  • Laikos: Lay People and the Ministry

    The Greek word LAIKOS means “having no skills”. History has taught us over and over again that great things have been accomplished through people who “lacked skills”. Learn, through this outstanding book by Dag Heward-Mils, what happens where there are no laymen working in the church; how to share the burden with lay people and why we must fight to protect the lay ministry.

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  • Makarios Library (English): 50 books of Bishop DAG Heward-Mills

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    Discover the Makarios Library which includes 50 books by Pastor Dag Heward-Mills.

    This pack includes:

    1. Transform your pastoral ministry
    2. The art of being a Shepherd
    3. What it means to be a Shepherd
    4. The art of following
    5. The Art of Hearing
    6. The laity and ministry
    7. The Art of Leadership
    8. A Good General
    9. How to Preach Salvation
    10. What it means to be as careful as a snake
    11. How to neutralize curses
    12. The power of blood
    13. The secrets of victory
    14. Many are called
    15. Tell them 120 reasons why you should be a soul winner
    16. Anagkazo binding power
    17. The others…
    18. Loyalty and disloyalty
    19. Those who accuse you
    20. Those who are proud
    21. Those who are dangerous sons
    22. Those who are ignorant
    23. Those who forget
    24. Those who leave you
    25. Those who pretend
    26. One of you is a demon
    27. Steps to anointing
    28. The sweet influences of the anointing
    29. Receiving the Anointing
    30. The Anointed and His Anointing
    31. Demons and how to deal with them
    32. Do you know your invisible enemies and defeat them
    33. For to him who has shall be given, and to him who has not shall be taken away even that which he has
    34. Why Christians who do not tithe become poor and how Christians who tithe can become rich
    35. How to be born again and avoid hell
    36. Read your Bible, pray every day…if you want to grow
    37. How you can become a strong Christian
    38. How to pray
    39. How you can have an effective time of worship with God every day
    40. Name it! claim it!! take it!!!
    41. Backsliding, building your endurance
    42. Forgiveness made easy
    43. Girl you can do it
    44. Spiritual Dangers
    45. The Model Marriage
    46. The beautiful, the beast and the pastor
    47. Rules for church work, Walk in a dignified manner
    48. Rules for full-time ministry
    49. Church Administration
    50. 100% Answered Prayer
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  • Transform Your Pastoral Ministry

    Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, a very successful pastor himself, explains why and how it is possible to make the pastoral ministry effective.

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  • Victory Secrets

    Life can be challenging to every one. Many times what you need to overcome what you are encumbered with is wisdom. Wisdom is the secret of God that will help you to rise from your struggles into a living wonder. God has ordained you for glory. The secret of God is the wisdom of God in a mystery that is ordained for your glory and beautification. May the revelations of this book bring you victory every day! May this book give you knowledge to triumph!

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  • Why Few are Chosen

    Many are called but few are chosen. (Matthew 22:14) It is a fact of life that many people are offered great opportunities but few end up making the most of these opportunities. All through the Bible we see a pattern of many people being called but few being chosen in the end. Why are few chosen? Why few are chosen is the big question we are seeking to answer in this book. After reading this choice book by best-selling author Dag Heward-Mills, you will discover how this pattern of many people being called and few being chosen comes about. May you not trivialise the call and may you work hard to become one of the few who are chosen!

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