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  • Are you seeking to unlock the full potential of God’s blessings in your life? Look no further than Unveiling Ancient Biblical Secrets, written by Pastor Larry Huch. In this book, you will discover the ancient blessings that have been bestowed upon you by God. From the destruction of the curse of poverty to the covenant of success, these secrets will help you achieve prosperity and success in all areas of your life.

    Experience the healing power of God by tapping into the secrets of the tallit, and learn how the first ten minutes of your day can set the tone for the rest of your day. By understanding the parable of the seed, you will unlock the hundredfold breakthrough that God has promised to His people.

    With God’s eyes constantly searching for someone to heal, bless, prosper, and favor, it’s time to rediscover the destiny that God has intended for His people. Let Unveiling Ancient Biblical Secrets be your guide as you become a shining example of God’s power, blessing, and favor.

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  • A Better Way to Pray

    After many years in the Spiritual field. Andrew Wommack has discovered many of the mysteries of prayer. And since this discovery, the results he has obtained are exponential.

    You may wonder if prayer is a Christian’s duty? Should it be a way of life or a one-time event that we resort to when we are in trouble?

    In this book, Wommack explains what prayer means and how it can help you not only stay in communion with God but also move the mountains that stand before you.

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  • Beyond the Veil: Entering into Intimacy with God Through Prayer

    Discover the power of intercessory prayer with Alice Smith’s Beyond the Veil. As the prayer movement continues to grow and flourish worldwide, Alice Smith emerges as a leader at the forefront of this powerful movement. Her passion for intercessory prayer is contagious and her wisdom is invaluable for both new and seasoned prayer warriors alike.

    In Beyond the Veil, Alice shares her journey towards deeper intimacy with God through prayer and provides sound, biblical methods for binding the enemy and unleashing the Holy Spirit in families, churches, and nations. This essential guidebook includes questions and prayer exercises, as well as corresponding devotionals that bring the principles of intercession to life.

    As the call for prayer revival sweeps the globe, join Alice Smith and countless others in this powerful movement towards deeper intimacy with God. Order your copy of Beyond the Veil today and discover the transformative power of intercessory prayer.

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  • Bible Faith Study Course

    Unlock the power of faith and receive God’s blessings like never before! With this transformative 24-session study by Hagin, you’ll gain deep insights into the necessity, workings, and power of faith to help you walk in victory in every area of your life.

    Discover how to trust with your heart, distinguish between the seven positive steps to belief and the six obstacles that hold you back, and learn practical tools for applying the power of faith to your daily life. With study questions included, this study is perfect for individual or group use.

    As you delve into the teachings of this powerful study, you’ll learn how to overcome doubt and unbelief, increase your faith, and experience the fullness of God’s blessings in your life. Whether you’re facing challenges in your health, finances, relationships, or any other area, faith is the key to unlocking God’s abundance and living a life of victory.

    Don’t wait any longer to experience the power of faith in your life. Order your copy of this life-changing study today and start walking in the realms of victory that God has promised you!

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  • Bible Prayer Study Course

    Unlock the power of prayer and experience a life of victory and abundance with the Bible Study Courses by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin. These classic teachings have been reedited to include chapter review questions, making it easier than ever to delve deep into the Word of God and learn the principles of faith, prayer, the Holy Spirit and His gifts, and healing.

    In the Bible Prayer Study Course, you’ll discover the vital importance of prayer in the Christian walk and learn how to pray effectively according to biblical principles. With chapter titles such as “Seven Steps to Answered Prayer,” “Praying in Jesus’ Name,” and “The Will of God in Prayer,” you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of prayer and how to apply it in your life for maximum impact.

    Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin emphasizes the importance of building your prayer life on the Word of God, ensuring that your prayers are aligned with God’s will and based on His promises. As you apply these principles in your life, you’ll see miraculous answers to your prayers and experience a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God.

    Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity to deepen your understanding of prayer and unlock its full power in your life. Order your copy of the Bible Prayer Study Course today and start living a life of victory and abundance!

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  • Commanding the Supernatural

    Every natural happening is mostly determined by events in the supernatural. Just as the foundation of any building, the reality of the supernatural may not easily be comprehended, yet, it is virtually in command of all things.

    Man created in the image and likeness of a supernatural God, is designed to also walk in the supernatural. But until the truth of your supernatural roots dawns on you and you walk in the light of it, you cannot be in control.

    In this book, Dr. David O. Oyedepo takes you on a journey into the world of the supernatural. With profound insight, he draws for you a road map that will enable you take this journey on your own and unlock the forces that put you permanently in charge.


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  • Divine Healing

    Experience the miraculous power of God’s healing touch with Andrew Murray’s Divine Healing. Based on his personal testimony and extensive biblical research, this classic work unpacks the promise of James 5, that the prayer of faith will heal the sick.

    Murray addresses some of the most pressing questions surrounding healing, such as: Is it God’s will to heal the sick? Why are some people healed while others are not? What role do doctors play in miraculous healing? Why do many Christians doubt the gifts of healing?

    Drawing from his deep study of Scripture, Murray emphasizes the prerequisites for healing: repentance from sin and the sanctification of the body by fully giving it over to God. He explores the origins of sickness and provides insights into why some Christians struggle to receive the gift of healing.

    After being restored to health through the prayers of God’s people following a lengthy illness, Murray’s personal testimony serves as an inspiration for readers to trust in God’s healing touch in their areas of deepest need.

    Discover the transformative power of faith and experience the miraculous healing power of God with Divine Healing. Order your copy today and step into a new realm of physical and spiritual wholeness.

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  • Dr Cho’s Patterns of Prayers

    Are you seeking to deepen your prayer life and experience a profound connection with the Father? Look no further than “Dr. Cho’s Patterns of Prayers,” a remarkable guide inspired by the timeless wisdom of the Bible.

    If you are one who has a deep longing to increase the quality and time of your prayer and communion and fellowship with the Father, this book is tailor-made for you. Dr. Cho’s profound insights and practical approach will lead you on a transformative journey, empowering you to unlock the power of communion with the Father.

    Within the pages of this extraordinary book, you will discover a treasury of prayer patterns and strategies, carefully curated by Dr. Cho, a renowned spiritual leader. Drawing from the timeless truths found in the Bible, Dr. Cho reveals effective patterns of prayer that will ignite a renewed passion within you.

    Prepare to be inspired as you explore the depths of Dr. Cho’s teachings. Through his powerful words, you will gain invaluable insights into how to approach prayer with greater intentionality, faith, and reverence. By adopting these patterns of prayer, you will experience an undeniable shift in the quality and duration of your communion with the Father.

    “Dr. Cho’s Patterns of Prayers” is a must-have companion for anyone seeking to elevate their prayer life and draw closer to the divine. Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior or just beginning your spiritual journey, this book will bless you abundantly.

    Let the transformative words of Dr. Cho guide you on a path of divine connection and intimate fellowship with the Father. Experience the joy and fulfillment that come from deepening your prayer life. Embrace the patterns of prayer shared in this book, and witness the remarkable transformation that occurs when you open your heart to the divine presence.

    Unlock the power of communion with the Father today. Order your copy of “Dr. Cho’s Patterns of Prayers” and embark on a journey that will revolutionize your prayer life and bless you abundantly!

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  • Dynamics of Spiritual Power

    There is a key that can take away blindness regardless of your education and level of exposure. There are some things in life that you have to be educated before you can understand them. There are some things in life that you have to be healthy before you can understand them. There are things in life you have to be poor before you understand them. There are some things in life you have to be an ignorant person before you understand them. However, there is a grace that can make all men see regardless of their level and background. Whether you can speak English or not is not an issue. The grace has capacity to quicken your understanding. He say (he shall make him of quick understanding). Whenever the spirit is upon all flesh, his grace can make all men see the mysteries. So, you can partake of a mystery and you can partake of a grace that makes a man to see. Read This Book and Be Blessed.



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  • Everyday a Friday

    Looking for a way to boost your happiness and positivity every day? Look no further than Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen and his powerful words of wisdom. With his #1 New York Times bestseller, Osteen shows readers how to tap into the joy of God’s message and maintain a positive attitude no matter what life throws their way.

    Research shows that people are happiest on Fridays, but why wait for the end of the week to feel good? Osteen’s teachings will help you generate that same level of contentment and happiness every single day. Through personal experiences, biblical insights, and practical principles, he’ll show you how to find true joy in every moment and situation.

    Osteen’s message is a central theme of his ministry, and with good reason. His consistent positivity and unwavering faith have helped millions of people around the world find hope and happiness, no matter what they’re facing. If you’re ready to discover the joy of God’s message and start each day with a positive attitude, then don’t miss out on this powerful book from Joel Osteen.

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  • Gods Will for Your Healing

    Some people have done everything they know to do to receive healing, but for some reason they’re still sick. But it’s not time to give up! In this strong dose of medicine by Gloria Copeland, readers will discover how to:
    — recognize myths and traditions that can rob healing
    — uncover attitudes that can keep you sick
    — use the mighty power of praise

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  • Gospel Centered Family

    Numerous books set out to help Christian parents in the challenging mission of raising their children well-so what’s different about this one? Well, the answer’s in the title! It’s not about how the gospel fits into Christian family life, but how family life should fit into the gospel-God’s greatest purpose for this universe, achieved in Christ.

    Many books aim to raise up competent, balanced parents and well-trained, well-rounded children. But Tim Chester and Ed Moll focus on families growing God-knowing, Christ-confessing, grace-receiving, servant-hearted, mission-minded believers-adults and children together.

    Christian families should be about…
    – not just making good citizens but also church planters, missionaries, reformers, servants and evangelists
    – not just learning about God but also showing Him to others;
    – not just controlling behaviour but also changing the heart;
    – not just parents and children, but being an integral part of the wider church family.

    In twelve concise chapters, Gospel-Centered Family takes us through the major Bible principles for family life, challenging us to give up our ‘respectable’ middle-class idols, and to become the distinctively different people that God, through His gospel, calls us to be.

    6.150 CFA


    Marriages are under serious attack and divorce rates in our nations are increasing at an alarming rate. I strongly believe that one of the main reasons for this surge is that many married couples do not understand God’s concept and purpose for marriage. They have not sought God’s guidance on the question of “How does God see my marriage?” Instead, many enter into marriage for selfish reasons and with wrong motivations, seeking personal satisfaction such as security, sexual pleasure, companionship, children, and happiness. However, they fail to realize God’s purpose for a man and woman to be united in marriage.

    To build a thriving marriage, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of God’s concept and purpose, as well as recognizing and appreciating the differences between male and female genders. The functionality, peculiarities, reasoning, and reactions of the male and female genders are quite different, and a lack of understanding can create an atmosphere of conflicts in the home.

    After publishing “How to protect your wife,” many men requested a similar version for women, which led to the writing of this book. Your husband needs protection for him to be the man that God has designed him to be. It takes wisdom and purpose to build an effective marriage, and a wise woman builds her house, while a foolish woman destroys it with her own hands.

    There are two kinds of married women: the wise and the foolish. To protect and maintain your husband, you need wisdom, which is the application of knowledge. It may require changing negative attitudes, such as ways of talking, reactions, actions, feelings, and accepting the headship of your man.

    8.000 CFA
  • Into His Presence

    Discover the beauty and depth of Puritan prayers in this collection of 80 theologically rich and beautifully written meditations. Adapted for modern readers by Tim Chester, these prayers retain the dignity and beauty of the original language, while updating key words and phrases for accessibility. Use it for personal devotions or lead powerful corporate prayers during worship. This book includes prayers of praise to the Father, wonder for the Son, dependence on the Spirit, gratitude, confession, consecration, and more. Pray through times of temptation and need with the words of John Owen, Thomas Watson, Anne Bradstreet, Richard Baxter, and more. Enrich and deepen your prayer life with this timeless collection of Puritan prayers.



    14.800 CFA
  • Lead Me, Holy Spirit : Longing to Hear the Voice of God

    Unlock the full potential of your faith with the power of the Holy Spirit! Bestselling author Stormie Omartian presents a brand-new look at this incredible gift from God in her latest book.

    With Stormie’s guidance, readers will learn how to walk in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in every aspect of their lives. They’ll discover how to listen for His gentle leading, and how to trust in His love and guidance to fulfill God’s promises for them.

    The Holy Spirit wants to help believers enter into a deeper relationship with God, experience greater wholeness and freedom, and understand their unique calling in life. By trusting in the Holy Spirit, readers can tap into His wisdom and knowledge to find direction and purpose in their lives.

    Whether you’re seeking spiritual guidance, looking to deepen your relationship with God, or simply curious about the Holy Spirit’s role in your faith, this book is a must-read. Join countless others who have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, and step into the life of purpose and fulfillment God has for you.


    Stormie Omartian

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  • Mighty Prevaling Prayer

    Are you ready to experience a prayer life beyond your wildest dreams? Prepare to witness the wonders of God’s response to your heartfelt prayers. “Mighty Prevailing Prayer” is your personal gateway to a life of impactful and transformative prayer. Allow this book to penetrate your heart, lead you to your knees, and equip you with the tools to obtain answers to prayer even in the most challenging and resistant situations.

    Renowned evangelist Leonard Ravenhill hails this volume as an indispensable encyclopedia that you’ll want to read and refer to time and time again. It is time to address the sin of prayerlessness that has permeated the evangelical church. Author Wesley Duewel presents a biblically grounded exposition of prevailing prayer, offering practical suggestions to help you prevail in prayer.

    Let the wisdom within these pages become your trusted companion, guiding you into a deeper understanding of the power of prayer. Discover how to overcome obstacles, experience breakthroughs, and witness God’s mighty hand at work in your life. This book is more than a mere guide; it is a key that unlocks the doors to a vibrant and dynamic prayer life.

    Prepare to be inspired, convicted, and empowered as you delve into the timeless truths of “Mighty Prevailing Prayer.” Learn to align your prayers with God’s will, tap into His unlimited resources, and experience the transformative power of persistent and faith-filled prayer. No longer settle for mediocre prayers embrace the extraordinary!

    Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Order your copy of “Mighty Prevailing Prayer” today and embark on a journey that will forever change your prayer life. Allow the teachings within to transform your mindset, revitalize your prayer habits, and lead you to a place of mighty prevailing prayer. Open the door to a new level of intimacy with God and witness the incredible answers that await you.


    Wesley L. Duewel

    12.999 CFA
  • Prayer : Communing With God In Everything

    Unlock the transformative power of prayer with “Prayer” by A.W. Tozer, the ultimate guide for those seeking to deepen their spiritual life. This one-of-a-kind volume brings together Tozer’s most inspiring and insightful teachings on the importance of prayer as a means of communing with God and being transformed by His presence.

    Tozer believed that prayer is the key to unlocking the wonders of God and experiencing the true Christian life. In “Prayer,” he shares his passion for prayer and provides practical guidance on how to cultivate a daily habit of prayer that will enrich your spiritual journey.

    With commentary and reflective questions provided by compiler WL Seaver, “Prayer” takes you on a journey of discovery, helping you to deepen your understanding of prayer and giving you the tools you need to make prayer a regular part of your daily life. Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior or just starting out on your spiritual journey, “Prayer” is the ultimate resource for anyone seeking to draw closer to God and experience His transformative power in their lives.

    So if you’re ready to take your prayer life to the next level, dive into “Prayer” today and experience the joy and wonder of being conformed to the image of Christ and knowing your God more intimately.

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  • Prayer :The Ultimate Conversation

    Discover the Power of Prayer: “Prayer: The Ultimate Conversation” will Transform Your Relationship with God!

    Have you ever pondered the profound privilege of conversing with the Almighty? Is it truly possible to engage in a dialogue with the Creator of the universe and gain understanding of His plans and purposes for your life?

    If you find yourself seeking answers to pressing questions, facing overwhelming trials, or simply yearning for divine direction, “Prayer: The Ultimate Conversation” is the book for you. Dr. Charles Stanley, drawing from a lifetime of walking with the Father and fifty-five years of ministry rooted in prayer, unveils the transformative power of intimate communion with the Lord.

    In this remarkable book, Dr. Stanley not only teaches the essential disciplines of intercession but also reveals how prayer becomes a powerful weapon in life’s battles. Through intimate communication with God, you will experience the true depth of knowing Him and gaining spiritual insights that can only come from such a profound connection.

    Embrace the wisdom and guidance of Dr. Stanley as he shares practical strategies to enhance your prayer life and strengthen your relationship with the Father. Discover the keys to effective intercession and unlock the secrets of divine revelation. Gain confidence in navigating life’s challenges through the power of prayer.

    “Prayer: The Ultimate Conversation” is a testament to the transformative nature of prayer and its ability to bring you closer to God. It is a beacon of hope for those seeking guidance, solace, and spiritual growth. Let the wisdom of Dr. Charles Stanley illuminate your path and empower you to experience the fullness of God’s presence in your life.

    Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity! Order your copy of “Prayer: The Ultimate Conversation” today and embark on a journey of deepening your relationship with God through the transformative power of prayer. Allow your conversations with the Lord to become the ultimate conversation that will shape and guide every aspect of your life.


    Charles F. Stanley

    9.999 CFA

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    This book is a compilation of all Dr David Oyedepo’s books on PRAYER, PRAISE & HEALING in one volume. The purpose is to preserve his works for future referencing and make them spiritual treasure to the body of Christ, both in the now and to the generations yet unborn.

    These library volumes are classified under the 12 Pillars of the commission and are spread across her 3-core mandate.

    Books in this volume

    • Winning prayer
    • Born to win
    • Keys to answered prayers
    • Understanding the power of praise
    • Wonders of praise
    • Keys to divine health
    • The healing balm
    • The miracle meal
    • You shall not be barren
    • Fulfilling your days


    45.000 CFA
  • Quiet Times with God Devotional

    Looking to live a fulfilling life on earth? According to the Bible, the bodies that God gives us are our instruments for achieving just that! Our bodies allow us to do good works, grow spiritually, and experience all the joys that life has to offer.

    But in order to do all of that, we need to take care of ourselves. We need to maintain a sound mind, body, and soul. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to let our self-care slip.

    That’s where Joyce’s twelve-key plan comes in. With LOOK GREAT, FEEL GREAT, you’ll learn how to address the “self-esteem drought” that plagues so many of us. You’ll discover how to create healthy habits that will keep you feeling strong, energized, and fulfilled.

    And it’s not just theory – Joyce provides practical resources to help you maintain your self-care. The “Ounce of Prevention Checklist” is just one of the many helpful tools you’ll find in LOOK GREAT, FEEL GREAT. With Joyce’s guidance, you can take control of your health and your life, and experience all the blessings that God has in store for you.


    Joyce Meyer

    27.300 CFA