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  • Spiritual Pregnancy and How to give Birth

    The richest place in the world today is the cemetery or the graveyard. There lie all the songs not sung, all the books not written, all the visions and dreams not activated and accomplished, all the God- given ideas not put into use for the help of mankind, poems, speeches not delivered,
    ambitions not realized, hopes deferred and shattered, battles not fought, marriages not celebrated, children not born etc. It is a rich place indeed but yours should not be found there. “One generation passeth away and another generation cometh; but the earth abideth forever” Ecclesiastes 1:4

    As generations come and go the earth which GOD has given to man (Psalm 115:16) will still remain. But the only generation that will be remembered as long as the earth remains is the generation that deliberately and determinedly left a legacy behind them. A legacy is what you leave behind when you are gone that will help others. We need to leave a legacy that will positively affect the generations to come. What legacy are you leaving behind? Talking about spiritual pregnancy, and how to give birth, you will find out that GOD has given us all it takes to be successful and make a positive mark in the history of mankind, but man has not taken time to activate these wonderful promises.

    Victor Charles OKAFOR

    8.000 CFA