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  • A Divine Revelation of Hell

    Follow Mary on her supernatural journey as she enters with Jesus into a gateway to hell, where she witnesses the sights, sounds, and smells of that dark place of torment. Encounter evil spirits, cells, pits, jaws, and the heart of hell itself. Be an eyewitness to the various punishments of lost souls and hear their shocking stories.

    But this book is not just a tale of horror. It is a message of hope. A call to reject sin and evil and to choose life in Christ. It is a reminder that time is running out, and each of us needs to accept the miracle of salvation before it is too late.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late. Join Mary on her journey and experience the power of divine wisdom. Learn the importance of interceding for those who do not yet know Christ. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the reality of hell and the glories of heaven. Order your copy today and start your journey towards everlasting life.


    Mary K. Baxter

    4.900 CFA
  • An Enduring Vision: 50 Days for an Enduring Vision

    Nothing Hollywood has ever produced can compare with the reality of the true Christian life! There is nothing as exciting, fulfilling, or compelling as getting to know your God and King.

    An Enduring Vision: A 50-Day Journey is a call to arms for the 21st century Church—an exhortation to live in the power and glory He promised! Steeped in biblical truth and peppered with historical and personal perspectives, this richly spiritual, yet practical book is full of insight and revelation that will nourish your spirit day by day.

    Best-selling author Rick Joyner presents powerful teaching nuggets that enrich daily meditation and provide new heights of spiritual growth. Inspiring and motivating topics include:

    – Go to Heaven, Now
    – Freedom
    – Climbing the Mountain of God
    – Caught Between Heaven and Earth
    – Tough Love

    Day 50—Charting Your Course Into the Future—gives you the boost to jump into the rest of your life. The true Christian life is the greatest adventure and the most glorious quest that you will ever know on earth.

    Concluding each day are three food-for-thought sections designed to deepen your love for God, stir your hunger for more of Him, and frame your foundation on the solid rock of His truth.

    16.500 CFA
  • Daniel: Insight on the Life and Dreams of the Prophet from Babylon

    No other book in the Bible reveals more about God’s control over the course of history than Daniel. Today, with the rapid consolidation of political alliances and the rise of new world powers, every Christian needs to return to God’s Word to grasp His purpose and perspective.

    God used a young Jewish boy, taken captive and brought to serve in the court of the Babylonian kings, to announce the rise and fall of every kingdom that was to come. Could the foundation of that kingdom be taking shape today?

    David Yonggi Cho presents, chapter by chapter, a compelling exposition of the book of Daniel. Not only does this Old Testament book hold the prophetic keys to understanding history, but Daniel himself provides the most excellent example for all who desire to serve God with courage and conviction. Cho’s commentary and insights reveal how practical (realistic?) and relevant this ancient book of the Bible is today.

    6.525 CFA
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Prophecy

    From Introduction: “There is a great confusion today about Bible prophecy. For that reason, it is my desire to clarify questions about Bible prophecy from the truths I have learned during many thousands of hours of Bible study…The questions contained in this text have been compiled from the many, many questeions received from friends throughout the U.S., Canada, and the world.”

    5.075 CFA
  • Is hell for real?

    Are you struggling with the concept of hell and its eternal punishment? Do you question how a loving God could condemn someone to an eternity of torment? In this short and easy-to-read book, Pastor Erik Raymond delves into this important topic with biblical clarity and pastoral warmth. He explores the problem of judgment, the images of the afterlife, and the nature of God as both just and loving. He also addresses the problem of evil and the question of whether or not we truly deserve eternal punishment. Through it all, he reminds us that love truly does win in the end. Don’t miss this important read for all Christians looking for answers about the afterlife. So if you want to know more about this topic and understand it in a better way, this book is definitely for you! Order your copy today and discover the truth about the afterlife.

    RAYMOND Erik

    5.500 CFA
  • Lord, I Need a Miracle

    Discover the miraculous power of God’s healing plan with international bestselling author Benny Hinn. In his latest collection of ten dramatic stories, Benny reveals the secrets to receiving a miracle of healing from God. If you or someone you know is ill or physically disabled, this powerful message will provide hope and guidance for a brighter future.

    With divine wisdom, Benny Hinn shows readers how to better understand God’s healing plan for their lives. Through the incredible testimonies of those who have received miraculous healing, you’ll be inspired to believe that anything is possible with faith and prayer.

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the power of God’s healing in your life. Get your copy of Benny Hinn’s latest book today and discover the incredible miracles that await you.

    7.375 CFA

    The idea that blessings from the Almighty God lead to abundance and prosperity is a central tenet of many faith traditions, and it’s a message that holds immense power and inspiration. According to the sentence “When you are blessed by the Almighty God you become fruitful, multiply, dominate and enjoy protection among other things. The Blessing provokes the Blessings,” blessings from God have the power to transform our lives in profound ways, and to bring us abundance, success, and protection.

    One of the key ways that God’s blessings manifest in our lives is through fruitfulness. When we are blessed by God, we become more productive and capable, and we are able to accomplish more in our personal and professional lives. This fruitfulness can manifest in many ways, such as increased creativity, improved relationships, and greater success in our careers.

    Another way that blessings from God lead to abundance is through multiplication. God’s blessings are meant to be shared and multiplied, and when we are blessed, we are able to bless others in turn. This can take many forms, such as increasing our wealth and resources so that we can give more to those in need, or helping others to achieve their goals and dreams.

    Domination is another way that blessings from God lead to abundance and prosperity. When we are blessed by God, we are given the power and strength to overcome challenges and obstacles, and to succeed in our endeavors. This can include domination in business, in our personal lives, or in the pursuit of our goals and dreams.

    Finally, blessings from God bring protection and safety to our lives. We are surrounded by a loving and protective God who watches over us and keeps us safe from harm. This protection extends to all aspects of our lives, including our health, relationships, and finances, and it gives us peace of mind and the confidence to face life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

    In conclusion, when we are blessed by the Almighty God, we become fruitful, multiply, dominate and enjoy protection among other things. The blessings we receive have the power to transform our lives and bring us abundance, success, and happiness. By cultivating a close relationship with God and living a life of faith, we can invite God’s blessings into our lives and experience the fullness of his grace and love.

    4.000 CFA
  • Prophetic Utterances

    Prophetic Utterances” is a captivating book that delves into the realm of prophetic ministry and unveils the power and significance of prophetic utterances in the lives of believers. With profound insights, biblical wisdom, and practical guidance, this book equips readers to understand, receive, and release the prophetic word with authority and accuracy.

    In this illuminating read, the author explores the nature of prophetic utterances and their impact on individuals, churches, and communities. Drawing from personal experiences and scriptural examples, the book showcases how prophetic words have the potential to bring transformation, direction, healing, and breakthrough in various spheres of life.

    “Prophetic Utterances” takes readers on a journey to discover the purpose and function of prophetic ministry in the body of Christ. It provides practical steps to cultivate a prophetic lifestyle and sharpen the ability to discern and interpret prophetic messages. The book also emphasizes the importance of humility, integrity, and alignment with God’s heart in delivering and receiving prophetic utterances.

    Moreover, the author addresses common misconceptions about prophecy and offers biblical principles to navigate the challenges and responsibilities that come with the prophetic gift. Through real-life stories and testimonies, readers will be inspired and encouraged to embrace the prophetic calling and steward it with wisdom, love, and accountability.

    Whether you are a seasoned prophetic minister, a believer desiring to grow in the prophetic, or someone seeking to understand the role of prophecy in the church, “Prophetic Utterances” provides valuable insights and practical tools. It guides readers on how to hear God’s voice, develop prophetic sensitivity, and effectively communicate His heart to others.

    With thought-provoking reflection questions, practical exercises, and scriptural foundations, “Prophetic Utterances” empowers readers to step into the prophetic realm with confidence, boldness, and clarity. It highlights the power of prophetic utterances to bring forth divine guidance, encouragement, and alignment with God’s purposes.

    Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and equipped as you journey through the pages of “Prophetic Utterances.” Discover the transformative power of prophetic ministry and learn how to release the prophetic word effectively, bringing God’s kingdom to earth and ushering in His plans and purposes in your life and the lives of others.


    8.900 CFA
  • Real : The Life and Faith of the Legendary Evangelist

    Discover the inspiring story of Englishman Smith Wigglesworth, a Yorkshire plumber who transformed the lives of many with his successful evangelistic ministry and astonishing miracles. Despite lacking the skills of a great orator or writer, Wigglesworth possessed an undying love for Christ and an extraordinary capacity to hear and obey God.

    Unlike many in today’s society who focus on talent or status, Wigglesworth’s life demonstrates that God looks for a willing heart. It was not the wise, nor the mighty, nor the noble who were called, but those who had faith in Him.

    This unique book draws on archival material and contains photographs that have never been published before. It offers a refreshing and encouraging perspective in a world where slick marketing campaigns prevail. Readers will be inspired by Wigglesworth’s childlike faith and confident assurance in God, reminding us all of the power of faith and trust in the divine.

    Discover how a humble plumber with no formal education trusted God for the impossible and changed countless lives through his ministry. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration and encouragement in their faith journey.

    7.200 CFA
  • Smith Wigglesworth on Anointing

    Discover the incredible power of God’s anointing with Smith Wigglesworth’s teachings! Unlock the secret to experiencing healing in body, soul, and spirit through the gifts of the Spirit.

    With Smith Wigglesworth’s guidance, you can achieve success in witnessing to others, gain a growing knowledge of God’s will, and develop authority over evil spirits. The anointing’s healing power will transform your life and help you do greater works for the glory of God.

    Experience the joys of living in His anointing and watch as your spiritual life becomes more fruitful. With Smith Wigglesworth’s insights, you’ll be empowered to live a life of abundance and achieve the miraculous. Don’t wait, start your journey to greater spiritual fulfillment today!

    6.700 CFA
  • The Apostolic Ministry

    The ministry of the apostle is the linchpin ministry of the church, and without it the church cannot become what it is called to be. While the world and much of the church has focused on scandals and problems in the church, that which is now being called ‘The New Apostolic Reformation’ emerged and quickly became not only the fastest growing part of the church, but the fastest growing religious movement of any kind on the earth. For this reason the subject addressed by this book is one of the most important for our times.

    8.700 CFA
  • The Art of Prayer

    Introducing the ultimate guide to the lost art of prayer! This handbook is a treasure trove of divine wisdom and practical guidance that will help you deepen your spiritual connection and experience the transformative power of prayer.

    With insightful chapters on a wide range of prayer topics, this handbook is a must-have for anyone who desires to make a meaningful impact in their personal life, community, and nation. Learn how to pray for your nation, intercede for the lost, and pray for deliverance from all forms of evil.

    Discover the beauty of groanings in the Spirit and the transformative power of fasting. With this handbook, you will also learn how to pray for those who are trapped in sin and guide them towards redemption.

    This handbook is not just a collection of theoretical concepts, but a practical guide that will equip you with the tools and strategies you need to unleash the full potential of your prayer life. Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior or a beginner, this handbook will help you cultivate a deeper understanding of the power of prayer and help you experience breakthroughs in your life and ministry.

    Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock the secrets of the lost art of prayer! Order your copy today and experience the power of prayer like never before!

    8.875 CFA
  • The Art Of Prayer

    Discover the power of prayer with The Art of Prayer. This book is not just about intercession or supplication, it is about the essence of prayer itself. Written by an author who has grown in their knowledge of God and His Word, this revised edition offers a deeper understanding of prayer and how it can transform lives and the world around us.

    In these pages, you will find practical advice on how to pray effectively, along with inspiring stories of how prayer has made a difference in the lives of people just like you. Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior or new to the practice, The Art of Prayer is a valuable resource that will help you grow in your relationship with God and deepen your understanding of His will for your life.

    So why wait? Start your journey towards a deeper, more meaningful prayer life today with The Art of Prayer. Let this book inspire and guide you as you seek to fulfill God’s purpose for your life and make a difference in the world around you.

    12.850 CFA
  • The Final Quest (The Final Quest Series)

    The Final Quest is a panoramic vision of the ultimate quest. It is about the greatest and last battle between light and darkness, which is happening now. Published in nearly fifty languages, it continues to call all who will go on to the greatest and most notable adventure of the age.

    5.800 CFA
  • The Healing Meal: A clasic on the holy communion

    The Healing Meal unvelis the mystery of the holy communion. It contains powerful revelations concerning what the believer stands to gain by partaking of the holy communion service. The holy communion is a meal of favour, healing and breathrough. It is a landmark meal.

    The prophetic book will usher the reader into a nnew realm of divine understanding of the power in the blood of Jesus. Well researched, powerfully presented, and written in treestyle, the healing meal is a book which will surely edlfy the christendom.

    As you read this book, God will bring down heaven upon your earthly situations.

    This is highly recommended.

    Enoch ADEBOYE

    3.500 CFA
  • The Journey Begins

    Rick Joyner takes us on the journey of the Israelites from the misery of Egypt to the glories of the Celestial City. He parallels the experiences of biblical Israel with those of today’s Christian.

    7.250 CFA
  • Unlocking the Prophecy Code: Biblical Mysteries Revealed

    Why are certain parts of the Bible so difficult to understand? Why didn’t God make it easier to grasp by removing the ambiguities?
    Pastor and Bible teacher Bryan Cutshall provides the tools you need to unlock the mysteries hidden within many of the parables and stories of Scripture. Once you learn how to decode God’s Word, you will discover lines of connection that exist between one passage and another. This is the beginning of supernatural revelation.
    Unlocking these mysteries will lead you on a journey that will fortify your belief, strengthen your faith, and make you a more effective witness to God’s gift of truth and love.

    10.500 CFA
  • Unlocking The Prophetic Mysteries of Israël

    7 Keys to Understanding Israel’s Role in the End-Times.

    Are you ready to witness the fulfillment of ancient prophecies? Step into a world where the hidden mysteries of Israel are unlocked, revealing the profound significance they hold for our generation. In the captivating book, “Unlocking The Prophetic Mysteries of Israel,” Jonathan Bernis, renowned host of the globally acclaimed television program Jewish Voice With Jonathan Bernis, takes you on a thrilling exploration that will deepen your understanding of the last days.

    We are living in extraordinary times times that the prophets of Israel yearned to witness. Today, we stand on the precipice of God’s Word being fulfilled before our very eyes. This groundbreaking book serves as your guide to comprehending the divine tapestry unfolding in these pivotal moments.

    Discover the pivotal role that Israel plays in the last days. As you delve into the pages of this insightful book, you will unravel the intricate connections between biblical prophecies and the present age. Gain clarity on the rising tide of anti-Semitism and its deep-rooted origins that transcend borders. Uncover the awe-inspiring seed promise and grasp why the adversary, Satan, trembles in fury at its mention.

    But that’s not all. Prepare to be astounded as you encounter the profound promise that God made to Abraham—a promise that resonates with relevance even today. By unlocking this ancient wisdom, you will tap into blessings and insights that can transform your life.

    “Unlocking The Prophetic Mysteries of Israel” offers a rare opportunity to embark on an intellectual and spiritual journey. With each chapter, Jonathan Bernis skillfully leads you through thought-provoking questions that will captivate your mind and stir your soul:

    • What pivotal role does Israel play in the unfolding of the last days?
    • Why is anti-Semitism gaining momentum on a global scale, and what lies at its core?
    • What is the seed promise, and why does Satan tremble with anger in its presence?
    • What awe-inspiring promise did God make to Abraham that holds immense significance for you today?

    Embrace this invitation to unlock the prophetic mysteries of Israel. Prepare to witness the divine unfold, gain clarity on the present age, and encounter blessings that transcend time. “Unlocking The Prophetic Mysteries of Israel” is a must-read for those seeking to understand God’s plan in these final days. Begin your transformative journey today!

    Jonathan Bernis

    10.999 CFA
  • Visions of the Harvest – Updated and Expanded

    When I first shared each of these vision, I was inundated with requests to copy and translate them, and they quickly went around the world. Now, almost two decades later they are being rediscovered, and this book is the result of the growing demand for them again. Much that was prophesied in these visions has come to pass, and the rest seems to be upon us. They now seem more relevant than ever.

    8.500 CFA
  • When God Walked the Earth

    After creation itself, the greatest miracle was when God Himself became a Man and walked upon the earth. He did this to show man how to become “a new creation,” ascending into the heavenly realm with a spiritual nature. This book is about that most remarkable time from the perspective of both men and angels.

    5.800 CFA