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  • Brave Dad : RaisingYour Kids Love And Follow God

    Are you looking to become the dad your kids need? Do you want to create a lifetime of family blessings and raise children who desire to follow God? Then look no further than Brave Dad, your guide to following God’s job description for dads as given in the Bible.

    Brave Dad will show you the starting point of being a godly dad – loving your wife. You’ll learn how to raise children who desire to follow God, how to lovingly discipline kids and encourage obedience, and ways to avoid parenting traps. With the power of a dad’s example to shape children for life, you’ll be on the path to becoming the dad your kids need.

    But no guts, no glory. To be a brave dad, you have to be willing to follow God’s guidance every step of the way. When you commit yourself to being a brave dad, God will help you in every aspect of your parenting journey. The rewards of being a brave dad are great, and there is no surer path to a lifetime of family blessings.

    So if you’re ready to become the dad your kids need, get your copy of Brave Dad today and start your journey towards creating a loving, godly home.

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  • Communication Sex Money : Overcoming the Three Common Challenges in Relationships

    Divine wisdom has revealed that building lasting relationships requires three essential elements: Communication, Sex, and Money. If you’re a man struggling with any of these areas in your relationship with women, then this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

    Communication, Sex and Money offers solid solutions to your top three problems in relationships. With relatable everyday examples, this Christian bestseller will teach you how to overcome difficulties and create a satisfying, peaceful, and lasting marriage.

    For years, men have referred to this book as the “sex and money” book, while women have bought it for their husbands in hopes of improving communication. The proven patterns and principles contained within have transformed thousands of relationships, leading to happier marriages and more fulfilling lives.

    Don’t wait any longer to improve your relationship with your partner. Let Communication, Sex and Money be your guide towards building the lasting and fulfilling relationship you deserve. Order your copy now and discover the secrets to successful relationships.

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  • How To Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong

    Looking for a way to improve your marriage? Look no further than embracing the imperfections. In fact, you may find that the blessings of an imperfect marriage far outweigh the challenges.

    At some point in every marriage, we all face difficulties and disagreements with our spouses. But instead of focusing on what’s wrong, we can choose to act right, even when our spouse acts wrong. This doesn’t mean that we’ll never feel angry, hurt, or scared. It means that we can respond to these emotions in a way that honors our commitment to our marriage.

    But what does that kind of love look like? Should we be patient? Forgive and forget? The answer may surprise you. The key to a strong, loving marriage is yielding to God’s plan for your life and your relationship. By trusting in God’s wisdom and guidance, you’ll be better equipped to respond wisely when you’re wronged, and to deepen your relationship with Christ.

    Of course, none of us are perfect, and neither are our spouses. But by embracing the imperfections of your marriage, you’ll discover the incredible blessings that come with learning to love unconditionally, even in the midst of difficulties. So if you’re ready to strengthen your relationship and deepen your faith, start embracing the blessings of an imperfect marriage today.

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  • How to protect your wife

    The discovery of purpose will always bring a sense of responsibility. And until purpose is discovered responsibility will be very difficult to be accepted.
    Marriage, being a major purpose in everybody` s life, is a synonym of great responsibility and is therefore meant for matured people and not “boys”.
    As a matter of fact, one of the marks of maturity is the ability to take responsibilities as regards the approach and handling of things and people daily.
    “A prudent man forseeth the evil and hideth himself but the simple pass on and are punished” ( Proverbs 22: 3). I don’t think there is anyone who on hearing that his house is on fire and will not look for a solution or
    a way to put off or extinguish the fire. The rate of divorce in these last days is astonishing and if something is not done consciously to stop this madness, the effects might be devastating. Men need to discover their role in assisting their wives in the day to day running of the home in order to avoid undue pressures on their wives that might graduate or generate into something else if care is not taken. A husband must assume the role of a father, a husband, a friend and a lover in order for him to be able to manage his wife effectively. A lot of men have neglected their wives to their own hurt in the day to day running of
    their home and the centre of their marriage life is no longer holding. As consequence, instead of enjoying themselves, they are managing one another and eating the bread of sorrow.

    Victor Charles OKAFOR

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  • JumpStart Your Thinking : A 90 Day Improvement Plan eBook

    Welcome to the world of successful thinking! If you’re looking to unlock your full potential and achieve your dreams, then you’ve come to the right place. Meet Maxwell, your new companion who will provide you with the wisdom and inspiration you need to become a better thinker.

    With Maxwell’s guidance, you will master the eleven types of successful thinking, including Big Picture Thinking, Focused Thinking, Creative Thinking, Shared Thinking, and Reflective Thinking. By incorporating these types of thinking into your daily life, you’ll discover a world beyond your own needs, make breakthroughs, compound results, and gain a better understanding of the future.

    But that’s not all. Maxwell’s portable volume is filled with inspiring quotes, engaging lessons, and stimulating questions, designed to help you make daily strides towards more effective thinking. With just three short months of commitment, you’ll begin to see a noticeable change in the way you think and approach challenges.

    Whether you’re looking to improve your personal life, career, or relationships, successful thinking is the key to unlocking your full potential. So what are you waiting for? Join the ranks of successful thinkers today and make your dreams a reality with Maxwell’s guidance.

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  • Life Overflowing

    The spiritual walk of the believer

    Introducing “Life Overflowing” – a groundbreaking book that will revolutionize your understanding of your purpose and destiny. Drawing upon the timeless wisdom of the Bible, this powerful guide reveals the transformative impact of living a life aligned with God’s divine plan.

    In today’s world, the Church represents Jesus Christ to humanity. As His children, we are called to embody His love and light in the earth. But what exactly is our responsibility as individuals in fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives? The apostle Paul directs our attention to this vital question in the opening verse of Ephesians chapter four:

    “As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.” (Ephesians 4:1, NIV)

    While countless books flood the market, offering strategies for personal achievement and success, they often emphasize self-reliance and personal ambition. However, the believer’s journey is different. We are called to walk out God’s plan for our lives.

    In “Life Overflowing,” you will discover the divine mandate given to the Church—the mandate to step into the promises of God and claim the abundant life He has prepared for us. Refusing to move forward, remaining stagnant in sin, delaying our growth, or denying our true identity leads to spiritual death. That is not the path God intended for us. Instead, we are called to be a beacon of light, dispelling darkness, and bringing prosperity and peace to the hearts of mankind.

    Through a responsible walk, we honor and give glory to the One who saved us, healed us, and set us free. We embrace our new identity in Christ, reflecting His character and compassion to all we encounter. Our walk is characterized by supernatural strength, relying not on our own abilities, but on the limitless power of our Heavenly Father. We walk hand in hand with Jesus and our fellow believers, united in love and purpose, empowering us to impact and transform the world.

    In “Life Overflowing,” you will discover the keys to walking in wisdom and alignment with God’s heart and mind. No longer driven by human folly, you will learn to navigate life guided by the truth revealed through His Word and the Holy Spirit. As you embark on this journey, expect your life to overflow with blessings, fulfillment, and divine purpose.

    Don’t settle for a mediocre existence. Dive into the depths of “Life Overflowing” and uncover the incredible life that awaits you. Embrace your calling, experience supernatural empowerment, and witness the world around you transform in the presence of God’s abundant love. Order your copy today and embark on the extraordinary adventure of a life overflowing with God’s blessings!

    T.D Jakes

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  • Out Darkness

    Discover the inspirational story of Stormie Omartian in her latest book, where she shares her journey from a childhood filled with abuse to a life of healing and freedom. This powerful drama delves into Stormie’s darkest moments, including her struggles with addiction and tragic relationships, and how she found herself on the brink of despair.

    Through divine intervention and a turning point in her life, Stormie found the help and hope she needed to overcome her fears and move towards a brighter future. Her healing process offers a message of hope to anyone who has been scarred by their past or feels trapped by their emotional needs.

    This book is a testament to the transformative power of faith and offers an incredible insight into the ways in which God can bring light out of darkness. It is a must-read for anyone looking for inspiration and guidance on their own journey towards healing and wholeness. Join Stormie on her journey and discover the true meaning of hope, love, and redemption.

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  • Reclaim Your Soul

    Dear friend,

    Have you ever found yourself wondering why some people succeed while others don’t? Have you ever felt like there might be something holding you back from fulfilling your true potential? If so, you’re not alone.

    But what if we told you that there’s a way to break free from those limiting patterns and behaviors? What if we told you that you could develop the skills you need to succeed in life and fulfill your purpose?

    We’re excited to introduce you to bestselling author and empowerment specialist, Dr. Cindy Trimm, and her latest book, Reclaim Your Soul. Building on the success of her previous work, The 40 Day Soul Fast, this book is focused on the 40 behaviors of a resilient person.

    With Reclaim Your Soul, you’ll learn how to identify destructive relationships in your life and break free from their harmful impact. You’ll avoid unhealthy emotional attachments and shield your soul from possible damage. And most importantly, you’ll unlock your potential and refuse to settle for anything or anyone that pulls you away from fulfilling your purpose.

    Successful people are resilient people, and the key to resiliency is learning how to reclaim your soul each and every day. Don’t let anything hold you back from the success and fulfillment you deserve. Order your copy of Reclaim Your Soul today and start developing the skills you need to succeed in life!

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  • Responsive Parenting

    Principles for Raising Connected & Healthy Kids

    Discover the Secrets to Responsive Parenting for Raising Connected & Healthy Kids!

    Parenting can be an overwhelming task, especially if you’re young and inexperienced. In today’s fast-paced world, many parents find themselves disconnected from their children and struggling with a sense of helplessness. But fear not, there is a solution!

    Introducing “Responsive Parenting Principles for Raising Connected & Healthy Kids” by Boyd Brooks. This groundbreaking book presents two distinct approaches to parenting: reactive parenting and responsive parenting. While reactive parenting is impulsive and yields poor results, responsive parenting is the principled approach that will transform your parenting journey.

    In today’s society, reactive parenting is all too common. It is driven by reactions to various triggers, such as a whining child or a parent’s own anxiety. This approach fails to address the core needs of the child and can result in long-term challenges. As more young people enter adulthood without the necessary skills for self-regulation and conflict resolution, the need for responsive parenting becomes increasingly evident.

    Responsive Parenting, as explained by Boyd Brooks, is a thoughtful and principled approach to raising children. It prioritizes preparing children for adulthood, taking into account their best interests. This method looks beyond immediate reactions and considers the long-term effects of parenting choices. It values active listening and clear communication, emphasizing the importance of apologizing and forgiving. Responsive parenting is flexible yet sets boundaries, granting freedom with responsibility. It fosters acceptance, affirmation, and a strong connection between parent and child.

    Boyd Brooks draws on easy-to-understand biblical principles to guide readers on a journey of building self-esteem and confidence in their children. By following the principles outlined in this book, you will discover effective strategies to help your children become the individuals they were meant to be.

    “Responsive Parenting Principles for Raising Connected & Healthy Kids” is not just another parenting guide. It is a transformative tool rooted in wisdom and insights from the Bible. Boyd Brooks provides practical advice, real-life examples, and actionable steps that any parent can implement.

    Don’t let the challenges of parenting overwhelm you any longer. Empower yourself with the principles of responsive parenting and create a loving, nurturing environment where your children can thrive. Order your copy of “Responsive Parenting Principles for Raising Connected & Healthy Kids” today and unlock the secrets to raising confident, connected, and resilient children. Your family’s future starts now!

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  • Six Way You Keep A Good In Your Boy : Guiding Your Son from His Tweens to His Teens

    Introducing a must-have resource for all moms who want to raise boys with integrity and faith! As a divine wisdom suggests, a boy’s relationship with his mom during the formative age between 8 and 12 is critical to his future well-being. But how can moms teach their sons to make good decisions, be honest, confident, and respectful in a world that encourages them to grow up too fast and make bad choices?

    Dannah and Bob Gresh, based on their extensive experience and research, offer six proactive ways for moms to help their sons develop into young men of integrity and faith. This resource is packed with practical tips and advice that moms can use to empower their sons, including ideas for activities, Scriptures to pray over sons, and an insightful Connection IQ Inventory test.

    Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned veteran, this accessible resource will provide you with the information and hope you need to raise sons who will honor their bodies in healthy ways, play unplugged outdoors, and live out their faith. So, don’t wait any longer to give your son the gift of a solid foundation that will set him up for a lifetime of success and fulfillment. Order your copy today!

  • Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl: Guiding Your Daugthers from Her Tweens to Her Teens

    Looking for a way to help your daughter grow up with confidence, grace, and a strong faith? Look no further than bestselling author, speaker, and founder of the Secret Keeper Girl conferences, Dannah Gresh. With her warm and transparent style, Dannah shares the secrets to helping your daughter navigate the stormy waters of boy-craziness, modesty and body image, media, Internet safety, and more.

    Studies show that the foundation for an emotionally healthy teen girl is built between the ages of 8-12, and that a good relationship with mom is one of the most important factors. With Dannah’s help, you can strengthen that relationship and give your daughter the tools she needs to thrive.

    In this wonderful resource, you’ll find six ways to help protect and guide your daughter, including celebrating her body in a healthy way, unbranding her when the world tries to buy and sell her, and unplugging her from a plugged-in world. You’ll also learn how to dream with her about her prince, and more.

    But that’s not all! This resource also provides you with a Connection IQ Inventory to test your mom-daughter relationship, creative and fun activities to do together, and Scriptures for you to pray for your daughter. With Dannah’s guidance, you can build a strong, healthy, and loving relationship with your daughter, and help her grow into the confident, grace-filled, and strong woman she was meant to be.

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  • Start Whith Why : How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

    Introducing the book that has taken TikTok by storm and has inspired millions worldwide – START WITH WHY. Authored by the visionary Simon Sinek, this book is based on one of the most popular TED Talks of all time, with over 56 million views and counting.

    In START WITH WHY, Sinek takes readers on a journey to uncover why some individuals and organizations are more innovative, influential, and profitable than others. He delves into the key factors that lead to greater loyalty from customers and employees, and why so few are able to replicate their success over time.

    The book showcases some of the most successful leaders in history, including Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and the Wright Brothers, and reveals that they all had one thing in common – they all started with WHY. They understood that people won’t truly buy into a product, service, movement, or idea until they understand the WHY behind it.

    Through Sinek’s powerful idea of The Golden Circle, readers will learn how to think, act, and communicate in a way that sets them apart from others. It’s a framework that can be applied to build successful organizations, lead movements, and inspire people.

    Whether you’re a business leader, an entrepreneur, or simply someone who wants to make a positive impact in the world, START WITH WHY is a must-read. Discover why millions have been touched by the power of Simon Sinek’s ideas, and why they remain as relevant and timely as ever. Get your copy today and start your journey towards becoming a visionary leader.

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  • The Five love languages

    How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate.

    Are you and your spouse speaking the same language? Love, while being a many splendored thing, can also be incredibly confusing. Just as people come in all varieties, shapes, and sizes, so do their choices of personal expressions of love. However, all too often, the giver and the receiver express love in completely different ways. This disconnect can lead to misunderstandings, quarrels, and even the heartbreaking reality of divorce.

    But fear not! In “The Five Love Languages: Unlock the Secrets of Lasting Love,” Dr. Gary Chapman presents a transformative guide that can revolutionize your relationship. Dr. Chapman delves into the depths of human connection, identifying the five basic love languages that lay the foundation for a thriving partnership. Quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch—these are the fundamental languages of love that shape our deepest connections.

    With keen insights and practical advice, Dr. Chapman empowers couples to truly understand their unique languages of love. By learning to speak and understand your mate’s love language, you’ll unlock the key to effectively loving and feeling loved in return. Imagine the joy of a relationship filled with harmony, understanding, and unbreakable bonds!

    “The Five Love Languages” equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to bridge the communication gap in your relationship. Dr. Chapman’s expertise paves the way for skillful and heartfelt interactions, leading to a love that stands the test of time. Whether you’re newlyweds or seasoned partners, this book is your roadmap to fostering deep, meaningful connections and creating a love story that endures.

    Don’t let misunderstandings and miscommunications threaten the love you cherish. Take the first step towards a fulfilling and lasting relationship today. Grab your copy of “The Five Love Languages: Unlock the Secrets of Lasting Love” and embark on a journey of love, understanding, and transformative growth. True, lasting happiness is within your reach embrace it with open arms!

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  • Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence

    Unlock the boundless potential within you and embrace a life of excellence with “Think Big.” If your life feels like a shattered dream, or if you’ve lost sight of your dreams altogether, this book is for you. It’s time to debunk the lie that you’ll never amount to anything, because the truth is, your life is far bigger than you’ve ever imagined.

    Within the pages of this powerful book, you’ll discover the keys to recognizing the immense potential that lies within you. While you may not necessarily become a millionaire overnight (although it’s not out of reach), you will undoubtedly achieve a life that is rewarding, significant, and more fruitful than you ever thought possible.

    The author, Ben Carson, knows firsthand the hardships life can throw at you. Growing up in the inner-city of Detroit with an illiterate mother and an absent father, Ben faced numerous obstacles. His classmates considered him unintelligent, and he grappled with a violent temper. Given his harsh circumstances, it seemed as though a bleak future awaited him. But that’s not what happened.

    By applying the principles outlined in this book, Ben Carson transcended his challenging upbringing and achieved remarkable accomplishments, gaining international renown along the way. He discovered his untapped potential and learned how to unleash it. And so can you.

    Take action and set the principles in this book in motion. Transformation won’t happen overnight, but change will occur. You have the power to shape your life into one that you’ll truly love—a life that exceeds your wildest dreams.

    “Think Big” offers timeless wisdom rooted in biblical principles that have guided countless individuals towards lives of significance and purpose. Don’t let limitations hold you back any longer. Dare to dream big, pursue excellence, and watch as your life unfolds into something extraordinary.

    Order your copy of “Think Big” today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Embrace the power within you, and witness your life transform into an inspiring testimony of what’s possible when you unleash your true potential.

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  • Today Matters : 12 Daily Practices to Guarantee Tomorrow’s Success

    Introducing “Today Matters” – the life-changing book that promises to transform the way you approach each day!

    Written by the renowned author and leadership expert, John Maxwell, this book is designed to help you maximize your potential and achieve success in every aspect of your life. With practical steps and insightful guidance, John challenges you to shift your focus from the past or future and live in the present moment.

    “Today Matters” offers valuable lessons on how to assess your current progress, prioritize your agenda, and stretch your creativity and thinking. You’ll learn how to stay the course and build strong relationships, both personally and professionally.

    This book is the ultimate guide to making the most of every day, and with its help, you can achieve greatness in all areas of your life. With “Today Matters,” you will unlock your full potential and become the best version of yourself.

    Don’t let another day pass you by without experiencing the power of “Today Matters.” Get your copy today and start living your best life!

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  • Woman, Thou Art Loosed!

    Meet Michelle, a woman whose journey will captivate your heart and stir your soul. In her childhood, she referred to her grandma as “mama,” her mother by her first name, and her mother’s boyfriends as “Uncle.” Her path was shadowed by rapid maturity, too many encounters with unfamiliar faces, and countless moments of betrayal.

    Tangled in a web of abuse, addiction, poverty, and crime, Michelle found herself trapped in a personal hell. But now, a glimmer of hope has emerged, offering her a second chance to reclaim her life. However, she must first believe in the power of possibility. She must believe in herself. And the key to her liberation lies in the one thing Michelle never thought she would possess—faith.

    In the powerful and gripping book, “Woman, Thou Art Loosed!”, you will embark on an extraordinary journey of redemption and self-discovery. Drawing wisdom from the timeless teachings of the Bible, this inspiring narrative reveals the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of faith.

    As you delve into Michelle’s story, you will witness the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. Through her struggles and victories, you will find echoes of your own experiences, reminding you that no matter how dark the path may seem, there is always a flicker of light leading the way. Michelle’s unwavering belief in the possible will ignite a spark within your own heart, inspiring you to embrace your true identity and find the faith that can set you free.

    “Woman, Thou Art Loosed!” is more than just a book—it’s a transformative experience. It offers a lifeline of hope to those who have felt trapped, lost, or broken. Through Michelle’s remarkable journey, you will discover the boundless depths of God’s love and the strength that lies within you. You will be reminded that, regardless of your past or present circumstances, you are deserving of freedom, healing, and a life filled with purpose.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a soul-stirring adventure that will leave an indelible mark on your heart. Order your copy of “Woman, Thou Art Loosed!” today and step into a world where faith has the power to shatter chains, heal wounds, and unleash your true potential. Believe in the possible and discover the incredible strength that resides within you.


    T. D. Jakes 

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