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  • 25 Ways to Win with People: How to Make Others Feel Like a Million Bucks

    You’ve read John Maxwell’s best-selling Winning with People, and now you’re ready for some specific action steps to build on the knowledge you gained. 25 Ways to Win With People has just what you need! This complementary companion to the full-sized book is ideal for a quick refresher course on interpersonal relationships.

    A small sampling of the twenty-five specific actions readers can take to build positive, healthy relationships includes:

    • Complimenting People in Front of Others
    • Creating a Memory and Visiting It Often
    • Encouraging the Dreams of Others
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  • Can boys & Girls also go to Hell

    Looking for answers about Heaven and Hell? Wondering if your actions as a boy or girl could lead you down a path towards Hell? Look no further than Joe Jesimiel Ogbe’s latest book, designed to empower you to say “NO” to the devil and his cohorts.

    With over 32 years of experience as a youth pastor, Joe Jesimiel Ogbe has compiled an easy-to-read and thought-provoking book to help guide you on your journey. Can boys and girls become possible candidates for Hell fire if they continue to wallow in sin? Can they be exempted from going to Hell simply because they are children? These questions and more will be answered in this comprehensive guide.

    Through the teachings of the Bible, Joe Jesimiel Ogbe explains how boys and girls can be brought into the “saving ark” of God. Don’t let the devil and his cohorts lead you down a path towards destruction. Take control of your future and learn how to live a life that is pleasing to God.

    If you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of the subject of Heaven and Hell, this book is perfect for you. It will help you to build a stronger connection with God and ensure that you’re on the right path towards eternal life. Order your copy today and start your journey towards salvation.


    Joe Jesimiel Ogbe 

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  • Dying Testimonies Saved-Unsaved

    All 236 Accounts of Christians and Sinners on their Deathbeds


    Step into the realm of eternity with Solomon Shaw’s timeless masterpiece, now available in its complete edition. This extraordinary collection features all 236 captivating testimonies meticulously gathered by the author, divided into three profound parts. Originally published in 1898, the “Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved” is the result of a courageous and extensive research project undertaken by Shaw.

    In this remarkable book, you will encounter a spectrum of words and sentiments shared by individuals on the verge of crossing from this earthly realm to the next. Shaw’s intention was to present a compelling array of testimonies that vividly showcase how some people depart from this world in serene tranquility, while others grapple with fear, anger, or sorrow. Among the narratives, you will discover accounts from renowned historical figures like Sir Francis Newport and Cardinal Wosley, as well as testimonies from ordinary Christians and non-believers on their deathbeds.

    Throughout this profound journey, a common thread weaves through each testimony—a resounding tone of inner peace and a fervent desire to unite with the Lord in Heaven. These accounts provide a powerful insight into the human soul’s response to the ultimate transition.

    Solomon Shaw’s “Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved” is a captivating exploration of the eternal realities that await us all. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and moved as you immerse yourself in the profound words of those who stood at death’s doorstep.

    This definitive edition of Shaw’s classic work is a treasure trove of wisdom drawn from the depths of human experience, interwoven with the timeless truths found within the pages of the Bible. Each testimony serves as a poignant reminder of the brevity of life and the importance of our eternal destiny.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a spiritual journey like no other. Order your copy of “Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved” today and delve into the depths of human emotions, the struggles of mortality, and the hope that awaits beyond the veil of death. Gain a greater understanding of the eternal significance of your choices and let these powerful testimonies shape your perspective on life, faith, and the pursuit of the divine.

    Unveil the secrets that lie within the hearts of those who faced the great unknown, and let their testimonies transform your understanding of life, death, and eternity. The journey awaits—embrace it now!

    Benjamin Solomon Shaw

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  • Holy Spirit Revivals

    Step into the realm of extraordinary spiritual awakenings with “Holy Spirit Revivals.” In this captivating book, Charles Finney, a renowned minister, shares firsthand accounts of some of the most remarkable revivals ever witnessed in the United States and England.

    Discover the secrets that led to mass conversions of lost souls during Finney’s powerful meetings across upstate New York, as well as in Boston, Philadelphia, and London. With unwavering courage, Finney fearlessly confronted the issue of sin, challenging listeners to embrace repentance and turn to God.

    Delve into the profound impact of Finney’s dedication to prayer, his deep understanding of Scripture, and his radical reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit. His life and ministry serve as an inspiring template for believers seeking a genuine revival of faith today.

    Within the pages of this treasured account, you will find invaluable insights and timeless wisdom from one of the greatest Christian preachers in history. “Holy Spirit Revivals” is an exceptional resource for anyone longing to witness a revival of faith within the Church and experience the transformative power of God in their own lives.

    Open your heart to the divine possibilities and embark on a journey of spiritual renewal. This book will equip and inspire you to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit, unleashing His power and presence in every aspect of your life.

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ignite a revival of faith within your own soul and impact those around you. Order your copy of “Holy Spirit Revivals” today and be prepared to witness the extraordinary work of God in and through you. Let His power transform your life and usher in a new era of spiritual awakening.


    Charles Finney

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  • I Gave My Life To Jesus What’s Next ?

    Are you seeking to deepen your relationship with Christ and embrace a transformative journey? Look no further! “I Gave My Life to Jesus, What’s Next?” is a remarkable book that draws upon the wisdom of the Holy Scriptures to guide you through the essential steps towards a vibrant and purposeful life in Christ.

    Within the pages of this inspiring book, you will embark on a transformative exploration, uncovering the “essentials” that have empowered countless individuals around the globe, including myself. Through heartfelt anecdotes, profound insights, and practical advice, you will discover the keys to strengthening your faith and embracing a life of significance.

    At the heart of this book lies the invitation to surrender your entire being to Christ. By giving your whole heart to Him, you open yourself to a remarkable journey of growth, enlightenment, and divine favor. The Holy Spirit, the ever-present guide, will illuminate the eyes of your heart, enabling you to experience a deeper knowledge of God, wisdom beyond measure, remarkable character development, and an abundance of grace.

    With each turn of the page, you will find yourself captivated by the author’s authentic storytelling and their sincere desire to help you unlock the fullness of your faith. “I Gave My Life to Jesus, What’s Next?” offers a roadmap for those hungry for spiritual growth, providing guidance on navigating the challenges of life with unwavering faith and a profound sense of purpose.

    Whether you are a new believer seeking to understand the next steps in your journey or a seasoned follower of Christ longing to rekindle your passion, this book will empower you to live a life that glorifies God and impacts those around you. It serves as a source of encouragement, enlightenment, and empowerment, allowing you to experience the transformative power of Christ in all areas of your life.

    Embark on an extraordinary adventure today. Embrace the path of transformation and discover the “essentials” that will strengthen you in Christ and resonate with nations. Open your heart, let the Holy Spirit illuminate your being, and watch as you grow in the knowledge of God, wisdom, stature, and grace.

    “I Gave My Life to Jesus, What’s Next?” is more than a book; it is a divine appointment that will leave an indelible mark on your spiritual journey. Get your copy today and witness the transformative power of Christ in your life!

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  • Identification: A Romance in Redemption

    What does Identification mean? It means our complete union with Jesus in His substitutionary sacrifice. The teaching of Identification is the “legal” side of redemption. It unveils to us what God did for us in Christ from the time He went to the cross until He sat down at the right hand of the Father. Christ became one with us in sin so that we might become one with Him in righteousness. He became as we were so that we might be as He is now.

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  • Is hell for real?

    Are you struggling with the concept of hell and its eternal punishment? Do you question how a loving God could condemn someone to an eternity of torment? In this short and easy-to-read book, Pastor Erik Raymond delves into this important topic with biblical clarity and pastoral warmth. He explores the problem of judgment, the images of the afterlife, and the nature of God as both just and loving. He also addresses the problem of evil and the question of whether or not we truly deserve eternal punishment. Through it all, he reminds us that love truly does win in the end. Don’t miss this important read for all Christians looking for answers about the afterlife. So if you want to know more about this topic and understand it in a better way, this book is definitely for you! Order your copy today and discover the truth about the afterlife.

    RAYMOND Erik

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  • Judges For You

    Unlock the timeless truths of the book of Judges with Timothy Keller’s “Judges For You”. Discover how a flawless God works in imperfect situations and failing people. Gain a deeper understanding of the text through Keller’s close attention to detail and clear explanations. Whether you’re looking for personal growth, daily devotional material, or a tool for your teaching ministry, this book is a must-have resource. Explore the themes of half-hearted discipleship, living with idols, and unexpected heroes like Othniel, Ehud, Deborah, Barak, Gideon, and Abimelech. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring the book of Judges to life and connect its biblical messages to the world today. Get your copy of “Judges For You” now!


    KELLER Timothy

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  • La Délivrance Du Péché

    Êtes-vous fatigué de lutter contre les chaînes du péché qui entravent votre marche avec Dieu ? Souhaitez-vous expérimenter la liberté quotidienne de la puissance du péché ? Ne cherchez pas plus loin, car ce livre est fait pour vous.

    “La Délivrance Du Péché” est un précieux manuel qui vous enseigne comment marcher par l’Esprit, échappant ainsi aux désirs de la chair. Il vous guidera pas à pas vers une vie juste et libérée, où vous serez capable de passer des jours, des semaines, des mois et même des années sans commettre délibérément le moindre péché.

    Dans ces pages inspirantes, vous découvrirez des enseignements basés sur la sagesse biblique qui vous aideront à vous assurer que chaque jour vous avancez sur le chemin de la justice. L’auteur vous révélera des stratégies pratiques pour vous délivrer du péché, heure après heure, jour après jour.

    Alors que vous plongerez dans ce livre, ouvrez votre cœur au Saint-Esprit et coopérez avec Lui. Vous serez conduit à travers une véritable transformation, de la crise initiale à un processus continu de délivrance du péché. Vous découvrirez bientôt une joie profonde en constatant que vous avez passé des jours, des semaines et même des mois sans délibérément succomber à la tentation.

    C’est votre héritage en Christ. Ne laissez pas les chaînes du péché vous retenir plus longtemps. Lève-toi, saisis ce livre et entre dans cette expérience transformatrice. Avec “La Délivrance Du Péché”, vous serez équipé pour embrasser une vie libérée, marchant en harmonie avec la volonté de Dieu et expérimentant une intimité renouvelée avec Lui.

    Découvrez dès maintenant le pouvoir de la délivrance. Votre voyage vers une vie juste et libérée commence ici.

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  • New Creation Realities: A Revelation of Redemption

    Christianity has revealed the secret that psychologists have long sought—the “inward soul,” the re-created spirit, the focus of God’s great redemptive work on earth.
    The four Gospels give us a wonderful picture of the lonely man of Galilee, the humble Messiah who ends His earthly walk on Calvary. But Paul’s Epistles give us the risen triumphant One, the conqueror of death, sin, and Satan. He provides the revelation of what happened on the cross and in the tomb, and how that affects who and what we are in Christ today.
    Legendary Bible teacher E. W. Kenyon delves deeply into Paul’s teaching to give us a living picture of the entire substitutionary work of Christ, which made possible the new creation, a new race of men and women who can stand in God’s presence without a sense of guilt, condemnation, or inferiority.

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  • Prière pour une percée: Quand Dieu entend et répond toujours

    Découvrez le pouvoir caché de la prière dans ce guide inspiré par la sagesse biblique !

    La prière n’est pas simplement une pratique ou un rituel, c’est un lieu sacré où nous nous connectons avec notre Père céleste. “Prière pour une Percée Divine” est un ouvrage captivant qui vous emmène au cœur de la prière d’intercession. L’auteur, Guillermo Maldonado, partage avec passion des expériences personnelles et des témoignages saisissants, enracinés dans les Écritures, pour vous aider à découvrir ce lieu d’intimité avec Dieu.

    En plongeant dans ce livre, vous apprendrez comment accéder aux dimensions de la gloire et de la puissance divines. Vous serez guidé pour créer un élan puissant dans votre vie de prière, générant une atmosphère spirituelle où Dieu agit avec puissance pour Son peuple. Vous serez émerveillé en accueillant Sa présence, recevant révélations et conseils, et en expérimentant Sa grâce à travers des miracles, des guérisons, des délivrances et le salut.

    “Prière pour une percée: Quand Dieu entend et répond toujours” dévoile les clés essentielles pour obtenir une percée dans vos prières, en accord avec la volonté et la Parole de Dieu. Ce livre est une véritable mine d’or pour ceux qui désirent voir leurs prières exaucées, sans plus vivre dans la frustration.

    Si vous souhaitez communiquer avec le Père céleste d’une manière nouvelle et puissante, si vous aspirez à entendre Sa voix clairement et à agir selon Ses instructions, “Prière pour une percée: Quand Dieu entend et répond toujours” vous guidera pas à pas vers cet objectif.

    Ne manquez pas l’occasion de transformer votre vie de prière et devenir “une maison de prière” en découvrant les secrets de la prière d’intercession. Obtenez votre exemplaire dès maintenant et préparez-vous à vivre une percée spirituelle extraordinaire !

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  • Real Salvation

    What kind of Christian are you? Are you a mere formal Christian, or are you a real Christian? Are you one of these men or women who call themselves Christians, who go to the house of God on Sunday, who go to Communion, and perhaps teach a Bible class or a Sunday school class, but run around to the theater, a card party, dances, and all the frivolity and foolishness of the world the rest of the week? Are you one of the Christians who is trying to hold on to Jesus Christ with one hand and the world with the other? Or are you a real Christian who has renounced the world with your whole heart and given yourself to Jesus Christ with all your heart, a Christian who can sing, “I surrender all” and mean it? Where are you? What kind of a Christian are you?

    Are you for Christ or are you against Him? You know you are either one or the other, for He says so. We read in Matthew 12:30 in the words of Jesus Himself: He that is not with me is against me. Everyone is either with Jesus wholeheartedly, confessedly, and openly, or else they are against Jesus. Which are you? For Christ or against Him?

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  • Salvation The Way of Escape

    This new book written by Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo, shows you the necessary steps to take to be saved. When you are saved, a new chapter of your life opens! You then have access to your inheritance, as a redeemed child of God.Besides, this book lists the evidence and benefits of salvation for clarity of purpose! The author states what it takes to grow in Christ, now that you are a member of the winning family — the family of God!After growing through this anointed material, your life will never be the same!

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  • Soulwinning out where the sinners are

    This book is a complete narrative of how T. L. Osborn’s life since childhood. From the time he received the Lord, to the time he was given the burden to evangelize the nations at the tender age of 15. “From my conversion as a youth, I wanted to be a soul-winner,” states the author T.L. Osborn. “I had a toy printing press so with scraps of paper, I printed out tracts. Little did I dream that in a few years we would be publishing tracts in over 100 languages — at the rate of more than a ton per working day to facilitate personal soulwinning world-wide. He started preaching at 15 was married at 18, was a missionary in India at 21. He lives by the principle that very few sinners will ever go to church so he must go out where the sinners are. World evangelism is his supreme task. Osborn’s crusades in Thailand in 1956 and Uganda in 1957 are said to have laid the foundations for substantial growth in Pentecostalism in those countries.

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  • Speak Life: Words That Work Wonders

    When you agree with the marvelous promises given in the Word of God, you will begin to reap God’s gifts of love, joy, peace, health, and favor. When you speak those promises out loud and into the lives of others, your words can work wonders.

    Now, the timeless writings of E. W. Kenyon and Don Gossett join forces to build our faith, challenging us to live a bolder life for God. Through His power, believers should be able to overcome adversity and sin in such areas as finances, health, marriage and other relationships, and their emotions. There is power in the blood of Jesus to defeat anything and everything the enemy brings against you!

    You, too, can speak words of life into those who are lost, suffering, and needy. Let your compassion flow. The bolder your faith words are, the greater your results will be.

    14.000 CFA
  • Stand rising up against darkness, temptation and persecution

    Introducing Stand, the powerful new book by Marian Jordan Ellis that reminds us that our darkest moment is not our destiny. In today’s scary and uncertain world, it’s easy to question our faith and God’s promises. But Marian Jordan Ellis explores what it means to stand tall and believe in God, no matter what challenges we face.

    In Stand, Ellis draws on the stories of real people from scripture and today who have chosen to stand firm in their faith and “earn life.” She addresses the tough questions that Christian leaders, parents, and everyday believers face in a world that often wants to silence our voices and shake our convictions. How can we share God’s good news in a culture that doesn’t want to hear it? How can we stay hopeful when our children seem more interested in the world than in Jesus? And how can we combat the voices of shame and insecurity that try to tear us down?

    But Ellis doesn’t just offer inspiration and encouragement – she also provides practical tools to help us stay in our faith, our convictions, and our trust in a God who never fails. With her powerful insights and wisdom, Stand is the perfect book for anyone who wants to stay strong and faithful in a world that sometimes feels overwhelming.

    So if you’re ready to stand tall and believe in God’s promises, even in the darkest of moments, then order your copy of Stand today. Let Marian Jordan Ellis be your guide as you navigate the challenges of today’s world and discover the true power of faith and resilience.

    13.200 CFA
  • The Bible in the Light of Our Redemption Basic Bible Course

    Written by beloved Bible teacher E. W. Kenyon, this challenging study course covers the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, highlighting the long view of God’s unfolding plan of redemption. Appropriate for groups or individuals, both the new believer and the mature Christian, it lays out the legal claim for who and what we are in Christ. Among the topics covered in regard to redemption are man’s creation and fall, the Abrahamic Covenant, the Law and the Tabernacle, the Incarnation, the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Second Coming of Christ, and Kenyon’s classic discussion on the two kinds of knowledge. This course will build your faith and challenge you to a deeper walk with our Redeemer.

    22.000 CFA
  • The War is Over

    Discover the victory that was won nearly 2000 years ago and experience the peace that Jesus promised. No longer do you have to fight the battle of sin and judgment. In this book, you will learn how the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross paid the price for your sin once and for all. God sent His only Son to become sin itself and then judged Him without mercy so that you could be reconciled with Him.

    Are you tired of feeling the weight of condemnation and fear? Are you ready to receive the promised blessings of God? The answers you seek are within this book. With divine wisdom, it will release you from the condemnation of judgment and fear, and free you to experience the peace that Jesus promised. Don’t continue to fight a battle that has already been won. Embrace the victory and live a life free from the burden of sin. Get your copy of this book today and experience the freedom that comes from knowing the truth.


    Andrew Wommack

    10.300 CFA
  • The Wonders of Salvation

    The greatest need of man today is not wealth, fame or power, but the need for a relationship with our Creator, which begins with salvation. Being saved, which means accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life, is the most important decision anyone can ever make.
    Salvation is like an ‘all-in-one capsule’ with several vitamins in it, but not many have found this, because it seems so simple, yet so powerful. Just one dose of it can provide the satisfaction, longevity, health, deliverance, prosperity, safety and power that the whole world craves for today (Revelations 5:12).

    This new book by Pastor Faith Abiola Oyedepo covers:

    • The true meaning of salvation as it relates to diverse areas of one’s life
    • The importance of your salvation and its benefits to you
    • A step-by-step guide on how you can be instantly saved, grow in your walk with God, and many more.

    Clearly, all you have ever longed for can be found by making this one simple but powerful decision. As you unravel the truth in this book, get set for an empowerment of a lifetime.

    4.800 CFA
  • Tozer On Worship and Entertainment

    Discover the profound insights of A.W. Tozer, a revered theologian, in “Tozer On Worship and Entertainment.” This captivating book explores the sacred realm of worship and challenges the pervasive influence of entertainment within the church.

    Contained within its pages is Tozer’s timeless sermon, “The Act and Object of Worship,” which provides a comprehensive understanding of the essence of true worship. Additionally, you will encounter his controversial essay, “The Menace of the Religious Movie,” written in the mid-1950s. While you may not agree with every aspect of Tozer’s words, his resolute stance compels us to engage in critical thinking about the nature of worship and evaluate whether our actions genuinely align with its true essence.

    Tozer draws a clear line in the sand, forcing us to confront the convergence of worship and entertainment. Are we truly offering heartfelt adoration to God, or are we inadvertently diluting the sacred with worldly distractions? These thought-provoking reflections challenge us to reassess our worship practices and seek a deeper, more authentic connection with the Divine.

    Prepare to be inspired and transformed as you embark on this profound journey. Engage with Tozer’s wisdom and allow it to reshape your perspective on worship, urging you to prioritize the pursuit of genuine, God-honoring devotion.

    Let “Tozer On Worship and Entertainment” be your guide as you navigate the complexities of contemporary worship. Order your copy today and be ready to embark on a soul-stirring exploration of worship that will revolutionize your understanding and practice. Join the conversation, challenge your assumptions, and discover a worship experience that resonates with the heart of God.

    A.W. TOZER &  James L. Snyder

    9.999 CFA