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  • Communication Sex Money : Overcoming the Three Common Challenges in Relationships

    Divine wisdom has revealed that building lasting relationships requires three essential elements: Communication, Sex, and Money. If you’re a man struggling with any of these areas in your relationship with women, then this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

    Communication, Sex and Money offers solid solutions to your top three problems in relationships. With relatable everyday examples, this Christian bestseller will teach you how to overcome difficulties and create a satisfying, peaceful, and lasting marriage.

    For years, men have referred to this book as the “sex and money” book, while women have bought it for their husbands in hopes of improving communication. The proven patterns and principles contained within have transformed thousands of relationships, leading to happier marriages and more fulfilling lives.

    Don’t wait any longer to improve your relationship with your partner. Let Communication, Sex and Money be your guide towards building the lasting and fulfilling relationship you deserve. Order your copy now and discover the secrets to successful relationships.

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  • Is God anti-gay?

    Christians, the church, and the Bible seem out of step with modern attitudes toward homosexuality, and hostility toward those who see things differently from the culture is growing.

    So is God homophobic? And how should we deal with Christians and non-Christians who experience same-sex attraction?

    In this short and simple book, Sam Allberry aims to help confused Christians understand what God has said about these issues in Scripture. Drawing on his own experience, he offers a positive and liberating way through the debate.

    This revised and updated version includes answers to new questions, including:

    • Should Christians attend same-sex weddings?
    • Isn’t the Christian view of sexuality dangerous and harmful?
    • Is it a sin to have same-sex attraction?
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  • La Délivrance Du Péché

    Êtes-vous fatigué de lutter contre les chaînes du péché qui entravent votre marche avec Dieu ? Souhaitez-vous expérimenter la liberté quotidienne de la puissance du péché ? Ne cherchez pas plus loin, car ce livre est fait pour vous.

    “La Délivrance Du Péché” est un précieux manuel qui vous enseigne comment marcher par l’Esprit, échappant ainsi aux désirs de la chair. Il vous guidera pas à pas vers une vie juste et libérée, où vous serez capable de passer des jours, des semaines, des mois et même des années sans commettre délibérément le moindre péché.

    Dans ces pages inspirantes, vous découvrirez des enseignements basés sur la sagesse biblique qui vous aideront à vous assurer que chaque jour vous avancez sur le chemin de la justice. L’auteur vous révélera des stratégies pratiques pour vous délivrer du péché, heure après heure, jour après jour.

    Alors que vous plongerez dans ce livre, ouvrez votre cœur au Saint-Esprit et coopérez avec Lui. Vous serez conduit à travers une véritable transformation, de la crise initiale à un processus continu de délivrance du péché. Vous découvrirez bientôt une joie profonde en constatant que vous avez passé des jours, des semaines et même des mois sans délibérément succomber à la tentation.

    C’est votre héritage en Christ. Ne laissez pas les chaînes du péché vous retenir plus longtemps. Lève-toi, saisis ce livre et entre dans cette expérience transformatrice. Avec “La Délivrance Du Péché”, vous serez équipé pour embrasser une vie libérée, marchant en harmonie avec la volonté de Dieu et expérimentant une intimité renouvelée avec Lui.

    Découvrez dès maintenant le pouvoir de la délivrance. Votre voyage vers une vie juste et libérée commence ici.

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  • Last Days Survival Guide

    Attention all believers! Are you prepared for the perilous times that the Holy Spirit warned about? The end times are upon us, and it’s time to arm ourselves with the knowledge and strategies to survive victoriously. Don’t let spiritual tempests take you down – read Rick Renner’s eye-opening survival guide and learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Discover what the word “perilous” truly means and why God is alerting you. Learn about the exact characteristics that will mark society in the very last days and the actions you can take to defend yourself. With this survival guide, you’ll gain strategies to stop the devil from attacking you and your loved ones. Don’t let yourself become a casualty of these storms – be prepared and thrive in these perilous last days. Get your copy of Rick Renner’s survival guide today!

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  • Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Men

    Seeking godly guidance for the challenges men face? Look no further than this powerful reference tool designed specifically for counselors, pastors, men’s ministry leaders, and individual men. Introducing “Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Men,” your go-to guide to Scriptures that speak directly to the heart of the issues men encounter when they need them most.

    Organized topically for easy access, this user-friendly book covers a wide range of subjects that are relevant to men’s lives. From abuse to adultery, burnout to career, decision making to divorce, failure to gambling, and from homosexuality to leadership, manhood to marriage, money to pornography, reputation to temptation, trust to the workplace – this resource has you covered.

    Not only does this invaluable reference provide appropriate Scriptures for each topic, but it also includes a list of biblical narratives to read, practical steps to take, and suggested books for further reading. Whether you are using this guide for counseling, personal study, or memorization, you will quickly discover how God’s Word is profoundly relevant to our everyday concerns and fully sufficient for bringing wholeness and healing to men’s lives.

    For counselors, pastors, men’s ministry leaders, and any Christian man seeking a user-friendly and comprehensive quick reference guide to Scripture, “Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Men” is an essential resource. With 120 topics concerning men’s struggles, such as anxiety, burnout, career, commitment, depression, divorce, envy, faithfulness, gambling, homosexuality, integrity, leadership, marriage, money, reputation, suffering, temptation, wisdom, and much more, this book is perfect for counseling sessions or personal study and memorization.

    Don’t miss out on this essential tool for counseling and ministering to men. Let the wisdom of God’s Word shine light on the challenges men face and lead them to a place of wholeness and healing. Order your copy of “Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Men” today and embark on a transformative journey to empower men with the timeless truths of Scripture.


    Keith R. Miller

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  • Sexual Purity Education: Parents’ Teaching Manual Book 9

    There is nothing that quickly erodes the destiny of person like sexual errors. Most youths have allowed sexual sin to take over their glorious future from them. One major victory any person can have is victory over sexual errors and deliverance from sexual perversion.

    But the bone of contention is that nobody is helping younger ones to lives a pure life. That is the essence of this book, it is written to protect their future from being ruptured.


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  • Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

    Divine wisdom teaches us that sex is a gift from God, designed to be enjoyed within the context of marriage. If you’re seeking to improve your intimate relationship with your spouse or preparing for your upcoming marriage, we have the perfect resource for you.

    Renowned author and speaker Dr. Kevin Leman has written a practical and insightful guide to sex according to God’s plan. With his characteristic warmth and humor, Dr. Leman speaks directly to married and engaged couples, addressing a wide spectrum of people, from those with no sexual experience to those with past sexual problems or even abuse.

    This frank and practical book offers a friendly and approachable tone that will help you overcome any awkwardness or shame in discussing this important issue. Dr. Leman’s frank descriptions will give you a clear understanding of God’s design for sex and how to experience the fullness of intimacy within marriage.

    So whether you’re just starting out on your journey as a couple or looking to rekindle the passion in your marriage, this book is the perfect resource for you. Discover the joy and fulfillment that comes from sex according to God’s plan, and let Dr. Leman guide you every step of the way.

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  • Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

    And 11 More Classic Messages.

    Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God: Embrace the Call of Mercy

    Open your heart to the powerful message of “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” In this compelling book, Jonathan Edwards paints a vivid picture of the predicament faced by every sinner and lukewarm Christian. Through his words, you will discover profound insights about what it truly means to follow God.

    With unwavering clarity, Edwards reveals the path to:

    • Experience the abundant favor of God
    • Navigate the cunning tricks of the Devil
    • Gain a deeper understanding of the nature of sin
    • Escape the impending destruction awaiting sinners
    • Recognize the need for immediate action
    • Embrace the role of an intercessor
    • Discover the ultimate reward awaiting in heaven

    Through captivating language and vivid imagery, Edwards conveys the fragile position of those who turn away from Christ, while emphasizing God’s urgent call to embrace His love and forgiveness today.

    For over two centuries, Jonathan Edwards’ timeless messages have sparked conversions, instilled hope, and ignited spiritual awakenings across generations. Now, in this updated and revised edition, his classic sermons resonate with renewed power, bringing a fresh awakening to today’s seekers of God.

    Prepare to be moved as you delve into the pages of “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” and experience the profound truths that have withstood the test of time. Jonathan Edwards’ masterful sermons, including “The Final Judgment,” “Justification by Faith,” “Jesus Christ, the Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” “God, the Best Portion of the Christian,” “The Preciousness of Time and the Importance of Redeeming It,” “The Excellency of Christ,” and more, await your discovery.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with the timeless wisdom of Jonathan Edwards. Allow his words to reshape your perspective, renew your faith, and ignite a spiritual revival within your soul. Order your copy of “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” today and embark on a life-transforming journey towards God’s boundless grace and mercy.


    Jonathan Edwards

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  • Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex

    “Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex”: A Must-Read Book for Parents!

    In a world where the cultural landscape is constantly evolving, it’s crucial for parents to have the right tools to navigate conversations about sex with their children. Building on the renowned “Why True Love Waits” campaign and drawing on the latest insights from Josh’s groundbreaking “Bare Facts” resources, the McDowells present an invaluable resource for parents seeking rock-solid advice.

    With “Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex,” you’ll discover effective strategies to engage in open and honest discussions about this sensitive topic. The McDowells guide you through the process of gauging your child’s emotional and spiritual readiness, ensuring that you provide the information they need at the right time. By staying alert to their questions and seizing teachable moments, you’ll create a safe and supportive environment for them to navigate their understanding of sex and sexuality.

    This book goes beyond mere practical advice—it frames these conversations in a biblical context, anchoring them in timeless principles and values. The McDowells draw on their extensive knowledge of Scripture to help you approach the topic with wisdom and grace, empowering you to instill godly values in your children’s hearts.

    “Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex” is a comprehensive guide that addresses the tough questions and provides practical solutions. Gain confidence in your ability to guide your children through the complexities of sexuality, relationships, and purity. Equip yourself with up-to-the-minute research and insights that will help you navigate the shifting sands of today’s culture.

    Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back. Take charge of these important conversations and strengthen your relationship with your children. Order your copy of “Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex” today and embark on a transformative journey that will empower you to raise a generation grounded in biblical principles and equipped for healthy relationships. Together, let’s shape a brighter future for our children.

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  • The 5 Love Languages of Teenager

    Discover the secret to unlocking your teenager’s heart with The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers. With over 600,000 copies sold, this book is a must-have for any parent looking to connect with their teen on a deeper level.

    As teenagers face a multitude of pressures and stresses, it’s more important than ever for parents to understand how to communicate love effectively. In this adaptation of the #1 New York Times bestseller The 5 Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman dives into the unique world of teenagers, explaining their developmental changes and providing tools to help you identify and communicate in your teen’s love language.

    With practical tips on how to express love effectively, navigate key issues like anger and independence, set boundaries that are enforced with discipline and consequences, and support and love your teen when they fail, this book is the ultimate guide for parents looking to create a strong and lasting connection with their teenage children.

    Get ready to discover how the principles of the five love languages can transform your family dynamic and help you build a deep, meaningful relationship with your teen. Join the thousands of parents who have already experienced the transformative power of The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers – order your copy today!

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