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  • Single Not Entangled

    Life is characterised in times and seasons and every stage of one’s life is designed to establish, furnish and nurture you to fulfilling your glorious destiny on the earth. The single years is a period of great strength, skill, vigour, opportunities; it is a preparatory ground to making you a man and woman of global impact. However, many singles are entangled with the cares of this world and might not realise the negative impact these can have on their glorious destiny. Some others might be battling with addictions, burdens and bondages and lack the strength, courage and tools to effectively tackle them.
    Pastor (Mrs) Faith A. Oyedepo, in this new book, reveals the rich opportunities you have while single and offers practicable steps to dealing with entanglements that can deter you from making the most of your single years.
    This book reveals practical ways to positively maximise your single years and live totally free from all forms of entanglements on the path to your glorious destiny.
    Life is a journey and you are on the path to greatness. You need all of the resources at your disposal to be able to impact your world and this book is one great tool to utilise. You shall not fail!

    8.000 CFA
  • Single With A Difference

    The single years of a man’s development is designed of God to be a season of laying a solid foundation for a great life of exploits. A foundation that will equip you for a life that makes a notable difference to your world. But in this fast-paced generation that we live in today, everyone seems to be in a hurry to move ahead of events. The same has become true of many singles who oftentimes fail to see and enjoy the tremendous fun and benefits that God has designed for this season of life. This timely book will reveal to you the necessary practical steps to take in order to make the most of this unique phase of your life so as to become a fulfilled single; standing out to make a difference in your generation.

    8.000 CFA
  • Single, Married, Separated and Life After Divorce Daily Study: A 40 Day Personal Journey

    Written by best-selling author and beloved pastor Myles Munroe, Single, Married, Separated, & Life After Divorce, Expanded Edition brings meaningful understanding to various stages of relationships.
    Whether you are single, married, separated, or divorced, you can feel peace and wholeness when you understand God’s plan for your life.

    Get ready to move into a new and exciting life full of love and acceptance-from within yourself, God’s special creation. No longer will you need to lean on or enable another to feel worthy or accepted. God created you a unique and beautiful person full of potential and self-worth.

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