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  • Always There

    Reflections for Monts on God’s Presence

    Motherhood is a journey like no other, filled with joy, challenges, and moments that can make a mom feel alone. But deep down, every mom knows that there is no such thing as being truly “alone.” However, there are times when she may feel lonely, overwhelmed, or even abandoned.

    In those moments, “Always There” comes as a beacon of hope. This heartfelt devotional, written by moms for moms, brings assurance to readers that God’s abiding presence remains constant, regardless of the circumstances they face.

    From the first smile of their precious child to the everyday feedings and even the middle-of-the-night wake-up calls, God is there, every step of the way. Through the pages of this devotional, moms will find solace and strength, knowing that they are never alone in their journey of motherhood.

    “Always There” offers a collection of short, poignant devotions that speak directly to a mom’s heart. From lighthearted and humorous moments to more profound and reflective insights, each devotion captures the essence of motherhood and reminds moms of their ever-present and unwavering God.

    Immerse yourself in the wisdom and encouragement of “Always There.” Allow these beautifully crafted devotionals to bring comfort, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose to your motherhood journey.

    Let the words within these pages remind you that God’s love and support are always within reach, offering guidance, strength, and peace in every season of motherhood.

    Order your copy of “Always There” today and embrace the divine presence that accompanies you on your extraordinary adventure as a mother. You are never alone, for God is always there.


    Susan Besze Wallace

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  • Answers Prayer

    Discover the extraordinary journey of George Mueller, a man whose life was transformed by the grace of God. In “Answers Prayer,” you will witness a powerful testimony of a man who went from being a thief, a liar, and a gambler to becoming a truly great man of God. Mueller’s story is a testament to the transformative power of prayer.

    Through his personal experience, George Mueller learned profound truths that he shares in this captivating book. He discovered that God is real, completely trustworthy, and, most importantly, that God answers prayer. Mueller’s words echo with conviction as he wrote, “There was a day when I died, utterly died… since then I have studied only to show myself approved unto God.”

    As you dive into the pages of this book, you will be captivated by the bountiful and miraculous answers to prayer that are reported. Prepare to be amazed as you witness the faithfulness of God in the lives of individuals who dared to seek His intervention. Their stories will ignite a stirring within your spirit, creating a deep desire to pray and ask God to use your life for His glory.

    “Answers Prayer” is not just a collection of inspiring stories; it is a powerful guide that will transform your prayer life. Through the wisdom of George Mueller, you will learn how to approach prayer with unwavering faith, trust, and confidence in God’s provision. As you apply these timeless principles, you will experience a deeper connection with the Almighty and witness the miraculous unfolding in your own life.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to tap into the extraordinary power of prayer. Order your copy of “Answers Prayer” today and embark on a life-changing journey that will ignite your faith, strengthen your relationship with God, and unleash the miraculous in your life. Get ready to experience a new level of intimacy with the Creator and see your prayers answered beyond your wildest dreams.

    Your destiny is waiting, and prayer is the key. Open the door to a life of divine intervention and step into a realm where your prayers become powerful instruments of change. Get your copy of “Answers Prayer” now and let your prayer journey begin!


    George Mueller

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  • Bible Prayer Study Course

    Unlock the power of prayer and experience a life of victory and abundance with the Bible Study Courses by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin. These classic teachings have been reedited to include chapter review questions, making it easier than ever to delve deep into the Word of God and learn the principles of faith, prayer, the Holy Spirit and His gifts, and healing.

    In the Bible Prayer Study Course, you’ll discover the vital importance of prayer in the Christian walk and learn how to pray effectively according to biblical principles. With chapter titles such as “Seven Steps to Answered Prayer,” “Praying in Jesus’ Name,” and “The Will of God in Prayer,” you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of prayer and how to apply it in your life for maximum impact.

    Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin emphasizes the importance of building your prayer life on the Word of God, ensuring that your prayers are aligned with God’s will and based on His promises. As you apply these principles in your life, you’ll see miraculous answers to your prayers and experience a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God.

    Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity to deepen your understanding of prayer and unlock its full power in your life. Order your copy of the Bible Prayer Study Course today and start living a life of victory and abundance!

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  • Divine Healing

    Experience the miraculous power of God’s healing touch with Andrew Murray’s Divine Healing. Based on his personal testimony and extensive biblical research, this classic work unpacks the promise of James 5, that the prayer of faith will heal the sick.

    Murray addresses some of the most pressing questions surrounding healing, such as: Is it God’s will to heal the sick? Why are some people healed while others are not? What role do doctors play in miraculous healing? Why do many Christians doubt the gifts of healing?

    Drawing from his deep study of Scripture, Murray emphasizes the prerequisites for healing: repentance from sin and the sanctification of the body by fully giving it over to God. He explores the origins of sickness and provides insights into why some Christians struggle to receive the gift of healing.

    After being restored to health through the prayers of God’s people following a lengthy illness, Murray’s personal testimony serves as an inspiration for readers to trust in God’s healing touch in their areas of deepest need.

    Discover the transformative power of faith and experience the miraculous healing power of God with Divine Healing. Order your copy today and step into a new realm of physical and spiritual wholeness.

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  • Divine Healing The Children Bread

    Discover the true essence of divine healing with our historical and theological treatment that is free from fanaticism and propaganda. Delve into the depths of divine wisdom and understand the divine plan for healing that has been present throughout history. Our approach will provide you with a deeper understanding of the power of divine healing, without the need for hype or sensationalism. Gain valuable insights and knowledge that will help you unlock the full potential of divine healing. With our carefully crafted treatment, you’ll be able to experience the true power of divine healing and achieve greater levels of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Join us on this journey of discovery and unlock the secrets of divine healing without the noise and distraction of modern-day propaganda.


    Keith M. Bailey

    4.800 CFA
  • Experiencing the Presence of God

    Unlock the key to your soul’s deepest longing with A.W. Tozer’s never-before-published teachings on the book of Hebrews in Experiencing the Presence of God. Discover a fresh understanding of what it truly means to dwell in the presence of God and experience the divine fulfillment you were created for. As Tozer challenges the status quo and invites you to join him in expecting the high and holy manifestation of God’s presence, you’ll learn that worship isn’t just a performance, but a presence to be experienced. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to come alongside Tozer and enter into God’s presence right now. Fulfill your soul’s deepest longing with Experiencing the Presence of God.

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  • Kicking Sacred Cows

    Introducing “Kicking Over Sacred Cows,” a powerful book that offers a fresh perspective on the Word of God. Written with divine wisdom, this book reveals the truth about sacred cow beliefs that can hold you back from experiencing the fullness of God’s blessings.

    Are you tired of feeling stuck in your spiritual journey? Do you feel like you’re not making progress, despite your best efforts? If so, it’s time to kick over those sacred cows and embrace the truth that sets you free!

    In this insightful book, you’ll discover the secrets to rightly dividing God’s Word, and gain a new understanding of how to apply it in your life. With refreshing clarity and balance, you’ll learn how to break free from the bondage of outdated beliefs, and experience the abundant life that God has promised.

    Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity to experience the freedom that comes from kicking over sacred cows. Order your copy of “Kicking Over Sacred Cows” today, and start living the life of abundance that God has planned for you!


    Charles Capps

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  • Prayer : Communing With God In Everything

    Unlock the transformative power of prayer with “Prayer” by A.W. Tozer, the ultimate guide for those seeking to deepen their spiritual life. This one-of-a-kind volume brings together Tozer’s most inspiring and insightful teachings on the importance of prayer as a means of communing with God and being transformed by His presence.

    Tozer believed that prayer is the key to unlocking the wonders of God and experiencing the true Christian life. In “Prayer,” he shares his passion for prayer and provides practical guidance on how to cultivate a daily habit of prayer that will enrich your spiritual journey.

    With commentary and reflective questions provided by compiler WL Seaver, “Prayer” takes you on a journey of discovery, helping you to deepen your understanding of prayer and giving you the tools you need to make prayer a regular part of your daily life. Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior or just starting out on your spiritual journey, “Prayer” is the ultimate resource for anyone seeking to draw closer to God and experience His transformative power in their lives.

    So if you’re ready to take your prayer life to the next level, dive into “Prayer” today and experience the joy and wonder of being conformed to the image of Christ and knowing your God more intimately.

    7.450 CFA
  • Prayer: God prescription for total breakthrough (2nd ed)

    “Unlock the Power of Prayer with Pastor Victor’s Biblical Keys”

    Discover the true essence of prayer and unlock the power to a fulfilling and effective prayer life with Pastor Victor’s insightful book. Drawing from biblical principles and precepts, this book explores the keys to effective prayer that goes beyond the usual activities associated with it.

    In this inspiring guide, Pastor Victor teaches us that prayer is not just a task, but a way of life that enables us to walk in our God-given position of power and authority. With a roadmap that leads to prevailing prayer, you’ll learn the different types of prayer, the obstacles to prayer, and the power combination of prayer and fasting.

    Explore the biblical perspective of prayer and learn how to be in union with God through prayer. Discover the purpose and power of true Bible-based prayer and how it can transform your life. With Pastor Victor’s guidance, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the vital and incredible keys to having a fulfilling and effective prayer life.

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your prayer life and walk in your God-given power and authority. Get your copy of “Unlock the Power of Prayer with Pastor Victor’s Biblical Keys” today!


    Victor I. Iruobe

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  • Praying with Power

    How to Pray Effectively and Hear Clearly from God.

    Are you yearning for a deeper connection with God? Do you desire to pray with confidence and hear His voice clearly? Look no further than “Praying with Power” by C. Peter Wagner, a transformative guide to effective prayer and spiritual warfare.

    In this compelling book, Dr. Wagner shares his most personal insights into the dynamics of prayer. Drawing from his own experiences, he unveils practical steps for deepening and strengthening your prayer life. With wisdom rooted in biblical teachings, “Praying with Power” will empower you to engage in intimate, life-changing communication with your Heavenly Father, the Almighty God.

    Dr. Wagner addresses common questions about prayer, offering personal and practical answers. Discover how to make your prayers more effective, enhance your ability to hear God’s voice, and intercede for your community with purpose. Learn how to connect with like-minded prayer warriors, forming a powerful network of spiritual support. Drawing from his missionary work in Bolivia for nearly two decades, Dr. Wagner also sheds light on topics such as witchcraft, two-way prayer, and the significance of corporate prayer, expanding your understanding in profound ways.

    Moreover, “Praying with Power” provides practical guidance on establishing a prayer ministry within your church or small group. Discover the transformative potential of using prayer to bring healing to past wounds, both personally and within your community. As you delve into the pages of this book, you will embark on a journey that draws you closer to God, strengthening your faith and transforming your prayer life.

    Don’t miss out on the life-changing insights awaiting you in “Praying with Power.” This book is a gateway to a deeper, more impactful prayer experience. Step into a realm where your prayers carry greater weight, where you can discern God’s voice with clarity, and where you become a catalyst for change in the world around you.

    Order your copy today and embark on a transformative journey. Experience the joy and power of praying with confidence, knowing that “Praying with Power” will bring you closer to the heart of God.

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  • Prepare for War

    Are you ready for spiritual warfare? Dr. Rebecca Brown’s sequel to her best seller He Came to Set the Captives Free will equip you with the tools you need to stand victoriously against Satan. Drawing on her seven years of experience helping deliver countless people out of hard-core satanism, Dr. Brown’s Prepare for War manual is a must-read for anyone seeking to navigate the dangerous waters of spiritual warfare.

    This shocking and graphic book will show you how to recognize and deal with satanic ritualistic abuse of children, as well as how to minister in the area of deliverance. But it doesn’t stop there. Dr. Brown also addresses the rarely discussed problems people face after deliverance, giving you the knowledge you need to help others on their journey to freedom.

    Satan is always looking for ways to destroy you, and he can use seemingly harmless activities like yoga, role-playing games, and meditation as “doorways” to bring demonic destruction into your home. But with the insights and strategies in Prepare for War, you can learn how to recognize these tactics and stand firm against them.

    This book is not for the faint of heart, but it is a necessary weapon in your arsenal if you want to be victorious in the battle against darkness. So are you ready to Prepare for War? Get your copy of this powerful manual today and start fighting back against the enemy of your soul.

    Rebecca Brown

    10.750 CFA
  • Re-Understanding Prayer : A fresh Approach to conversation with God

    Are you feeling like your prayer life is lacking purpose and direction? Do you find yourself asking questions like, “Why even bother praying?” or “How do I hear God’s voice?” If so, you’re not alone. Even pastors can struggle with these same doubts and uncertainties. But there is hope.

    Introducing (re)Understanding Prayer, a groundbreaking book by Kyle Lake that deconstructs the wrong ideas of prayer that handicap our conversations with God. This book will help you take the first step on a journey toward a more authentic, personal, and powerful prayer life.

    In (re)Understanding Prayer, Kyle Lake seeks answers to some of faith’s most pressing questions. Through his exploration of Prayer as Drama, Prayer as Social Dance, and the All-Too Hip and Relevant Prayer, you’ll discover a new way to approach prayer that will transform your relationship with God.

    No longer will you be stuck in a rut of clichés and vacant banter. Instead, you’ll learn how to truly hear God’s voice and how to deal with seemingly unanswered prayers. God is ready to meet you where you are and take you to new heights in your prayer life. The question is, are you ready to take that step?

    If you’re feeling brain-dead about prayer and need a fresh perspective, (re)Understanding Prayer is the book for you. Order your copy today and start your journey toward a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God.

    8.200 CFA
  • The Healing Anointing

    Looking to unlock the full potential of divine healing? Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin’s new book, “Receive What Belongs to You,” is your key to understanding the power of the healing anointing and its role in receiving God’s blessings.

    This insightful guide draws parallels between the natural power of electricity and the supernatural healing power of God. Hagin explains how both operate according to laws that govern their effectiveness, and how by understanding these laws, believers can harness the power of God to drive out sickness, disease, and any yoke of bondage in their lives.

    One of the most powerful tools for activating the healing anointing is the laying on of hands, but there are many other methods to access this miraculous power. Hagin also teaches readers how to work in conjunction with their faith to effect the desired result and receive what rightfully belongs to them.

    If you’re looking to experience the fullness of God’s healing power, then “Receive What Belongs to You” is a must-read. Let Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin guide you on a journey of faith and discovery, and help you unlock the supernatural healing power of God in your life. Get your copy today and start experiencing the transformative power of the healing anointing!

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  • The Holiest of All

    Discover the hidden gem that will illuminate your understanding of the book of Hebrews. Andrew Murray’s early masterpiece reveals the purpose of God in the New Covenant – to empower us with His very Spirit. This book is a rare find, little published and even less known, yet the depth of heart and richness of spiritual revelation will astound you. Murray’s keen insight brings us to the heart of God’s intent in sending the Holy Spirit, unlocking the power of the New Covenant. Don’t miss this opportunity to tap into divine wisdom and understanding. Order your copy of Andrew Murray’s “The New Life” today.

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  • The Wonderful Name of Jesus

    The Wonderful Name of Jesus is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their spiritual authority in Christ. Through the powerful exposition of E. W. Kenyon, you will discover the incredible power vested in the name of Jesus and how you, as a believer, have the right to use it. This book has changed the prayer lives of countless individuals, providing them with the knowledge and tools to access the fullness of God’s power.

    Don’t settle for a weak and defeated Christian life. With The Wonderful Name of Jesus, you will discover your true identity in Christ and the authority that comes with it. This book will astound you and fill you with joy as you learn about the amazing privileges and rights that come with being a redeemed believer.

    If you want to unlock the power of prayer and experience the fullness of God’s love and grace, this book is a must-have. The Wonderful Name of Jesus will leave you inspired and empowered, ready to confront sickness and demonic activity with the authority of Jesus’s name. Get your copy today and discover the incredible power of the name of Jesus!

    6.980 CFA
  • Tongues : Beyond The Upper Room

    Unlock the Power of the Holy Spirit with Brother Hagin’s Inspiring Guide to the Upper Room and Beyond!

    If you are seeking a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God, then you won’t want to miss Brother Hagin’s latest release, which takes you on a transformative journey from the Upper Room to the Throne Room of the Father.

    Discover the same spiritual power that filled the hearts of 120 believers on the Day of Pentecost as Brother Hagin guides you to the Upper Room, where the Holy Spirit first descended upon the disciples. Then, as you venture beyond the Upper Room and enter the Throne Room of the Father, you will learn how to yield to the Holy Spirit and pray in tongues, opening up a realm of supernatural power and wisdom.

    Throughout your journey, Brother Hagin addresses common objections and misconceptions about tongues, revealing their true scriptural purpose and how they can help you fulfill God’s highest purpose for your life. With his expert guidance and inspiring insights, you’ll learn how to unlock the full potential of this miraculous gift, and experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in your own life.

    So if you’re ready to take your relationship with God to the next level and tap into the full power of the Holy Spirit, then don’t miss out on Brother Hagin’s must-read guide to the Upper Room and Beyond!

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