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  • High Performance Lessons From the Best Becoming Your Best

    Unlock the secrets to becoming the best version of yourself with “High Performance” – the ultimate guide to achieving success, just like Olympic medal-winning athletes, multi-millionaire founders, and Premier League football coaches.

    Written by Jake Humphrey and Professor Damian Hughes, this book offers eight crucial steps to turbo-charging your motivation and cultivating a high-performance culture. Learn how to take responsibility for your situation, discover your trademark behaviors, think flexibly, and much more.

    Drawing on cutting-edge research, Humphrey and Hughes explain why these methods work and how they can be applied by anyone, regardless of their background or experience. Whether you’re an athlete, entrepreneur, or just looking to improve your personal and professional life, this book is packed with practical advice and inspiring stories that will help you reach your full potential.

    “High Performance” has been endorsed by a range of experts, including Fearne Cotton, who describes it as “inspiring, exciting, and massively motivating”. Meanwhile, Olympic swimmer Adam Peaty notes that it “captures so many different lessons from so many remarkable people”.

    With insights from some of the world’s most iconic individuals, “High Performance” is a must-read for anyone looking to unlock their inner strength and celebrate their achievements. Get your copy today and discover the secrets to becoming the best ‘you’ possible.

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  • Talent Is Never Enough: Discover the Choices That Will Take You Beyond Your Talent

    People everywhere are proving him right. Read the headlines, watch the highlights, or just step out your front door: Some talented people reach their full potential, while others self-destruct or remain trapped in mediocrity. What makes the difference? Maxwell, the go-to guru for business professionals across the globe, insists that the choices people make-not merely the skills they inherit-propel them onto greatness. Among other truths, successful people know that:

    • Belief lifts your talent.
    • Initiative activates your talent.
    • Focus directs your talent.
    • Preparation positions your talent.
    • Practice sharpens your talent.
    • Perseverance sustains your talent.
    • Character protects your talent. . . . and more!!

    It’s what you add to your talent that makes the greatest difference. With authentic examples and time-tested wisdom, Maxwell shares thirteen attributes you need to maximize your potential and live the life of your dreams.

    You can have talent alone and fall short of your potential. Or you can have talent plus, and really stand out.

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