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  • Territorial Dominion

    It is important for us as believers to understand that there is a territorial dimension to kingdom advance. Kingdom advance generally speaks of extending the influence and the reign of the Christ.When Prophet Isaiah received the Messianic prophecy that talked about Christ, it was said in that prophecy that of the increase of his government and his peace, there will be no end. This means that of the increase of the continual advancement and expansion of Christ, His purposes and the peace that comes in that kingdom, there shall be no end. So this is a kingdom that grows. He says, “I will build my church and the gate of hell will not prevail over it”. I know that looking at the society right now, it looks like the church is not growing and that the purpose of Christ is not advancing. I want you to know that the church is growing and the purposes of Christ is advancing. The Bible declares that it is God’s desire that the Lordship of Christ be established, first of all in the heart of men and then across territories. So kingdom advancement is in two folds- the establishment of the purposes of Christ first of all in the hearts of men and then across territories. This means that it is not enough that individuals be saved/come under the governing influence of Christ. It is time to start taking cities. The Bible says, in the book of Acts, that these are they that have turned the world upside down. The story of revival as we read from the scripture and then in modern history talks about men and women who (according to Hebrews 11) subdued kingdoms. He said ask of me for the earthen, I will give them to you for your inheritance. It is time for us take systems, structures, nations and bring them under the Lordship of Christ. This is one of the ways the kingdom will advance.


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