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  • The Doctrine

    What is Doctrine? It comes from the latin word, “doctrina” and it means teaching, instructions. Basically, doctrine is a set of believes that are accepted and taught. It is not just a body of truth communicated, it has to be a accepted by a standard first of all. So, before it can be a Doctrine, it must have been standardized based on a reference. That means a compromise of the standard, usually, will start from dishonour to the reference. If there is a reference and the reference is honored, it will be difficult to compromise. We can trust the graduate that comes from Oxford or Harvard because we do not need to know the lecturers that taught them. We trust the standard. We know that there is a system of compliance that ensures that anyone who passes through Harvard, no matter how high or low, there is a minimum standard that he will not come under. As we look across the length and breadth of the body of Christ, we see that there are aberration and compromises on the kind of formation that the Bible says should be. After 10-15 active years in church activities, we do not see that formation. It ought not to be so. So we want to examine what is wrong. There are scriptures that talk about the reality of doctrines as far as the kingdom life is concerned.


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