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  • 12 Ways to be a Blessing To Your Church

    Unlock your potential as a valuable member of your church with 12 Ways to Bless Your Church by Reverend Kate McVeigh. In this inspiring book, McVeigh draws from her many years of ministry experience to help you become an extraordinary Christian and make a lasting impact in the Body of Christ.

    Whether you’re a long-time member of your church or a newcomer looking to get involved, 12 Ways to Bless Your Church offers practical guidance and actionable steps to help you become a valuable part of your church’s ministry. From serving in the nursery to leading a Bible study, McVeigh shows you how to move beyond the ordinary and make a meaningful contribution to your church community.

    Through McVeigh’s clear examples and easy-to-follow instructions, you will discover 12 powerful ways to bless your church and serve God with all your heart. You will learn how to cultivate a heart of service, build strong relationships with fellow believers, and make a positive impact on those around you.

    Don’t settle for an ordinary Christian life – become an extraordinary blessing to your church and the world around you. With 12 Ways to Bless Your Church, you will be inspired and equipped to live a life of purpose and impact in the Body of Christ.

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  • 31 Reasons People Don’t Receive Their Financial Harvest

    31 Reasons People Don’t Receive Their Financial Harvest” – The Most Effective Financial Handbook You Will Ever Own!

    Do You Long To See The Rewards of Seeds Planted In Your Past? Are you tired of the same old life… the same old routine… and ready for a change? If you desire to break free from financial limitations and unlock the abundant blessings that await you, then this book is your key to a prosperous future!

    In “31 Reasons People Don’t Receive Their Financial Harvest,” you will embark on a transformative journey, guided by ancient wisdom found within the pages of the Bible. Discover the profound insights that will empower you to recognize the Enemies of Prosperity that have been hindering your financial breakthrough.

    Unveil the secrets of sowing a seed that yields amazing results. Gain the knowledge and understanding of how to strategically plant your seeds to unlock a bountiful harvest in your life. Learn the principles that have stood the test of time, proven to transform lack into abundance and scarcity into overflow.

    This book is not just an ordinary read; it is an investment into your future. Every page is infused with practical wisdom and actionable steps that will help you escape the depression of Egypt and step into the Canaan of financial blessings that you have been promised.

    Why wait any longer to experience the financial freedom and prosperity that you deserve? Order “31 Reasons People Don’t Receive Their Financial Harvest” today and embark on a journey that will forever change your financial trajectory. With this invaluable handbook in your possession, you will possess the tools and knowledge to unlock a lifetime of abundance and prosperity.

    Don’t let another day pass you by without taking control of your financial destiny. Order your copy now and witness the transformation that awaits you. The time for change is now!


    Mike Murdock

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  • Activating Your Breakthrough

    Unlock Divine Revelation and Transform Your Destiny: Experience a life-altering encounter with God’s powerful messages that have the potential to reshape your future. Within these pages lies a divine impartation of keys and revelations that will elevate you to new levels of power and blessings. As you dive into the profound teachings presented here, expect to unlock new dimensions of glory in the name of Jesus. Discover the invaluable asset of spiritual interpretation—an ability that goes beyond prayer, studying the Word, or even loving God. Gain the insight to perceive earthly events from a heavenly perspective, just like the insightful sons of Issachar who understood the times. Embrace this opportunity to read and be blessed by the life-changing wisdom found within this book.


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  • Agent of Influence

    Want to take your business strategies to the next level? Look no further than Agent of Influence, the ultimate guide to using proven spy techniques for increased success. Written by Jason Hanson, a former CIA special agent and winner of Shark Tank, this book is packed with insider secrets and practical tips that will help you sell yourself and your ideas like a pro.

    From self-advocation to selling to interviewing, Hanson’s book covers everything you need to know to boost your business skills and ultimately make more money. He explains how spies communicate in code and employ a range of techniques to survive in diverse environments, and shows how these same tactics can be applied to the world of business.

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate professional, or just someone looking for a competitive edge, Agent of Influence is the handbook you need to succeed. With Hanson’s guidance, you’ll learn how to strategically plan your day, master the steps you need to take to embrace challenges and set achievable goals, and develop a winning sales personality.

    So why wait? Order Agent of Influence today and discover how to use spy tactics for increased success in every area of your life. With this invaluable guide, you’ll become a more productive, confident professional or entrepreneur, and take your business to new heights.


    Jason Hanson

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  • An Introduction to the Three Circle Strategy

    Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from your purpose in life? Are you looking for a way to achieve true prosperity, beyond just financial gain? Look no further than the Three Circle Strategy for a Fulfilling Life.

    Successful entrepreneur and businessman, Dr. Dave Yarnes, has created a roadmap to success that encompasses three dimensions: spiritual, financial, and personal. This comprehensive approach to prosperity will help you to achieve sustained, holistic success in all areas of your life.

    In his book, An Introduction to the Three Circle Strategy for a Fulfilling Life, Dr. Yarnes provides practical insights and personal stories to help you define true success and create a realistic plan for achieving your goals. With a commitment to integrity and proven strategies for self-analysis, you’ll be equipped with the tools to live the abundant, prosperous life you’ve always dreamed of.

    Don’t settle for a life of unfulfillment and disconnect. Position yourself for success in all areas of your life – spiritually, financially, and personally. Get started on your journey to true prosperity with the Three Circle Strategy for a Fulfilling Life today.


    Daves Yarnes

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  • Before you do

    Introducing Bishop T.D. Jakes’ newest book, Before You Do! As a bestselling author, trusted advisor, counsellor, and pastor, Jakes has turned his focus to cultivating relationships in the best way possible with the most important people in your life. Learn how to support and love your parents, children, spouse, and other loved ones in the most meaningful way possible.

    Before You Do is the ultimate guide for those who are about to take major steps in their lives, from proposing marriage to sending children off to school or putting elders into assisted living facilities. Jakes draws from his own experiences and lessons learned from his marriage and family life to encourage and inspire readers to give and receive the greatest love possible.

    Make sure you’re making the right decisions for you and your loved ones with the help of Before You Do. Order now and gain invaluable insights into how to build and maintain healthy relationships with the people who matter most.

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  • Blink :The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

    Discover the world within and revolutionize your decision-making process with Blink, the latest book by bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell. In this landmark work, Gladwell delves into the intricate workings of our brains, and reveals the secrets behind the choices we make in the blink of an eye.

    Have you ever wondered why some people are naturally gifted decision-makers, while others seem to consistently make mistakes? Gladwell has the answers, and he shares them with you in Blink. Through fascinating case studies and insightful analysis, Gladwell reveals the power of “thin-slicing” – the ability to filter out the essential factors that matter from a sea of information.

    In Blink, you’ll meet a psychologist who can predict the longevity of a marriage with just a few minutes of observation, a tennis coach who can predict a player’s next move before they even hit the ball, and antiquities experts who can spot a fake artifact at a glance. But Blink isn’t just about success stories – Gladwell also explores the failures of “blink”, from the election of Warren Harding to the disastrous launch of “New Coke”.

    So whether you’re a business leader, a student, or just someone looking to improve your decision-making skills, Blink is a must-read. This book will change the way you think about thinking, and provide you with the tools you need to make better decisions, faster. Get your copy of Blink today and discover the power of “thin-slicing” for yourself.

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  • Break Out

    Discover the power of God’s greatness with Break Out!, the new book from New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen. With five simple strategies, you can rise above your greatest trials and step into the blessings of your life. Dare to believe that the best will happen, adopt an irrepressible “break out” attitude, make room for increase, pray bold prayers, and follow God’s plan beyond your circumstances. This dynamic, inspiring, and faith-building book will help you break free from limitations, increase your productivity, improve your relationships, and believe in bigger dreams. Pastor Osteen challenges you to build a new perspective, reject limiting labels, and let nothing hold you back. With faith and inspiration, Break Out! will unleash the power within you to go beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary life you were designed to live.

    12.000 CFA
  • Can China Lead?: Reaching the Limits of Power and Growth

    As we enter this new era, it’s important to rethink how we approach China and its economic growth. That’s where “Can China Lead?” comes in – a thought-provoking book written by leading Chinese experts from Harvard Business School and the Wharton School.

    China’s remarkable economic growth over the past three decades is undeniable, but it now faces major challenges that could alter its political and economic trajectory. With a lack of accountability, transparency, and ease of operation, domestic and foreign businesspeople are becoming increasingly suspicious of the “China model.” These issues have deep roots in Chinese history and the country’s political system, and it’s time for a fresh perspective.

    Regina M. Abrami, William C. Kirby, and F. Warren McFarlan argue that China’s vibrant private sector could be a source of sustainable growth, but it’s limited by corporate political patronage public. The book draws on over thirty Harvard Business School case studies of Chinese and foreign companies doing business in the region, providing a comprehensive understanding of the forces shaping the business landscape in China.

    “Can China Lead?” asserts that China is at an inflection point that cannot be ignored. As we navigate this new landscape, an understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by China’s political and economic trajectory is essential to establishing and sustaining a successful business in China. Don’t miss out on this invaluable resource – order your copy of “Can China Lead?” today.

  • Don’t devalue yourself

    Unlock the hidden treasures within you and discover your true potential as a child of God with our groundbreaking book series. Based on the teachings of the Bible, this first installment challenges and excites your inner resources, empowering you to become more profitable in both the Kingdom of God and on this earth.

    Through our series, you’ll delve deeper into the knowledge of who you truly are as a redeemed child of God, destined for greatness in this world. Don’t let self-doubt hold you back any longer. Allow this book to guide you on your journey to discovering your unique purpose and fulfilling your God-given potential.

    As the Bible says, ‘For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.’ (Ephesians 2:10). Let our series help you uncover the good works that God has prepared for you and live your life to the fullest. Order your copy today and begin your journey towards a more fulfilling life in Christ.”


    Caleb Ajagba

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  • Dr David Yonggi Cho

    Ministering Hope For 50 Years

    In a world yearning for hope, Dr. David Yonggi Cho emerged as a beacon of light, carrying a vision that would touch the lives of millions. For five decades, he relentlessly pursued his calling, dedicating himself to building a church that would ultimately become the largest in the world. Now, in this captivating book, you have the opportunity to delve into the remarkable life of this extraordinary minister.

    Throughout his journey, Dr. Cho learned invaluable lessons about the power of reliance. He discovered that true success came not from depending on his own abilities, but from surrendering completely to the Holy Spirit. In moments when he embraced the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he witnessed triumph; in moments when he faltered, he encountered failure. With utmost sincerity, Dr. Cho shares the stories of his temptations and doubts, his failures and successes, and how the Holy Spirit faithfully accompanied him in every situation.

    In “Dr. David Yonggi Cho: Ministering Hope For 50 Years,” you will witness the unfolding of an incredible narrative filled with inspiration, faith, and unwavering dedication. Dr. Cho’s transparent account will captivate your heart, as he reveals the challenges he faced and the miracles he experienced along the way. Through his words, you will discover the timeless wisdom that propelled him to minister hope to countless individuals.

    This book is not merely a collection of anecdotes; it is a testament to the power of faith and the indomitable spirit of a man called by God. Dr. Cho’s journey serves as a testament that when we yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit, incredible transformations can occur.

    Uncover the secrets to a life filled with purpose, impact, and unwavering faith. Join the ranks of those who have been profoundly impacted by Dr. David Yonggi Cho’s ministry. Allow his teachings to ignite a fire within you, as you navigate your own path of ministry and discover the incredible possibilities that await.

    Embark on this remarkable adventure today. Order your copy of “Dr. David Yonggi Cho: Ministering Hope For 50 Years” and experience the profound wisdom and divine revelations that can shape your own ministry journey. Let the Holy Spirit guide you every step of the way, and be prepared to witness miracles unfold in your life.



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  • From Poverty to Power: The Realization of Prosperity and Peace

    “I looked around upon the world, and saw that it was shadowed by sorrow and scorched by the fierce fires of suffering. And I looked for the cause. I looked around, but could not find it; I looked in books, but could not find it; I looked within, and found there both the cause and the self-made nature of that cause. I looked again, and deeper, and found the remedy. I found one Law, the Law of Love; one Life, the Life of adjustment to that Law; one Truth, the truth of a conquered mind and a quiet and obedient heart. And I dreamed of writing a book which should help men and women, whether rich or poor, learned or unlearned, worldly or unworldly, to find within themselves the source of all success, all happiness, all accomplishment, all truth. And the dream remained with me, and at last became substantial; and now I send it forth into the world on its mission of healing and blessedness, knowing that it cannot fail to reach the homes and hearts of those who are waiting and ready to receive it.”

    7.500 CFA
  • God’s Gonna Make You Laugh: Understanding God’s Timing for Your Life

    Everyone can relate to walking through very dark periods in life which seem will never end. Noel Jones is not speaking from a vantage point of one who has never suffered so his words of encouragement and promise carry weight and hope. Sorrow and adversity come, but they do not stay. This book conveys the message that suffering and endurance are preparations for the reward that will come to the one who holds on to and trusts in the faithfulness of God. That one will experience the laughter of triumph. Joy comes in the morning to those who endure.

    14.050 CFA
  • God’s Plan for Your Finances

    Are you ready to break free from the spirit of poverty and achieve financial freedom? According to Deuteronomy 8:18, God has already given you the ability to produce wealth and confirm his covenant with you. It’s time to embrace this divine wisdom and take practical steps towards financial prosperity.

    Dwight Nichols, a renowned author, presents a biblically based view of money, financial planning, and debt management that can help you achieve your financial goals. With his proven principles, you can double your disposable income, receive God’s supernatural provision, prosper during hard economic times, and ensure your children’s financial future.

    Imagine building a million-dollar retirement account, saving on taxes, and reducing insurance costs. By taking these steps, you can not only achieve financial success but also make a positive contribution to society while spreading the Gospel.

    Don’t let debt hold you back any longer. Start today and walk in God’s supernatural provision. With Dwight Nichols’ guidance, you can change the course of your life and move towards a successful and prosperous future. Remember, it’s your birthright as a child of God to live a life of abundance and prosperity.

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  • High Performance Lessons From the Best Becoming Your Best

    Unlock the secrets to becoming the best version of yourself with “High Performance” – the ultimate guide to achieving success, just like Olympic medal-winning athletes, multi-millionaire founders, and Premier League football coaches.

    Written by Jake Humphrey and Professor Damian Hughes, this book offers eight crucial steps to turbo-charging your motivation and cultivating a high-performance culture. Learn how to take responsibility for your situation, discover your trademark behaviors, think flexibly, and much more.

    Drawing on cutting-edge research, Humphrey and Hughes explain why these methods work and how they can be applied by anyone, regardless of their background or experience. Whether you’re an athlete, entrepreneur, or just looking to improve your personal and professional life, this book is packed with practical advice and inspiring stories that will help you reach your full potential.

    “High Performance” has been endorsed by a range of experts, including Fearne Cotton, who describes it as “inspiring, exciting, and massively motivating”. Meanwhile, Olympic swimmer Adam Peaty notes that it “captures so many different lessons from so many remarkable people”.

    With insights from some of the world’s most iconic individuals, “High Performance” is a must-read for anyone looking to unlock their inner strength and celebrate their achievements. Get your copy today and discover the secrets to becoming the best ‘you’ possible.

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  • How to Gain Spiritual Stature 2

    One of the things that seems to be a disadvantage to man, is the fact that we walk with time, and for the fact that we work with time, we tend to measure our progress based on time, and if after certain periods of time, we do not seem to see certain level of progress, we can get discouraged. Sometimes, we may not know that while we are being discouraged, we are commanding great victories in the spirit, but because we are unable to see with our eyes, the victories that are been won in the spirit, often times the devil cheats us using our senses. He makes us believe all our prayers are for nothing, all our sacrifices are contending for Spiritual things, and I believe that this seems to describe the state of many people and the extension of the body of Christ. Every time you remember ‘time’, you gauge ‘time’ versus your trust, it makes it looks like ‘Oh God, will this year come like that and pass me by? Will my father still round this year with that terminal disease? Will I still not press yet into another dimension?’ etcetera.Read This Book and Be Blessed

    8.970 CFA
  • How will the world end?

    Are you confused about the end times and the return of Jesus Christ? Look no further. Our new book, ‘Making Sense of Christ’s Return’, offers a clear and concise understanding of the biblical teachings on the end of the world.

    Discover the liberating reality of what the Bible truly says about Christ’s return and how it will happen. Learn about the different views and how to make sense of them all. Understand the events that will take place before Jesus comes back and what will happen after his return.

    This easy-to-read book is perfect for all Christians seeking clarity on the end times. Don’t let confusion hold you back from fully understanding and living out your faith. Get your copy of ‘Making Sense of Christ’s Return’ today and prepare for the ultimate conclusion of the story.

    RINNE Jeramie

    5.500 CFA
  • In Pursuit of Purpose

    Unlock the Secret to Personal Fulfillment and Discover Your Destiny with Dr. Myles Munroe’s In Pursuit of Purpose!

    Do you feel lost or unsure about your life’s purpose? Are you struggling to find motivation and direction? Look no further than Dr. Myles Munroe’s In Pursuit of Purpose.

    This powerful book will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment, helping you to uncover the true meaning of your life and unlock your destiny. With its motivating style and practical advice, In Pursuit of Purpose reveals the secrets to finding motivation even in the most difficult circumstances.

    Dr. Munroe, one of the premier communicators of his generation, shares essential principles and concepts that will help you understand your purpose and fulfill your destiny. With a foreword by Ben Kinchlow and a letter of remembrance by Simon T. Bailey, this book feels like an intimate conversation with a trusted mentor.

    Don’t waste another day feeling lost or unfulfilled. Order In Pursuit of Purpose today and start on the path towards understanding God’s purpose for your life. Remember, our fulfillment in life depends upon our becoming what we were born to be and do. Let Dr. Munroe guide you on that path to personal fulfillment and unlocking your destiny.

    27.375 CFA
  • Investing under fire

    If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to the current investment landscape, look no further than this collection of 29 essays by strategist and global market expert Ackerman. In this book, Ackerman covers a wide range of topics, from general stock market trends to niche investments like gold, oil, and biotech. He also offers insights into research and analysis tools, successful business models, and geopolitical risks.

    While some of the essays may be confusing and contradictory, there are plenty of gems to be found. For example, John Bogle’s summary of 50 years in the mutual fund industry is a must-read for anyone interested in investing. And Morning Star’s Brian Portnoy offers insightful analysis of mutual fund fees, concluding that paying more often leads to getting less.

    The real revelations in this book come in the last section, where Ackerman and his contributors offer sobering insights into the state of global security and the threat of nuclear terrorism. While some of the essays may already be outdated, Jules Kroll’s description of the holes in our security and Harvard professor Graham Allison’s warning about the danger of terrorists obtaining nuclear weapons are still relevant and important.

    Overall, this book is a valuable resource for professional and individual investors who want to stay informed about the current investment landscape. With contributions from some of the most respected voices in the industry, it’s a must-read for anyone looking to make informed investment decisions.


    Alan R. Ackerman

    25.000 CFA

    This is a book that cut across all religions; whether you are a Christian or a Muslim, or you are a free thinker; you are serious with God, or you are a backslider, you are single or a parent, a business person or a politician, a student or a drop-out, it doesn’t matter which side of the divide you belong; this book will be most applicable to your life.

    I believe you understand what a mirror is and what it does. If you want to look excellent or vet whether what you’re doing or your look is good or bad, you go to the mirror, and as you look at the mirror, it gives you the basics to begin to to make your adjustments. There may be a few materials on your hair or your clothing; you may not easily know until you stand in front of the mirror.

    This book is like a mirror and the purpose of writing this book, just as the scripture says, “…with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror…” (See 2 Corinthians 3:18), so that you could see yourself as you should be, not as you are.

    When you read this book, it will reflect and reveal your true worth and show you what level you should be at and the necessary adjustments you have to make.

    It is important for you to also know that you are changing as you are reading this book and it is impossible for you to remain the same afterwards. You may not see it, the same way you may not know what is happening to the seed that is sown beneath the earth, but something is happening.

    This book will give your life vigour, will bring hope, will bring deliverance, and indeed it will help you find true peace. You will understand the law of seasons and how it alternates with time, as I will reveal to you a very deep mystery that guarantees your relevance and continuity of impact upon the lives of others; a key that can keep you alive after many years of your exit from this Earth realm.

    You can read a book that the title sounds interesting and regretting almost immediately, upon knowing it was not worth it. So, pay attention to the teachings in this book as it offers you the Keys To Destiny Fulfilment.


    8.500 CFA