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  • A twist of fate a novel

    Are you ready to be captivated by a powerful and poignant story of resilience and hope? Look no further than Twist of Fate, the remarkable tale of Adaora Anita. From battling identity crises, alcohol, drugs and sex, Adaora’s life is fraught with difficulties. But her journey takes an unexpected turn when she makes the brave decision to leave Nigeria for Canada.

    In Toronto, Adaora meets Leonard Jakes, a person who helps her find a new purpose in life. Through his guidance and mentorship, Adaora learns to navigate the challenges of a new country, while also overcoming her personal struggles. With Leonard’s help, she discovers a newfound sense of confidence and purpose that transforms her life.

    Twist of Fate is a beautifully written novel that speaks to the power of human resilience, the importance of finding your purpose, and the transformative nature of personal growth. This novel is a must-read for anyone who has ever faced challenges in their life and come out on the other side stronger and more determined than ever before. Order your copy today and join Adaora on her journey of self-discovery and transformation.

    Joe Jesimiel Ogbe
    4.000 CFA
  • Teenagers & Parents: Keys to procuring parental blessing

    Are you a teenager looking to improve your relationship with your parents and unlock the blessings they have for you? Look no further than “Obtaining Parental Blessings: Keys to a Happy Family,” the portable and concise guide to resolving conflicts and pleasing your parents.

    Conflicts with your parents can be frustrating and seem never-ending, but this book teaches you how to approach them in a healthy and productive way. By learning to resolve conflicts, you can unlock the blessings that your parents are empowered by God to bestow upon you. And as the book reminds us, God is obligated by His Word to approve these blessings.

    But it’s not just about avoiding conflicts – pleasing your parents is profitable and can make you great in life. This book gives you the principles and keys to understanding the value of parental blessings and what it takes to obtain them. With “Obtaining Parental Blessings,” you can turn your relationship with your parents into an advantage and unlock the blessings that they have for you.

    Don’t miss out on this valuable resource – order your copy of “Obtaining Parental Blessings: Keys to a Happy Family” today and start your journey to a happier, more fulfilled family life.


    Joe Jesimiel Ogbe

    4.000 CFA
  • The Songs Of Victory

    God can change your song of sorrow to Triumph and victory through a divine encounter. If you surrender all, songs of sorrow will be kicked out of your home, songs and shout of Victory will all come from your habitation.

    The fact that God knows where you were born means that he can go back to your root and put right whatever is wrong there. this means that if there is a curse in your family that is working on you, he can break the curse and give a reason to sing a song of Victory,

    This is the promise of God.

    Enoch ADEBOYE

    3.800 CFA

    The Winning Mentality” is a concept that emphasizes the power of the mind in shaping one’s future. The idea is that the mind controls the events of a person’s life, and that winning cannot be achieved until the mind is reprogrammed with the Word of God. The underlying message of “The Winning Mentality” is that success in life is not just about physical actions, but also about mental and spiritual preparation. To truly be successful, one must have a positive and winning mindset, which can only be achieved through a deep understanding and application of God’s Word.

    3.400 CFA