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    In times like this, when people perpetrate evil with impunity, does it mean there is no hope of security or preservation for God’s people? This book answers this crucial question and shows Divine strategies with which to access God’s preservation and security in these terror filled days. knowledge determines experience, revelation determines preservation and wisdom determines survival. let the Holy Spirit carefully take you through His word for you in this book and you will never have to live in fear or panic anymore, no matter the threats of satan around you.

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  • Blood Power: The Blood of Jesus

    The Bible speaks of many types of blood: the blood of goats, the blood of sheep, the blood of pigeons! The Bible also speaks very categorically that without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. So can any one of these different types of blood take away our sins? The answer is an emphatic “No!” So what can wash away our sins? Nothing, but the blood of Jesus! Only the blood of Jesus has the power to wash away our sins and bring about salvation.
    In this very important book, we will discover the sacred truths about the blood of Jesus. You will find out how the blood of Jesus gives life and how the blood of Jesus acquired its importance. You will understand the interaction between the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus. There is indeed power in the blood of Jesus!

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  • Martin Luther King : The Inconvenient Hero

    Are you ready to delve into the untold story of Martin Luther King, Jr.? Experience a captivating journey through history with “Martin Luther King: The Inconvenient Hero” – a thought-provoking book by acclaimed scholar and activist, Vincent Harding. In these eloquent essays, Harding shines a light on the often-overlooked aspects of King’s life and his powerful message, offering profound insights that resonate deeply in today’s world.

    While many choose to embrace the familiar and “safer” narrative of King’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech, Vincent Harding fearlessly explores the transformative years that followed. This courageous work reveals how King’s message and commitment evolved into something more radical, challenging the status quo at every level. Harding’s impassioned writing illuminates King’s relentless pursuit of justice, laying bare the struggles and triumphs of his later years.

    During those final, critical years before his tragic assassination, Martin Luther King, Jr. fearlessly confronted the racism entrenched in the urban ghettos of the North. He fearlessly emerged as an eloquent critic of the Vietnam War, boldly questioning the morality of American involvement. Additionally, he tirelessly laid the foundations for the groundbreaking Poor People’s Campaign, igniting a flame of hope for those oppressed by poverty and inequality.

    This expanding vision of justice and his unyielding commitment to solidarity with the marginalized engendered controversy, even within his own movement. Nevertheless, these courageous actions highlight King’s unwavering dedication to challenging American injustice in all its forms. His prophetic witness to the truth of the struggle brought him to Memphis in 1968, where he stood alongside striking sanitation workers, offering his invaluable support.

    Tragically, it was in Memphis that Martin Luther King, Jr. paid the ultimate price for his unyielding commitment to justice. His spirit lives on, inspiring generations to continue the fight against oppression and inequality. “Martin Luther King: The Inconvenient Hero” offers an unfiltered perspective on King’s life, illuminating the path he paved for future change-makers and urging us all to embrace the transformative power of truth and justice.

    Don’t miss your chance to uncover the forgotten legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Dive into “Martin Luther King: The Inconvenient Hero” and be inspired to confront the inconvenient truths that shape our world. Order your copy today and join the ranks of those who carry the torch of justice forward. Together, let us honor the legacy of a true hero, whose message remains as relevant as ever.

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  • Overcoming forces of wickedness

    Contemporary word is one huge honor chamber, and extended theater of spiritual wickedness. News of military conflicts, genocide, general panic, famine, epidemics and ritual murder are common place.

    Because of devil knows that he has but a short time to live, he has unleashed a reign unrestrained savagery upon humanity. Unfortunately, many christians are enmeshed in this satanic cauldron. But this short but exclusive package. Dr. David Oyedepo, with characteristic spiritual depth and clarity, reveals the secrets of living an overcomer’s life, in the midst of a languishing world.


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  • The Torch and the Sword (The Final Quest Series Book 3)

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  • Winning Invisible Battles

    There is a noticeable upurge in evil acts the  world over, foretold in the Bible, which tells us that as the end draw neaver, the wicked will do more wickedly. The world today is one huge horror-chamber and an extended theatre of spiritual wickeness. News of destiny minipulation, ritual murder, kidnapping, witchcraft etc are common place. Because the devil knowns that he has a short time to live, he has unleashed a reign of unrestrained savagery upon humanity. Unfortunately, many christians are enmeshed in this satanic cauldron.

    In his usual insightful exposition, Dr. David Oyedepo reveals the secrets of living an overcomers life in the midst of a languishing world. This book also reveals how you can win invisible battles through the blood of Jesus; how to put your angels to work and how things and situations, which otherwise woulid pose a problem will become cheaply accomplished by the mystery of the anointing oil.

    It is worthwhile to discover timeless truths that will keep the devil permanently under you feet. You are in for an unforgettable encounter!


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