10 Success Strategies For Relationships: The Recipe For Your Marriage To Work

By (author)Becky Enenche

In this book, Dr. (Mrs) Becky Enenche expounds to you, 10 strategies that will definitely ensure that your relationship is permanently working and successful, especially for every woman. A marriage or relationship that is full of turbulence is one of the practical epitomes of hell on earth. Marriage which is the first institution instituted by God, is meant to be enjoyed. But, when there is a breach in relationship and in communication; bitterness, competition and headaches take over. In today’s world and even in christian homes, marriages and relationships are failing by the day. But in this book, you will find rules of engagement and a sure road map that will ensure you don’t fall victim of such and if you already are, your relationship can still be salvaged to ensure a successful living. I am sure you will find it very useful.

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  • Resist illusion
  • Avoid The clash of Interests
  • Avoid conflicting visions
  • Be devoid of covetousness
  • Exhibit true Reverence
  • Be totally submissive
  • Be modest
  • Be disciplined
  • Keep your communication alive
  • Let God take his place
  • Prayers
  • Testimony
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